21 November 2018

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) September 20th is the world peace day, celebrates in time violence, war, suicide, terror, poverty and migration suffer the world community more than ever.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the world peace day celebrates across the world while the humanity is suffering from problems and hardships caused by adventurous and unwise policies of powerful and totalitarian countries.
Today peace is a lost word or term for Afghan, Syrian, Iraqi and some other people across the world. The countries, whose people are burning in the flames of rivalries and hatred of big powers, enjoy peace and stability only in their dreams.
The word of peace, for Afghan people who have expired more than forty years of their live in violence and war    is an ideal word and eagerly waiting for its restoration, but violence and war still taking victims from of suffering people.
Armed violence and problems in Afghanistan have their roots abroad and certain countries have changed Afghanistan in to the battlefront of their secret wars, choking the throats of Afghan people taken the idea of peace hostage for their political games while Afghans scarify every day for restoration of peace and security in to their country.
If we precisely look at the events of the last forty years, we will find out that the world and regional powers involved in problem of Afghanistan have so far used the word of peace as a slogan and continue their rivalries in this war torn country to achieve their objectives.
Addressing the Afghan people we say that it is an irrefutable fact that the current violence in their country deeply rooted abroad and knew that their country has changed in to the battle field of proxy war launched by other countries, then why our people accept this imposed horrible situation while we know about peace from the verses of Holy Quran.  Therefore, we should disseminate peace as a culture in the community, understand the demands of aliens and take firm steps for ending the violence and interferences of foreign countries in domestic affairs of our country.
Peace is not an easy subject to be discussed; it is a process that should be followed with patient.
Likewise, the authorities of state, politicians, critics of the state, even opposition groups who cry the slogan of peace should know that hitting this target    needs true action and that peace is not just a slogan but is the right of every man that should be honored and observed and act with high responsibility for its restoration.

Saturday September 22, 2018

Kabul (BNA) In spite of concerns, Ashura the day of uprising and martyrdom day of Imam Hussain the grandson of great prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was held in an atmosphere of peace and security. Without doubt the efforts of security forces and the cooperation of people were obvious in that regard.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes holding Ashura in a peaceful and secure atmosphere once again made the authorities in debt of security forces.
Holding and co- memorizing Ashura in the country was followed with certain concerns. The concern and anxieties became more serious after terrorist groups during the last month aiming to create ethnical and religious differences among people, targeted educational institutions and cultural foundations ran by Shias. Luckily, in Afghanistan where ethnical and religious discrimination never exist the plot and conspiracies for damaging the national unity the real strength of Afghan people foiled. 
Holding Ashura in a such peace atmosphere, proved that our security forces are capable for carrying g any great task and defending our national interests and in the same time made it clear that the Afghans respect the ideas and beliefs of each other and dear their national unity.
If today a problem emerges in Afghanistan and the ground provided for ethnical and religious confrontations, all such satanic programs are designed by foreign intelligence services for damaging physical and spiritual assets of Afghanistan. But the Afghan people have a message and that is,” we are one, one nation and the followers of the same faith.  Our religious beliefs have been the pivotal of our unity and our peaceful co- existence in the long history and efforts of the enemies of the country for damaging the unity of our people will never realize.
Our people in addition standing in a single rank for neutralizing the conspiracies of the enemies and terrorists and practically helping the security forces, displayed a high Afghan culture this is they avoid wandering in the streets, they did not create problem for traffic and observed the law, and by donating blood promoted the culture of humanism. In this way expressed their support from security forces that fight against terrorists to rescue not only Afghans but the entire humanity from the evil of terrorism. In this way the Afghan people commemorated the martyrdom of Hussain who rose up for ensuring freedom and justice and said no to the tyrannies and injustice prevailed in the then society.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Monday September 17, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Improvement of relations, decrease of tension and promoting of trust are new hopes from Pakistan foreign minister visit to Afghanistan.  However the visit has been interpreted differently.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Mahmood Quraishi who has newly appointed as foreign minister of Pakistan, in his first trip abroad has come to Afghanistan to improve relations between the countries , decrease tension between Kabul and Islamabad and to promote trust and confidence between the two neighboring countries.
Choosing Afghanistan as the first destination of Mahmood Quraishis’s tour abroad indicates that improvement of relations with Kabul is at top of Pakistan’s foreign policy.
Umran khan the current prime minister of Pakistan in first days of his electoral campaign, also after his appointment as prime minister cried out slogans of decreasing of tension and pledge to settle Pakistan’s problems in national and international arena.
The purpose of decreasing tension is improvement of Pakistan’s relations with India and Afghanistan. Pakistan has experienced very tense relations with the two countries.
Quraishis’ visit to Kabul was accompanied with many hopes and the authorities in Kabul considered it with great achievements and Pakistan releasing a statement called it effective and constructive.
Although politicians in Kabul consider the visits of Afghan and Pakistani authorities from each other’s countries useful for removing mistrusts and establishing an atmosphere of cooperation between the two countries, but the experiences achieved during the recent years show that Pakistan uses diplomacy, dialogue and even compromise as a means in sensitive situation to achieve its own interests. During the last years, the authorities of two countries visited the capitals of each other’s many times and Pakistan pledged for cooperation, but in practice did nothing.
Pakistan during the years, supported Taliban’s leaders, provided safe havens for terrorists which were problematic for Afghanistan. These were the main factor for tension in relation of the two countries. Now Pakistan claims that it is seeking to bring changes in its policy on Afghanistan, should prove that it is honest in changing the bitter facts exist in relation of the two countries.
On the other hand it is the army general of Pakistan who says the last word in policy of that country. Has the recent changes taken place in coordination of the army general or Umran Khan acted alone?
If the decision regarding to the improvement of relations has been taken only by Umran Khan it would be in vain. The people of Afghanistan are well aware about the facts of regions and the demands of Pakistan. That country knows how to protect itself in critical situation.
Although, Mahmood Quraishi came to Kabul and created new hopes for the improvement of relation between Afghanistan and Pakistan not should be too optimistic or pessimistic. It would be better to be realistic and determine the policy and action according to the realities.
Therefore, it would be better to give a clear message to Pakistan that it has let no patient for Afghan people any more, if that country evades the realities and again seeking to launch new games, Afghanistan should punish it via exerting pressure through legal means and international organs. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Sunday September 16, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Shah Mahmood Quraishi Pakistani foreign minister arrived Kabul yesterday in a time the Afghan people expect practical cooperation of that country in the peace process or at least to end its intervention in domestic affairs of Afghanistan.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghan authorities presently hosting Mahmood Quraishi the Pakistan foreign minister.
The visit of Mahmood Quraishi who has been appointed to the position recently is his first visit abroad indicates Afghanistan is at priorities of foreign policies of the newly formed Pakistan government under the leadership of Omron Khan.
Omron Khan becoming the prime minister of Pakistan pledged that he would try to improve relations with two neighboring countries Afghanistan and India which welcomed by both Kabul and New Delhi. We hope, the visit of Mr. Quraishi to Kabul be followed with the same incentive.
Afghanistan and Pakistan as neighbors which are destined to live in an unchangeable geography no any artificial barriers can separate them. Understanding this fact the two countries should respect the national interests of each other because the previous experiences have showed that hostilities and negative rivalries cannot meet the demands of the two great and neighboring nations.
Kabul always insists on regional cooperation and peaceful co-existence and provided good opportunities for close and friendly relations among the countries of the region. But regretfully there are still hegemonic and adventurous ideas in the region that would be certainly harmful for the region.
Afghanistan that is suffering from imposed and proxy war for about 40 years, considers the role of Pakistan effective in ending this bloody and devastating war, because the leaders of Taliban are living in Pakistan and enjoy the support of certain organizations and circles there.
Pakistani high ranking authorities including the president and prime minister of that country have visited Afghanistan in various times. During the visits, they committed to do everything for solution of the problems but the commitments never fulfilled and the problems remained as before.
We hope the current visit of Mr. Quraishi to Kabul not follows the same scenarios but with new thought and conception help to end mistrusts exist in Kabul – Islamabad relations.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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