17 October 2019

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan is the most vulnerable country in the world due to climate changes and environment pollution, if the situation not improved, it would be catastrophic for the country.
BNA analyst of climate affairs commenting on the issue writes recent climate researches of Afghan government indicate that the country is facing horrible climate changes and environmental pollution. The concerns are too high that the vice president has called more dangerous than the activities of terrorists.
If we pay attention in to climate situation in Afghanistan, during the recent years, the country is gravely suffering from climate changes and environmental pollutions. According the ecologists, the residents of the country, besides natural problem have played a role in worsening the situation.
Forty year war and lawlessness in the country, the rule of law and reasoning have replaced by chaos and indifferences which stroke a heavy blow on environment. Ruthlessly cutting of forests, erosion agricultural lands and unbalanced expansion of cities are the major factors that badly affected the climate and ecosystem in general.  In addition of matters mentioned above, persistent drought years and global warming due to greenhouse gases are the other reasons that have caused pollution and climate changes in Afghanistan. In spite of that Afghanistan has no any important role in producing greenhouse gases, but the global high level production of the gases in world, severely affected the country.
An American university in its research made on global warming has introduced Afghanistan the most vulnerable country in Asia and the 14th in level of the world.
Thawing of icebergs in the first place and flooding in long term have increased the process of erosions of lands in Afghanistan and severely harmed agriculture and animal husbandry in the country.
While Afghanistan is a country deeply bound to agriculture and almost 70% of its population are involved in farming activities. Therefore, in such a situation, global warming and environmental pollution made it the most vulnerable country that should be seriously addressed.
The current grave situation of Afghanistan due to climate changes and pollution associated with terrorism destroy the capacities and opportunities in the country, unless, the government and relevant organs in close coordination with people stand firmly and fight against the horrible challenges climate changes and environment  pollution.
Abdul Khalil MInawi  

Wednesday October 11, 2017

Kabul (BNA) In spite of extensive talks on holding parliamentary elections in the country, the state is determine and committed for holding a transparent elections in the country.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes there much words and talks about parliamentary election which has planned to hold in July next year. A number of analysts, politicians and civil society activists due to security reasons, lack of budget, lack of technical preparations and some other problems consider holding the election difficult even impossible. However, some others calling such judgment unfair insist that in spite of the existence of certain problems, the state has strong will and determination for holding parliamentary elections and already made certain efforts to provide the ground for that purpose. Determining the date of the elections, finding funding resource, distribution of electronic identity cards and setting up constituencies are the major evidences that show; the National Unity Government is committed for holding the elections.
On the other hand July 7 which has determined the day of holding the elections there is enough time for the state to settle the remaining problems. Even though, the political experts and people insist that there are certain logical and fundamental questions regarding to holding the elections should be responded. The relevant authorities should answer the questions regarding to security problems which stand as an obstacle on way of holding a general election. How it be conducting election in insecure and under the rule of armed oppositions areas?
In addition to security, there are rumors about administrative corruption within independent commission of elections. How the relevant authorities would deal with corruption in the commission?
There were many complaints about existence of fraud and violations in previous elections, how the relevant authorities guarantee that the bitter experiences of the past not repeated again. How do they cover the constituencies in insecure regions? And other related questions need to be answered. The most important thing is the action of relevant authorities and implementing the commitments of the leadership unity government regarding holding a transparent election in order to restore the trust of people once again in to this national program. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi

BNA Director General

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Constructing transit roads aiming the growth of economy of the country is a part of working priorities of Afghan government and will spare no any efforts for achieving this great aim.
BNA economic affairs commenting on the issue writes recently a contract was signed for the construction of transit road that connects Baghlan and Bamyan provinces between Ministry of Public Work and a Chinese company while president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was present in the ceremony.
Planning for construction of Baghlan – Bamyan road indicates that Afghan government is seriously committed to the balance development of the country especially gives priority to the economic and social growth of central provinces considered the least developed area. Without doubt starting the construction works of these projects will increase the trust of people to government. However, the important thing is the quality of construction work carried out by the constructional companies in the country.
Regretfully, the quality of roads in the country always been a matter of concern and questionable, because, there was no focus on quality and did not monitored as it was required. The process has been somewhat a matter of concern because the residents of the country as a joke call many roads “useable only for once.”
Recently a report released that says the governor of Nangarhar province has arrested two engineers in a local authority in one of the districts of that province for bad quality of their work in building a bridge in a district of that province.
Therefore, it would of great importance that the government relevant organs like Ministry of Public Work, Counter- Corruption Department, and attorney general office pay serious attention to quality of work carried out by the contractors.
The evidences indicate that a number of foreign companies have violated their commitments made in the contracts; therefore it would be required to consider the credibility, capability and working possibilities of the companies before concluding any contracts.
On the other hand the construction project of Baghlan and Bamian road repairmen of a part of Salang Highway will start after a month, when it gets very cold in region, then why the relevant authorities did not pay attention to weather situation of the country?
In any way, our people especially the residents of central provenience consider the start of work on the projects as a good omen but insist on quality and closely monitoring the construction work of the projects.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Monday, October 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Armed opposition groups violating all international commissions’ criteria, laws and humane righties have increased recruitment among youths and teenagers
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes sources in Independent Humane Rights Commission of Afghanistan have said that armed opposition groups extensively recruiting children and teenagers for military services.
Terrorist groups besides using the teenagers as soldiers in battle fields, prompt them to carry terrorist and suicide attacks that cause heavy casualties among children and teenagers.
According to Afghan Human Rights Commission’s officials the number of casualties among children and teenagers has doubled than previous year. The officials presenting figures have said that more than 8000 infants and children have lost their lives in disputes and terrorist incidents across the world in 2016 of which 1340 belong to Afghanistan.
Taliban, so called IS and their affiliated groups carrying horrendous attacks have violated all humane and international commissions’ criteria and laws.
What have Afghan Human Rights Commission said are small part of crime, Taliban have committed.
Armed terrorist groups who know nothing about human values, by recruiting among children and teenagers not only bar them from education but strike a heavy blow on their psychological and social safety. In this way, they generate a generation of the country as prejudice and alien people to humane, Islamic and social values.
In addition, Taliban and IS affiliated group use children in smuggling narcotic drugs, delivering weapons, money laundry, sexual abuse and carrying other organized crimes.
If, today, hundreds of thousands of children, teenagers and youths are deprived from attending school and  the doors of schools closed to students due security problems or direct threats of Taliban and IS, are part of crimes committed against the children of this country by terrorist groups .
Taliban with narrow sight and dark and backward conception and medieval age idea are behind many miseries in the country. Although the aims of these heinous groups are known by everybody, unfortunately, there are certain circles inside and outside the country deliberately support these savage and ignorant groups just for achieving their illegal and ambitious objectives in the region.
Abdul Khalil Minawi