28 May 2020

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Kabul (BNA) President Ghani’s insist on more supervision over educational institutes and universities indicates that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is seeking to withdraw the critical situation of educational organs that has prevailed the education system of the country.
BNA analyst of educational affairs commenting on the issue writes president Ghani recently held the first session of human sources high council. In the session beside other educational issues, the current situation of the country the ways to improve the education system were discussed.
President Ghani insisted that there should be more supervision from educational centers and universities and should be paid more attention on education, higher education and certain laws of education need to be adjusted.
The words are stated in a time where the education system both in primary, secondary and higher education suffering from certain problems, even one can say it is in a very critical condition.
From quantity point of view there is a great number of state – run and private schools are operating in the country and dozens of private higher education institutes operating in Kabul and other cities of the country.
The number of students in primary and high schools and in higher education section is almost eleven million.
It is good news that a great number of children and youths are attending the process of education, but regretfully the system quality of education system is suffering serious problems.
Crowded classed in state – run schools, shortage of teaching materials, shortage of professional teachers, lack of school building as the authorities confess that half of the schools have no building. Although complaining of a number of teachers from their low salaries, and finally the hostility of armed opposition groups against school, students and teachers are the main factors that caused the lower quality of education in the country.
High education also has its own problems; one of the major problems that engulfed the higher education is operating as a commercial organization. Today our education system is not comparable with our neighboring countries in quality point of view.
The students both in high schools and higher education institutes mostly complain about low quality of education, misusing in private educational institutes which represent and demonstrate the critical situation of education system that would be catastrophic for the future of the country.
Considering the situation, it would be better the president who have taught as teacher, accelerate and improve the process of monitoring in teaching and educational centers and take firm steps toward bringing extensive reforms  in education system of the country, because the people expect in all sided revolution in education system of  the country.  

Monday, October 16, 2017

Kabul (BNA) October 16th World Food Day is a day of extending helping hands for needy people who are suffering from poverty and no access to sufficient food.
BNA economic affairs commenting on the issue writes October 16 is world Food Day. The day is celebrated across the world because the rich and poor countries accepting their obligation before the humanity are fighting for settling this horrible problem that is a stigma on forehead of humanity.
The day provides the ground for preventing the further extension of poverty and hunger and destruction of environment and elimination of farming fields.
Today world communities are severely suffering from poverty and almost one billion people are living under poverty line or facing malnutrition.
While there are countries that daily spoil thousands tons of food and deliberately waste them.
Food is an essential need of every living thing, therefore, all living things try in one way or another to meet the need, economic and social activities are carrying out to ensure food requirements.  Unfortunately, human communities are dealing unfair dealing this problem. There are countries that sufficient foodstuff and spoil great quantities of foodstuff, while there are countries whose residents suffering from poverty and poorness,
Therefore, in this critical situation, World Food Day can play a great role in wakening conscience of people who have been enjoying of having food surpass of their needs, while their fellowman and women   are suffering  from hunger and poverty in other countries.
In the situation, putting Islamic teachings in practice is of great importance that suggests, “Eat and drink not squander”.  If focus deeply in this heavenly verdict   and put it in practice in our daily life, without doubt the extra food in rich countries can remove poverty from poor countries.
Lack of enough food in Afghanistan is an acute problem in the country. The country is suffering from shortage of food for a half of a century; the devastating imposed war has badly affected Afghan community for four decades have added the problem. During the period, Agricultural farm lands have ruined and irrigation systems seriously harmed, cities and villages have expanded illegally without considering any standard, that caused decreasing of agricultural and animal husbandry products and add to food problem in the country.
Although Afghanistan is an agricultural country and 70% of its population are engaged in farming and animal raising industries, but imports food and other agricultural products from other countries an 39% of its population live under poverty line the reason is that there had been no good management in agricultural, commercial, health affairs and controlling the waters of the country.
Therefore, without having a special program, proper management for settling this problem, our people will not rid of from poverty and hunger which is seriously threat our people.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) UN expressing concern over civilian casualties in war in Afghanistan, once again asks the sides of conflict to observe the rights of civilians.
BNA reporter reporting the issue reports, the UN in its recent report expressing concern over the high casualties among civilians in Afghanistan says that during the last nine months the current year 2640 civilians have been killed in Afghanistan and 5379  people wounded.
The report says, the armed oppositions fighting against state security forces are responsible for 64% of casualties among civilians while the state security blamed for 20% of the casualties.
Based on UN report, although the number of casualties in comparison of the nine months of the previous year 6% decreased, but civilian casualties as a result of Afghan and foreign air attacks have 50% increased.
The civilian casualty always been a controversial issue in war in Afghanistan, but the recent findings of UN have blamed Taliban and other terrorist groups for 64% of casualties among civilians.
However the people and military experts of the country believe that Taliban’s share in killing civilians is much higher than the   figure mentioned in UN report. They say Taliban carry out terrorist attacks cause heavy casualties among civilians.
Zanbaq Square incident is an example of savagery of terrorist groups where more than 200 people martyred.  Attack on Imam Zaman Mosque in Kabul, attack on vehicle carrying the staff of Mine Ministry and attack on Jawadia Mosque in Herat are the examples the crimes that Taliban and other terrorist groups committed which caused heavy casualties among civilians.
Doulat Waziri the spokesman of national defense ministry also believes that terrorists are bearing the major responsibility for casualties among civilians, because they deliberately, use the residential houses and the residents as a shield.
Political elites believe presenting report cannot settle any problem. The UN always sufficed reporting on number of casualties among civilians, it would be better the UN seek ways of punishing Taliban and other terrorist groups in order the terrorist desist from killing of civilians.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan is the most vulnerable country in the world due to climate changes and environment pollution, if the situation not improved, it would be catastrophic for the country.
BNA analyst of climate affairs commenting on the issue writes recent climate researches of Afghan government indicate that the country is facing horrible climate changes and environmental pollution. The concerns are too high that the vice president has called more dangerous than the activities of terrorists.
If we pay attention in to climate situation in Afghanistan, during the recent years, the country is gravely suffering from climate changes and environmental pollutions. According the ecologists, the residents of the country, besides natural problem have played a role in worsening the situation.
Forty year war and lawlessness in the country, the rule of law and reasoning have replaced by chaos and indifferences which stroke a heavy blow on environment. Ruthlessly cutting of forests, erosion agricultural lands and unbalanced expansion of cities are the major factors that badly affected the climate and ecosystem in general.  In addition of matters mentioned above, persistent drought years and global warming due to greenhouse gases are the other reasons that have caused pollution and climate changes in Afghanistan. In spite of that Afghanistan has no any important role in producing greenhouse gases, but the global high level production of the gases in world, severely affected the country.
An American university in its research made on global warming has introduced Afghanistan the most vulnerable country in Asia and the 14th in level of the world.
Thawing of icebergs in the first place and flooding in long term have increased the process of erosions of lands in Afghanistan and severely harmed agriculture and animal husbandry in the country.
While Afghanistan is a country deeply bound to agriculture and almost 70% of its population are involved in farming activities. Therefore, in such a situation, global warming and environmental pollution made it the most vulnerable country that should be seriously addressed.
The current grave situation of Afghanistan due to climate changes and pollution associated with terrorism destroy the capacities and opportunities in the country, unless, the government and relevant organs in close coordination with people stand firmly and fight against the horrible challenges climate changes and environment  pollution.
Abdul Khalil MInawi