11 December 2017

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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The security and defense forces of the country enjoy having high moral and capability, the enemies of the country should know that they are encountering with high moral and coordinated force.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the enemies of Afghanistan and Muslims across the world that carry out their destructive activities and programs by terrorist groups such as Taliban, IS, Al – Qaeda and Al – Shabal against Afghan people and Islamic world, had prepared extensive destructive programs and plans to carry out during the Eyid days, fortunately all their heinous programs and plots foiled by Afghan security forces.
Without doubt attacking the mosques and creating discord among Muslims was one of the plans and conspiracies on the enemies wanted to put in practice during Eyed festivals but successfully foiled by high moral and duty bound Afghan forces.
It would be worth of that the security and defense forces be applauded, because they once again proved that they are committed in defense of national and Islamic values.
Ensuring security and preventing the activities of terrorists and the enemies of the country had put a heavy weight of Afghan security forces, fortunately they successfully they overcome the threats and foiled the enemies plans and programs.
The security and defense forces as mentioned earlier performed their patriotic and military duties. Now it would be the responsibility of relevant authorities of the government to pay serious attention for meeting the problems and requirements of those patriotic and high moral forces,
Supporting security forces just by word would be not sufficient. The security and defense forces of the country with limited opportunities, shortage of weapon and ammunitions have done many humanistic and historical works; in the meantime they are suffering from acute financial problem.  Therefore, it would be the duty of relevant authorities to spare no any effort for settling the problems of security forces and protection of their lives.  For their engorgement justice should be observed, because they mostly complain that justice is ignored in that regard and ethnical and geographical affiliations are prevailed.
Therefore, if we expect the security and defense forced by shedding their blood defend our lives and properties, it would be necessary, their family and personal problems be settled applying complete justice, in this way the achievements of security and defense forced would be greater than ever before.

Monday September 4, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Eid Qurban  (Sacrifice festive) is an example of obeying the All Mighty God’s orders by His devoted slaves who  his scarifying  his beloved one implemented the order in practice,
BNA social and religious affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the main and major philosophy of Eid Qurban is devotion, self-sacrifice and obeying the orders of All Mighty God and denying doing all evil actions. The Muslims all over the world as Prophet Abraham’s tradition slaughter an animal according to Sharia to win the consent of God. However the question is this if the All Mighty God instructed Prophet Ibrahim to scarify his son, instructed the followers Mohammad (PBUH) to avoid doing evil things carrying out sedition, fratricide and not causes creating discrimination among their Muslim brothers.
However, why certain under the name of Islam contrary to the clear instructions of All Mighty God kill innocent Muslims? Why they just for gathering wealth and self – interests are seeking using various pretexts to establish discrimination and differences among Muslims? Do they know All Mighty God considers peace and reconciliation the way salvation and seriously forbidden killing man?  If they know then why carrying out explosions and suicide attacks kill their Muslim brothers?  Contrary the orders of God they are doing all efforts to create dissension and discrimination among Muslims.  Based on these clear facts and reasons, most of the inhabitants of this country consider them as the Satan’s pupils and followers. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan perceiving all Islamic values for ending the crisis and killing people has declared national reconciliation in order to bring peace and ensure security with help of All Mighty God to this long suffering nation. Our people honor and respect who are trying to end war and damn the people who are fueling the war and creating discord and differences among Muslims.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Kabul (BNA) US presence in Afghanistan should have a clear prospective with consequences of restoring peace and stability in the country and improving   trust in the region.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently General Nicolson the commander of international forces in Afghanistan has said that American troops would remain in Afghanistan until complete eradication of terrorists in the country and would continue their duties to achieve this noble goal.
He added, Taliban would be eradicated from the battlefields within the next years and they would have no way but attend the negotiation table.
The statements have been expressed in a time, Donald Trump US president declared his strategy on Afghanistan and south Asia last week. The strategy insists on defeating terrorism, punishing countries supporting terrorism, equipping Afghan security forces and persistent support of this country until it reached its objectives.
In this way US president has talked about a long lasting military presence of that country in Afghanistan. Now, General John Nicolson the general commander of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan is talking about the complete eradication of terrorism in the country.
Afghan people and government welcoming the long lasting commitment of America in fight against terrorism, express their cooperation in that regard .However insist, US military presence in Afghanistan should meet the expectation of Afghan people, with good consequences.
We have been witnessing the military presence of many countries including US in our country for 16 years under the name of counter terrorism international coalition, but not only terrorists did not eliminated but their activities have increased and succeeded to find new friends in the region and other countries.
US military presence in Afghanistan has been effective in capacity building, equipping Afghan security forces but it should be noted that Afghan problem is a regional and beyond regional problem and American relevant authorities already know about it. For this reason, the new US strategy has been designed according to situation of Afghanistan. For settling Afghan problem should focus more on its foreign factors otherwise all efforts would be in vain.
Therefore, American and its allied counters military authorities should take effective measures for implementing this strategy. While they preparing plan and program for ensuring US security and its allies countries and fighting world terrorism should satisfy Afghan people and the countries of the region that the aim of their military presence in Afghanistan is restoring security and stability in to Afghanistan and via that  in to the region.
Certain countries including big powers pursue US military presence in Afghanistan with concern. Therefore, it would be require US response to the concerns and to draw a clear picture from the prospective of its military presence there.
Afghan people openly say that their country should not become the scene of the new rivalries of big powers and should not be used as battlefield for proxy wars.
The situation asks US and western countries to introduce their military presence in Afghanistan effective and tangible in campaign against terrorism to end the concerns of other countries.

Khalil Minawi

Monday, August 28, 2017

Kabul (BNA)   BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the attack on prayers in Imam Zaman mosque on Friday was beyond an ordinary crime it was a crime against humanity and Islam.
The brutal and ignorant terrorists attacked the defenseless prayers in Imam Zaman mosque and committed unprecedented crime that the history of mankind not remembered.
Terrorists created harass and panic in the mosque, that the tongue cannot say the detail and the hand cannot write about that barbaric incident. However, how did the relevant authorities deal with that inhumane incident?
Our people in Imam Zaman mosque were witnessing the brutally killing and torturing of people including male female and children. These kinds of crimes are almost daily accruing in various parts of the country and the people losing their beloved ones, member of the family, relatives and compatriots.  However, the most painful that disturb the heart and spirit of people is that the authorities just condemn the incident and express condolence to the families of the victims, while the people expect the relevant authorities to bring the culprits of the incidents in the courts and legally punish as they deserved.
If we look precisely at Imam Zaman incident or other similar incident in the past, after severely condemning and expressing condolence have forgotten, while there were no any word about  recognition  of   the identities of culprits and their foreign supports.
Today dozens of terrorists convicted to involvement in suicide attack, armed attacks and other terrorist activities have been arrested and convicted by the courts and are behind the bars of the jails. Unfortunately, they even inside the prisons make conspiracies and carry out their already prepared destructive plans and programs and consider themselves as the guests there.
In such a situation, the people ask who are responsible for blood of the victims of terrorist attacks.  Is this the duty of the security and intelligence service or diplomatic organs like international organizations, Human Rights Commission or other countries just condemn the terrorists?   Then who would be responsible for defense of people and punishing the criminals?
IS and Taliban claim the responsibility of such horrible incidents, while the sources that train, fund and equip terrorists this is Taliban and IS are clear and obvious, then why Afghan allied countries, Humane Rights commission not do practically anything against terrorist incidents and just condemning them consider their obligations have carried out.
Is this not a crime against our people and the blood of our martyrs?
We ask the relevant authorities of the state, our allies and international community to practically work for elimination of terrorism this notorious phenomenon and rescue the humanity from the evil it forever.       
Abdul Khalil Minwai

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