23 August 2019

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Environment situation in Afghanistan is concerning, and presently we are witnessing the destruction and pollution of environment than any time before.
BNA ecological analyst commenting on the issue writes from fifth to 11th of June celebrates as a special week for protection of environment every year.
Observing the special week for cleansing environment gives an opportunity for people and the relevant authorities of government to carry out their obligations and duties regarding to the environment and settle the problems in that end.
Holding the special week of environment indicates that we should no spare any practical efforts for keeping clean the environment all the times, especially during the week determined as special environment week. However, unfortunately, the week marks just with holding ceremonial gathering , severely criticizing unknown people who involved in pollution of environment and finally  delivering emotional  rhetoric and promising words in that regard. Regretfully, after these ceremonial meetings and gatherings, emotional speeches and promising words, no one can see any improvement in environment and the situation remains as before.
If we carefully look at situation of environment in the country, green areas and natural resources are damaging mercilessly, and the people who should play their role in keeping the environment clean and settle the problems in that regard they themselves unintentionally  are the main factor for pollution of environment. Therefore, it would the duty of relevant organs and government as whole to inform the people about the harms caused by polluted environment with its catastrophic consequences. It is a fact that without active participation of people in straggle against removing pollution it would difficult to overcome this deadly problem.
Green areas are vanishing in Afghanistan, the major part of forests have damaged and natural resources plundered, the water resources are used in a wrong way and finally wide spaces of pastures  and agricultural areas due to increasing demand have change in to settlement areas. These main factors that influence pollution, the relevant authorities should deeply and find the ways for their removal in order to remove this grave problem.
Other factors that seriously affect and increase environmental pollution in the cities and the country as completely mentioned as follow: cutting forests, damaging agricultural areas, non- standard expansion of cities, unprecedented digging wells, mismanagement of water resources and importing used vehicles and disqualify fuels, should focus seriously.
Knowing the factors and informing the public about the danger of pollution and working practically for removal pollution are the great steps toward decreasing pollution that threats the life of people and for providing a safe environment for current generation and coming generation.

Abdul Khalil Minawi

Monday, June 12, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Whereas, Afghanistan and Pakistan experiencing a tense relation, China has expressed readiness to mediate between Kabul and Islamabad.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes President Ghani in the sideline of Shanghai member countries session met Chinese president. During the meeting the two leaders discussing the regional problems, insisted on settle the current problems of the region, the Chinese president expressed readiness hosting a tripartite session mediate between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Likewise, President Ghani in meeting with Nawaz Sharif Pakistani prime minister agreed on revival of quadripartite session among Kabul, Islamabad, Washington, and Beijing, which had held earlier in Kabul and Islamabad.
Afghan political experts believe agreement on those two issues can accelerate the peace process in Afghanistan.
In addition, agreeing on the issues indicates that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan insists on political solution of Afghan issue and uses every opportunity for achieving this humane objective.
As earlier Afghanistan has declared that, it uses the possibilities and influence of countries and especially the circles they are enjoying of having influence on armed opposition groups in settling Afghan problem.
Inviting the countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Pakistan … for settling Afghan problem clearly indicates that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is seriously committed settling the current problem via international partnership. However, what is important is that, the Afghan people expect the cooperation of the countries should base on Afghan people interests, honoring constitution of the country and protecting the achievements acquired during the last fifteen years.
The Afghan people welcome the intention of the leadership of Peoples Republic of China who are ready to mediate between Afghanistan and Pakistan the country that, considered uses Taliban as a means for achieving its objectives in Afghanistan. It should be notice that Afghanistan earlier also agreed and honored mediation of some friendly countries, unfortunately without any positive result.
During the reign of Hamid Karzai the then president of the country, several times negotiations with Pakistani government hosted by the British and Turkish governments held. Afghanistan agreed on holding quadripartite sessions with the participation of Afghanistan, Pakistan, USA, and China and Afghanistan with good intention and honesty participated in the sessions. Now Afghanistan as before is ready to participate in negotiations with Pakistan hosted by Chinese government. However, having the previous experiences, we are not certain that Pakistan honestly participates in such talks.
Afghan people expect the countries that are ready to work for improving relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan and restoring peace and stability in the region should know that wither Pakistan is honest regarding its commitments or not?
Currently Afghan people have not seen honesty in Pakistan policies, unless the friendly countries such as Republic of China assure that Pakistan is seeking regional interests and is honest in that regard and not seeking opportunity for rescuing itself from international isolation. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Monday, May 01, 2017
Kabul (BNA) President Ghani in a clear message addressing armed oppositions and other terrorist groups affiliated to them has said that now the time has ended for a group to come to power through killing, bloodshed, and terror.
Abdul Khalil Minawi Director General of Bakhtar News  Agency analyst commenting on the issue writes President Ghani in gathering held on Friday to celebrate the anniversary of Islamic Revolution victory addressing armed oppositions  said that  they should not thing to reach power through killing, bloodshed and terror, because the ones who have reach power through killing and terror they are neither Muslims nor Afghans.
The statements delivered in time, Taliban and other terrorist groups have never surrendered to the logic of peace, mutual understanding, and dialogue and always tried to get to power via using arms and terror and hostage our people.
This notorious group has never had a single and logical stance regarding to the country and that has caused the recent crisis in the country and further complicated and expanded it.
The problem is that Taliban are devoid of an idea and political will and strategy. They only know the culture of fighting against the people to fulfill and implementing the evil objectives of foreigner and are alien to the logic of peace. The continuation of such a situation have made the Afghans to stand in a holy and sacred war against foreign invaders who use Taliban and IS as a means for achieving their goals in the region. The daily victims of this opposed war are Afghans.
As President Ghani says” the existences of these sacrifices are part of the cost that we pay for freedom and liberty. For many decades, our enemies are trying to captivate our people and for achieving this satanic goal spare no any conspiracy.”
Taliban have accustomed to war, destruction, and no nothing about the logic of freedom, construction, tranquility, and stability. If they are not so, why do ignore the will of Afghan people insist on restoring peace and public Tranquility and welfare? In addition, why do they not pay attention to Islamic teaching that calls peace good?
Recently Taliban have announced their so-called spring offensive under the name of Mansoori. Without doubt, such a design and program and providing the ground for conducting such operations cannot be prepared by some Mullahs and the students of religious schools, but there are countries, powerful organizations and intelligence services behind them. The first and the last aim of ill- will countries is destruction of Afghanistan and humiliating its people and use Taliban as a means for achieving this heinous and inhumane aim.
President Ghani pointing to the issue says,” the destruction of the infrastructure of our country is now the main aim of Taliban and their regional patrons and imposed a war on us.”
Since four decades, Afghanistan is facing a foreign invasion and there is no any alternative but to defend. Although, the sacred defense of the country has cost to the lives of millions Afghans and destruction of the country but fortunately so far our domestic and foreign enemies have not succeeded to become the ruler to the destiny of our people.
Regarding to issue Afghan president says, “As our yesterday’s jihad was right and legal, today also the campaign of our security forces against terrorist is legal and right.”
If we look to the past, our people earlier fought against foreign invasion for fourteen years, and currently also fighting against foreign invasions. Earlier the invaders came to our country to build so-called socialism but today the same invasion takes place in pretext of establishing Islamic Caliphate or emirates. The real organizers of anti – Afghans wars and conspiracies are the foreign intelligence services and use terrorist and extremist groups as a means for achieving their evil goals in the region and in the world as a whole.
Therefore, it would be better for armed oppositions to understand the sensitive situation of the country, if they are Afghan should respect the will of their people and if they are foreign invaders, they should learn from the past that the big powers  in various times have never succeeded to overcome the will of Afghan brave people and defeat them.  

Abdul Khalil Minawi

Director General of 
Bakhtar News Agency

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Kabul (BNA)   Afghan people and government ask the donor countries and international community to carry out in practice their commitments and moral obligations regarding to Afghanistan and by putting further pressure on terrorist groups and their supporting countries reduce the problems of Afghan people.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the recent tragic incident in Balkh province where a number of our compatriots lost their lives in terrorist attack faced serious national and international reactions.
In the national level, this inhumane   crime further increased the hatred of our people to Taliban and even certain politicians who showed great sympathy to Taliban acknowledging to their mistake called the group nothing but a terrorist group. In the international level, from America to Australia and from Russia to Arabic countries and India, even Pakistan the major supporter of terrorism and extremism criticizing that barbaric attack condemned it.  Among the countries, Chinese foreign ministry expressing concern over the complicated situation of Afghanistan insisted on continuation of peace process under the leadership of Afghans.
The sympathy and coordination of foreign countries to our people regarding to the recent and previous terrorist incidents clearly demonstrate that finally terrorists are isolated and condemned in international level.
Although the Afghan people express gratitude for the sympathy and coordination of foreign countries made regarding the recent terrorist attack on Balkh army, but believe, just condemning terrorist groups would not be sufficient and cannot solve the problem.
What today, the Afghan people are experiencing in the name of terrorism and extremism in reality these notorious phenomenon in address and name of IS and Taliban are deeply rooted outside our country and imposed on our country. It is an open fact that our neighboring countries have used and use so called Taliban and IS as a means for achieving their illegal and ambitious objectives in the region, in this way Afghanistan is the victim of exported terrorism and extremism.
Considering the situation, the Afghan people expect the international community especially the countries that have formed their relations with Afghanistan based on strategic agreements, instead of just condemning terrorist attacks honestly work and cooperate toward removing the external factors of Afghan problem.  Friendly countries who really want to end terrorism and extremism that not only threat the region but the entire world should   further equip and support Afghan security forces and  help Islamic Republic of Afghanistan  in restoring stability in the country.
Ensuring security and strengthening the pillars of Afghan central government, in long term will fulfill   the interests of many countries of the world because instability and insecurity in Afghanistan lead to the growth and expansion of terrorist activities to other countries of the region and world.
Afghans wish the world to deal Afghanistan with a logical view. 

Written by Abdul Khalil Minawi

Director Of Bakhtar News Agency

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