19 May 2019

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Kabul (BNA) March 9 was coincident with the fifth death anniversary of late Marshal Fahim the man who had great sense for tranquility, progress and ensuring national unity in the country.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes five years ago exactly in this day, Marshal Fahim died due to a sickness. Marshal played a great and effective role in last three decades developments of the country.  After the collapse of tyrannical régime, the Afghan Marshal honestly worked hard for establishing a strong central government and spared no any efforts for building a modern state with democratic values.
Marshal was against all ethnical and language discriminations and considered the settlement of problems and tranquility of people in ensuring national unity and close cooperation among all ethnical groups of the country. He persistently insisted on ensuring peace in the country which was the great hope of all Afghans.  Now we are remembering the death anniversary of that great man of politics and resistance, it would be better to make his concepts and objective as a guide for ensuring peace and building a strong and practical national unity which is the key for all our success.
Just remembering the death of great patriotic men, cannot lead us to put in practice their high objectives but commitment for realizing those goals in practice is required. Studying and remembering the lives of outstanding political figures such as Marshal Fahim the founder of the new political phase of Afghanistan is of great importance. Therefore it would be better to use their views and concepts as a guide in solving the problems and building the country.  

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Kabul (BNA) March 8 International women’s Day in Afghanistan celebrates in a time that the women issue and observing their rights is still a controversial issue in Afghan community and still there are certain problems on way of the women of this country.
BNA social affairs commenting on the issue writes March 8 is women’s international day. Selecting March 8 as women’s world day is not made accidentally but it is the result of campaigns and sacrifices that women sustained across the world that formed March 8 as Women’s International Day.
March 8 in Afghanistan is celebrated every year as a ceremonial event, but still there are serious barriers on the way of observing women’s rights in this country. 
The problem of women in Afghanistan is not a problem caused by their own but it is a problem came out from other big problems and developed.
The problem of women in Afghanistan is cause by traditionalism that not only caused the poverty of women but the entire Afghan community suffering from it.
Balance and equality has never observed, lack of balance and equality further increase this sever problem in Afghanistan.
Cultural limitations, family violence, gender discriminations, lack of social and individual freedoms in Afghan community that further harmed Afghan women. The problem can be settles only when all Afghans both man and woman honestly fight against gender discrimination and women themselves take active part in the straggle and play their active role.
Today Afghanistan is one of the worst countries for women in the world. The problem is clear man rule and social traditions have made the situation of women in Afghanistan more serious and difficult.
Today as yesterday the status and position of Afghan women in community is harmful. The issues such as under age and forced marriages are still common in the country. Still they are publically beaten and living in a painful situation. In spite of that the government insists that the women’s situation is improving and talks about ensuring women’s rights in the community, but mostly these are made for political and physical advantages.
Shortage of religious and physical knowledge is made difficult the way for observing women’s rights, while observing women’s rights requires awareness of the community. For achieving this sacred aim it would be better the relevant organs including mosques, schools and particularly raise their voices through explaining the women’s rights according to Islamic and other enforced laws in the country.
It should be said that for improving women’s life there is a serious need for improving the life of women in Afghan community and creating great and serious cultural changes in our community. 

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The presence of women in the process of peace and building democracy is the basic principle of a civil life, in general observing the rights of women is observing justice in a community.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes talks between the representative of America and Taliban in Doha Qatar is continuing, but Doha negotiations is following with doubt and suspicion. One of the concerns is nonexistence of women’s representative in the negotiations.
Observing women’s rights and building the ground for women’s participation in all life affairs in Afghan community, beside other achievements of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a great achievement that should not become the victim of political deals. The words behind the curtain in Doha negotiations, nonexistence of the representatives of Afghan government, women and civil society in the  talks is cause serious concerns that Afghanistan should not become the victim of a fearful peace and just fulfill the interests of America and Taliban. 
Some people believe that America in Doha negations is just thinking about its own interests, while Afghan problem requires, all vulnerabilities should be precisely known.  One of those vulnerabilities is not observing women’s rights in future of Afghanistan.
If we look precisely at the developments of previous year in the country women are the main victim of the fighting in the country while they are not directly involved in fighting.  Now, talking about the advance of negotiation between America and Taliban further raised the concerns of Afghan women, because their share in peace negotiations and future of Afghanistan is not clear.
If we look closely at previous events during the rule of Talban, they were anti women and prevented them to attend school and they were irreconcilable to all civilizations and civic life.
Even now if we look precisely in to areas under the rule of Taliban, they are still fighting against women and culture. They prevent the girls from going school and let not them to work in the community openly. While Taliban presently claim that the way of their thinking and activities are different from that of the last twenty years, but it is obvious that they are thinking and acting as before, one cannot see any positive change in their behavior on them.
Afghanistan enjoys having a constitution that ensures the women’s rights in general.  Do Taliban consider the values that expressed in constitution?
Our constitution is emphasizing on building a democratic society in Afghanistan while there would be no democracy without direct participation of women in social activities. Therefore it would be the right of women to ask about their role in peace and in political future of the country.
The women insist that any political agreement should respect recognize the women’ rights determined in religious and civic laws and should not ignore the great role of women   played during the last years.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Kabul (BNA) It is due to the president introduce new figures as commissioner to the electoral commissions very soon. Can these commissioners restore the lost credibility to these commissions?
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes President Ghani will assign new commissioners for electoral commissions. Assigning new figures as new commissioners for electoral commissions exactly will take place in a time, the two commissions have face to unprecedented disbeliefs of people.
Parliamentary elections which took place on October last year, the final results have not yet announced, but according to the constitution the new round of national parliament should  started its work  on march 20th  2019. The president office has insisted that the parliament with new members will start its work.
Therefore it would be difficult in presence of sever problems the new round of national assembly states its work with new figures. The problem is this that there were mismanagement and poor administration in working of previous electoral commissions and that caused to delay the announcement of the final results of parliamentary elections. The former electoral commissioners due to poor management and misusing their authorities have been removed from their jobs and presently are under investigation in general prosecutor’s office. 
Lack of management and poor administration badly introduced the electoral commissions among the people and severely disappointed them and the commissions lost their credibility. But now the electoral commissions that have started their work with new commissioners it would be the priority and the responsibility of new commissioners to restore the lost credibility of the commissions.
Sarwar Danish the second vice president in his recent statements has said that the people who have been introduced as new commissioners to electoral commissions should be loyal to democratic principles, votes of people, implementing laws and ensuring the transparency of the upcoming elections and respect the trust made for them by government, political parties, civic society and the candidates of presidential elections.
Therefore, the priority of new commissioners is building trust to restore people’s belief to the commissions.  It should not be forgotten that democracy has a social value and word as a base for a free society that enjoys all kind of freedoms. Therefore, should not harmed its principles by the aim of achieving personnel goals but use the democratic principles for building national unity and improve working spirit in the society.  

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