24 October 2020

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Wednesday January 8, 2020
Kabul (BNA) It is supposed that the new round of negotiations between representatives of US and Taliban group will resumed in Doha capital of Qatar, ceasefire and reduction of violence in Afghanistan would be the main issues would be discussed in this round.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, negotiations between representatives of United State of America and Taliban group will be resumed in Doha, Zalmay Khalilzad representative of US for peace reconciliation in Afghanistan has recently arrived in Qatar and had unofficial meeting with Mullah Broder deputy of Taliban group there.
Close source for Taliban reported that in this round US representatives will emphasized on ceasefire and reduction violence in Afghanistan, but Taliban group will discussed only about reduction violence not ceasefire.
New round of negotiations between representatives of US and Taliban group will be started at a time while tensions between US and Iran has increased after killing Sardar Qasem Soleimani a top military commander of Iran during US air strike in Iraq on Friday.
About the latest tensions between Iran and US, Taliban group stand beside Iran, while US insists on putting more pressure on Iran.
US will trying to continue negotiations with Taliban and keep the group hopeful. We discussing about Taliban, people of Afghanistan need peace and tranquility, undoubtedly Taliban is a part of the country and thinking about peace and tranquility in Afghanistan as well, it is better that considering national interests all Afghans by strong will joined hands to rescue the country from current situation and ensure peace.
Recent developments in the region proved that Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and… by putting aside all internal disputes following their national interests. Unfortunately, there is no clear and uniform definition from national interests and nation building in Afghanistan, otherwise Afghanistan problems have been solved in the past.
It is better that for reaching to peace in Afghanistan we must have a clear definition for national interests, put aside all disputes and work together. Afghanistan is our home, we must endeavor to ensure peace and stability in the country and trying to rescue the country from the current crisis.
Foreigners thinking about their interests, their friendship and hostility is different based on terms and conditions, but the country is belonged to Afghans and their happiness and sadness are same.
So, key to peace is with Afghans, if the key is with others, people of the country trying to get it and determine their fate and future.
The political destiny of Afghanistan cannot determine in New York, Doha or Moscow, but this is Kabul city as common house of Afghans that we can solve our disputes by discussions.
Afghanistan is facing with great political and intelligence games, only national unity can solve the country’s problems, to put an end point on crisis of the country it is better that Taliban leaders must prefer demands of Afghanistan people than foreigners.

Tuesday January 7, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Latest decrees issued by President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has significant role for protecting environment and increasing the executive activities of relevant organs for decreasing air pollution.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for decreasing and preventing air pollution has issued separate decrees.
Based on the decrees the President Ghani has ordered that the installation of standard air filtering system by residential townships, houses and government institutions and banning the combustion of tires and plastic materials by industries and enterprises. The country’s President by observing verdict of 15th article of the country’s constitution and verdict of 27th article of law on environment has issued the two decrees to prevent from increasing air pollution in Kabul city. Based on the decree, owners of residential houses, townships and towers have been obliged to install standard air filtering system to prevent from further smokes and increasing air pollution in Kabul city.
Meanwhile, based on the respective decrees, all relevant institutions in particular municipality and the ministry of interior with close cooperation of National Environment Protection Authority (NEPA) are obliged to implement the decrees.
The decrees has issued that by arriving winter season, Kabul city’s air has unprecedentedly polluted.
There are more reasons caused air pollution most serious critical for Kabul city, most residents burned whatever they can to keep warm their houses and owners of bathrooms, bakeries, brickyards and manufacturing factories burned plastics, tires and coal during winter season in Kabul city, more townships and buildings has been built in Kabul.
Air pollution more dangerous than suicide attackers, explosions and threat of threat. National Environment Protection Authority considered that Kabul city’s air 90 percent more polluted than international standard.
While environment protection is an important point in citizenship and there is need precautionary for protecting environment and preventing air pollution, but unfortunately no plans has been taken to reduced air pollution in Kabul city the past.
For reducing air pollution in the country, particular in Kabul city we need in precautionary measurements, all have the responsibility to give hand with government to prevent from increasing air pollution in the city.
President Ghani by issuing decrees has taking a vital and important steps toward decreasing air pollution and its causes in a city, home and our children and destroying environment protection.


Monday, January 06, 2020
Kabul (BNA) The constitution of Afghanistan as a national convention of Afghan people is one of the major achievements of our people during the last 16 years.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, every year the week of celebrating constitution holds from January 4 to January 10 in the country.
The week of celebrating of constitution starts in a situation while implementing this most valid and original law of the country is facing serious challenges and problems.
With endorsement of constitution, Afghanistan took a firm step toward a reasonable democracy and demonstrating the will of people. Afghanistan constitution has its peculiarities and privileges among the constitutions of the countries in the region.
The constitution as it mentioned earlier as national covenant is supported and honored by our people. This law due its extensive contents has proved to be effective in management and leading the society toward d democratic system, but the people still hope the opportunities and grounds further should be provide for its implement in practice.
Although there is a positive view regarding the constitution among the people and vigorously support it, but unfortunately in certain cases, some circles, individuals and figures breaching the law prevent implementation of the constitution in practice. As Sarwar Danesh Second-Vice president in a ceremony held for celebrating the ratification of constitution has acknowledged that the constitution has breached by certain people including government authorities, state’s organs, some figures and individuals.
Today our people are suffering certain problems like insecurity, poverty, social discriminations and supremacy which have faced the constitution in to severe challenges.
Afghanistan is passing through a critical and difficult situation. Passing successfully through this hard and critical situation is only possible via observing the constitution; therefore there is an urgent need to fight against all who violate the articles of the constitution.
We reach our aims this is public tranquility and ending insecurity in the country, only when we fight honestly against all sorts of social and economic discriminations and support and implement the contents of the constitution in practice.


January 5, 2020
Kabul (BNA) People of Afghanistan concerned about recent incidents in the region, they emphasized that increasing tensions would not broaden countries’ proxy wars in their country.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ overseas forces, has been killed in a targeted US air strike at Baghdad airport on Friday.
Soleimani had active role in implementing Iran’s plans in Arabic countries such as Iraq, Syria, Yamen, Lebanon, Philistine and other countries in the region, the US considered Soleimani as a pesky for its politics and programs, because of that US imposed sanctions on Iranian Revolutionary Guards that led by Soeimani and finally US targeted the Iranian’s leader in Iraq soil and opens new session of tensions between US and Iran.
Relations between US and Iran was full of problems and tensions, unfortunately tensions between US and Iran had/has inauspicious results for countries in the region.
Iraq, Syria, Yamen, Lebanon and Philistine has changed into a proxy wars of US and its allies with Iran. Recently, war spreads in Iraq after a top military leaders of Iran targeted by US air strike in the country and made situation more critical in the region.
After the incident, Iran warned that will attack on Americans and its national interests in the region and will take revenge of Soleimani. Undoubtedly, tensions between US and Iran would increase crisis in the countries of the region.
Recent incident in Iraq concerned people and government of Afghanistan and the reasons of the concern is clear. Foreign countries should know that Afghanistan soil will not be used against other nations and no one would be allowed to undermine Afghanistan national interest and turn the country into their proxy battlefield.
Afghanistan presidential palace by releasing a statement issued that, “We call on the Islamic Republic of Iran, our big neighbor, with whom we have extensive common language, religious, historic and cultural values and we call on the U.S., who is Afghanistan's strategic and fundamental partner, to prevent conflict escalations and we hope that both sides solve their differences through negotiations.”
That is a rational saying, “Two wrongs don’t make a right” Iran and US can’t solve their crisis by reaction. By killing top figures or leaders of terrorist groups the world couldn’t put end point on challenges and problems in the region and the world so far, there were no positive results after killing Al-Baghdadi, Osama, Mullah Omar, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor and… in the region and the world.
The figures and leaders of terrorist groups were recruited to implement programs, intelligence projects and national interests of others, there were no any changes on programs and intelligence projects after their killing.
Therefore, it is better that the countries think to change and refine themselves and tolerate each other and respect each other’s rights, so the world order is not disturbed.

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