20 February 2020

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Tuesday, November 05, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan insists on peace program construction that led to a national and international commitment and causes a single view for solving the problem of Afghanistan.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan meeting a high ranking delegation of Germany pointed out that Afghan government is trying to restore consistent peace in the country through holding direct peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban.
According to President Ghani peace program of Afghanistan should lead unity not division. Our seven article peace program is on renewing national and international gathering that Afghan government is working for it and the ownership and leadership of peace process should be in hand of Afghans and for holding negotiation ceasefire and ending violence is important to provide the situation for ensuring persistent peace.
The statements are expressed in a time that Afghan government during the years has always insisted that for settling the Afghan problem holding a national, regional and international gathering require, for this reason has spared no any efforts in that regard and Afghan government has introduced regional cooperation and coordination as a basic principle of its foreign policy.
In spite all efforts still there is not provided a real condition for settling the crisis of Afghanistan.
Afghan problem has foreign factors; its inner factors are not so complicated. If its foreign factors removed, the Afghans can easily settle the inner differences and reach agreement.
The last year developments indicated that many players are involved in Afghan problem and every of them have their own agenda and interests. Although all involved countries openly pretending fighting against terrorism but in reality each of them are pursuing their own objectives in Afghanistan.
Today Afghanistan is the scene of regional and international players which further complicate the political and peace process in the country and faced the political settlement of problem to stalemate and failure.
If the countries of the region and world and the political experts of Afghanistan really want settle the longest international problem this is Afghan problem, at first the involved countries should reach an agreement among them and put aside the differences of views and fight against terrorism in complete unity.
Differences in views and action and the continuation multipolar games not only cause the continuation of the fighting and crisis of Afghanistan but threaten the neighboring and regional countries from prevalence of terrorism and extremism not only in the region but across the world.


Sunday, November 3, 2019
Kabul (BNA) To rescue the world from the evil of terrorism a single definition is needed for terrorism that makes struggle against this evil phenomenon easier and unites the countries in reaching their economic objectives.
BNA political and financial affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: Recently a high ranking Russian official in the margin of Shanghai organization member countries session in Uzbekistan has said that the member countries of the organization is facing certain dangers such as terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crimes from Afghanistan and more than ten thousand Daish members are stationed in north and east of the country that faces the central Asian countries in to a danger.
The statements expressed in a time, that Afghanistan itself is under foreign terrorists and extremist pressures.
The terrorists who target the Afghan people are mostly stationed in neighboring country of Pakistan and enjoy the support of some others countries in that regard.
The problem is this that a number of countries call IS terrorists but deal with Taliban as a political party and some others consider Taliban as a factor of war in Afghanistan and accused them to carrying out violent activities.
Afghan people make no difference in classifying terrorists in to good and bad terrorists. There is no difference between the terrorist activities carried out by Taliban, IS or Al Qaeda are all terrorists.
But the countries of the region and behind the region give them different tittles according to their own interests
If Shanghai member countries, Pakistan is also its member express concern over terrorism in Afghanistan, Taliban the origin of terrorist activities their leaders and commanders are safe in Pakistan and support from there and just Afghanistan is suffering from terrorists and extremists who are stationed there in Pakistan.
Carrying violence is the first peculiarity of terrorist groups. The terrorist groups for achieving their goals mostly use terrorism as a means.
Terrorists are the source of violence and crisis or create by certain countries and or their intelligence services. Because of their affiliation to foreign countries or their intelligence services causes them to have no outstanding and effective role in related affairs and used as a means by countries that used them as a means.
Therefore, the countries of the region and beyond the region especially big countries should not use terrorism as a means for achieving their goals. In this way they can save the world from the evil of terrorism and take part in building a new order in the world.

Thursday, October 31, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The national security advisor of president made public the peace draft of the government, the draft that has 7 articles and three sections.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: the national security advisor of the president, has recently made public the peace draft of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, enforcing ceasefire, establishing a national and regional gathering for peace in Afghanistan  for reaching peace in Afghanistan are a pre – condition of it.
According Hamdullah Muheeb the security advisor of the president the peace draft of Afghan government has six articles and three basic sections.
A section of the draft consists of negotiation with America, Taliban and Pakistan. The second section constitutes a gathering with regional countries and Afghan international partners and the third section related to good governing and assessment of factors caused fighting in the country. In peace draft of government one month ceasefire and going to negotiation table are pre conditions.
The draft is presented in a time, where political developments regarding to Afghanistan have become hotter and political provocations getting new momentums.
Some days later a number of politicians and political activists of the country and Taliban representatives will come together in Beijing the capital of China. Prior to that the representatives of four countries America, China, Russia and Pakistan the main players in Afghan case will deliberate in Moscow on Afghan problem. In NATO defense ministers meeting late last week held in Brussels, Afghan problem  was the main issue of discussions and Zalmay Khalilzad the special envoy of US foreign ministry for Afghanistan once again started his trip to the region to start the delayed process of peace on Afghanistan and considering the developments present his peace draft  on Afghan issue.
Three objectives mentioned in the draft that includes Afghan state negotiation with America, Taliban and performing a national and regional gathering, good governing and assessing the factors of war in the country.
The time the Afghanistan raise the issue of negotiations with America, gives the message that America should think about Afghanistan with high responsibility and make a decision. How America came to Afghanistan and how to withdraw from that country. What has been happening in Afghanistan is the result out siders’ policies and one cannot blame Afghans for it.
In discussions with Pakistan the issues is clear, that country is the supporter of Taliban and provoke war in Afghanistan, should desists supporting Taliban and avoid interference in Afghanistan and prove to be a good neighbor .
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in her peace draft has raised the holding of national and international gathering. If we precisely look at the deep of Afghan problem, it is the result of foreign countries competition who is keeping the flame of conflict burning. It is an open fact and everybody knows about it.
The Afghan government is trying conducting a transparent and effecting gathering cut of the hands of foreigners and have the countries to end their proxy war in Afghanistan and this is only possible via condemning the countries caused violence in Afghanistan and stop terrorism this evil phenomenon forever and recue not only Afghans but the region and international community as a whole.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Extremism and terrorism are anti- human phenomenon for rescuing the humanity from the evil of them it requires to fight against them with an extensive and practical program and strategy.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Abobaker AL Baghdadi the leader of IS was kill by American forces a few days ago in Syria. He was leading a terrorist organization that was well-known in creating violence and extremism.
The killing of Al Baghdadi gives this message to IS members and other extremist groups that their destiny would be like Al Baghdadi’s fate. But hunting and physically eliminating the leaders of extremist and terrorist groups cannot be the end of terrorism in the region and the world.
The activities of extremist and terrorist groups are no limited to day only to Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. These inhuman  organizations as they themselves say are a world threat and follow satanic objectives.
These barbaric groups know no any principle for reaching their objectives.
With hunting and killing the leaders of can weaken the rinks of terrorists and impact badly on them but in long term cannot remove them and their opinions from the scene of international community.
Al Baghdadi was killed some days ago, Mullah Omer, Mullah Mansoor and others have been killed but still the world community has not succeeded to do away with an opinion a member of IS, Talib or IS carrying out.
The problem here is this that extremism and terrorism have been used as a means by certain countries and their intelligence services to meet their interests.
Today, the people all over know who is IS, what is Al – Qaeda and what Taliban are doing. These are intelligence services who gave name and identity to terrorist and extremist groups.
Currently terrorist groups such as Al- Qaeda, IS and others have their own followers among the communities armed with extremist ideology and way of thinking. The leaders of have been killed but nothing has been changed so for eliminating of extremism and terrorism their way of thinking or views should be removed practically. This would be the practical way for the solution of extremism and terrorism problem across the world.

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