23 August 2019

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Acting national defense minister says the so called spring operation of Taliban has failed and the group had no any development in that regard.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Asadullah  Khalid the acting defense minister in his latest statement has said that Taliban had no any achievement in their Spring Operations and even could not succeeded to get a piece of land.
Khalid says that Taliban in close cooperation of foreign terrorists tried to make their so called Al- Fatah (conquer) operation full of success and achievements, fortunately had no any achievement and failed to achieve their heinous goals. In this way the defense and security forces showed their priority and firm stance against Taliban.
The statements expressed in a time, Taliban in the first days of the current Afghan year in the mid of political developments, while the US and Taliban representative were carrying out their negotiations and several sessions were planned. 
Taliban declaring Al- Fatah Operation in mid of such political developments tried to talk from a more powerful stance in order to achieve more concessions.
Taliban alongside political objectives announcing Al- Fatah operations tried to increase their mental and propaganda war against Afghan people to prevail the atmosphere of horror and fear in the country, fortunately they did not succeeded to achieve this evil aim.
Taliban started their Al- Fatah operations with support of certain countries who wanted to give a new identity and stance to the group.
Taliban have increase their attacks on security bases in a number of districts and intended to conquer some administrative organs but all the attacks were ended with giving high casualties. Their defeat in Bala Murghab district Badghis province and in Bulcharagh district Faryab province were disastrous for Taliban and proved that they are nothing but a small and a weak military unity supported and encouraged by their foreign masters and this is state forces who have the initiative in their hands.
The defeat of Taliban in battle fields made the group to carry out terrorist attacks on civilian targets. To achieve this satanic aim they chose big cities as the targets for their attacks in order to show their capability in political and military grounds in one hand and on the other hand creating awe and horror among people mentally disturb them.
Attack on a civilian organ in Kabul, bomb attack on Jalalabad city, sending four suicide attackers to Ghazni province, carrying out an explosion inside a mosque and other such rimes were the tyrannical and barbaric deeds Taliban committed in their so called Al – Fatah operation against longtime war suffering Afghan people.
Taliban’s aim for launching so called Al- fatah operation was propagations as Zabihullah Mujahid the so called the spokesman of the group has acknowledged that for reporting about Al- fatah operation have doubled the number of their reporters in order to feed the internet site of the group with military stories.
Fortunately Taliban did not hit their target and Al- fatah operation seriously defeated and caused the hatred of people and international organizations.
As UNAMA condemning the attacks on mosques and civilians called the attacks inhumane and barbaric blamed Taliban for committing the crimes.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The enemy influenced men with in the state, are the secret killers of Afghan people. They should be punished and there should be no shortage in their trail in the court.
BNA the analyst of judicial affairs commenting on the issue writes ministry of interior declared the other day that they have arrested Haji Dilawar who introduced himself as the advisor of senate head from 12th district accused for cooperation with terrorist groups.
The national security men have obtained from him artificial documents, Pakistani identity cards, wrong number pallets, illegal weapons, armor vehicles, foreign currency (Pakistan) and special parking cards for vehicles of national assembly    parking.
Although the sources of the senate have said nothing about the place and duty of Mr. Dilawar but the documents obtained clearly show that what he was doing in the parliament.
The ministry of interior calling Haji Dilawar the big supporter of terrorists frankly has said that he had hand in killing several police in Jalalabad city who had removed the black glassed of his car. 
This is occur in a time, the people previously talked and complained about the presence of terrorists within the government and the last event proved that they were not wrong.
The people have repeatedly said that law breakers and criminals have influenced with in the state and certain terrorist actions are impossible without the help of some figures working inside the state.
Commenting on terrorist incidents the people have claimed that terrorists using the state possibilities transfer their men from distanced cities and places safely to Kabul and vas versa.
There is no doubt that the intelligence services of the region and terrorists under their command are using every opportunity to arm our people and country because it is one of the main principals of intelligence fighting.   But what are the preventive measures adopted by our security forces and intelligence services for curbing and failing such conspiracies?
Recently one of such evil feature disclosed and arrested. Now it is the duty of justice and judicial organs to investigate the issue honestly and punish him as he deserves.
The people insist that the state organs and influenced people should not guide and help terrorists if they commit such heinous crime, they should be brought to the court and after through judgment punished according to the sin they have committed. 

Saturday, May 25, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Chinese foreign minister has said that Afghanistan has never been so close to peace and insisted that his country is ready to play a constructive role in Afghan peace process.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Chinese foreign minister who is visiting some middle Asian countries expressed the words while visiting Tajikistan’s authorities.
The Chinese expressing hope said that after long years of fighting and crisis in Afghanistan peace be possible in that country and assured that China will play a positive role in Afghan peace process.
He called China as an effective country in political dealing in the region and in world.
China besides maintaining relation with Taliban in a certain level and hosted Taliban’s delegation several times has great influence on main supporter (Pakistan) and is the main ally of Pakistan in regional issues.
Therefore with such influence and stance that China has in the region one can expect a lot from that country in settling regional problems especial the problem of Afghanistan.
Afghan people seriously believe that the problem of their country has deeply rooted outside their country and then any other countries Pakistan is involved in the problem and Taliban are in control of that country, while China is a close ally and friend of Pakistan and has good relations with all involved groups in Afghan war including Taliban.
Although, after the collapse of Taliban China kept all its ties with the group, but considers its benefit in a political solution of Afghan problem.
Although the interests of China is been identified as economic interests but the situation in Afghanistan is a little deferent.
The Taliban and IS activities in Afghanistan is increasing, these two terrorist groups for accessing their aims have not forgotten ensuring ties with other terrorist groups  active  outside the borders of Afghanistan.
There are reports about the presence of Alghore militants who fighting along Taliban in Afghanistan. It indicates that both Afghanistan and China are facing the same threat in their countries this is terrorist activities.
Therefore, an insecure Afghanistan can be a safe place for Chinese rebels and a threat to that country that Chinese authorities never want.
Beside these concerns, the continuation of insecurities in Afghanistan will affect badly the Chinese big projects in the level of the region.
The regional interests of China have closely linked to restoring peace in Afghanistan and that country wants to use its influence in that regard.
We hope China with its constructive role could play and support the regional and international way of thinking regarding to restoring peace in Afghanistan.
Although make Pakistan to desist from its adventures and not create barriers on the way of restoring peace in Afghanistan any more. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The current situation of the country asks everybody to comprehend the national interests. In such a situation the emergence of any tension should be prevented and the doors for taking national decision should be open.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recent tensions in lower house of parliament and pressures of a group of politicians for establishing a temporary government are not justifiable at all and not settle the current problems of the country.
The recent tensions inside the lower house of parliament on electing the new head of parliament have established a horrible situation that has no any consequences but hatred.
Fighting over selecting or rejecting the new head of parliament where the laws are passed and monitoring the performances of the government within the framework of law cannot be justifiable.
Unfortunately a number of parliament members have entered in to the conflict using the name of ethnicity, a move that not supporting by people but at same time caused hatred inside the meeting.
The people who have obtained fewer votes and the people who claim victory, but the others criticize them should refer to the law and give an impartial group to assess the problem. Fortunately, there are many lawyers who can explain the law in its best way.
This should be repeated that the persons who have entered in to conflict over the election of the new head of the parliament in the name of ethnicity and nationality should know that the people strongly believe the law and all kinds of discriminations have lost their importance and value in Afghan community.
There was hope that the representatives in 17 round of national assembly using their experiences from evil and dark periods of the last rounds of parliament work on better way and the new and young features to do away with last evil works and continue their woks with new thoughts and conceptions.
But the recent incidents showed that new round of national assembly base has been laid with problems; the people are concern and ask how it be the quality of their five year working period?
It is a clear fact the representative of people for settling the problems have no way but referring to the law and implementing it in practice.
The other issue that should be focused on is the stance of the council of the candidates of presidency. This council that has been formed from 12 electoral constituencies insists on forming a temporary government after May 22 and claims that the national unity government is illegal after that date.
Currently the country is suffering from many serious problems and transferring from the crisis requires a strong state leadership, but unfortunately our politicians lack of sufficient experience have taken such a stance that caused the weakness of the state weakening the moral of people.
The politicians better know that interim governments had no good experience in political field of Afghanistan and had no any consequences but consistency of political and security conflicts.
Therefore, the politicians and the Afghan people in general should forget all difference and jointly work to overcome the current problems and build the country.   

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