15 July 2020

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Sunday, October 08, 2017

Kabul (BNA) August 7 is coincidence with the 16th anniversary of the commencement of international forces attacks against Taliban in Afghanistan which led to the collapse of Taliban rule, but Afghan people have not rid of the evil of that notorious group.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes 15 years ago on August 7 2001 international coalition forces headed by US started their attacks against so called Islamic Emirate of Taliban who had refuged Al – Qaeda leaders.
Al- Qaeda which was responsible for September 11th attacks on America; its leadership was hidden in Afghanistan.  
The attacks of coalition forces succeeded to collapse the so called Islamic Emirate and made its leaders to escape the country. Toppling Taliban rule, a new chapter started in life of Afghan people.
Afghans who supported by international community started a new life and were going toward building a democratic society in their homeland. Releasing from the rule of Taliban, in reality was freedom from Pakistani secret dominance and occupation. It was a great time for Afghan people for reconstruction of their country and warmly welcomed the event as a revolution in their lives. But the pleasure Afghan people not lasted more than a year, because once again they were seeing the emergence of Taliban. Just a few months later, Taliban were organized, trained and equipped and dispatched to Afghanistan to carry out terrorist attacks aiming to kill Afghan innocent people, rob their property and destroy their homeland loved so much.
Although the collapse of Taliban regime was serious and decisive but silence against their reemergence is questionable.
Currently, Taliban are not only a threat to security and tranquility of Afghanistan but considered as a threat that challenge the region and the entire world.
The question is this, why America and west are indifference before the rapid reorganizing and remobilizing of Taliban and why ignore the activities of some countries including Pakistan and their intelligence services in supporting, funding, training and equipping that ruthless terrorist group.
Afghan political elites believe that there are countries that use Taliban as an intelligence project for implementing their objectives in the region and beyond the region.
After reorganizing of Taliban and increasing their terrorist activities at least 70000 Afghan have been killed, economic infrastructures destroyed and the economic growth slowed down. Who is responsible for that?  While, so far has nothing done for elimination of Taliban terrorist group but still certain countries use them as a means for achieving their illegal and evil goals.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Saturday, October 07, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Afghan governments has remained committed to its commitments regarding   good governance, counter corruption campaign, transparency, accountability and other national programs and succeeded to win international community and cooperation.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the Senior Officials Meeting of donor countries held in Kabul aiming to assess the mutual commitments made between Afghanistan and international community in Brussels conference.
The SOM holds in a time that, the Afghan government has successfully worked for good governance, strengthening and expanding the bases of government, anti – corruption campaign, controlling the income sources, providing job opportunities, building women’s capabilities and has attracted the global intention.
What have mentioned above, are part of Afghanistan’s commitments made in Brussels conference and met the conditions of international community made for continuing their aids to Afghanistan.
The high ranking officials of donor countries who met recently in Kabul, have assessed the achievements of Afghan government in implementing its commitments in practice and what the international community have done for Afghans to meet their national objectives.
In fact SOM is a coordinating mechanism between Afghan government and donor countries.
If we impartially assess the activities of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan since the second session of SOM, Afghan government has been successful in fight against corruption.
Establishing justice and judicial center, investigating administrative corruption causes and bringing in to the court a number of corrupted people including a number of high ranking officials of ministries and army senior officers are the major achievements of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 
Likewise, the process of monitoring on contracts and big projects became more serious, as, the president personally monitors concluding big contracts. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in its peace efforts made Islamic Party with leadership of Gulbudding Hekmatyar to set aside all its hostilities, accepting Afghan constitution join peace process. In addition, bringing reforms in government, national development, providing job opportunities, growth of private sector and capacity building of women are among the major achievements of Afghan unity government.
Political elites and civil society activists believe, performing the above activities have been precisely planed and seriously per suit, however, fulfillment all commitments again needs the supports of foreign friends and international community. It should be acknowledge that still there are works have not done yet because Afghanistan is passing a terrible situation in its modern history; foreign interventions continuing, terror and disrupting security and preventing construction programs are at the top of agenda of foreign interventionist countries use Taliban and IS as proxy for achieving their ominous objectives in the region. Therefore, it is required, the international community considering the facts help Afghan government in implementing its other commitments.
Abdul Khalil Minawi    

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Education is the right of every children, teenagers and youths in the country, it is required the sides of imposed war in Afghanistan and politicians in the country respect the right and observe it.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently ministry of education announce that 1600 schools due to insecurity and threats of armed opposition groups are close in the level of the country and hundreds  thousand children are deprived from attending school.
According the figures released by ministry of education Kandahar, Zabul, Helmand and Oruzgan are among the provinces where more schools are close.
Farah, Herat and Kunduz are also among the provinces suffering from the closure of schools. In addition in 18 other provinces including Kabul province 142 schools are close due insecurity reasons and threats of armed groups fighting against the spiritual and physical interests of Afghan people.
The authorities of ministry of education have said that the number of schools, closed due insecurity and threats of armed opposition groups have increased this year in comparison to the previous year. They say that armed groups involved in the conflict use schools as trench, sanctuaries and hideouts which cause the destruction of schools and educational facilities.
Ministry of Education reports about the closure of more than 1000 schools, while the relevant authorities of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have always tried to keep the schools and institutes safe for children and youths to attend schools, educational institutes and universities without any concern. Unfortunately, armed groups fighting against Afghan people have never showed any concern regarding to the education of Afghan children and exercised all kinds of criminal acts against educational and medical systems and presenting social services.
Taliban not only today, but while in power had closed the doors of schools for girls  and changed the system of education and curriculum of schools  which were against all educational criteria and showed their animosity against science and technology in one way or another.
On the other hand one of the objectives of Pakistan in Afghanistan is destroying the infrastructure of education system in our country. Pakistan is trying by paralyzing the education system in Afghanistan, prevent the progress and development of our country and use Taliban as a means to achieve its evil and heinous objective.
The Afghan people ask Taliban if they are really Afghans and Muslims should be not used as a means for achieving the goals of foreigners and desist from disturbing the system of education in the country.
Also, our people ask the ethnical elders strengthening education counsels and consistent contacts with armed groups spare no any efforts for reopening the closed schools and help the children of the country  in acquiring knowledge which Islam insists on. 

Abdul Khalil MInawi

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Kabul (BNA) A number of state offices are suffering various kinds of chronic diseases of corruption. For removal of this grave challenge, wide spread reform and good management needed.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently SIGAR releasing a report on reconstruction of Afghanistan talks about misuses that the families and heirs of martyrs are suffering in state run offices.
The report faced to the reaction of political, official and social circles in the country. The spokesman of the president in a press session accepted the existence of some horrible problems in the country but calling them the heritage of previous government claimed that they working to bring serious reforms for settling the problems. 
SIGAR report on misuse, violation of law and vexing the families of military martyrs, during receiving their pension rights is following  earlier reports that  released  on misusing the martyrs rights, selling the weapons and ammunitions, but the recent report was shocking and horrible. If existence of such crimes and violations proved it would be a fatal blow on humane values.
In the country where ethical, religious and social values are a guideline for pursuing a humane and Islamic life, regretfully, there are certain greedy people who are seeking to use the others rights in to their own benefit.
This would be not deserved for us calling ourselves Afghan and Muslim to be witness the looting and plundering the rights of people who have lost their dearest ones in defend of the country.  
If the words that SIGAR has said be true, it would be a bitter blow on mental security and safety of the families of martyrs.
To restore this security and safety to the deserved and righteous people there would be urgent need for relevant organs such as justice and judicial and government organs, pursue and identify the perpetrators of such incredible crimes, bring in the court and punish them according to the law, because, just condemning is not enough. The government as an executive power should response and effectively deals with heinous crimes and introduces its strategy for pursuing the law violators. The state should prove its influence on all organs especially on state run offices and organizations.
The matter that should be focus on is, although recruiting people to positions takes a long time to find the most merit and qualified people for the positions, but due to lack of good management still we have not succeeded to overcome the evil problem. Therefore, for settling the problem, establishing a practical strategy and making a resolute decision are seriously needed.