25 February 2020

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Wednesday December 25, 2019
Kabul (BNA) European Union welcomed the announcement of the preliminary results of the presidential election in Afghanistan and emphasized that any complaints should be addressed based on election law.
BNA reporter commenting on the issue writes, European Union in a released statement welcomed the initial results of Afghanistan’s election and emphasized that EU and its member states support the activities of Afghanistan independent electoral complaints commission for registering and addressing complaints of presidential candidates.
We support the work of the independent electoral complaints commission to conduct the crucial task of adjudicating the complaints in a professional, independent and timely manner, the statement added.
EU also added that, “We reaffirm the pivotal importance of this election in entrenching democracy in Afghanistan.”
Zohra Bayan Shinwari chairperson of independent electoral complaints commission emphasized that all complaints will be addressed.
Din Mohammad Azimi deputy of electoral complaints commission told media, thousands complaints have been registered by presidential election teams during the last two days, we assured that all complains will be addressed based on election law and regulations.
Afghanistan Independent Election Commission on Sunday (22, December) has announced the preliminary results of the presidential election, based on the announced results Mohammad Ashraf Ghani as top runner with receiving 923,868 votes count as 50.64 percent and Abdullah Abdulla got 720,990 votes count as 39.52 percent in second position.

Tuesday December 24, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Chairperson of Afghanistan Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) said that the complaints registration period for the preliminary election results is from 23-25 December in capital and all provinces of the country. 
Afghanistan Independent Election Commission has announced the preliminary results of presidential election on Sunday (22 December).
According to the results announced, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has secured 923,868 out of 1,824,401 votes casted which makes almost 50.64%, Abdullah Abdullah has got 720,990 votes which makes 39.52% of the total votes casted, Gulbduddin Hekmatyar with 70,243 (3.85%), Rahmatullah Nabil with 33921 (1.86%) and Faramarz Tammana with 18,066 (0.99%) votes respectively stand on 3rd, 4th and 5th places.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, Zohra Bayan Shinwari chairperson of Afghanistan electoral complaints commission asked from presidential candidates to register their complaints in the central and provincial offices of the commission within the next 72 hours after announcement of election results.
Ms. Shinwari once again demanded from presidential candidates to pursue from prejudgment, so initial results announced by Independent Election Commission and the final results will be announced after complaints investigation.
The chairperson of ECC emphasized that the candidates have 72 hours to register their complaints with the electoral complaints commission after the preliminary results announcement, the commission investigate the received complaints within 15 days.
Based on election law, after announcement of preliminary results of election, presidential candidates register their complaints within three days or 72 hours in central and provincial officials of electoral complaints commission.
Electoral complaints commission investigates the complaints within the 15 days, if the presidential candidates didn’t satisfied with the decisions of the commission, three days will be given to candidate for appeal. According to the law, candidate’s complaints will be investigated within 15 days, so electoral complaints commission need 36 days to investigate all process and prepare ground for announcing final results, Afghanistan Independent Election Commission will announced the final results.

Sunday December 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Ceasefire, end of war and violence are the main points of peace negotiations.
BNA reporter commenting on the issue writes, such as war the ways of peace look very complicated in Afghanistan, we can open doors of peace by strong will, real peace definition and forgiveness in the country.
Peace is the priority of government and people of Afghanistan, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan frequently emphasized, the president once again during the meeting with the lawmakers said peace was the main demand of the Afghans and the priority of the government, but the Taliban group should, respond about their relation with Pakistan, criminal networks, drugs and the international terrorism networks as well as to the concerns of the people, he added peace without ceasefire is meaningless.
Based on President Ghani’s statement we can find that presence of criminal networks and international terrorism in the region clearly explicit that the ensuring peace and end of violence is very complicated in the country.
Meanwhile, Sarwar Danesh Second-Vice President in his speech delivered in a ceremony held on the occasion of graduation festival of universities’ students in Kabul said, efforts for ensuring peace were continued within the last one year, Taliban group didn’t know about the real definition of peace in this time.
If Taliban believes for several years ending war and clashes in Afghanistan, they didn’t reject the ceasefire.
But, why Taliban did not accept ceasefire? Most experts and media repeatedly emphasized that relations of Taliban group with various international terrorist and criminal networks not allow the group to act independently. Does Pakistani want to be honest in ensuring peace in Afghanistan? Afghanistan peace process requires honestly cooperation of Pakistan, but ending the continued war in Afghanistan is possible only if Pakistan expert pressures on terrorists group and take serious actions against them in its soil.
Parties and supporters of regional and international thought and for reaching and ensuring a sustainable and durable peace in Afghanistan acted as seven points of peace plan prepared by government of Afghanistan.

Saturday December 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Until now migration is a problem that remains without solution, the problem will be addressed when opportunities overcome on threats in various part of the world.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, most experts called that insecurity, unemployment, poverty and some other issues are the main reasons behind the migration in a country, but never mentioned that the basic roots of the problem is overcoming opportunities on regional threats.
Never discussed that there are regional deceivers supporting vicious elements and have caused problems on opportunities for political, trade, cultural and development cooperation and also they have triggered many young people to migrate not for employment, but for a prosperous life.
If migration phenomenon has changed into a serious problem in the developing countries, leaders of regional countries must try to overcome on threats and don’t allow a special circles and some countries to use terrorism as a tools, presence of different terrorist groups in the region increase war and illegal durable migrations in Afghanistan and the region.  
These hostile games must end in the region and Afghanistan, anyway Afghanistan in the term of geographical location in Asia has always been the focus of regional unfit competitions.
In these competitions work force of the region have been annihilated, today the world is witnessing that most immigrants are from countries; those proxy and imposed wars continues there.
If the world, particular countries with large economic and have influential in regional and trans-regional issues want to end migration or at least decrease the number of migrants must end to regional disputes and beside unfit competitions and destruction thought about establishing political, economic and trade cooperation in the region to end migration.
Afghanistan as an active member of international community is trying to end migration crisis from the country and the region, developing political, economic, trade and transit relationships can put an end to terrorism, compulsory and undesirable migrations.
Launching big economic projects in the region can bring nations together, because of that Afghanistan beside international community is trying to launch big economic projects in the region.
Anyway, the region is in sever crisis have caused by terrorist, presence of terrorists have increased threats and decreased opportunities cooperation and development relationships in the region.

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