18 September 2019

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Sunday September 17, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President Ghani in a clear message asks armed oppositions to join peace process. They won’t success in fighting, because Afghanistan strategy has fundamentally changed.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes president Ghani recently visiting Paktia province met the local authorities, dignitaries and the representatives of southern provinces. He assessing the security situation there in a gathering with military staff of Thunder Military Corp stationed in Paktia openly said that military strategy of Afghanistan has fundamentally change and our message to enemies was that they won’t success in fighting, therefore, should follow the way of peace. The president pointed out that Afghanistan is the home of holding assemblies and Afghan people want an honorable and persistence peace.
Meanwhile, Afghan president insisted that what we achieve in political front we cannot achieve in battle fields. The statements delivered by President Ghani indicate that he asks the armed oppositions who in various pretexts are killing the Afghan innocent people and destroying their homeland, considering Afghan traditions that is holding assemblies, find a way for the solution of the problem of the country, because the experience has showed that with gun we cannot determine the fate of a nation. 
The statements were stated in a time; recently the armed oppositions have used all their facilities and capabilities for factory against Afghan security forces. Kunduz, Badakhshan, Jawzjan, Faryab and Kandahar provinces were the targets of terrorist groups fortunately they failed to achieve their ominous goals and Afghan security forces defeated them in all battle fields. Now the presidents says what have we owned in battle field we obtain the diplomatic arena. The people considering the president statements believe that we can become victorious in political fields only when the politicians of the country use their wisdom, capability and talent for meeting the interests of the country and rescue the country from the current crisis.
Now it is the time, to take also the initiative in the political field. We can only put in practice this initiative, when we build a strong national unit and have the same definition from national interests avoid all kinds of discriminations and fight against the problems and tranquility of the country in complete unity. This would the key of victory both in battle and political fields.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Saturday September 16, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan is experiencing the most complicated battle in modern history, but an imposed war cannot prevent us from building a nation and democratic system of government.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghanistan is involved in undeclared and imposed war. The country is experiencing the most indicated battle in its modern history and in regional and beyond regional history. Most of military affairs analysts believe that the current fighting in Afghanistan is not an ordinary or civil war, but it is the most complicated intelligence battle which has been launched against Afghan people in political, military, economic and cultural fields aiming to destroy its infrastructure and keep it in isolation.
As it stated earlier, Afghan people are suffering from a satanic and intelligence conflict imposed on them aiming to paralyze the country politically, economically, militarily and culturally and to isolate the country in international arena. However, the patriotic Afghans knowing about the evil goals and destructive programs of the enemies are fighting heroically against the conspiracies and grave plans and programs have tried their best to build a strong nation which is an urgent need to overcome the current problems in one hand and on the other hand establish a good governance system. To achieve this noble goal, the Afghan authorities have launched a series of reforms. The people insist, in implementing, the situation should be seriously considered and avoid performing all kinds of hasty programs and former errors should not be repeated once again. Experience and capacity are the major principles for good governance and strengthening the pillars of the state that should not be use badly in the process of reforms.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Wednesday September 13, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Cherishing terrorism is a clear reason for isolation of Pakistan in the region and in the world but politician of that country trying all kinds of pretexts to deceive the region and the world.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the recent developments in the level of the region and world clearly indicate the fact that the opportunity for using terrorism as a means is ending. There is no any country in the region without having concern about the growth of terrorism in the region. The concern impels the countries of the region to do their best for eradication of this ominous phenomenon. The efforts for eradication of terrorism, is an incentive for strengthening regional cooperation in one hand and on other hand identify the countries that use terrorism as a means in political, economic and military dealing in the region.
Currently all countries in the region know about the sponsors, trainers and financially and militarily supporters of terrorists and about the location of their hideouts. Some political experts strongly believe that the region cannot bear using terrorism as a means by specific countries for achieving their illegal objectives any more. In any case, counter terrorism struggle is at the top of Afghanistan’s regional political strategy. Making counter terrorism the priority of its policy Afghanistan tries holding a regional gathering find the practical way of solution of this fatal problem that not only threats the region but the entire world. Rescuing the region from the evil of terrorism without doubt leads to close regional cooperation in various fields and good neighborhood among them.
Unfortunately there are certain countries in the region that creating differences among the countries of the region try to keep the current situation for their own interests. Afghanistan as its strategy commands want to establish friendly relations with all countries especially the countries of the region. We assure that this humanistic approach is not hostility against any country. The only country that suffers from this approach is Pakistan because the expansion of relations among the countries of the region leads to commercial, cultural and economic ties among them that would be a severe blow on terrorism and extremism which is not in to interest of Pakistan. As the evidences show, Pakistan has used terrorism and extremism as a means for achieving its illegal and ambitious objectives and goals.     
Abdul Khalil Minawi 

Tuesday September 12, 2017

Kabul (BNA) 16 years has passed since September 11 incident in America which has considered as an unprecedented terrorist attacks in modern history of the world, but still terrorism takes the lives of many innocent people across the world.
The terrorist attacks targeting the twin towers of International Trade Center and the headquarters of US defense ministry killed more than three thousand people and injured thousands people of various nationalities, faith and religions.
The attacks are considered the unprecedented terrorist attacks, the world history has seen. What has happened in September 11, 2001 was not only a terrorist attack, but terrorists and extremists exercised their power to the world big military and economic countries of the world. US called the attacks declaring war against humanity and urgently try to establish an international coalition aiming to eradicate terrorism this notorious phenomenon.
Al- Qaeda under the leadership of Osama bin Laden whose hideout was in Afghanistan claimed the responsibility of those catastrophic attacks. The consequences of the attacks force US to send its troops to Afghanistan to fight terrorism. It is the longest and the most expensive war, US are experiencing, but still is no signs of its ending. The presence of thousands troops from various countries of world in Afghanistan after September 11 indicates that the international community is resolute to rid the humanity from the evil of terrorism and extremism forever. Unfortunately, after 16 years, the countries involved in war against terrorism and extremism have not succeeded to end those evil and satanic phenomenon, but other terrorist and extremist groups emerged.  Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al- Shabab in Somalia, IS in Iraq and Syria and Lashkar-i-Janwee in Pakistan are the new terrorist groups have emerged after September 11.
In addition, after September 11, 2001 London, Tokyo, Delhi, Madrid, Russia, Italy, Paris and Egypt were the scenes of terrorist incidents which prove that terrorism knows no boundary and aiming to destroy both the spiritual and physical properties of mankind. Likewise, Taliban in Afghanistan who were the main target of international coalition in war against terrorism not only defeated, but become more powerful that potentially remained as serious threat in Afghanistan and other countries in the region. There are terrorist challenges in the world that the civilized and powerful countries of the world so far have failed to eliminate them.
The reason of the failure is, from the beginning there was no single definition from terrorism and the countries dealt with it according to their interests. Sponsor countries of terrorism in disguise of friends carrying dual games kept the international coalition busy and carried out their evil activities in hidden to achieve their heinous objectives in the region.
Lack of a precise strategy and program in war against terrorism could be another reason that US and its western allies failed to overcome and defeat terrorism. Terrorists and extremists are the enemies of the humanity, there should make no distinction among them. As after September 11, many cities across the world were the targets of terrorist attacks. The facts indicate that terrorists as the enemies of humanity act in unity but the countries in war against terrorism follow their own interests that make the war against that notorious phenomenon harder and longer. Therefore, it would an urgent need of world community to consider terrorism as a grave enemy of mankind and resolutely fight against it in order to sate the humanity from the evil of terrorism that threats the world as a whole.