15 October 2019

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says the future of Afghanistan is determined inside the country by Afghans; there is a consensus among the people in this regard.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the eighth round of negotiation between the representatives of US and Taliban ended in Doha.  This round of negotiation started on August third and lasted for nine days.
Taliban have said that the two sides have reached some agreements and for upcoming measures will consult with their leaders.
Although the two sides are enthusiastic about the agreements but it is not clear when Taliban and US sign at the end of the agreement. In finalizing the agreement Pakistan, The US allies and gulf countries have essential role.
Khalilzad the US special envoy has gone to Washington and Taliban will consult with their leaders in Pakistan to determine the fate of peace in Afghanistan.
Although Afghan people and government consider peace a need for their country and protecting the lives of their people but strongly insist that any peace process should take place and lead by Afghans.  While the new peace developments mostly have taken place outside the country and Afghan people do not know about the results of them yet.
If we precisely look and think about the pains and agonies of our people during the last 40 years specially the last 18 years a time the foreign forces attending the country, Afghan are the main victims of the disputes and competition of foreign countries.
Afghan people had never invited Red Army’s forces and never consulted with them for forming international coalition to fight against terrorism.  This proves that the Afghans have been just the victims of foreign games and programs.
Although during the previous years, many efforts have been carried out for restoring peace and stability in to the country but had no any result, the reason is this that the foreigners were only looking on their benefits, and did not observed the Afghans’ interests.
At the current efforts in Doha the first condition of foreigners is guaranteeing that Afghanistan will never be a threat for other countries, while there is nothing about the future politics of Afghanistan. 
Afghans sustained the heavy casualties and ruins during the previous years, because of presence of foreign troops.
It is clear that in current efforts mostly have been thought about foreign countries interests not the interests of Afghan suffering people.
Therefore, peace and security only restore in Afghanistan and in the region with great involvement of Afghans in peace process and the political system of the country determine by its own citizens and the will of them should be highly respected. Without doubt this will rescue the region and even the entire world from the evil of terrorism.    

Thursday, August 8, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Elections are a national process that explains the will of people for establishment of democratic system. Afghan people, who believe to strengthening and extension of a democratic system in their country, consider attack on elections sites attack on themselves.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Taliban releasing a statement have threatened that they would disrupt the process of the elections and asked the people not to participate in the elections. Taliban also instructed their followers to stand against the process.
Taliban warn people not participate in elections in time while the people firmly believe that the only way for transmission of power is possible via holding elections and it is a national process.
The people insist that the program of holding elections should be supported as a national process because observing the process in reality is honoring the intention of the nation and supporting the people.
Taliban exactly warn the people not to participate in elections in a time, they themselves are talking with Americans and deliberating for determining their position in upcoming politics of Afghanistan.
The reason for joining in political process is to reach an agreement and further strengthens the incentive that the problems can be settled only via patient, accepting each other and ending the killing of innocent people.
Joining of Taliban in to political process indicate that they have understood that fighting and creating tension is not the way for settling the problems anymore. But unfortunately, their last declaration clearly show that the group still consider terrorist actions and fighting the way for achieving their objectives which is not proper for a new political life.
The people responding to the threats of Taliban have said that thy have made their decision to go the elections sites and vote and never surrender to such threats.
Therefore it would be better to support elections as a national process that leads to a democratic system in the country according to people’s will.
September 28 is a day determined for holding the elections and we are certain that the eligible people ignoring the threats will go to polling stations and cast their votes for their favorite candidates.  

Tuesday, August 06, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The extensive presence of Pakistani and other countries citizens alongside Afghan armed oppositions indicates that Pakistan is still the safe place for terrorism and extremism.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently an Afghan citizen named Eedi Mohammad was arrested by national security forces. Eidi Mohammad was the main designer of the attack on Emam Zaman Mosque which killed and injured a number of our compatriots.
He has acknowledge that he was a member IS.  During the reign of Taliban, migrated in to Pakistan and settled in Peshawar and interred a religious school there. The teachers of the school encouraged them for Jihad in Afghanistan and ISI officers gave them, military trainings.  It is not only the story of Eidi Mohammad that leads us to adventures of Pakistan in Afghanistan.
Just some days ago, in air strike on Logar province a number of foreign terrorists including Pakistani nationals were killed. Also on July 29, three Pakistani citizens lost their lives in air attack in Momandara district, Nangarhar province. In Kunduz where three Pakistani citizens were fighting alongside armed oppositions against Islamic republic of Afghanistan forces were arrested. On July 28 a number of Pakistani nationals who were fighting alongside armed opposition groups against the Afghan security forces in Sangin district Helmand province were killed. In the same time, in Paktika also several Pakistani nationals lost their lives in the battle against Afghan security forces.
In Ghazni, Kunduz, Sari pul and other places, Pakistani citizens have been seen fighting beside armed oppositions groups.
The above statement and figures make clear this bitter fact that still extremists and terrorists are safe in Pakistan.  They have been supported, equipped and funded there and sent in to Afghanistan to carry out devastative activities.
While Pakistani citizens without doubt are the members of their intelligence service fighting in Afghanistan, Pakistan politicians and authorities are talking about restoring peace and security in Afghanistan. Is it possible in existence such open interferences, can take serious the claims and commitments of Pakistan for restoring peace in Afghanistan serious?
The extensive presence of foreign force particularly Pakistani forces that are pursuing specific objectives in Afghanistan once again makes it clear that Afghan problem deeply rooted outside the country especially Pakistan is a concrete supporter of it.
It is an open fact that foreign forces including Pakistani forces using the opportunity are fighting for their own interests, just the strong unity of Afghan people can overcome the problem, end the fighting and defeat the enemies and deprive them from their illegal and ambitious demands.


Sunday August 4, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Any peace agreement on Afghanistan should be guaranteed by a credible national and international organ.  The active presence and coordination of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan can guarantee any peace agreement politically, executively a lawfully.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes American media have said that the American and Taliban representatives are on the eve of signing a peace agreement.
The US efforts for ensuring peace in Afghanistan should be welcomed. If we look precisely at realities of the last 18 years, the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan who had come pretending struggle against terrorism was not void of problem for Afghan people. Our people were experiencing an aimless and unplanned international comparing in Afghanistan which had no any consequence, but exacerbating the problems of our people.
In spite of that, Afghan people insist on accepting responsibility by whom, who used Afghanistan as battle field for 18-year for an aimless and unplanned conflict.
America and its western allies repeatedly have said that a stable Afghanistan is to the benefit of the countries of the region and the world. Afghanistan has mentioned a country suffering from crisis. For settling the crisis first of all foreign factors of the crisis or the problem should be find out and removed. Unfortunately in Afghanistan the foreign factors of the problem have been identified, but stability and peace has not yet restored in the country. The reason is this that there are many countries, particularly Pakistan involved in the conflict and interfere for their own interests. Therefore, discussing peace issue in Afghanistan is not an easy task.
Our people know that until the foreign factors of the problem not removed and cannot talk about peace in Afghanistan and stability in the region. Taliban are working for the interests of foreigners who have following certain objectives in Afghanistan and for achieving this illegal objective and use Afghanistan as a battle field for their proxy wars launched in the country.
Therefore, peace agreement between America and Taliban, pressuring Pakistan and the countries of the region and re-emerging of Taliban in political scene will cause the concerns of other countries. America should respond to concerns of Afghan people and the countries of the region.
Responding to the concerns is only possible via guaranteeing by an international organ and Pakistan, otherwise the proxy war launched by Pakistan and some other countries will continue as before and the Afghans will be the main victims of this brutal conflict imposed on them.
In peace process with national and international dimensions the rights of Afghan government and people should be observed to guarantee the success of the process.   

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