19 October 2017

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Sunday July 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Honest and sincere efforts for realizing big projects in the level of the region and desisting the views for using the projects as means can lead the region toward cooperation and tranquility and will be a major factor for settling the problems and crisis that currently threat the region.
BNA economic affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the region and the countries of the region today are suffering from many problems even crisis emanated from wrong ideas and supremacy that certain countries follow, while the countries of the region are suffering from the high rate of poverty and poor economy. During the last years, big economic projects in the level of the region such as TAPI, CASA–1000 , revival of Silk Road, extension of rail roads’  have been planned and designed and the work on some of them have already started. Negotiations are underway for implementing the other projects. Generally, it raises the hope that the region is taking effective steps toward cooperation and peaceful coexistence.
Recently, President Ghani attended in an international meeting held in Dushanbe the capital of Tajikistan where the participants discussed on implementation of CASA–1000. Likewise, in session in Kabul, TAPI project which provides the ground for transmitting Turkmenistan gas through Afghanistan to Pakistan and India assessed by the participants of the session. The participants of the two sessions emphatically said that peace and stability of the region seriously need the practical and true regional cooperation that restore peace and stability of the region and provides the ground for economic growth and elimination of poverty and hunger forever. Afghan people and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have honestly worked so far for, for implementing the above projects and we expect the other involved countries to do their best for realizing and practical use of the projects.
Afghans seriously believe that peace and stability in the region require the honest cooperation of the countries of the region. If a country thinks about peace and security of the region should put aside the ideas of using the projects as a means for achieving its specific objectives and believe like Afghan leadership that rescuing the region from current challenges and crisis such as terrorism, seriously depends to implementation of big economic projects. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan during the last fifteen years, mainly concentrated on such projects and insisted that without prevailing peace idea in the region, peace will not ensure in the region.
When we claim that war cannot determine the route of peace and terrorism is an irreconcilable phenomenon, therefore, it is an urgent need the big projects implemented in the region, because economic growth decrease the level of insecurity and provide the ground for settling the challenges, crisis and poverty  that threat the region. Therefore, it would be better to look on big regional projects as strategic projects, which are the main factors for cooperation, peaceful coexistence, and tranquility. Wrong ideas such as using the projects as a means for achieving illegally ambitious goals or insisting on driving a county or countries to aside line, make our commitments already made for settling the regional dispute in vain.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Kabul (BNA) It is due to, the leaders of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan hold a tripartite session, hosting by Tajikistan President very soon, aiming to expand regional cooperation, and coordinated straggle against terrorism and extremism.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the leaders of Afghanistan. Tajikistan and Pakistan will meet in Dushanbe the capital of Tajikistan very soon.
The session  will be hold on invitation of Imam Ali Rahman Tajik president aiming to remove the current tensions between Kabul and Islamabad relation, promoting regional cooperation, and coordinated straggle against terrorism and extremism.
The Dushanbe meeting has planned exactly in a time; an authoritative delegation from influential American senators visited Pakistan, and discussed the critical issues with the authorities of that country. 
John McCain the head of delegation explicitly said that if Pakistan continued its current activities and policy in the region, their retaliations with that country would not continue as it is now. Another American senator says the current dealing of Pakistan in the region is not acceptable, if that country changes its harmful policy regarding to region it will rewarded otherwise will be punish.
These statements indicate that while Pakistan experiencing cold and tense relations with its neighboring countries, its relations with USA and other western countries are also growing tense, the reason of it is clear. Pakistan funding, training, and providing sanctuaries for terrorist and extremist groups is following ambitious and illegal objectives in the region. Pakistan pursuing such evil goals has isolated. Pakistan, especially Afghanistan that is a transit road of Pakistani merchandise and goods to central Asian country and a big market for Pakistani products, barring this transit road and market for Pakistani goods will be a severe blow on Pakistan economy that would be intolerable for that country.
Pakistan, understanding this critical situation, for rescuing itself from the growing isolation is trying to build a closer relations with neighboring and regional countries especially Afghanistan. To achieve this goal, uses the Chinese influence, opportunities, and Russians for its role and influence enjoying in central Asian countries.
Now, Tajikistan is seeking to warm the chilly relations between Kabul and Islamabad. Without doubt, Dushanbe and Islamabad have certain economic objectives, which cannot be fulfill without Kabul cooperation. However, Afghan people ask their Tajik friends to precisely and truly understand the objectives and programs following by Pakistan and not forget that Afghan people have heroically fought against the fatal threats of terrorism and extremism for years, giving many sacrifices   barred them to reach central Asian countries. Unfortunately, there are signs and evidences that the devotions and sacrifices of Afghan people ignorant or depreciated. While Pakistan skillfully attracting other countries to its controversial policy, once used America and the west as a means for achieving their ambitious and illegal goals and now, use China and Russia for the purpose.
Afghan people, expect their honorable president to openly, and flagrantly discuss the relevant issues with Nawaz Sharif the Pakistani prime minister in Dushanbe session in presence of president of Tajikistan the host country.
Afghanistan earlier had contacted with Pakistani side, with mediation of Turkey, Britain, America, China and other countries, ended with commitments and promises but no any practical result. The Tajik authorities should inform about those.
Friendship and cooperation with neighboring, regional, and world countries is the major aim Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the leadership of our country have precisely observe and pursue this aim considering the national values.  Afghan people expect these values respected by the countries of the region.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Kabul (BNA)  In spite of that, access to peace and stability is very difficult in this complicated political situation in short term, but the leadership of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with decisive and resolute intention wants to adopt effective and practical measures to achieve this noble goal, the most urgent need of Afghan people.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes in the situation where certain countries of the region-providing terrorist networks with modern weapons and ammunitions and support them financially and use them as a means for achieving their illegal and ambitious objectives, ending war in Afghanistan seems almost impossible.
As the US defense minister regarding to the issue has said in Brussels,” I do not set up a timetable for ending the war, because war is fundamentally unpredictable phenomenon.” Such statements indicate that access to peace in Afghanistan would be impossible within upcoming one or two years.
Therefore, for realizing the will and aspirations of Afghan war stricken people avoiding all other concerns, should be focus on inter- Afghans negotiations. This aim can be achieve only via involvement of active relevant organs and public figures in peace process.
For this reason, Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan assigned Mohammad Karim Khalili a political an Jehadi figure of the country as a head of High Peace Council while he introduced the other members of the council.
Although, there have been criticism earlier about the activities of High Peace Council but should not forget that due to the efforts made by the council, Islamic Party under the leadership of Hekmatyar joined the peace process.
Now, the people hope with persistent efforts of the head and members of High Peace Council accelerate the process of joining opposition groups to the peace process and this will lead the ending of war in Afghanistan, the most urgent demand of Afghan people.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Kabul (BNA) BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes, there is no doubt that for preventing the wide separation of the crisis and protecting national and civic values has more insisted on national solidarity not on dissension.
There is also no doubt that the existence of different ideas and views is a distinction feature in democratic societies.
In any case, analyzing the current situation of the country and regional issues asks the authorities of the country that for passing the current situation national unity is a must and leads us to our to  hit our target while discord and disunity leads our community to the most wretched and miserable life.
Restoration of national trust among the people, political parties , strengthening and supporting security forces against terrorist groups, supporting the process of peace and stability, managing the relevant affairs for preventing the wide speared of insecurity in the country, putting in practice the agreement of National Unity Government and so on , are considered the master key for settling the problems. , the access of these noble objectives should seek in establishing a strong and powerful government, national unity, and practical programs.
Without deeply considering the above important issues, it would be impossible to overcome the problems in a short period.
Considering the statements of NATO Secretary General expressed in the session of defense ministers of NATO member countries that NATO members did not think the situation in Afghanistan could be improve during the current and upcoming years  via fighting because the battle has no military way of solution.
The statements express in a way complicated dimensions of Afghan conflict; the key of this disastrous problem is in the hands of mysterious and non- mysterious countries of the region and beyond the region.
For settling a regional crisis, regional understanding and gathering is necessary, otherwise all efforts for settling Afghan problem will be in vain.
The regional and beyond regional conspiracies and plots against Afghan people asks the politicians and authorities of the country to spare no any efforts for public mobilization and adopting effective measures to bridge the gap between the people and government and restore national trust via performing honestly their national duties and obligations.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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