18 October 2019

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Tuesday August 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The Afghan people ask the authorities of government to take effective steps for eradication of administrative corruption and present a clear response to the people.
BNA analyst of social affairs commenting on the issue writes Dr. Abdullah Abdullah the executive chief of the unity government recently talking on wide spreading of administrative corruption in an official meeting said that administrative corruption was flooding; the people should be informed from the danger. This senior official of government talks about flooding of administrative corruption in a time, this heinous phenomenon has challenged the identity of Afghanistan and Afghan people, and caused the concerns of international community who support the country financially. Considering the situation, the donor countries have depended upon their aids to fighting practically against corruption to the end. During the last years, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to overcome the problem of corruption has taken effective and practical steps, which have led to certain success but not as the people and the world community expect.
One of the major achievements in this regard is the establishment of anti-corruption Judicial and Justice Center. The center so far has brought a number of senior military and civilian officials involved in corruption. This indicates that the steps taken against notorious administrative corruption being successful and increased the hopes of people. In spite of the achievements, the people insist that anti-corruption campaign should be accelerated and the corrupted officials in all ranks including high rank officials to brought to the justice for trial. The Afghan people ask the authorities of the country to further expand anti-corruption programs. Some people believe that everybody criticizes corruption and corrupted officials, but it would be the obligation of the government to do away with this notorious phenomenon and purge the identity of Afghanistan from its evils.
Administrative corruption has changed in to a widespread matter that be considered as a national problem. Therefore, to overcome this shameful phenomenon, public mobilization in fight against it, is an urgent need. The people, relevant state organs, media, religious scholars and civil society activists should untidily fight against corruption and rescue the community from the evil of it. Physically and mentally the situation is ready for such a campaign just a sound management needed, such a management should be established.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Monday, August 14, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Youths are the main source and wealth in every society and major class for tranquility and prosperity, therefore, being careless before them is ignorance against the destiny of a nation.
BNA the analyst of social affairs commenting on the issue writes August 12 is the international day of youths that celebrates every year across the world to observe the important role of the youths, assess their problems and to commit new commitment for settling the problems.
The international day of youths is celebrating in Afghanistan in last years has changed in to a custom which is of great importance.
Celebrating the day has of great importance for Afghan youths. The youths constitute the big portion of Afghan thirty million population of the country. Informal figures indicate that 62% of population of Afghanistan is youngsters aged between 18 and 40, this proofs that Afghanistan enjoys of having a huge and tangible human force. 
Unfortunately the youths are facing certain problems, such long lasting war, poverty, drug addiction, lack of educational facilities, unemployment, the danger of descending in dirty foreign cultures are the main problems that threat our youth,
Today in Afghanistan in both sides of the conflict this is youth who stand against each other; one side is fighting for safeguarding national values while the other side are determined to damage those values. These open facts indicate that incentives of patriotism, removing poverty are faded among a number of our youths; otherwise they never joined armed opposition groups.
The youth who do not know about their own and their country future, the enemies of the countries misusing their sentiments make them to fight against own people and country.
The Afghan government that considers itself as patron and supporter of the youths, it would be its obligation to rescue the ignorant and unknowledgeable youngster from this dirty situation, because they are a social class who can guarantee the future of the community and the country.
Unfortunately, celebrating international days in Afghanistan are mostly theatrical, while the youths’ problems are acute and serious; they cannot be settled by words and holding ceremonial meetings.
Drawing out the youths from the ranks and files of oppositions’ armed forces, preventing spreading of addiction to narcotics among the youth, providing employment opportunities removing poverty and improper conceptions are the priorities that the state authorities should firmly considered and practically act accordingly.
In addition, the opportunities for training and educating the youths are very limited, on the other hand there is no efficient criteria for capacity building, especially the criteria adopted for the youths education cannot meet the need of the youngsters.
The above mentioned evident indicate that the youths as a wealth and builders of the country are facing serious problems needed to be settled urgently.
Therefore, there is an urgent need the statement addressing the youths by President Ghani be implemented in practice which says, you should become an active force, cherish among yourselves the sense of accountability, there are three social classed in the country this is the youths, women and poor, until these classes not reach tranquility and prosperity there would be stability in Afghanistan.       
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Wednesday August 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Mass killing in Mirza Awlang village, Sayaad district, Sar-i-Pul province is an example of the most brutality and savagery that terrorist groups have committed.
BNA analyst of social and criminal affairs commenting on the issue writes IS and Taliban capturing Mirza Awlang village in Sayaad district recently have committed a crime that shocks the heart of every conscience man and causes tear in the eyes of everyone.
These two notorious groups pretend that they are two separate groups, but their coordinated and joint barbaric attacks that let in a human catastrophe indicates that they the two sides of the same coin. Interring the village, they took the villagers as prisoners, in site not far from the village shot them death or beheaded. They had no mercy to women and children. The situation in Mirza Awlang in general in Sayaad district is too dangerous and concern able that the residents have no energy and power to afford it anymore.
Taliban and IS committing the recent crimes in that village clearly proved  that they are not affiliated to any ethnic or religious groups and know nothing about humanity, Islam and Afghan traditions. Some people believe that Taliban and IS genocide in Mirza Awlang wanted to take revenge, because the residents of the village had participated in uprising launched against terrorist groups.  Killing children, women and elderly people they satisfied themselves of taking revenge.
Now, Mirza Awlang will remain as a monument of treachery and inhuman act of the two groups who are inseparable due to their common goals.  There is no doubt that Mirza Awlang and Sayaad district as Taywara district in Ghor province and Kohistanat in Sar- i- Pul province will recue from the evil of cannibals but the heinous name of Taliban and IS will remain in the minds of people forever as the killer of people.
The brutal and barbaric act of Taliban and IS widely condemned but a question arises that how these two terrorist groups got moment in Sar-i- Pul province, particularly in Sayaad district of the province.
For months, the residents of the area, civil society activists and the Afghans across the country have expressed concern and complained about gathering and strengthening of armed men affiliated to IS and Taliban in strategic areas of Sar-i-Pul province and had warned about occurring a human catastrophe there. They repeatedly had said that the son of Juma Namangany the leader of Uzbekistan Islamic Movement has been building a base there and recruiting and organizing people that should be prevented. Repeatedly, the relevant authorities talked about shortage of capabilities and facilities the security and defense forces were facing there but the ears were deaf for hearing the voices.   As a result, the Mirza Awlang catastrophe occurred and may its dimensions further widespread, who to be blame for such evil and deadly incidents?  It requires the issue precisely investigate by the government and security organs. Because the tragic incident in Mirza Awlang once again unveiled the weak and a gap of management in security organs and recorded another a bitter experience in records of security authorities.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Monday August 7, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The current threats and challenges, contempt Afghanistan and Iran to further strengthen and expand their cooperation to fight successfully for removing the threats and challenges.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan attended in ceremony held for sworn in of Dr. Hassan Rouhani president of Islamic Republic of Iran, for his second term of office as president of that country. The visit of President Ghani has taken place according the international diplomatic norms and standards required for such visits. The Afghan people expect the Iranian brothers and friends as Afghans seriously consider the ancient and close economic, political, cultural and social ties between the two countries and do their best efforts for further strengthening these relation and cooperation.
The visit of President Ghani and his negotiation with Iranian authorities, took place in time, the region is suffering high tensions and problems which ask Afghanistan and Iran to jointly work for decreasing the tension and settling the problems.  The environment, management of waters, drug trafficking and terrorism and extremism problems are the major problems that require Afghanistan and Iran with close relation and cooperation fight in order to overcome threatening problems. Currently, the consistent terror activities in Afghanistan and Iran are a serious matter of concern. The programs of IS who are seeking to find a place in Afghanistan and in the region are better known by Iran than anybody else. In addition our Iranian friends are well aware about misinterpreting of Islamic sacred principles. Unfortunately, despite of that there are reports that say about Iran’s supporting Taliban.  Afghan people strongly believe, terrorism is a severe problem that not only threats the region but the entire world.
Therefore, Afghans are waiting to know what Iran will do in settling this grave problem as our neighbor and friend. At the first step Afghan people expect that our neighbors and the countries in the region considering the concerns of Afghan people on ensuing relation and cooperating the armed terrorist groups, response satisfactory. For settling the regional problems there would be a need for taking effective measures and wisely act.  The armed terrorist groups should not use as a means for achieving illegal and ambitious goals. The Afghan people wish to strengthen relation and expand cooperation with neighboring countries, among them Iran. This would be available only when all relevant countries work honestly in that regard.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi