28 September 2020

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) RECCA or the Regional Economic Cooperation session started in Ashgabat the capital of Turkmenistan yesterday. Afghanistan was the focus of debates there.
BNA political and economic analyst commenting on the issue writes RECCA is a diplomatic initiative that formed in 2015 by effort of Afghanistan aiming to establish common regional cooperation among the countries of the region.
RECCA session planned exactly in a time, regional rivalries on Afghanistan were shaping, fortunately, the participants of RECCA session attracted the world community attention to Afghanistan and instead of rivalries provided the ground for regional cooperation and coordination.
RECCA during the last twelve years has conducted its sessions for achieving that goal and always insisted on regional sessions for settling regional problems particularly Afghan problem.
Political experts welcoming the objectives and programs of RECCA insist that the current situation in the region and Afghanistan is much different from the situation of 12 years ago, regional rivalries accelerated and proxy war of various countries enflamed in battle fields of Afghanistan.  The smut and vile games conducted by a number of countries of region especially Pakistan have led to further tension of the region which is much different from  2005.
When RECCA established everybody believed that Taliban is a terrorist group and follows the Al-Qaida objectives in the region and the world, but Pakistan today introduces this terrorist group as an exclusive Afghan group and seducing some other countries try to further worsen the situation in Afghanistan.
Regretfully, a number of countries in RECCA session in one way or another have role in creating further tension, while the aim of RECCA is establishing a close economic cooperation in the region.
Afghan people advice to the participants of RECCA session is that they should believe that the economic growth and establishing common interests between Afghanistan and the region restore peace and stability in to the region. Meanwhile, it is required for Afghan diplomatic organs and the Afghan delegation in the session to inform the participants of the conference that the activities of Taliban and other terrorist groups are not exclusive to Afghanistan but they are the main factor of insecurity and tension in the region and prevent regional cooperation and coordination and lead RECCA toward working for achieving its goal this is establishing a true regional economic cooperation.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General 

Sunday, November 12, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Afghan people involves in imposed war against terrorism, the war which is designed and planed by the regional intelligences and implements by their agents or mercenaries.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue since two decades Afghanistan has been the center of rivalries of big powers, now has changed in to the scene of proxy war among regional countries. The intelligent services of the region in the framework of big political games have launched and fuel the war, following specific goals in the region. In this unbalanced war the Afghan people have sustained heavy casualties and their economic infrastructure destroyed and suffering from tremendous problems. Afghan people a part from their ethnical, language and religious affiliations have fought courageously and complete unity without any discrimination against the invaders   and defended the independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. The sufferings and the pains our people suffering because of this cruel and imposed war are the same in every part of the country.
Terrorists target our innocent people regardless their religious and ethnical affiliations, the victims of terrorist incidents and imposed war belong to all ethnical and religious groups in the country.
Today Afghan people warning those ignorant people who know nothing about national interests, invincible national unity among Afghans, consider them as foreign intelligent services agents who have launched a proxy war in Afghanistan aiming to implement the ominous and evil goals of their masters in the region.
The objectives and programs of the intelligent services of certain countries in Afghanistan among them Pakistan is now clear to everybody. Therefore, the people who ignore such evil objectives can do nothing but deceiving themselves.
The happening of recent painful and regrettable incidents in the country clearly indicate that foreign intelligent services were involved in those barbaric and fatal incidents and Afghan people observing complete and invincible national unity stood firmly against all conspiracies of the enemies and their mercenaries. Therefore In this situation, it would be misbehavior to call war of Afghanistan, ethnical war or dispute.
It is the time for every Afghan who boasts of patriotism to work for further ensuring brotherhood and strengthening national unity and true reconciliation among Afghan people and implement their already cited slogans   in practice and win the confidence of people.
Calling the war in Afghanistan an ethnical war is misbehavior against the martyrs’ blood and siding with terrorism.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General     

Saturday, November 11, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Media has an immeasurable potential in awareness of public in the community, attack on media clearly demonstrate the fact that how much the enemies of the country fear from dissemination of truth and facts in the community.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes some days ago Shamshad TV came under attack of terrorist groups. The attack on TV was the continuation crimes that earlier terrorist groups have committed against media and journalist in the country.
Attack on a vehicle carrying the staff of Tolo TV that led to killing a number of staff of TV and systematic attacks on journalists and correspondents and constant intimidations of terrorist groups addressing media workers, are a series of unforgivable crimes have notorious terrorist groups committed. The facts indicate that media has deeply penetrated among public and how much terrorists fear from dissemination of facts and truth in the society. The ignorant and notorious terrorists fear media because it is press and media that introduce the ugly feature of them among the people not only the country and in the region but in the world as a whole.
The animosity of terrorist groups to the media, scholars, students and teacher has an old history, because they cannot sustain people who inform the people about the truth and realities this is the crimes such as attack on people, public places, mosques, shooting and beheading innocent people and conducting summary trials are the major crimes    that the terrorists committed and its media that inform the public about their heinous crimes and publically introduce their culprits.
The incentive and provocative activities of media go through deep in the hearts of terrorists as a sharp dagger.
In addition attack on media considers as attack on national values of the country. Today Afghan people are experiencing a nascent democracy that demonstrates the will of people, freedom of press and speech which are the outstanding achievement of Afghan people and their leadership. Therefore the enemies of Afghanistan attack these values but fortunately have not succeeded to achieve their ominous goals and prevent the people from using their will and intention toward building a prosperous and peaceful life in the country.
As terrorist attack on Shamshad TV just prevented the TV for short period time from broadcasting and restarted its publication and broadcasting as soon as the enemies expected. In this way Shamshad TV proved the media is committed to safeguarding national values and never surrenders to conspiracies and intimidation of the enemies. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Monday, November 06, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Hague International Court has expressed its readiness to investigate war crimes in Afghanistan.
BNA Judicial affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the prosecutor of international court for investigating war crime has declared that he has asked the judge of the court to issue a license for investigation of war crime in Afghanistan.
He says that currently the situation for such cases in Afghanistan has provided. The country has sustained horrible incidents where extensive crimes have taken place. According Hague prosecutor the crimes taken place after early 2003 since today would be investigated.
According to The Hague the appeal of the attorney general of the court can pave the way for investigation of war crime cases.
Afghanistan is one of the sixty members of Hague Court. The attorney general has said that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has made its best to observe and honor the major principles and provisions of the court and implement them in practice.
Talking about the investigation of war crime in Afghanistan starts exactly in a time, the country during the last years has been the scene of horrible and shocking incidents like suicide attacks, targeting sacred places, public installations and indiscriminately shooting on people which are all war crimes.
If we focus on Taliban and other terrorist groups like IS and Haqani’s terrorist group deeds, they have committed horrible crimes that The Hague International Court considers them as war crimes.
The heart shocking incidents like attack on Shaheen military headquarters, attack on Paktia security forces base, attack on military hospital in Kabul, attack on diplomatic area in the capital, and purposeful and systematic attacks on mosques and shrines and targeting the residents of rural areas in some parts of the country for creating ethnical and religious discriminations among people are parts of crimes that terrorist groups have committed which show clearly their violation from human rights.
Time and again UN has called the horrible terrorist incidents in Afghanistan war crimes. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, human rights organizations in the country, civil society activists have also called war crimes and asked the criminals should be tried in Hague Court. In addition, international organs like International Amnesty have considered the crimes committed by terrorist groups as war crimes.
The above facts indicate that the international community knowing about the nature of terrorist groups and calling their deeds war crimes want the criminals to tried in Hague International Court and punish according to law.
It should be noted that Taliban in designing and planning their inhuman programs is not alone; criminals in Pakistani army and intelligence service, certain circles in Gulf region countries are supporting them. We hope the criminals to be bring in to Hague Court and honor the blood of Afghans who have lost their lives in terrorist attacks which in consensus called war crimes by humanity and relevant organs.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General