05 June 2020

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Monday, January 01, 2018

Kabul (BNA) In spite of that 2017 was full of challenges and some of the challenges have been transferred to 2018 but generally was a victory year for Afghan army against the enemy.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes in spite of the judgments that 2017 was a victory year for Afghan national army against the terrorist and extremist groups it should be acknowledged that certain changelings have been transferred to 2018.
Before starting 2017 some people predicted that Afghanistan would experience a year full of challenges. Without doubt 2017 was a year with severe challenges based on foreign countries intelligence services’ plans and programs supporting terrorist groups, but Afghan national army in the course the first nine months of that year  conducting 738 military operations alongside of  2278 special commando operations and 3781 air attacks broke the backbone of enemies and made their patrons  ashamed.
According to the estimation of National Defense Ministry in the operations hundreds of the enemies have been killed and 8557 of them injured.
Likewise, the national army has discovered 9168 mines planted by the enemies and captured 106 heavy and 1260 light weapons from the terrorist groups.
Also, in the operations launched by the Afghan national army, 333 commanders of Taliban and about 63 IS affiliated commanders have lost their lives.
The above facts and figures clearly show that the national army forces for defense of independence and territorial integrity of the country have stricken heavily on terrorists and broken the backbone of the enemies of this country and their patrons.  We are proud of having such a brave army whose personnel so far have neutralized the conspiracies and plans of the enemies designed for destruction of our homeland and achieving their evil objectives in the region.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Sunday December 31, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Recent terrorist attack on Tabyan cultural center and Sadai Afghan News Agency was an atrocious movement that carried out aiming to provoke religious confrontation in the country.
The goal of such cowardly action is war prevalence and religious disgusts, but Afghanistan people never surrendered to such concretion, thought and barbarism.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, once again Kabul city was witness of a deadly incident last Thursday, in which over 50 people were martyred and more than 90 others were injured.
Within the last 4 days it was the second terrorist attack and during the last three months it was the seventh terrorist attack, that show security situation is fragile and vulnerable in Kabul city.
Occurrence aggressive terrorist attacks in the country, particularly in Kabul city shows that security officials had not useful security plan and also recalled that the officials pledges don’t returned peaceful environment to the people, there is need their action not only pledges.
Attack on Tayban cultural center is not only a terrorist attack, but it is a movement toward religious and tribal confrontation in Afghanistan.
The theory strengthen when ISIS terrorist group has claimed responsibility for Tabyan cultural center’s attack, the terrorist group by killing religious minorities has horrible background in other countries, beliefs is that ISIS group establishing for pounding followers of a special religious and besieging Iran, so the aim of the terrorist group is clear.
Terrorist attacks on holy places of Shia started from attack on Hazrat Abas mosque several years ago, following the incident ISIS terrorist group targeted Shia holy places several times, all the attacks carried out aiming to provoke religious confrontation and starting religious war in Afghanistan.
ISIS and Taliban terrorist groups supporting by foreign intelligences’ services are trying to begin religious war in Afghanistan.
If we pay attention in three decades incidents in Afghanistan, propagation of ethnic and religious issues has been followed by an abusive plan.
Intelligences of the region countries were involved in civil war at 70th decade, while some movements and abnormalities were seen, but finally Afghanistan people Shia and Sunni, Pushton and Tajik found their interests in unity.
Meanwhile, movements of ISIS and Taliban terrorist groups are following religious and ethnic confrontation in Afghanistan, but fortunately Afghanistan people don’t have background of religious and ethnic confrontation in the past, while in some neighboring and region countries their people had been witnessed of religious discriminations.
Our people believes that ISIS terrorist group by carrying barbaric attacks never reach to its evil goal in Afghanistan and all people of Afghanistan are living together, but expect of people from security officials, specially, from intelligence organs is that don’t ignore ISIS presence in Afghanistan, people who are living in Nangarhar or Jawzjan who are living in Zabul or Urozgan are talking about presence of ISIS terrorist group, but security officials called it is only an advertisement and ignore presence of ISIS terrorist group.
Security organs by cooperation of people must annihilate and suppress ISIS terrorist group and don’t let the terrorist group to bloodshed more over.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Kabul (BNA) BNA media affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Nai or free media supporting organ recently released its annual report. According the report 2017 has been a bloody year like the previous year for journalists and media staff in the country.
Nai in its report  points to 141 cases of violence against media staff, including 14 murder cases, 22 cases of injuries, 14 cases of arresting and depriving from the rights of freedom, a case of beating and 69 cases of threat and contempt.
According to the report, government relevant officials and employees, armed opposition groups and unidentified terrorists had role in violence against journalists and media workers.
In the same time San de frontier organization in its new report has called Afghanistan as the third dangerous country for journalists.
The two above mentioned reports have released while Afghanistan considers freedom of press and speech as its main and great achievement and expresses its commitment for further growth and dissemination of free media, but the recent reports draw unfavorable situation from the press of the country and indicate that for protecting free activities of media and the safety of media workers, are many works to be carry out by relevant state organs.
Although Nai in its report attributes most of the violence against journalists to government officials and employees but it cannot reflects the state’s activities against journalists and media staff, because, most of the people who commit violence against journalists are tyrants, powerful and warlords living in the areas under the rule of government whose heinous and illegal acts should not attribute to the government, however it is the responsibility and obligation of the state to curb and prevent such people from doing activities against the law.
Among the incidents which were carried out during 2017 against journalists, the most horrible and barbaric of them were committed by terrorist groups. Attack on national radio in Jalalabad, attack on Shamshad TV network, attack on frontier radio in Ghore province and recently attack on Tabian Cultural Center and Afghan Voice News Agency are the most evil and wicked crimes that terrorist groups accepted their responsibility.
If we compare the situation of Afghan journalists in areas under the dominance of government, a number of tyrants and warlords disturb the activities of journalist while they seriously threat to death in areas where under the command of the armed opposition groups.
In spite of all problems, it is the state as an organ for law and justice enforcement supports media, while presently, problem like lack of security, weak economy and dependency of certain media are the main reasons for the problems the media in our country suffering.
There is no doubt that freedom of media and speeches is a unique achievement of Afghan government, however there are serious challenges and dangers that still treat this achievement, the authorities should focus on.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The high peace council chief has asked the religious scholars of the country to declare the efforts for peace as Jihad of peace and strengthen the hopes for peace among our people.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently the High Peace Council held a session under the title of National Consolatory Peace Session with the participation of religious scholars from 34 provinces of the country.
The head of the council asked the scholars of the country to declare the efforts for peace as jihadi for peace. According to him, peace is a jihad and effort that can end and prevent bloodshed among muslins.
The aim of the session is collecting the views and listening to the consolations of the religious scholars and strengthening the peace process in the country.
The peace high council held and host the session in a time where armed opposition groups have started war and their adventures under the disguise of religion and continue their crimes under this holy slogan and seek a sharia law to justify their acts.
What is of more importance and emerged as a bitter fact in Afghan society is this that the war claims the lives of Afghans and damage their country. Therefore, restoration of peace and stability is a priority and urgent need of our people, using every opportunity we should provide the ground for peace and end the disastrous situation in the country.
There are many ways for reaching peace from using the influence of scholars to diplomacy, economic programs; social and regional relations are the canals and corridors   that lead to peace and stability in the country.
Among the facts mentioned above, the role of religious scholars and spirituals is of great importance, because the people who are planning for de stability and continue the ruthless war against Afghan people are carrying their heinous crimes in disguise of Islam, therefore we should deal them according to Islamic law and Islamic instructions.
War and peace in Afghanistan have complicated dimensions that can be overcome successfully using the religious scholars’ talent and capabilities.
We live in traditional community. There many sensitivities that govern and effect the life of Afghan people. The foreign intelligence services using these sensitivities keep the flames of war alight in our country and use religion as a means fight against Muslims.
The religious scholars are the heirs of prophets, the torch of society and teach the people about good and bad. They work for peace and welfare of Muslims and never can be used as a means. Therefore it would be very useful to have the advices of the heirs of prophets to rescue the country from current situation.
The decisive and constructive stance of scholars and spirituals can serve as a means for settling the problems and lead the government and people to national consensus and makes the oppositions to know about their faults.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General