16 June 2019

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Thursday, April 18, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Finally Afghan government after hard discussions and deliberations published the primary list of the participants in Doha session.
BNA political analyst affairs’ commenting on the issue writes Doha session is a session among Afghan politicians and Taliban that provide the ground for reaching a national agreement. In the presented list by the government the names of 250 people from political, civilian figures, activists of women’s and human rights and a number of high ranking officials are included.
The announcement the list of participant in Doha session can be considered a big victory for Afghan politicians and government of the country.
Earlier to this, addressing the government, there were certain criticisms that the government is failed in reaching a national consensus. But presenting the list of participant in Doha session indicates that the government for reaching a national consensus has a strong and true intention and proved it in practice.
Close sources to the government insist that in the presented list all relevant matters have been regarded and have made all efforts not any political parties, politicians, personalities and critics of government not feel themselves away from Doha negotiations.
The presented list is a mirror in that all social strata can see themselves in it.
The state is an authoritative organ that has started the process of peace and for accessing this humane objective spares no any efforts and needs to be supported to overcome this complicate problem.
The state selecting 250 persons from political elites has opened the way for performing a political consensus. The people who have been include on the list are representing all political figures and civil society and people who are working within the government, but according to Taliban they depend to the state and defend the state’s interests.
Although the presented list as it mentioned earlier represents all strata of people but still some voices are heard against it.  A number of people say, no consultation has made with them, some consider it unbalance from ethnical point of view. The problem is this that a number of politicians have never been satisfied to the rights they receive. They only follow their own interests that lead to challenges which instead of solving the problem create more problems that are dangerous for peace.  Therefore, it would be better for all Afghan people to join hands to overcome the barriers on the way peace and access to this noble aim, which the people across the country seriously need.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan is in a complicated political and military situation, for going out from this difficult situation, it has required the political elites come together and find a proper way for its solution.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes for going out from the existence of current crisis patience and accepting each other are seriously needed. The government for overcoming the current crisis always tried its best to have the viewpoints of political elites and political parties. Now, the people are mostly talking about conducting peace negotiations with Taliban and Taliban have their own conditions   that can be observed, only via conducting a national session with Taliban. 
For achieving this great aim, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan prepared and presented the program of conducting an advisory session with Taliban to find a reasonable way for the solution of problem.
The consultative session reflects the views and demands of people; therefore, boycotting it, is not justifiable.
Conducting such a session is seriously required.  While Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, sparing no any efforts for holding such a session and trying to have the viewpoints of the masses on developing the current situation, established high reconciliation council in order to put and inform the politicians and elites on the new political developments. Also, such a council has already established but its sessions are not well organized. The problem is this that a number of politicians who have their own views and programs are not well organized and coordinated that further complicated the way for reaching a general consensus.
Separated and group based sessions are not the way for settling the problem, contrary it makes the problem more serious.
The political elites instead of boycotting this or that, or having different views it would be better for them to   have a united view and stance based on national values and instructions of constitution, in order to have a united view in upcoming Doha negotiations among Afghans, talk from one view and one stance.
The consultative or reconciliation council is a source for exchanging views and reflects the view and will of people that should be supported.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Ceasing the activities of World Red Crescent in Afghanistan has the worst consequences for the country.  Our people hope this beneficiary world organization restart its activities in Afghanistan as soon as possible.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the Red Cross Committee after the warning of Taliban has ceased its activities in Afghanistan. This international organization ceased its activities in Afghanistan after Taliban issuing a statement said that the Red Cross has not fulfilled its mission properly, and from now on will not let the committee to carry its activities in areas under their control. Beside International Red Crescent, World Health Organization also ceased its work in Afghanistan.
Taliban have said that the organization has suspicious programs.
After issuing a statement by Taliban, the Red Cross suspended its activities in Afghanistan and has said that until receiving Taliban’s confidence will not restart its work in Afghanistan.
Afghan people expect great hopes from World Red Crescent and other international agencies. Ceasing the activities of this worldly important agency takes place in a time, violence and conflicts are increasing in Afghanistan that can have bad consequences for the country.
In war stricken countries, such international organizations meet the expectations of people by offering their aids.
International Red Cross is carrying its activities In Afghanistan for about 40 years and this is the fourth country in world level where Red Cross carrying its mission. This is the only organization that provides humanitarian aids in war affected areas, carrying the injured  to the hospital treats them, exchanges war prisoners and provides water and food for residents of war affected areas are main activities services of Red Cross carrying in Afghanistan and other communities.
Taliban are not the owner and the ruler of this country to determine the job and activities of international organizations and agencies that provide humanitarian aids to Afghanistan.  If Taliban not accept and let international agencies in their areas under their control, then why they forgetting their obligations, cease their aids in all over Afghanistan.
The strategy and working objectives of such international organizations determine their ethnical obligations, it would not be correct for the threats of a terrorist group forget all Afghan nation and needy people.
Afghan people believe to such international agencies and they should not for the threats of terrorist group forget for get Afghan people and its needy people.
If Taliban are disturbing their activities, Afghan government and its people are supporting them.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan not only provides the opportunities for international organizations, but also spares no any efforts for their cooperation and support.
We hope, the International Red Cross to change its decision and restart its activities in Afghanistan.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Taliban recently started their spring operation under the name of Al- Fatah.
Taliban issuing a declaration have said that in this operation more areas and cities will be captured.
Taliban are talking about their spring operations while they are going to start the next round of talks with American representatives in Doha Qatar within a week
The recent declaration of Taliban had certain reactions.  
Zalmay Khalilzad the US special envoy reacting to declaration of Taliban has written in his tweeter that with announcing this declaration Taliban have demonstrated their carelessness to Afghan people and insulted them, because, peace is the demand of all Afghan nation.
Khalilzad in his tweeter also has asked Pakistan, Qatar and other countries who are in favor of peace in Afghanistan to condemn the declaration. The US special envoy for Afghanistan in another message writes in his tweeter if Taliban put this declaration in practice; just increase the pains and agonies of Afghan people and add to their sacrifices.
The Afghan national defense ministry reacting to Taliban’s declaration has written that terrorist Taliban after shameful defeats in Arghanjkhaw district Badakhshan province, Sancharak district Sar – i- Pul province , Muqur district Ghazni province and several other locations, in order to higher the low morale of  their militants had no way but to launch such propagations.
Afghan security and defense forces are unprecedentedly strengthen; Afghan air forces are capable of conduction operations in any conditions. The special police forces and commandoes of national army have been doubled from their quantity point of view and are equipped with up to date weapons.
Also, Daily Mail newspaper writes in that regard, annual spring operation of Taliban is usually a season of starting war. But the newly declaration is mostly a demonstration act because they continued their military operations against Afghan and international forces during the winter, but without and success.
The spokesman of international forces in Afghanistan says,” Taliban on Friday in a message instead of peace have chosen violence, in spite of that for the first time during the last 40 years a proper opportunity has been provided in Afghanistan to access peace, unfortunately Taliban have chosen violence.”
It should be said that earlier a source from Taliban’s so call cultural commission had said that the group would not declare the start of spring operations.
But the declaration of so called Al- Fatah spring operations obviously shows that the word and action of Taliban are not the same, the say something and do something else.  

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