18 January 2019

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Focusing on the results of a research launched by Ministry of Public Health half of Afghanistan’s population are suffering from psychological problem. To fight this severe problem successfully an extensive strategy is needed.
BNA medical affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes celebrating certain occasions provide an opportunity for relevant authorities and people as a whole to know better about the situation and prepare a strategy to fit the situation and work well. As the ministry of public health in ceremony held for celebrating World Health Day says that half of the population of the country is suffering psychological problems a subject that should not ignored, because fighting is continuing for many years, poverty, unemployment and social inequalities caused by imposed fighting suffocating our people. In addition to the above mentioned painful problems, the people of this war torn country are suffering from mental diseases as ministry of public health says.
Based on the results of research conducted by the ministry one can say that Afghan people have never been safe from psychological problem during the long time of war, political and social problems have addicted our youths to narcotic drugs that is the most concerning problem.
There is no doubt that the families have great role in training their young children, avoid physical and mental family violence against them because they need to leave the house in inter the society therefore, the families should fight honestly against all kinds of violence in the community in order to prevent the addiction of youth to heinous phenomenon of narcotics.
In any case, effective measures have been taken for prevention.  Ministry of public health through adopting two specific strategies: national strategy for mental health and national preventive strategy for preventing from committing suicide is seeking to rescue the youths and the people as a whole. In addition has assigned 750 psychological advisers if required advice the needy people and try to improve their health.
Without doubt what have mentioned would be effective in removing health problems in the country, but still more incentives is needed.
Increasing violence, social inequalities, war, suicide, addiction to narcotics, poverty, unemployment and dozens of other problems have severely harmed the mental safety of the residents of Afghanistan, practical strategy and serious attention can help in curbing the mental pressure in the country.    

Monday, October 29, 2018

Kabul (BNA) In spite of international community and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan efforts, the prospect of peace is not yet clear.
The government of Afghanistan in connects of peace in Afghanistan and in the region has consistently insisted that without exerting pressure on Taliban and their international patrons the prospect of peace not would be clear but it would be vague.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the countries of the region, international community including Afghan authorities have spared no any efforts to insure peace in the region but Pakistan is the main obstacle on the way.  
The Afghan people know well that the safe havens of terrorists are in Pakistan and that country uses Taliban as a means to achieve its illegal and ambitious goals in the region. The sources that recruit, fund, train and equip Taliban are in Pakistan, but what is questionable is the Afghanistan’s allied dealing with Pakistan.
The people claim that the allies of Afghanistan in war against terrorism have not yet exert necessary pressure on patrons of terrorists, but made issuing statement and condemning terrorist attacks sufficient for the purpose, which unfortunately lead not to peace.
Therefore the people suggest the best way for complete eradication of terrorism from Afghanistan and from the region is adopting practical measures in war against terrorism as experiences showed issuing statements and condemnations are not enough.
US secretary of state in his newest statement has said that his country expects the Pakistan’s western borders and its borders with Afghanistan not to be a safe haven for terrorists; according to him the Washington message is very clear  in that end.
Focusing on above statements, both US and international community know well where is the problem, why the process of peace is not on the right track?  Why the number of terrorists is increasing? And many other questions should be clearly answered; otherwise the people would remain pessimistic about the future.
According to a plebiscite launched by an international foundation, Afghan people are not optimistic about their future and that has been caused by bloody war in their country. If the process of peace not put on the right track and the fighting continues as before mistrusts among Afghan people will also increase.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Kabul (BNA) People of Kandahar province yesterday went to polling centers to vote for their favorite candidates.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, preparation show that house of representative elections in Kandahar province were held with any security concern.
From beginning of yesterday’s morning, people went to the polling centers in order to select the delegates according to the division of the Independent Election Commission.
The House of Representatives elections across the country were held on (October 20-21) but this elections was not without political and security contraventions from the beginning of the electoral process, people informed the relevant organs what they consider violations.
During the two past days what happened in Kabul, most people still emphasized on transparency and separation blocks and White.
It is Expected the relevant organs using the past experiences from this process to hold and exemplary elections in Kandahar province.
The missive participation of people in the elections reflects their will on democracy that the people went to polling centers and cast their ballot in election boxes.
Now it is depend the authorities who to pay attention on trust of people avoiding all ethnical, linguistic and religious discrimination.
Many people believe that the elections is in the right direction and the people accept the outcome of the election.
The citizens believe that the election is one side of the matter and the well and decision of people is the other side, if these two go parallel the result of election would be transparent and acceptable. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Counter Polio International Day celebrates in the country while polio cases have increased than the previous year.
BNA medical affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes in 65th World Medical Assembly in 2012 polio virus  announced as the most threatening virus among people especially under five year children. The participants of the assembly asked Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan where polio positive cases to prepare national program for elimination of this fatal disease.
The ministry of public health with cooperation of relevant international agencies prepared and effective working program and implemented in practice that have caused tangible results.
According the findings of ministry of public health ministry there were eighty cases of polio in 2011 in Afghanistan. The figure reduced to 38 in 2013. Likewise, the positive cases of polio in 2016 were 13, in 2017, 14 and 2018 cases.
Presenting the above figures one can judge that counter polio campaign with correct management of  public health ministry in the right track, however still there are challenges in that regard. Removing the challenges for reducing the mortality rate among children is one of the priorities of ministry of public health ministry but for complete eradication of this fatal disease, the participation and cooperation people, ministry of education, ministry of Haj and Islamic affairs is severely needed, in this way the ministry of public health with it international colleagues can eliminate the disease forever. 
Using the experiences of the countries of the region in counter polio campaign has been proved to be successful, therefore should be considered in the future too.
The leadership of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, ministry of public health and the international colleagues of the ministry are determined to make war – torn Afghanistan avoid of polio but there are certain problem that make counter polio campaign problematic for Afghanistan, such as the existence of long borders with Pakistan, insecurities, lack of vaccinating the children who are not accessible, migrations and displacements are the main factors  poses problems for achieving that humane goal. However if the Imams of mosques, the teachers of schools, the media and people join hand in struggle against this deadly disease the figure of positive cased the disease will be very small or even zero very soon.

Abdul Khalil Minawi

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