07 August 2020

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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Supporting security and defense forces is a moral responsibility; everybody should comprehend and be ready for its accomplishment.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghanistan is suffering an intelligence war that has mostly originated abroad.
As the official authorities of the country say, more than 20 terrorist groups are operating in Afghanistan. The groups that have launch a proxy war in the country to fulfill the objectives and programs of regional intelligence services. If we look at the depth of foreign conspiracies against Afghan people, the major aim of them are isolating Afghanistan in the international arena, destruction of the country and change it in to the power center of terrorist groups.
Unfortunately, in addition to Pakistan there are certain countries that use Pakistan as a corridor for achieving their objectives in Afghanistan.
Al though the programs and conspiracies against Afghan people are dangerous, however our security and defense forces have firmly stood against them.
Afghan forces in the most critical situation have proved that they have heroically defended the independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and public interests of people. 
If today our people enjoy a partial security, it is the result of the devotions of the brave sons of this country sacrificing their lives have defended the national values of the country, if today we are witnessing somewhat social, political and economic developments in the life of our people, the situation and opportunities have been provided for establishing an active government in political, social and cultural fields.
Our devoted security and defense forces have proven again and again that they are committed to defend the country and reading to the cost of their lives a peaceful atmosphere for their compatriots.
Therefore our security and defense forces are applaud able   and should be supported and honored.
Supporting these heroic forces cannot be done by writing or expressing some words, this is a moral obligation of every citizen to honestly fulfill.
First of all it is the obligation of government to pay their salaries and other privileges on time and provide a good and standard life for them and seriously take care of the families of martyrs and disabled meet their urgent needs.
Also, our compatriots determining the needs of the families of martyrs can reach them better than the state via donation of blood, taking care of orphans and other means that considered urgent and important.
It is the obligation of security and defense authorities to provide adequate ammunitions, weapons, accommodations the forces occasionally complaint of their shortage. In this way they can meet their moral obligations against our devoted security and defense force.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday, February 05, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The defense and security forces of the country are involved in an erosive regional intelligence war, to overcome this evil war it would be necessary to use the human forces and financial resources effectively.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes regional and international rivalries have changed Afghanistan in to the battle front of a proxy war the country suffering for almost four decades.
The countries for achieving their objectives have assigned more than 20 terrorist groups and lead them. Unfortunately, the territory of our neighboring country Pakistan used as corridor for crossing of terrorists to Afghanistan.
Because of the existence of intelligence programs and more than 20 terrorist groups the security, economic, political and social situation is critical and fragile.
The terrorist groups have launched an erosive war, seeking to collapse the order and regulation in our community and change the country in to the stronghold of terrorists. In such a situation Afghans have no way but to firmly stand and fight against terrorism and their patrons.
Based on Afghan constitution ensuring the security of the country is one the major duty of the state and the state meets the duty by security and defense organs.
Although, security and defense forces carry out their duties and obligations with great commitment but suffering from gaps and problems, for removing the gaps there is a need for effective work of the authorities not a soldier or officer.
Our security and defense forces have firmly stood against the conspiracies of the enemy but in some occasions have sustained heavy casualties and faced certain problems.
It is repeated and heard again and again that there is coordination between Afghan security organs and international allies’ forces which caused many problems even casualties.
In addition of lack of coordination mentioned above, there are some problems in strategy and action plan, the existence of ethnical incentive among some people, and shortage of logistic facilities are among other problems that the security and defense organs have talked about.
On the other hand, the terrorist groups who have been use as a means by regional intelligence services beside the erosive war have launched psychological   and propagation war against our people.
The enemies of our country in such a war for toppling system have no a short time program but along term plan. To fight successful against such heinous programs, the security and defense organs prepare and follow a practical and effective strategy and bring about a proper logistic system to meet the needs and demands of the forces and make their best for capacity building of troops including the awareness of their political and national interests.
In existence of such an action plan and strategy, we can use from our human forces and financially properly. In this way we can meet the commitment of the leadership of the country who has repeatedly said that we seek peace in the battle fields and in the consequence, the evil enemy will accept its defeat. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Sunday, February 04, 2018
Kabul (BNA) Ashraf Ghani President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says the recent terrorist attacks in the country are attack on Afghan nation that requires national response.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the recent attacks which claimed the lives of a number of our compatriots, Taliban and IS claimed their responsibility.
The reaction of Afghan government and its foreign allies was also serious.
Afghan government after the happening those barbaric incidents addressing Taliban clearly said that they have lost the opportunities for holding negotiations, from now on peace would be seek in battle fronts. US a close ally of Afghanistan also called negotiations with Taliban vain and useless anymore.
However President Ghani after Friday payer had the clearest words in that regard. He made it clear that as a result of those bloody incidents eleven innocent people lost their lives and Taliban and IS claimed the responsibility of those criminal acts. These two terrorist groups have their sanctuaries in Pakistan and now it depends to Pakistan government to make a decision in that regard. Afghan president also pointed out that we would be victorious both in peace and battle fields we would never plea, it is the time, with a strong will and national unity go to the war against terrorists and recue not only ourselves but the world community from the evil of terrorism forever.
The statements come exactly in a time that recently two high ranking officials of the country went to Pakistan to present undeniable documents to relevant authorities of that country that openly prove the activities of terrorist groups in soil of Pakistan.
Afghan political elites believe and the recent statements of Afghan authorities openly reflect the will of Afghan people and government in fight against terrorism  and extremism and the plans and programs of foreign intelligence services,
As President Ghani says the hideouts and sanctuary of terrorists is clear and Taliban and IS terrorist groups claiming the responsibility of the recent bloody incidents openly confessed to their inhumane crimes.
What is more important and should focus on is that Afghans were the victims of the incidents and they belonged to various ethnical groups. That clearly indicates that the terrorists are the enemies of Afghan entire people, they target and kill people without and discrimination, but unfortunately, there are certain people who for achieving their own evil goals related it to certain ethnical groups while the objectives and programs of the enemy is clear and  obvious, it is the destruction of Afghanistan. Therefore it is the urgent need of the time to build a true national unity the most powerful means for victory go to the war against our long lasting enemies. With a strong national unity we can achieve our major objectives.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Saturday, February 03, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Afghan people and international community ask Pakistan for ensuring stability in Afghanistan and removing current regional tensions instead of symbolic exhibitory move take transparent and practical steps. BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Taliban have announced that a five member delegation of the group in Islamabad have discussed the ways of ending dispute in Afghanistan and the process of peace negotiations with Pakistani authorities. Although there are no details of the negotiations, however Taliban have said that they support the political solution of dispute in Afghanistan. Talking about the visit of five member delegation of Taliban with Pakistani authorities comes exactly in time recently Kabul, Balkh, Farha, Herat …… were targets of tragic terrorist attacks where a number of Afghan and foreign nationals lost their lives , Taliban claimed the responsibility of all those barbaric incidents. Following the incidents, America stepped up its pressure on Pakistan and asked for arresting the leaders of Taliban living in that country. Earlier, also US has asked Pakistan to take effective and practical measures in fighting against terrorism and honestly cooperate Afghanistan and international community in that regard. Since coming to the power the new American administration under the leadership Donald Trump in that country, Pakistan is under severe pressure and visit of five member Taliban delegations from Islamabad gave the message that Islamabad’s efforts for bringing Taliban to negotiation table continuing. However, Afghan political experts consider coming Taliban delegation from Qatar to Islamabad a ridiculous move, because, in presence of Taliban leaders in Quetta and Peshawar councils coming of a delegation from an incompetent and incredible office is not justifiable. The experts say that inviting a delegation of Taliban from Qatar cannot conceal the existence of the leadership of the group in Pakistan territory. The most competent and decision making authorities of Taliban are in Quetta and Peshawar’s councils who act under the leadership of Pakistani intelligence service and army. Afghan authorities have repeatedly have said that Pakistan was a part of Afghan current problem, if the country had a will for restoring stability to Afghanistan and removing terrorists threats could act through those two councils there was no need for inviting a five member incompetent delegation of Taliban to Islamabad. In reality, the aim of the move was taking political and diplomatic advantage. It would be better, Pakistan instead of resourcing to symbolic and exhibitory moves respond to the demands of international community and end the projects carrying out in names of Taliban and IS, because, it cannot seduce world community by such ridiculous moves anymore. In addition if Talban consider themselves Afghans it would be necessary not forget the advises of President Ghani , not to follow the instructions of neighboring country, act independently and not strike to their own country’s interests to ensuring foreigners interests and meeting their evil and ambitious objectives. Abdul Khalil Minawi BNA Director General