25 February 2020

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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President Ghani participated at the eighth session of heart of Asia countries and Istanbul process held in Baku the capital of Azerbaijan insisting on regional cooperation called it very important in the current situation.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the session of Heart of Asia countries recently held in Baku. The session is a part of Afghanistan’s efforts and initiatives for supporting international gathering in solving regional disputes. 
The session held in time, the situation of the region is critical and the people of the region are suffering from terrorism, extremism, narcotic drugs trafficking and dozens of other barbaric crimes and rivalries, different views and political tension among the countries of the region have made difficult to ensure stability in region.
President Ghani delivering a speech in the session pointed out,” we have gathered in a situation where regional cooperation has never been so important.”
Afghan president determining some of the problems among the countries of the region insisted that the countries of the region should move toward holding a constructive gathering and all countries for supporting peace should come under a single roof and peace negotiations should be held under the leadership of Afghanistan.
Afghan president in his speech once again repeated that Afghanistan to live in peace with Pakistan but the stance of that country is not clear.
He called extensive negotiations between the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan very necessary. The words stated by Afghan president clearly indicate that Afghanistan as before, insists on regional cooperation and considers holding a regional gathering is a way for settling regional problems.
In this critical situation that not only threats the countries of the region but the entire world, it would be necessary for countries that consider their wins and victories because of support from terrorist and extremist groups should know and accept that they cannot impose such a policy on countries of the region any more, therefore they have to adopt a clear policy. For this reason, president Ghani insisted on adopting a transparent stance by Pakistan and holding talks on the level of governments.
According to political elites, Baku session once again provided a ground for Afghanistan and other member countries of Istanbul process to express their views on regional affairs and problems that prevent restoring peace in the region and came in the result that just unity and coordination among the countries can lead to settling the current problems.
Although there were differences among the views of member countries, but at last they agreed on designing a single strategy for fighting terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking. The participants of the session also introduced Taliban, Al- Qaeda and ARE as terrorist groups and insisted on coordinated struggle against economic crimes.
According the politicians, issuing a joint statement by the participants of Baku session and their agreement on a joint strategy is of great importance. However, what is more important is implementing the commitments made in the statement released at the end of the session. It would be necessary for the participants to establish a monitoring committee for implementing the statement and strategies agreed on in Baku session, this will increase the credibility of the session and attracts the attention of more people to Istanbul process.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday, November 27, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Violence against women as an ominous phenomenon will remain in Afghanistan, unless to end invalid beliefs and absurd social traditions in the country.
BNA analyst of social affairs commenting on the issue writes the international day for eradication of violence against women celebrated under the slogan of ( Nobody should be forgotten, lets end violence against women and girls ) in the country. Simultaneously, a sixteen day program to support deprived and vulnerable women started in the country. 
November 28 anti-violence women campaign world day is a familiar name in the calendar of Afghanistan, a day in which the authorities of the government and  the citizens of the country holding meetings and conferences condemn violence against women , the relevant state organs  and commissions for maintaining human rights releasing declarations express their views regarding to the violence against women.
However, what role such programs and orations have played in curbing and decreasing violence against women the community?  The majority answers of people regarding to the questions are negative, because such ceremonial and symbolic ceremonies cannot settle the problem. It is a fact that in our society, the women still suffering from heinous violence against women.
The authorities of women ministry acknowledge that 89% of women and girls in Afghanistan are suffering a sort of mental, physical and sexual abuses. The literacy rate among Afghan women is 17 %, in some provinces is just 2%.
Vain and invalid beliefs, poor traditions and absurd social customs, economic poverty, low rate of literacy and cultural restrictions are the main reasons behind violence against women in the county. Tyranny, male dominance, ethnical disputes are also the factors that cause violence against women.
Afghan Human Rights Commission says that just during the ten first months of the current year, 3800 cases of violence against women have been recorded in the country. While, most of cases of violence against women due to security problems, lack of access of women to rights and security organs, interferences of elders or people’s councils remain covered.
This is a clear fact that the government has not succeeded to end or curb this horrible problem.
The situation suggests that violence against women cannot be ended via holding symbolic meetings and rhetoric. The problem could be settled only via awareness of women from their rights, increasing the rate of literacy among women and improving their economy and prosperity. These can meet only through a strong will and commitments of state and the entire people. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General  

Sunday, November 26, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  The authorities of Afghan foreign ministry say that in spite that three years have passed since the declaration of US strategy on Afghanistan and South Asia but there is no any change in Pakistanis behavior.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes Donald Trump US president announce his new strategy on Afghanistan and South Asia three months ago, the strategy that its implement rescues  Afghanistan and the region from current stalemate and determines the future of  war against terrorism and restoring peace and stability in the region.
President Trump in his strategy, besides talking about stepping up fighting against terrorist groups , also emphases on removing terrorists’ hideouts in Pakistan and ending the support of that country from terrorists.
Now it has passed three months since the announcement of the strategy, the authorities of Afghan foreign ministry say that there is no any change in Pakistani behavior, contrary to expectations the relation between more tense. The reason is clear; Pakistan is continuing its interferences in Afghanistan and supporting terrorist groups against the will of international community and international organizations and still remained as a country of supporting terrorists.
Pakistan has done nothing so far but in various ways, remained as a major barrier on the way of restoration of peace and stability in to Afghanistan and the region.
Rocket and artillery attacks of Pakistan military on eastern parts of Afghanistan is still continuing and at the same time seeking to find hideouts and sanctuaries for terrorist groups close to border areas and continues sending terrorists under the names of Taliban and IS in to Afghanistan.
The above mentioned facts indicate that Pakistan will never meet the demands of civilized human community unless increase pressure on it.
Hitting and eradication of Taliban in reality is attacking and eliminating of Pakistan strategies and programs. Therefore, targeting Pakistan’s strategies and programs and forcing that country to desist from those evil and destructive strategies will lead to peace and security not only in Afghanistan but in entire region and rescue the world from the evil of terrorism forever.
Targeting the hideouts of Taliban inside Afghan soil and the factories of processing and producing narcotic drugs by Afghan and international air forces can increase pressure on Taliban and fails the evil and heinous plans and goals of Pakistan.
It would be wise that the international community air forces target the hideouts and factories of processing narcotic drugs inside Pakistan territory and further increase political pressure on that country that be without doubt rid the humanity from the evil of terrorism and drugs phenomenon  that threat the life of mankind.
Two high ranking US official will soon visit Pakistan, later US defense ministry will also visit Islamabad.
The Afghan people expect the two US high ranking authorities to openly discuss the relevant issues with Pakistan authorities and ask them to clearly respond to the concerns of Afghanistan regarding to Pakistan support from terrorism and tell them that no patience has left for adventurous policies of that country.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Kabul (BNA) BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes one of the senior officials of Chinese foreign ministry recent has said that Beijing will host the Afghan and Pakistani foreign ministers. Chinese foreign minister will lead a tripartite session aiming to improve relation between Kabul and Islamabad.
This Chinese government official calling Afghan issue a completed one said accusations by Kabul and Islamabad addressing each other will lead to no to any positive result, but further add to the complexity of the situation and provide the ground for interferences of other countries in Afghanistan and in the region.
This high ranking Chinese official insisting on settling the tense relation between Afghanistan and Pakistan expressed readiness of his country for solution of the problem.
Afghan political elites believe without doubt Afghan authorities will welcome the recent Chinese decision for mediating between Kabul and Islamabad. Because the Afghan authorities have repeatedly said that they welcome any program and movement which could be effective for restoring peace and stability in to Afghanistan and the region, cooperate with it, but doubt Pakistan honesty in that regard.
Afghan and Pakistani authorities also had contacts earlier in high level and many countries like Turkey, UK, US ….. Spared no any efforts to improve relations between the two countries but led to any results, because of Pakistan’s adventurous policies in one hand and on the other hand Pakistan using Afghan situation as a means for achieving its illegal and ambitious goals in the region. Since Pakistan has faced complete isolation, now extend hand toward its old and tradition friend China to win time.
Without doubt, China as an old friend of Pakistan and as a great regional and international power, have great influence on Pakistan can lead the process of negotiations between Afghanistan and Pakistan in to the right direction. But the Afghan people expect the results of such negotiations be practical and achieve its goals that is restoring peace and stability in to Afghanistan and the region.
Currently, Pakistan is experiencing a severe and bitter situation in its regional and international relations and suffering complete isolation. The reason is that Pakistan supports terrorist and extremist groups and uses them as a means for implementing its strategic plans and programs. Now to rid itself from this horrible situation, once again extend hand to its old and traditional friend China and wants to experiment its old experiences.  Afghan people and government consider Pakistan as a factor all problems in the country and Afghan president repeatedly has said that Afghanistan is ready to negotiate with Pakistan not armed terrorist groups.
Afghan people on the eve of Beijing insist that Pakistan should work honestly, stop supposing, training and funding terrorist groups, close their hideouts in its territory and remove economic pressure on Afghanistan and not use Afghan refugees living in Pakistan as a political means. In the meantime, give particular commitments for improvement of situation in the region, otherwise, Beijing session will end without any result, like the previous ones.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General