25 May 2020

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Wednesday January 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Presence of terrorist groups including Taliban and ISIS in Pakistan is an irrefutable fact, nowise can’t reject and deny it. 
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, presence of leaders of terrorist groups in Pakistan is a clear fact, but unfortunately some religious scholars and politicians said, leaders of Taliban terrorist group are living in Afghanistan not in Pakistan, such declaration annoying Afghan citizens who sustained harms following terrorist activities carried out by Taliban militants in Afghanistan.
If, today a religious scholar or politician claimed that leaders of Taliban terrorist group are living in Afghanistan, therefore where is located Quetta Council or Peshawar Council that leading Taliban terrorist group?  Are these councils located in geographic of Afghanistan or in Pakistan?
If the politician or religious scholar claimed that leaders of Taliban are living in Afghanistan, so where was killed Taliban ex-leader Mullah Omar? Mullah Akhtar Mansour by passport of which country went to Iran from Pakistan and where he was killed, while he returning?
On the other hand, there is not only Afghan government, political experts and people of Afghanistan who are claiming that leaders of Terrorist groups are living in Pakistan, why Donald Trump president of America cut off aids to Pakistan? The main cause of the movement was existence of terrorists’ hideouts in Pakistan.
Recently intelligences services of Saudi and Qatar had announced that they assisted financially and logistically with Taliban terrorist group at the request of authorities and military officials of Pakistan.
If religious scholar and politician talking about presence of Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, but why do not they reveal Mullah Haibatullah’s address and place of living in Afghanistan, so it is clear and a fact that Mullah Haibatullah is living in Pakistan and ISI change his place of living and his family, it is not an Afghan opinion, because Pakistani intelligence authorities already have confessed to that.  
If religious scholar and politician talking about presence of Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, why a member of Pakistan intelligence in a court in Lahor city complained and explicitly stated that military intelligence of Pakistan supporting activities of terrorist groups in Afghanistan, India and Uzbekistan.
If religious scholar and politician talking about presence of Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, why place of living and activities of Sarajuddin Haqqani leader of Haqqani Network has been controversial for Pakistan, although Afghanistan, America and western countries by having evidences have been consolidated presence of Sarajuddin Haqqani in Pakistan.  
There is a lot of reasons indicate that leaders of Taliban are living in Pakistan not in Afghanistan, therefore, should not express incorrectly statements, by untruthful declaration affects people of Afghanistan and make happy enemies of the country.
Politician who talking about patriotism and claiming his people stability must be cautious and responsible in his speeches, shouldn’t talk against national interest, by expressing such viewpoint they will lose his/her popularity among people.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Parliament of a country is the center for closeness of the nation and the will of people and this is the members of parliament who give  identity  to the nation , and introduce  the realities to society, therefore it should not let this national organ become the source of discords and  prove king prejudice among people.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently there were unpleasant stories inside the parliament and some members the house have taken hostage the national budget of financial year of 1307 and insist on increasing the financial privileges of members of parliament. Worse than that recently a number our people’s representatives instead of settling the current problems of the country and rescuing people from current threatening crisis, they are trying to fan the ethnical, lingual and factional discrimination and practically trying to create discord among the people. 
If we look deeply at current developments in the country, the enemies of Afghanistan for achieving their illegal and ambitious objectives have used all methods fortunately failed. Now those chronic enemies are playing their last card that is creating discord and prejudices among our people to achieve their hideous goals. If we do not wisely and consciously react to this horrible conspiracy   it would be more fatal and disastrous to our people and homeland.
In this critical situation which asks us to work wisely to foil the baneful conspiracies of enemies, there are rumors that some members of parliament have taken the draft of the budget of 1397 in to hostage and asking for increasing of their financial rights.
In addition to above issues, some people’s representatives affiliated to certain political groups trying preferring certain ethnical group  fan ethnical, linguistic and factional prejudices.  They attack the national figures and heroes of the country who stood firmly to acquire the independence of the country and resisted against the invasion of foreign enemies. Without doubt they mitigate the status and credibility of national assembly by stating such baseless and scurrilous words.
While these outstanding figures belong to the entire Afghan nation and their prideful works depend to   all Afghans without exception.
One should keep in mind honoring such personalities in deed is respecting the identity of the country and Afghan nation as a whole.
Our people expect the members of parliament who themselves make the laws not violate the law or ignoring the law propagate hatred and hostility among people.
The people insist that the people only trust this national and prestigious organ when their members think about national interests and practically work on that end.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday, January 08, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The week of celebrating of constitution starts in a situation while implementing this most valid and original law of the country is facing serious challenges and problems.
BNA legislative affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes every year the week of celebrating constitution holds from January 4 to January 10 in the country.
The constitution of the country as a national convention of Afghan people is one of the major achievements of our people during the last 16 years.
With endorsement of constitution, Afghanistan took a firm step toward a reasonable democracy and demonstrating the will of people. Afghan constitution has its peculiarities and privileges among the constitutions of the countries of the region.
The constitution as it mentioned earlier as national covenant is supported and honored by our people. This law due its extensive contents has proved to be effective in management and leading the society toward democratic system but the people still hope the opportunities and grounds further should be provide for its implement in practice.
Although there is a positive view regarding the constitution among the people and vigorously support it, but unfortunately in certain cases, some circles, individuals and figures breaching the law prevent implementation of the constitution in practice. As the second vice president has acknowledged that the constitution has breached by certain people including government authorities, state’s organs, some figures and individuals.
Today our people are suffering certain problems like insecurity, poverty, social discriminations and supremacy which have faced the constitution in to severe challenges.
Afghanistan is passing through a critical and difficult situation. Passing successfully through this hard and critical situation is only possible via observing the constitution; therefore there is an urgent need to fight against all who violate the articles of the constitution.
We reach our aims this is public tranquility and ending insecurity in the country, only when we fight honestly against all sorts of social and economic discriminations and support and implement the contents of the constitution in practice.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Sunday January 7, 2018

Kabul (BNA) More than 13 police personnel were martyred in a suicide attack took place in Banayee area, Kabul city on Thursday’s night (04 January 2018), the attack must be addressed to acquire the satisfaction of victims’ families and people.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, once again Kabul city was witnessed of a suicide attack on Thursday’s night, which martyred over 13 policemen and injured several others.
The incident was different from other terrorist attacks, the attack carried out when police personnel raided in the area to close shops were being sold narcotic drugs, alcoholic beverages, ammunitions and weapons. Previously local residents had expressed concerns from existence of ammunitions, weapons, narcotic drugs and alcoholic beverages in the mentioned shops.
For settling the problems policemen has launched an operation in the area, but shopkeepers stand up against police personnel and burnt a police vehicle and destroyed another vehicle, the shopkeepers instead to support police personnel contrary stand up against them.
On the other hand, why the shopkeepers didn’t support and cooperate with policemen? Non-cooperation of the shopkeepers show that there was a problem, which finally a suicide attacker come out from the shopkeepers and exploded himself among police personnel and took the lives of numerous policemen.
Repeatedly it is mentionable that the attack was different from earlier terrorist attacks.
The attack create more unanswered questions that need to be addressed; how the suicide attacker found among shopkeepers? How the suicide attacker had informed from the case? 
Banayee terrorist attack has various hidden reasons and seriously must be addressed to acquire the satisfaction of victims’ families and people.

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