13 November 2018

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Monday August 27, 2018

Kabul (BNA) One can guess the complexity of imposed war on Afghanistan from the sessions held in various countries in pretext of peace.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the meetings and negotiations on Afghanistan just produce result when they free from any political conspiracy and be focused on restoring peace and meet the will and aspirations of Afghan people.
The Afghan people since a long time have been witnessing of holding tripartite and quadripartite sessions in this or that country, the national and international session that brought no any results so far.
However, the only hope for settling the problem is Kabul’s process sessions. The authorities of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the process asked for holding direct talks with armed oppositions, believing that it can lead to solve the problem, since then many countries interred in to direct talks with Taliban. The matter could be considered from two dimensions:
First, the government of Afghanistan made its best to disseminate the culture of peace and to prevent extremism which had some achievements. Secondly the countries involved in Afghan war using the opportunity want to achieve their own objectives.
This open fact clearly displays the complexity of war in Afghanistan and various dimensions of this regional dispute.
For this reason the Afghan people know that the continuation of war in to the benefit of regional players. The Afghan people should know that they are capable to restore peace in the country. This noble aim could be achieved only when all Afghan people say no to all kinds of discriminations including ethnical, linguistic and political prejudices, building a strong national unity rescue the country from the hands of regional players. 
The majority of people not considers holding numerous sessions the way of settling the problem and argues that it will increase regional rivalries and  in situation where political differences prevail, establishing coalitions is common create a wide gape that prevent the people to access peace and enjoy it.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Any regional discussion on peace and situation of Afghanistan should be with pivotal of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan otherwise such programs for settling Afghan problem which is regional problem would not be practical.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Russia has declared that in early September of this year a regional session on settling Afghan crisis would be held in Moscow.
In addition to Afghanistan, from Iran, India, Pakistan, China and representative of Taliban have been invited to take part in the session. US arguing that holding such sessions in the past, have not succeeded to settle the Afghan problem rejected participation in the session.
The foreign ministry of Afghanistan calling the participation of Taliban at Moscow session meaningless has said that it would not attend at session.
Non – participation of Afghan government at Moscow session has many reasons should be focused on them:
First, Moscow session is holding with participation of the representatives of many states, while Taliban as militant group is fighting against elected Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the government which has diplomatic relation with Moscow and Islamabad and internationally recognized as a legitimate state. On the other hand, Taliban have repeatedly rejected the call of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for direct talks and denied all global principles and criteria for settling the disputes. Participation of such a group in regional session where the delegates of states participate, how could be justified?
Taliban reject direct talks with Afghan government but positively respond to the call of Russian government, in addition the group since Ramadan Eid has met US delegates four times.
Participation of Taliban’s representatives in Moscow session and their constant talks with Americans indicates that the group is seeking to find a proper place in rivalries of Russia and US, the rivalries continuing in geography of Afghanistan. Therefore, it would be the obligation of every Afghan to keep away their country from these heinous games and rivalries, while the contacts of Taliban with US and Russia will increase the rivalries between the two countries in Afghanistan which will be disastrous for Afghan nation.
The decision of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on not participating at Moscow session is a wise decision, because Afghanistan on relation between states and cannot sit at negotiation table with a group has no a definition from national interests and prefer personal and foreign interests to national interests.
It would be better the friendly countries of Afghanistan such as Russia, Iran, China, Turkey or Qatar should think about the improvement of situation of Afghanistan. The countries that cry slogans for restoring stability in the region, instead supporting Taliban politically, considering the values of Afghan constitution encourage Taliban to become ready for inter- Afghan talks.
Otherwise, they should know that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan not consider itself responsible for accepting the decisions of the sessions where the role of Afghan government and the will of Afghan people is ignored.    

Saturday August 25, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The recent terror incidents in the country indicated that the armed opposition groups besides having no definition of national interests once again clarified that the security of the capital is still in a fragile state. 
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes terrorist groups carrying a series rocket attacks on Kabul city created harass and panic among the citizens of the city. The terrorist groups who are unfortunately divided by the foreigner in to IS and Taliban, but our people know them as terrorists and puppets who are indulge in great political projects and games and never become ready talk about peace and humanity and end terror because they are not independent, they will change their heinous habit only when the political games and projects ended.
Now it is a clear fact that these notorious groups are nothing but used as a means in regional issues. They accepted ceasefire during Eid-ul-Fitr, but after a while the Pakistanis openly declared that Taliban accepted ceasefire because of their pressure. But for the occasion of Eid Adha, they rejected ceasefire. The developments demonstrate that there are mysteries behind the scene, the new Pakistani leaders trying to introduce Taliban as a means in new political games in order to practice with more power and acquire better privileges. This is a clear evident that this is Pakistan that announce ceasefire or reject it not Taliban. Although IS claim the responsibility of the recent rocket attack on Kabul, but our people make no distinction between IS and Taliban. The foreign intelligence services for pursuing their objectives, have given them deferent names. This is the aim for creating so-called Taliban and IS nothing, but destruction of Afghanistan.
The terrorists by attacking Kabul or taking hostage the travelers on Kunduz-Takhar highway, or attacking on security posts in some provinces, they want to show that the center Afghan government is weak, therefore they should have open hand political deals, while the Afghan government thinks about restoring peace and stability in the country and honestly wants to end bloodshed, unfortunately this noble goals considers as a weak point. However, the recent rocket attack on Kabul caused to clear some other issues. Firstly, one should any expect any good thing from Taliban and consider them as domesticated. Secondly, the recent rocket attack on Kabul once again showed a huge security gap which mainly refers to security and intelligence organs. Now it is to security and intelligence organs to work hard in order to prevent and foil such conspiracies in their early stages and demonstrate their power to the enemies of the country.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Afghan people welcome any move that facilitates peace negotiation between Afghan government and armed oppositions.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently   foreign ministry Uzbekistan declared that the country hosted a diplomatic delegation of Taliban headed by Abas Stanekzay the head of the group’s relation office in Doha.
The foreign ministry of Uzbekistan has made it clear that the Taliban delegation during its stay in Tashkent had meetings with the authorities of Uzbekistan foreign ministry during which the two sides discussed prospects of peace in Afghanistan but Uzbek foreign ministry gave no more details.
The presence of Taliban delegation in Uzbekistan takes place exactly in time, that the group so far has several times had met the UN secretary of state’s delegation in Doha. In addition, China has recently hosted a delegation of the group.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan considers the new developments this is the meeting of Taliban delegation with the authorities of US foreign ministry in Doha and or the tour of Taliban delegation to China as a move  that can facilitate inter- Afghans talks and strengthen the process of peace negations between Afghan government  and  Taliban. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan supports any move with such goals.
Although the countries that have made contact with Taliban and conducted negation with the group have insisted that the aim of their efforts is to strengthen the prospect of peace in Afghanistan and they support Afghan peace negotiations as an Afghans’ ownership process.
Unfortunately, Taliban insist on their own words.
Sources related to Taliban have said that they in addition to their office in Qatar, t plan to establish relation offices in Tashkent, Uzbekistan,  Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates.
Although, the two countries have said nothing relating to the issue but United Arab Emirates competes Qatar for establishing Taliban’s office in its territory for a long time.
In addition, some other countries of region like Turkey and Turkmenistan have shown green light for establishing Taliban’s office in their countries. Uzbekistan has times and again expressed its readiness for hosting negotiations between Afghan government and Taliban.
There is no information about what goes behind negotiations with host countries but the fact is clear that Taliban because of the new political developments have more motivated. The recent attacks of the group on some parts of the country I aiming to emerge as a military and political power in Afghanistan.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan welcomes the efforts of foreign countries for facilitating the process of peace negotiations but considers the increase of Taliban’s offices as a factor that disrupts peace negotiations and presents the influence of foreign countries on Taliban.
The foreign countries should know that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that has formed as result of direct votes of people, exercise all standards and rights of a lawful government. The people who want to give an identity to Taliban in fact trying to make the process of peace negotiations longer.
Afghan people insist that any negotiations that designed by foreigners and their guest be Taliban and ignore would be vein and vacant program.

Abdul Khalil Minawi

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