30 September 2020

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Wednesday December 18, 2019
Kabul (BNA) People believe that ensuring sustainable peace in Afghanistan impossible, until safe terrorist hideouts for Taliban exist abroad Afghanistan.
BNA analyst writes, based on reports the second round of peace negotiations between representatives of Taliban and Zalmay Khalilzad U.S. special representative for Afghan peace reconciliation will be resumed in Qatar.
Top U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham during his visit to Afghanistan met with leaders of National Unity Government, his trip and visiting the Afghanistan leaders has close link with negotiations between representatives of Taliban and U.S. in Qatar.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan during meeting with Lindsey Graham shared Afghanistan people’s concerns said; “ceasefire and safe terrorist hideouts abroad the country are our people questions that must be answered.” The concerns are not illusion and doubt, these are a bitter fact that exist among people, but the peace representatives never talked about the mentioned concerns in negotiations’ table so far. The issue that we can called the main and basic in peace negotiations.
Anyway, there is no need for explanation, the people of Afghanistan want peace, international society also trying to ensure peace in the country, but ensuring sustainable and dignity peace in Afghanistan is impossible till terrorist safe hideouts exist abroad Afghanistan.
According to reports, Lindsey Graham in separate meetings with Pakistan Prime Minister Omran Khan and Shah Mahmoud Qurishi foreign Minister of the country discussed relations of the two countries, issues of the region and partnership for ending crisis in Afghanistan.
Recently, Lindsey Graham in a televised interview said; “The war in Afghanistan would end in few weeks if Pakistan denied the Taliban safe haven in its territory.” The statement clearly explicit that support of terrorists and existing their hideouts in Pakistan’s soil is the main challenge behind war in Afghanistan.
For this reason, terrorist hideouts as a joint threat for people in Afghanistan and world need serious attention to annihilate the heinous phenomenon from Afghanistan, region and the world.
Therefore, sustainable and dignity peace not only ensure in Afghanistan, but security situation will be improved in the countries of region.

Tuesday December 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) As much as fight against terrorists has sophisticate dimensions in Afghanistan, likewise fight against corruption is wide and has complex measurements.
BNA analyst writes, government with coordination of international community and its allies is commitment on counter-terrorism, criminal networks particular fight against corruption and has taken practical and serious steps in this regard as well.
There is no doubt that government has taken positive steps toward fighting against corruption in Afghanistan, reforms in judicial organs, approval of national anti-corruption strategy, establishing justice and judicial center for heavy anti-corruption, approval of laws for support of employees’ recruitment and transparency in government offices’ financial affairs and pursuit of usurpation cases of government properties and land are the main achievements of government in the latest years, but don’t forgot that fight against corruption is not possible in short-term, this phenomenon beside other calamities caused by war on terror prevent our society from progressing and prosperity.
Meanwhile, if the government victories and overcome on problems are common achievements, failures are also common.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan while speaking at an annual anti-corruption conference analyzed government measurements, challenges and ways to overcome in this phenomenon said; “Within the last five years aiming to fight against corruption we laid down the legal frameworks, approval of 450 laws and regulations about fight against corruptions, law on protection of administration corruption reporters, law on registration and investigation properties of officials and high-ranking employees is the fundamental measurements of government against corruptions”.
These statements clearly explicit that government succeeded to create legal opportunity for fight against corruption within the last years. As President Ghani expressed that effective and purposeful fight against corruption need strong legislative platform, if there were no laws and regulations we will never succeed in ending corruption in Afghanistan.
Despites of efforts and implemented measurements the government never told that the measurements and actions is enough regarding fight against corruption, but clearly stated that there are problems on counter corruption in Afghanistan.
Sarwar Danesh Second Vice-President pointing to the issue said, the government has been successful in approval of laws and regulations for fighting against corruption, but has failed in institutionalization in this regard.
Only government not able to fight against corruption, the efforts will be effective while the people, civil society, relevant organs and government offices are jointly and coordinately work together for annihilating the heinous phenomenon.


Monday December 9, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The draft of national budget for 1399 fiscal year approved by Upper House (Mishrano Jirga) and sent to Lower House (Wolesi Jirga) to approve the draft of national budget based on constitution on time.
BNA analyst commenting on the issues writes, the ministry of finance has allocated 428,380 billion Afghanis for the 1399 fiscal year’s budget that 289 billion Afghani has been allocated for the ordinary budget while the remaining 139,279 billion Afghanis has been allocated for the development budget.
From the total development budget, 63 billion Afghanis finances from domestic revenue and more than 75,8 billion Afghanis funds from donors.
Based on constitutional guideline government submits the budget proposal for next fiscal year in the first of November (Current year), approving the draft of national budget for 1399 fiscal year shows that the government done its responsibility and acted based on law.
According to reports, the copies of the draft on the hands of Parliament Members (MPs), a number of MPs called that the budget is unfair while some others saying discussion about the draft budget of 1399 fiscal year is possible after completion of definitive account of last year’s budget.
Anyway, delays in national budget approval from one side concerns government employees that don’t earn their salaries on time and the other side delays the implementation of development projects in the country.
Although, in this case the constitution is explicit that, “Whenever due to some reasons the national budget approval delays, since the new budget is approved, last year budget implements in all sectors.”
Thus, government employees with less salaries must not worry if the national budget approval delays in parliament.
In any case, experiences show that the approval of national budget is time consuming, but constitution clearly explicit that Lower House cannot delays approval of national budget more than one month.
Let’s see the lawmakers how observe the constitution of the country.

Sunday December 8, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Finally the end of every war and violence is peace, but achieving peace is possible only by action not with slogans.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, since decades Afghans are disputing about peace and war in the country. Some people claiming that the external factors are the main reason behind war in Afghanistan and a numbers are thinking on internal factors of war, but the people never strength their will that themselves can achieve peace if they jointly work with government.
An enjoyable peace for Afghans is that achieved by themselves, meanwhile we can overcome on external and internal deterrent factors of peace.
Role of tribal elders and religious scholars extremely is important, tribal elders in every regions, villages and townships can demand from local people to prevent from influence of enemy and don’t allow foreigners’ factors to learn destruction, murder and killing innocent civilians abroad the country and implement it inside Afghanistan.
Likewise, the role of religious scholars is significant, they can learn to people that war, disputes, murder and killing people not compatible with the behavior and attitude of prophets and Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). Violence reduction, preventing from innocent killing and obeying the good and peace can put end point to disputes and the pain of all Afghans.
There are Afghans on both sides, since years government declares that don’t kill people by order of others, don’t destroy the country, don’t increase the number of orphans and widows, prevent from violence and hypocrisy, war is not the solution. Although armed oppositions know that they don’t win on the battlefield, yet they are continuing to their violence and inhuman actions.
Anyway, the end of every war is peace, numerous people have been killed/kills in war, but when a door opens for peace, violence must be ended and an opportunity will provide for achieving peace in the country.
When the sound of bullets went off, in that case negotiations and understandings make sense and opportunity will be provided for achieving a dignity and sustainable peace in Afghanistan. 

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