09 December 2019

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Saturday, November 11, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Media has an immeasurable potential in awareness of public in the community, attack on media clearly demonstrate the fact that how much the enemies of the country fear from dissemination of truth and facts in the community.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes some days ago Shamshad TV came under attack of terrorist groups. The attack on TV was the continuation crimes that earlier terrorist groups have committed against media and journalist in the country.
Attack on a vehicle carrying the staff of Tolo TV that led to killing a number of staff of TV and systematic attacks on journalists and correspondents and constant intimidations of terrorist groups addressing media workers, are a series of unforgivable crimes have notorious terrorist groups committed. The facts indicate that media has deeply penetrated among public and how much terrorists fear from dissemination of facts and truth in the society. The ignorant and notorious terrorists fear media because it is press and media that introduce the ugly feature of them among the people not only the country and in the region but in the world as a whole.
The animosity of terrorist groups to the media, scholars, students and teacher has an old history, because they cannot sustain people who inform the people about the truth and realities this is the crimes such as attack on people, public places, mosques, shooting and beheading innocent people and conducting summary trials are the major crimes    that the terrorists committed and its media that inform the public about their heinous crimes and publically introduce their culprits.
The incentive and provocative activities of media go through deep in the hearts of terrorists as a sharp dagger.
In addition attack on media considers as attack on national values of the country. Today Afghan people are experiencing a nascent democracy that demonstrates the will of people, freedom of press and speech which are the outstanding achievement of Afghan people and their leadership. Therefore the enemies of Afghanistan attack these values but fortunately have not succeeded to achieve their ominous goals and prevent the people from using their will and intention toward building a prosperous and peaceful life in the country.
As terrorist attack on Shamshad TV just prevented the TV for short period time from broadcasting and restarted its publication and broadcasting as soon as the enemies expected. In this way Shamshad TV proved the media is committed to safeguarding national values and never surrenders to conspiracies and intimidation of the enemies. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday, November 06, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Hague International Court has expressed its readiness to investigate war crimes in Afghanistan.
BNA Judicial affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the prosecutor of international court for investigating war crime has declared that he has asked the judge of the court to issue a license for investigation of war crime in Afghanistan.
He says that currently the situation for such cases in Afghanistan has provided. The country has sustained horrible incidents where extensive crimes have taken place. According Hague prosecutor the crimes taken place after early 2003 since today would be investigated.
According to The Hague the appeal of the attorney general of the court can pave the way for investigation of war crime cases.
Afghanistan is one of the sixty members of Hague Court. The attorney general has said that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has made its best to observe and honor the major principles and provisions of the court and implement them in practice.
Talking about the investigation of war crime in Afghanistan starts exactly in a time, the country during the last years has been the scene of horrible and shocking incidents like suicide attacks, targeting sacred places, public installations and indiscriminately shooting on people which are all war crimes.
If we focus on Taliban and other terrorist groups like IS and Haqani’s terrorist group deeds, they have committed horrible crimes that The Hague International Court considers them as war crimes.
The heart shocking incidents like attack on Shaheen military headquarters, attack on Paktia security forces base, attack on military hospital in Kabul, attack on diplomatic area in the capital, and purposeful and systematic attacks on mosques and shrines and targeting the residents of rural areas in some parts of the country for creating ethnical and religious discriminations among people are parts of crimes that terrorist groups have committed which show clearly their violation from human rights.
Time and again UN has called the horrible terrorist incidents in Afghanistan war crimes. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, human rights organizations in the country, civil society activists have also called war crimes and asked the criminals should be tried in Hague Court. In addition, international organs like International Amnesty have considered the crimes committed by terrorist groups as war crimes.
The above facts indicate that the international community knowing about the nature of terrorist groups and calling their deeds war crimes want the criminals to tried in Hague International Court and punish according to law.
It should be noted that Taliban in designing and planning their inhuman programs is not alone; criminals in Pakistani army and intelligence service, certain circles in Gulf region countries are supporting them. We hope the criminals to be bring in to Hague Court and honor the blood of Afghans who have lost their lives in terrorist attacks which in consensus called war crimes by humanity and relevant organs.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Sunday, November 05, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The current regretful situation of the region that mainly affected by terrorist and extremist activities, needs to be discussed in a regional gathering, not dealing affair sensitively.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes considering the new regional developments, diplomatic activities and political efforts of Federative of Russia, Iran and some other countries have dramatically increased. Some people believe the two countries have escalated their efforts to achieve certain objectives in the region.
The current regional and beyond regional situation which mainly affected by terrorist and extremist activities needs to be discussed in a regional gathering. But unfortunately some countries of   the region look at the situation differently and in some cases seduced and deceived.
Among the countries of the region, Pakistan has succeeded to achieve its goals.  During the recent years Pakistan has improved its relation with Moscow and introduced Taliban as an effective force to Russia and Iran. While, the previous experiences and almost 70 years existence of Pakistan as a country has made it clear that it has never been committed to its political commitments and programs. In spite of existence of such weak points in Pakistan policy, the country has succeeded to seduce the biggest countries of the world and attracting financial and spiritual aids of those countries achieve its heinous goals and objectives.
However, Pakistan during the last 70 years has been behind the crisis and problems that the region suffering.
Then why the big countries do not learn from the past experiences and still trust Pakistan. The consequences of such confidence would be bitter and catastrophic.
Afghan politicians believe that ISI has introduced Taliban  as an Afghan group and IS as a danger for the region, while Afghan people the two terrorist groups the two sides of the same coin. In addition all terrorist groups such as Al- Qaeda, Jaish Mohammad and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and extremist and terrorist groups active in Tajikistan, Kirghizstan and Al- Ghors in China during the last three decades supported, trained and equipped in Pakistan and enjoyed also the support of Taliban.
Therefore, how one can claim that Taliban is an inclusively Afghan group. It would be better to know about Pakistani conspiracies and plots and mobilize the countries of the region against terrorists and their patrons and fight against this notorious phenomenon to end and recue the humanity from the evil of it.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Kabul (BNA) It has passed exactly 10 years from the terrorist incident in Baghalan province where a number of parliament members and the citizens of that province lost their lives but since then the dark angles of the incident not yet cleared.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes ten years ago, on October six in a terrorist incident in central Baghlan including some members of parliament, dozens of students and citizens of that province lost their dear lives.
The victims of this barbaric incident were of different ethnicities, because of this October sixth entitled Day of National Unity and remember as a national mourning day every year across of the country.
Remembering the martyrs, who have sacrificed their dear lives for the cause of the country, and heroically martyred is a good tradition that could be a good lesson for the sons of this county and to young generation and they will learn for safeguarding the national value how much blood has shed and how much sacrifices have been given for that sacred cause.
Remembering the martyrs and their devotions for the national cause can be an incentive for the people especially the youths to work toward realization and protecting those values.
The martyring of whom in Baghalan incident and other terrorist incident or individuals targeted by ruthless terrorists have done for the same purpose or aim, this is by taking the lives of elites, limiting the opportunities, the enemies of our country want to destroy to our national values.
Attack on elites of the country and physically eliminating the leaders and political experts is a conspiracy which has been employed against our nation from the past and still continuing. We can stand and thwart such conspiracies only when we honor and remember the martyrs as the national heroes and follow their sense of patriotism and devotions. 
In addition of the above issues, we have many obligations, this is what have we done for the families, widows and orphans of those heroically fought for independence, national identity and ensuring peace and justice in the country.
Holding national days like Martyrs’ Week or National Unity Day is an opportunity to review our social deeds once again.
However, only celebrating such days, will not any problem. As the speaker of parliament and executive chief have said that still there were many ambiguities on terrorist incident in Baghlan. Likewise, terrorist attacks on other parliament members who lost their lives on conspiracy and plots of the enemies are questionable. Although a delegation or an investigation team has been assigned to investigate the incident, unfortunately the results of the investigation have not yet publicized. Therefore it would better, the authorities of security and intelligence organs to report to people about the incidents in order to increase public confidence to state and the people recognize their enemies who responsible for all casualties and destruction in our country during the last four decades. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General