24 June 2018

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Starting registration the voters’ names is a good beginning for holding parliamentary elections in the country which can provide the ground for doing more important works located on the way of Elections Commission.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the independent commission of elections according to schedule set up earlier started registration of the voters’ names which continues until June 14. 
Registration the names of the voters is a step forward holding parliamentary elections and district councils.
Starting the process indicates that the state is committed for holding the elections and according to the plan implements its commitments in practice.
However, starting registration the names of the voter has its problems, challenges and questions.
The process started in time, while the problem of distributing the electronic identity card has not settled and the independent commission of elections compelled to refer to the old and classic method and as past use paper identity cards for registering the names of the voters. While the problem of electronic identity card has removed in the countries of the region and the identity cards heightened the credibility and validity of elections in those countries.
The independent commission of elections aiming to all citizens’ use their voting right has asked Census Department to distribute at least 10 m paper identity cards.
While, paper identity cards have their own specific problems, this is they can be print in private press inside or outside the country and forgery of such identity cards is very easy. So such a situation can bring the transparency of election under question.
In addition to the problem of paper identity cards, security, logistic and recruiting the relevant personnel etc. are the main factors can bring the acceptability of elections under question.
Certainly the members of election commission will say that signing agreements with security organs they have settled the problem of security, but such agreements cannot meet the concerns of people.
The other problem is the claims presented by the critics of the government. They accuse certain circles and figures inside the government that they are architecting holding the elections process according their will, even they accuse president Ghani visiting the provinces in reality he has already started his election campaign.
The aim of repeating such words is this that the authorities of independent commission of elections should not repeat the previous mistakes, illegalities and violations because they will be never acceptable to the people.
Elections in a democratic system makes the base of the system, we through holding a transparent and comprehensive election can win the trust and cooperation of people. Otherwise, the elections commissions should not expect to win the trust and confidence of people.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Kabul (BNA) The National Unity Government is committed to implement the commitments already made to the people; one of those commitments is building the infrastructure of the country.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently president Ghani visiting Khost and Paktika provinces inaugurated a number of developmental and infrastructural project in those provinces. He had earlier visited Herat and a number of other provinces 
Persistent tours of President Ghani to the provinces of the country have led to strengthening of relations between the government and the people and provided the ground for the people to directly present their problems and demand to the president and to learn about the programs of the state design for prosperity and tranquility of the country.
Doing such visits also make possible for the president to hear the problems of people from their own tongues and the leadership of the state prepare plans for settling the problems and challenges the people most suffering according to their priorities. Implementing the plans in Practice Bridge the existing gap between the state and people and caused further public satisfaction.
Although the people consider performing such visits as a way for recognizing and settling the problems but certain circle and the critics of state consider the tours as part the program of electoral campaign.
However, the people hope the tours to take place to other provinces, in order our compatriots in other parts of the country to share their problems and agonies with the president as our compatriots did in Khost and Paktika.
The people strongly believe that visiting people and directly listening to their problems and demands by the relevant authorities especially by the president is the most elective way toward good governance and building a democratic system, the aim which the unity government and  our patriotic people working to achieve this noble goal. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General    

Monday, April 09, 2018

Kabul (BNA) For basic solution of problem with Pakistan it is necessary for Afghan authorities to follow the commitments of Pakistani authorities via an impartial mediator.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes three days ago Kabul was the host of Shahid Khaqan Abasi Prime minister of Pakistan.
The tour of the most high ranking official to Kabul took place exactly in time when Pakistan due to it adventurous and ambitious policies, has problem not only with Afghanistan but with other countries including US which led to the isolation of Pakistan in international arena.
Pakistan that has under severe pressure and criticism of the world due to supporting terrorism and dissemination of extremism trying to rid itself from this horrible situation and for reaching this goal uses any options. Normalizing its relations with Kabul is one of the options.
Pakistanis believe that Afghan issue has caused the differences between the west including America and Pakistan, it they succeed to change the outlook of Kabul to themselves, satisfying the international allies of Afghanistan would not be so difficult. 
Afghan political elites say invitation of President Ghani from Pakistan prime minister was a good opportunity for that country to show its readiness for normalization of its relation with Kabul.
Khaqani during his stay in Kabul expressing friendly words frankly said that he has come to Kabul for peace.  Expanding political relations between Kabul and Islamabad, playing an active role in the process of negotiation between Afghan government and its armed oppositions, and improving economic and commercial relations were among the issues discussed by the authorities of the two countries. During the negotiations Pakistan once again renewed its commitments and promises.
However khaqan’s visit to Kabul and renewing commitments and promises cannot settle the problem and serve normalizing relation between the two countries. It would be an urgent need for Afghan authorities to force Pakistani side to put their commitments and promises already made in practice, because as previous experiences have showed during the last 17 years just making commitment and promise in not adequate. Now it would be better, the Afghan relevant authorities what Mr. Khaqani have committed as a formal document send through diplomatic channels to United Nation Organization, Islamic Countries Conference and to countries involved in Afghan issue.
In addition it would be necessary for Afghan diplomatic organ to find an honest and impartial mediator and follow the Pakistani commitments through him.
It should be mentioned that Pakistan currently is under sever pressures of international community. If Pakistan shows a green light for strengthening and promoting peace negotiation process and bringing Taliban to negotiation table is because of the pressures, while they are active for achieving their evil objectives and strategic programs as before.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Pakistani prime minister who has arrived Kabul the other day says he has come to Kabul for peace.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes Shahid Khaqan Abase Pakistani prime minister accompanying by some other high ranking authorities of that country like foreign minister and national security adviser of that country visited Kabul the other day.
The visit has planned exactly in a time, the relation between the two nations going through a critical situation.
The problem is this that Afghanistan and international community consider Pakistan as a country of patron of terrorism, spreading of extremism and the host of Taliban’s leaders and funds and equips terrorist groups the claim Pakistan always rejects and contrary considers itself as a victim of terrorism.
However the Pakistanis claim has no any supporter and this country due to the reasons have said is in complete isolation and has lost its trust among the countries.
The west, US and even Pakistani friend among Arabic countries have no trust to Pakistan witch is ominous news for Pakistani economy and security.
Lately, Pakistan is trying hard to change the situation and rescue itself from international isolation. 
Warming the cold relation with Kabul is a part of those efforts. Afghan politicians believe the invitation of Mr. Ghani from Mr. Abasi provided a good opportunity for Pakistan if it succeeded tp change the diplomatic situation in the region to its own interest.
The visit of Mr. Abasi was accompanied by stating friendly statements. He frankly talking about peace, cooperation and regional convergence called stability in Afghanistan as a factor for stability in the region and Pakistan.
Afghan politicians say mutual understanding and conducting dialogues are a part of new politics among the world countries and they prefer to settle the problems via true judgment and reasoning.
These politicians have no much trust to Pakistan, because this is not the first time that a Pakistani prime minister comes to Kabul as during the last three months, we were seen the visits to Kabul by many Pakistani authorities but had no any tangible result.
Pakistan applying such programs is trying to win time and rescue itself from international pressures.
What would be Mr. Abasi’s response in this regard?
The politicians insist that we should not become so encourage by Pakistan authorities good a favorable words, because as experiences show, Pakistan makes commitments but never imply them in practice.
Therefore it would be better from now on the process of negotiations to be carried out in presence of an impartial and trustworthy mediator, otherwise, continuation of talks and visits settle no any problems as it not settled earlier. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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