25 February 2020

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Sunday December 8, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Finally the end of every war and violence is peace, but achieving peace is possible only by action not with slogans.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, since decades Afghans are disputing about peace and war in the country. Some people claiming that the external factors are the main reason behind war in Afghanistan and a numbers are thinking on internal factors of war, but the people never strength their will that themselves can achieve peace if they jointly work with government.
An enjoyable peace for Afghans is that achieved by themselves, meanwhile we can overcome on external and internal deterrent factors of peace.
Role of tribal elders and religious scholars extremely is important, tribal elders in every regions, villages and townships can demand from local people to prevent from influence of enemy and don’t allow foreigners’ factors to learn destruction, murder and killing innocent civilians abroad the country and implement it inside Afghanistan.
Likewise, the role of religious scholars is significant, they can learn to people that war, disputes, murder and killing people not compatible with the behavior and attitude of prophets and Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). Violence reduction, preventing from innocent killing and obeying the good and peace can put end point to disputes and the pain of all Afghans.
There are Afghans on both sides, since years government declares that don’t kill people by order of others, don’t destroy the country, don’t increase the number of orphans and widows, prevent from violence and hypocrisy, war is not the solution. Although armed oppositions know that they don’t win on the battlefield, yet they are continuing to their violence and inhuman actions.
Anyway, the end of every war is peace, numerous people have been killed/kills in war, but when a door opens for peace, violence must be ended and an opportunity will provide for achieving peace in the country.
When the sound of bullets went off, in that case negotiations and understandings make sense and opportunity will be provided for achieving a dignity and sustainable peace in Afghanistan. 

Monday December 2, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Violence against women is a serious social problems in Afghanistan, while government, civil activists, human rights and women protect organizations are trying to decrease violence against women in Afghanistan, but their efforts have not desired results so far.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, within the last few days International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women have been celebrated by launching dozens gatherings and ceremonies in the country; many words have said and heard about elimination of violence against women and promised for eliminating and decreasing of violence against women in Afghanistan.
40-years war affected mental health of Afghans and caused different psychological and social problems to the people; so violence against women have changed to a bitter and undeniable fact in our society. In the presence of abnormalities caused by war in our country, violence against women has been increased, based on reports released by credible organizations those protect women’s rights show that women are not safe inside their houses, while houses are most secure places in a society, but 80 percent of women in Afghanistan are facing with family violence.
Meanwhile, International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (ICEDAW) and also laws and regulations in support of women in Afghanistan have refrain violence against women, but violence against women widely exist in the country.
Beating inside homes, insult, forced married, rape, murder, forcing into prostitution, deprived from in-heritages, economic violence and…are the types of violence against women in Afghanistan.
Behavior and performance of security and judicial organs that their jobs are implementing laws insulting and humiliating with the women victims of violence.
Worst of all there are organizations that working for protecting women’s right and receiving more money from foreigners’ donors, they claimed that we work for decreasing violence against women, but their main aims are their personal interests and finding money for themselves.
Patriarchy, lack of religious and modern knowledges, absurd customs and traditions and lack of women awareness regarding their rights in the light of Holy Quran, Sharia and laws are the reasons that added the problems of women in Afghanistan.
Restoring women’s rights seem difficult, until women do not gain awareness about their rights in the light of Holy Quran, Sharia and laws, as long as we do not observe women’s rights based on mandate of Holy Quran, Sharia and regulations, till pulpits of mosques do not express women’s right widely and do not call absurd traditions as contrary to religious’ values and media do not promote observing of women’s right and until there are no major changes to the cultural, social and economic structures of Afghanistan.

Saturday November 30, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Peaceful demonstration and civic activities is the right of every citizens, but launching protests and civic activities must not be the main aims for opportunistic.
BNA analyst writes that some electoral teams by accusing Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) to fraud and support from an electoral team have launched demonstration on Friday.
Now, supporters of some electoral teams have prevented recount of votes in Takhar, Badakhshan, Baghlan, Jawzjan, Sar-e-Pul, Faryab and Panjshir provinces. The electoral teams claimed that Independent Election Commission about 10212 votes out of times have presented technical problems, according to the electoral teams this is not legal and the votes must be annulled.
Also, the commission technical details about 137630 votes is not clear and before starting recount the two cases must log out from the system, but Independent Election Commission did not it.
Consecutive delays in election results has prolonged the announcement of the election results; on the other side has bored people, this is a fact that delay in election results have put negative impact on people’s lives, business, economic, trade and social affairs, while delaying in presidential election results is not the benefits of election and half strap democracy in the country, so far election commissions didn’t manage the process well and caused concerns among people.
Afghanistan Independent Election Commission have worked with coordination of electoral teams and answered their protests based on laws.
Now, it is better that Independent Election Commission work together with electoral commission for solving the problems, this is possible only via negotiations.
While, security situation is not better in the country, some electoral teams particularly solidarity and partnership electoral team has launched demonstration yesterday in Kabul city, but fortunately the demonstration has ended peacefully and without any security problems.
People believe that launching demonstrations, closing provincial election commission’s offices and people disturbing is not the solution. These ways can make the situation more critical and will be repeated the past bitter experiences.
Electoral teams must carried out their programs based on laws and implemented without harassing people.
Doors open for negotiations, election process has faced with technical problems that can be solved, the process should not become more critical and should not having inappropriate behavior to democratic values and sacrifice the half strap democracy in the country.
Our people are facing with dozens problems that main challenges is economic poverty that most of people are facing across the country, this is not necessary for our politicians and electoral teams to increase people’s problems.

Sunday, November 24, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Passing through the path of war to peace is difficult but what makes it easy is cultivation of peace culture instead of talking about fighting.
BNA reporter reporting on the issue writes sometimes going through a new path is fearful, but one can eliminate this fear via improving peace and dissemination of peace culture and ending the war.
Since long time there is talking about peace negotiations but still there has seen no a hope of peace to rescue the Afghan people from the evil of war.in newest report of Economic and Peace Institute it has been explained that Taliban have been were the deadliest group in 2018 in Afghanistan.
World documents on terrorism in 2019 indicate that Taliban have killed more people than IS   last year.
According to the documents Taliban have allocated 28% of killing in world level to their selves
Considering the report one can say that negotiation and making peace with such a group face many hurdles and barriers passing through which would not in a short time.
Understanding this bitter fact, Afghan government prepared seven items peace draft with the group and presented a map attention to it will medicate the old pain of Afghan people.
In any case Afghan people can obtain that sacred goal this is peace just via forgetting all discrimination and differences and building a true and a strong national unity, otherwise peace will be a dream.

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