04 August 2020

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kabul (BNA) UN General Secretary describing the security situation of Afghanistan fragile considered it a security threat to the region and beyond the region.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the UN Security Council extraordinary session held recently with participation of foreign ministers and 15 senior representatives of the council.
The aim the session with participation of high ranking authorities and the present members of the council held after a high ranking delegation of UN Security Council visited Afghanistan and after preparing a new report on Afghanistan’s security situation returned New York.
The UN Security Council’s session with participation of foreign ministers of member countries clearly indicates that the international community is following Afghan issue with great concern.
UN Secretary General in the session describing the situation in Afghanistan fragile called the activities of terrorist groups a serious threat to the region and beyond the region. He pointed out that the continuation of terrorists operations severely damaged the economy of that country.
He added, for ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan, the cooperation of Central Asian and other countries of the region is an urgent need. Therefore, those countries should spare no any effort for the purpose, because a peaceful and secure Afghanistan would be to the benefit of those countries.
Afghan politicians believe holding UN Security Council’s session with participation high ranking delegations of 15 members   the council indicates that the international community is following the security situation in Afghanistan with great concern. The concern clearly demonstrated in UN General Secretary’s speech.
Meanwhile a number of Security Council’s members considering the presence of IS and other terrorist groups in north of Afghanistan as major threat insisted on their defeat and crackdown.
The statements delivered in the session indicate that UN Security Council all member countries including UN General Secretary and the current chief of Security Council consider IS presence a menace and the other terrorist groups as a threat to the region.  Therefore, knowing this bitter fact, all countries of region without any exception fight against this notorious phenomenon and not only rescue Afghans but the international community from the evil of terrorism forever.
It would be advisable for the countries of the region to take the threat serious and putting aside all differences fight honestly against IS and other terrorist groups the enemies of humanity and eliminate the danger forever.  
The Afghans have given the most victims in war against terrorism. Therefore, they should put aside all differences and jointly fight against their common enemy and recue their country from the evil of IS and other terrorist groups.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Pakistani clergies finally called suicide attacks illegal of against Islamic law or Sharia.
BNA social analyst commenting on the issue writes more than 1800 the most well-known Pakistani religious scholars issuing a verdict called suicide attacks against Islamic Sharia.
Calling suicide attacks illegal by Pakistani religious scholars come in time while suicide attacks and Taliban’s fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan were pursuit with different views those clergies.
The people who are fighting against Afghanistan under the name of so call Taliban and IS are mostly the students of Pakistani seminaries and the followers of religious parties and movements that encouraging war in Afghanistan calling it Jihad.  The so called Jihadist considers the presence of international forces in Afghanistan dependency of the country in infidel circles. While Pakistan since its establishment has been a close ally of US and UK enjoyed the generous aids of those two countries and other western countries called the barbaric war Jihad and according to Sharia.
Within the frame of this politically motivated Fatwa the religious scholars of Pakistan encourage their mercenaries for launching the most heinous attacks including suicide attacks which so far cost the lives of thousands of innocent people and heavy destruction of our homeland.
While earlier, the religious scholars from across Islamic world have considered suicide attacks Islamic teachings and laws and holding huge gathering calling suicide attacks illegal and against Islamic law condemned it warned that the fate of the people who carry out suicide attack will be permanent torture and hell.
Political experts believe that Pakistani religious scholar and clergy men consider suicide attacks in Afghanistan legal but illegal Afghanistan. The reason is this that the majority of Pakistani seminaries and all political and religious movements in that country are affiliated to the army and intelligence service of that country who interpret  Islamic laws according to their own will and propagate and preach accordingly.
In any case, considering illegal the suicide attacks by Pakistani religious scholars and clergymen is and obvious acknowledgment to a crime Taliban committed in Afghanistan with direct aids of Pakistan. We hope Pakistani scholars keep firm their last verdict and considering their own interests not breach it otherwise they would be liars cursed by Almighty God.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and UN Coordinating Office in a joined demand for assisting impaired people jointly appealed for 430 million$ from world community.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and UN Coordinating Office in a joint appeal for assisting impaired people and ensuring humanitarian aids for that vulnerable people have asked for  430 m $  for the year of 2018 from international community.
Dr. Abdullah the executive chief of the National Unity Government  pointed out that the country is still involve in war against terrorism and just during the last year 400000 people have displaced in the country and more than 700000 emigrants have repatriated. He said that the displaced and repatriates are suffering from serious problems and without providing necessary and urgent aids the lives of hundreds thousands of infants, children, women and elderly people would be in danger of death.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and UN Coordinating Office present the appeal for a package of 430m $ to international community in a time, the country was witnessing insecurity, fierce fighting, drought and other natural incidences last year. Continuation of such a situation badly affected the life, economy, health, education of many families.
The problem of Afghanistan is not only the existence of 400000 inner displaced and 700000 repatriates. The formal interior and foreign sources have said that about nine million people are suffering from long term economic and security problems and assisting these vulnerable people is a part of the priorities of Afghan government.
Governmental sources, economists and the activists of civil society say if Afghan government received that fund, it can fight successfully the problems.
Meanwhile, the economists and civil society activists insist that Afghan government should have comprehensive and transparent programs and explain them to international community and donor countries and should assure the world community that the aids will reached the deserved people and the Afghan government will act with high responsibility in that regard . Because the donor countries in their part insist that they would fund only the projects that carry their duties effectively with high transparency. This matter has clearly echoed in statements of German ambassador.  Therefore it would be necessary, the Afghan government and donor organizations should deeply focus on transparency of their activities to meet the expectations of the people.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kabul (BNA) A senator from Kunduz province disclosed that Taliban in Kuduz and Baghlan province instructed by Pakistani intelligence service to disrupt communicational network in those provinces.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes a senator of Kunduz province recently disclosed that Taliban in those two northern provinces of the country have received instruction from Pakistani military intelligence service to destroy the antenna of communication companies and disturb the operation of those companies in order the terrorist groups carry out their evil activities properly according to Pakistani intelligence service program.
The statements indicate that Pakistan cannot sustain the economic growth and development of Afghanistan and seeking to destroy the infrastructure of the county using terrorist groups as a means for reaching this satanic goal.
If today Pakistan issues the command for destruction of communication antennas in Kunduz and Baghlan provinces in the meantime, it’s working actively in looting the mines and forests of the country and destruction of roads and highways using Taliban as a means. As an example we can point out that Kabul – Kandahar – Herat highway, recently reconstruct with high costs has completely destroyed. Pakistan has committed this heinous work using Taliban as a means. The terrorist groups in instruction of their patrons have also destroyed the major parts of Kandahar and Oruzgan highway and in other parts of the country by planting mines.
On the other hand Pakistan has trained and equipped certain groups of terrorists trying to destroy Salma Dam in Herat built by Indian assistance.  Pakistan also barred constructing infrastructural projects in Kunar and Nangarhar provinces. Unfortunately, Taliban who consider themselves Afghans and the heirs of this country are behind all these horrible destructions, used as a means by Pakistan intelligence service.
It is completely evident that Pakistan for its particular goals in Afghanistan and in the region operates. Keeping Afghanistan in poverty and keeping the country away from the path of civilization and progress and limiting regional relation of Afghanistan and finally imposing its demands on Afghanistan is a part of these programs.
It is a clear fact that Pakistan during its 73 year history has incessantly tried to destroy Afghanistan, but unfortunately there are certain groups they call themselves Afghans but work for Pakistanis interests.
On the other hand, Taliban who claim they are fighting to withdraw foreign troops from Afghanistan, the why Pakistani intelligence service agents and Panjabi militia in disguise of Afghans fight beside them for destruction of Afghanistan? Today in areas under the control of Taliban, terrorists from Pakistan, Chechnya ……. have been gathered for destruction of our country and Taliban leaders has introduced them as mujahedeen to idiot Taliban.
The message of Afghan people to true Afghan Taliban is, knowing the realities behind the scene desist from so called Jihad and destruction of their country with instruction of Pakistan. They should know that the enemy is enemy; they sometime emerge in disguise of sheep and other time in disguise of wolf. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General