27 May 2020

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Using Chah Bahar port by Iran, Afghanistan and India is a sign of strengthening relations among the countries of the region and economic improvement of the region.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes India has sent its wheat package via Chah Bahar Iranian port to Afghanistan.
The construction and expansion work of the port started last year while the leaders of the countries were present in the ceremony for the occasion. At the first step, fifteen thousand Tons of Indian assisted wheat to Afghanistan will reach the country via this port.
India intended within next six months export one hundred and Ten thousand tons of wheat via Chah Bahar port to Afghanistan.
Afghanistan and India are looking Chah Bahar port as an alternative transit route and consider it as a connection point between the countries that will decrease economic dependencies of Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, the three countries this is Afghanistan, Iran and India believe Chah Bahar port will play an important role in economic growth and regional cooperation. While there are countries and circles that use Trade and transit routes as a political means against other countries for obtaining their objectives.
While the new world order asks the countries for restoring stability and economic growth of their countries keep away trade and economic relations from political issues. Getting this aim is only possible, when the countries consciously act for economic growth and prioritize mutual interests and follow it in practice.
Some people wrongly believe that India and Afghanistan by shaping economic relation is seeking to marginalize Pakistan while the two countries are thinking about regional economic growth not isolating the third country.
However, this bitter fact once again should be repeated that Pakistan with its persistent adventurous policies has declined commercial and economic deals with Afghanistan.  Recently Pakistan has increase customs duties on Afghan fresh fruits and other commercial goods exportation.  This illegal and tyrannical move of Pakistan considers nothing but sabotaging Afghan economic and putting further pressure on the country.
In existence of such cold and strange dealing of Pakistan, that country should not complain about improvement of Afghanistan’s economic ties with other countries.
It would be better for Pakistan instead of following adventurous policies, chose the way of regional coordination and cooperation and should know the undeniable fact that Chah Bahar port and other economic opportunities can provide the ground for the countries of the region to reach each other.
Abdul Khalil Minawi 

BNA Director General        

Monday, October 30, 2017

Kabul (BNA) National Assembly or parliament is the symbol of sovereignty, honor and identity of the country, where the people exercise their will; therefore it should not become the scene of personal differences and tensions.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes unpleasant and painful stories leaks from inside parliament that state that inner difference among administrative delegation of the parliament has caused a tense and regretful situation there it would never be to the benefit of our people and nation.
The event inside the national assembly started after that, the first deputy speaker of parliament accused the speaker and head of secretariat of the house to corruption and contrary to that the above parliament official accusing the first deputy speaker to misusing, presented some documents to the assembly in that regard.
The problem is that the inner differences of the house has not only badly affected the activities and programs of parliament but also is a severe blow on activities of the government and the life of people. The crisis takes place in a time; the country is in fragile and sensitive situation and suffering economic, political and security problems. If tension continues in the parliament without doubt it would it would seriously harm the state as a whole.
Political elites believe there are certain circles inside the parliament who are trying to disrupt the working process of the state or sabotage it, while parliament is a symbol of sovereignty, honor, dignity and identity of the country, it should not be used for personal interests and demands.
Because of the critical tensions that the parliament suffering, the debates on many laws and bills that should be indorsed delayed. The process of introduction of nominated minsters and some other programs also disrupted.
It would be the urgent need that the members of parliament, considering their national responsibilities and obligations take out parliament from this shameful and painful situation and win the confidence of people; otherwise they will lose their credibility among people forever.
The advice of people, politicians and the activists of civil society to the president of the country is this: To assign an authoritative delegation to investigate the current accusations in the parliament, if it is needed the immunity of adventurous members of parliament cancelled and to find a proper way for the permanent solution for the problem which bitterly the national assembly suffering. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Kabul (BNA) October 27 is the international day of preserving audio- visual heritages and Afghanistan for having an old civilization and valuable prescriptions gives special importance to the day.
BNA cultural affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes October 27th is the international day for preserving of the world audio – visual heritages. The day is of great importance for Afghanistan, because the country has experienced many civilizations and nurtured great cultural people in her bosom.
Since protecting and safeguarding such historical and ancient heritages are now at the focus attentions, it would be necessary for relevant authorities and entire Afghan people to deeply think deeply about the proper way of protecting those invaluable heritages. Because, just honoring and being prideful for having an ancient culture and glorious history would not be sufficient. If we know ourselves the real owners of this ancient civilization, we should have a strong will and practical program for protecting these national values.
If we look precisely at our spiritual properties, Afghan National Archive is one of the richest archives in the region. Although, Afghan National Archive has experienced a grave situation, fortunately it has kept its spiritual values. In spite of that our pictorial archive is not an old archive, but it is rich and represents our ancient and glorious history.
The important thing is this, although the existence of such archives, or audio – visual and calligraphy heritages are a matter of pride, but compassion and precise planning for preserving the cultural heritages would be a matter of great pride, therefore it would be the urgent obligation and duty of relevant authorities to take effective and practical measures for safeguarding the heritages and spare no any efforts in that regard.       
Abdul Khalil Minawi

BNA Director General

Monday October 23, 2017

Kabul (BNA) There were many similarities in recent incidents in the country. This clearly indicates that those bloody terrorist incidents were originated and organized from the same source.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes during the last six days military training centers and security bases in different parts of the country were the targets of terrorist attacks. Surprisingly, there were similarities in techniques and means used in the attacks, without doubt the attacks have been designed and managed from a same source.
The incidents took place in a time, Afghan security forces in fight against terrorism in Ander district, Ghazni province confronted with Pakistani Army troops and commandoes where 15 Pakistani commandoes were killed and five others injured. Also, Abo Taher Bajauly a Pakistani citizen along with his nine men were killed in an air operation of Afghan air forces in Mohmand Dara district, Nangarhar province. The presence of Pakistani national alongside Taliban and IS in Afghanistan is a clear proof that Pakistan as before is involved in fueling war in Afghanistan and would not be ready to desist its evil action easily. Pakistan interference and presence of its troops in Afghan war and fighting alongside terrorist groups is not a new thing, and not only their presence has proved in Ander district, Ghazni province and Achin district, Nangarhar province.
Local people and security authorities in Kunduz province also have said that they have seen men in masks and black clothes alongside Taliban in Imam Sahib District and other parts of the province who talk to anybody and even serve their meal away from their Afghan colleagues. Without doubt these masked men in black clothed are Pakistanis in disguise of Taliban and IS have invaded Afghanistan and destroying our homeland. Military experts serious believe that carrying attack such as the recent terrorist attacks using all military means without Pakistani intelligence service cooperation were impossible, because the weapons and explosives used in the attacks were only owned by Pakistan and its army.
Without doubt the security and defense authorities in National Security Council better know about who really were behind those barbaric terrorist incidents. Therefore, the people expect the authorities to awake the dormant and think about mobilizing people against Pakistani invasion. In addition, the message of Afghan people to world community, US and European Union and the countries that have signed security agreement with Afghanistan perform their obligations according the agreement and implement them in practice.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi

BNA Director General