24 September 2020

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Saturday, September 27, 2014
Kabul (BNA) September 27th   was the day the notorious and barbaric Taliban over run Kabul the capital of the country and imposed their tyrannical rule on our people, for five years, which makes the darkest part of our history.
BNA political analyst remembering those harsh days writes, the Taliban group was established, organized, trained and equipped in a blatant political intrigue by the enemies of our country to fulfill their ambitious goals in the region.  This mercenary group partially succeeded to meet the objectives of their bosses by toppling the then Afghan government and establishing the so-called Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
The time tested foreign enemy of Afghanistan misusing the situation of our country where factional disputes were underway in the country and the people were suffering the situation, created the notorious and barbaric group of Taliban to realize their long dreams this is supremacy of the region.
As I mentioned earlier, the foreign enemies of Afghanistan in order to achieve their ambitious goals in the region, recruited, organized, trained and equipped this ignorant and inhumane group and sent in to our country to launch a proxy war in Afghanistan. The partially succeeded in achieving their objectives, because their mercenaries toppled the then Afghan government and created so called  Islamic Emirate indirectly run by Pakistani generals and ISI authorities . The new leadership who for the first time introduced terrorism and extremism in the region, later used those two inhumane phenomenon in a way that not only the region but also the entire world.
The Afghan people who knew the satanic nature of the group resisted and bravely fought against them.  This ignorant group closed the doors of schools particularly for girls and practiced such cruelties in the community that the history not remembers.
As state above the resistance of Afghan people continued against a notorious group who grave cruelty ruled and international community knew about the challenges imposed by extremism, and terrorism supported the resistance forces to collapse the so called Islamic Emirate and to rid the humanity from the threat of terrorism and extremism.
Unfortunately, once again the foreign enemies of Afghanistan on the other side of Durand Line reorganized the group and still conducting a proxy war against the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its people.
We believe terrorism and extremism not only threaten Afghanistan, the world but in the end their host country. Therefore, it is the responsibility of international community including Pakistan to join hand and do their best to eliminate extremism and terrorism forever.


Written by Abdul Khalil Minawi

Director of Bakhtar News Agency  

Sunday August 24, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The existing problems are very complicated and they are emanated from outside the country, therefore, in order to overcome and settling them, require a transparent and constructive cooperation of International community. Now it depends to the world community how they carry out their ethical obligation in that end.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes; the program of withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan at the end of 2014 does not meet the objectives determined for counter-terrorism campaign and elimination of this evil forces. Although, a timetable has been set for the withdrawal of foreign forces, but still those forces have not achieved their goals and objective, in campaign against terrorism which was the elimination of terrorism in Afghanistan, the region and the entire world. In spite of that the Afghan government and people with complete awareness and strong will have for determining the further of their country honestly cooperated the international community in fight against threats of terrorism and partially provide the ground to withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.
According to the situation the NATO heads in their session in Chicago, four years ago agreed on withdrawal of their combat forces from Afghanistan and committed to equip and train Afghan troop to cope with threats still terrorist imposed not only in the region, but the entire world. Meanwhile, they committed to pay 4,100 billion dollars for funding and equipping Afghan security forces. It should be mentioned that the amount is not a part of commitments to pay and to be spend in social, economic, education and cultural sectors of our country, unfortunately, those commitments, our people looking with great hope remained on the paper or were to slow that could not met the needs of the time and current situation, while, terrorism and extremism still exist as potential threat in the region and across the world, which is a disastrous danger not only for Afghan, but equally for the international community as well.
Political experts believe, the policies which are currently implementing in fight against terrorism will not hit the target, but further encourage the terrorists and their supporters to continue their criminal activities and bloodshed in the region particularly in Afghanistan. Afghan people the real victims of terrorism and extremism ask the international forces if they are honest in fighting terrorism should target terrorists in their hideouts and sanctuaries, located on the other side of Durand Line and put pressure on terrorism supporters especially ISI to stop recruiting, training and funding terrorists and sending them to carry out terrorist attacks which cause heavy casualties and destruction to innocent civilians. Also, the Afghan people suggest, if the international community meet their commitments already made for funding, training and equipping Afghan troops. This will also lead to defeat of terrorism at least in the region. We believe the Afghan are the Hercules of the time that can bring the dragon of the time, this is terrorism in to its knees. Therefore, if the international forces are honest in fight against terrorism and completed elimination of this evil forces, that threats not only the Afghan, but the people of the region and the entire world should choose one of the options mentioned above, this is fighting terrorism in their sanctuaries and training centers on the other side of Durand Line or as they committed to fight terrorism to the end.


Written by Abdul Khalil Minawi

Director of Bakhtar News Agency

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kabul (BNA) The recent development in military and security fields proved that the security forces of the country have the capability to counter any challenges and can defend the national sovereignty, territorial integrity and the independence of the independently.

BNA commentator, who closely follows the security situation of the country, writes:  Stepping up political efforts for settling the crisis of Afghanistan, the armed oppositions using the new situation have tried to prove themselves in military front in order to obtain more privileges on negotiation table. To achieve this goal, they stepped up their violent armed attacks even in some regions they experienced face to face fighting Afghan security forces. Religious schools suspended in Pakistan and hundreds of the students of the schools who have been keeping as a reserve force sent to Afghanistan. Dispatching these so called Taliban to Afghanistan deteriorated the security situation in eastern provinces especially in Nooristan and in some parts of Kandahar, Paktia, Badakhshan, Helmand, Ghazni and Logar provinces. The Azra district of Logar and Hesarak district of Nangarhar were practically under besiege of the Taliban and their foreign supporters.   In this way the eastern high way, Kabul the capital and some parts of southern provinces became potentially under the thread of the Taliban and their regional supporters. Meanwhile, some parts of north especially some parts of Badakhshan province have seen the huge presence of the Taliban, which caused the concern of the people.

Fortunately, the rapid reaction of Afghan security forces that are the honor of every Afghan foiled all satanic plans designed on the other side of Durand Line.

The recent victories of Afghan security forces in different parts of the country indicate that the Afghan security forces have the capability to fight any challenges that threaten the security of the country. These victories came in a time, the international forces are due to end their mission at the end of 2014, and Afghan security forces are getting ready to defend their homeland independently. Earlier, the Afghan security forces have taken the leadership of night operations from foreign forces and properly and successfully managed and led the operations. Earlier, foreign forces led such operations that caused the outcry of people and were associated with problems.

  The capabilities of Afghan security forces against the threats and security challenges not only welcomed by Afghan people but also applauded by foreign commanders and generals; while earlier, the foreign forces commanders and generals were suspicion about Afghan forces to launch combat operations in such high degree of success.

Currently, Afghan security forces need further training and equipped with modern weapons as the international forces committed and Afghan security authorities and the entire Afghan nation ask their international friends to fulfill their commitments already.


Written by Abdul Khalil Minawi

Director of Bakhtar News Agency   

Wednesday June 12, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The 21st Jawza coincides holding of the first emergency Loya Jirga in Afghanistan.
The grand assembly (Loya Jirga) establishment which is considered as an important event in the history of Afghanistan, because of its decisions makes the history of this country.
It’s a fact that Afghanistan has had held Jirgas since long years over different epoch of time by the different political administrations.
But, what gives preference to the emergency Loya Jirga that it wasn’t a political Jirga and emergency Loya Jirga was organized by the will of nation and it represented genuine aspirations of the people of this country.
The Jirga was attended by the people from all walks of life and holding of the Jirga took place on the bases of the first Bonn Conference on 21st Jawza 1381 that coincides June 11th 2002.
The emergency Loya Jirga ratified constitution of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan and this Grand National meeting ratified the national document in highly sensitive situations after Afghanistan had initiated it new political chapter in world arena.
However, some elements maintain some reservations over working procedures of the emergency Loya Jirga, but, the democratic environment which dominated over the Jirga had provided golden opportunity to the representatives of the people from all parts of the country to express their views and ideas over national issues including ratification of the constitution and form of the government and leader of the country.
The Jirga provided representatives of the people the most suitable venue to express their views with regard to the political future of the country under a democratic scenario and circumstance so that Jirga members be able to ensure formation of a genuine government on the bases of aspirations of the oppressed people of Afghanistan who had tragically suffered over lasting years of imposed war and instability.
The emergency Loya Jirga laid the foundation stone of a democratic government formed on the bases of democracy and people’s votes.
The move not only brought Afghanistan out of conflicts and crisis, but, it also moved the war-battered country towards state of social and political order and stability and the Jirga also supported Afghanistan to step on the right track towards democracy where people by casting their ballots decide on future of their country.
Eleven years have been passed since government of Afghanistan had attained its legitimacy from the emergency Loya Jirga and in some extent the government succeeded to accomplish it responsibilities effectively and efficiently the jobs which Jirga members have assigned to them.
Following formation of the interim, administration in 2001, Afghanistan despite major socioeconomic challenges opened the doors of opportunities and development to its people and the country obtained major growth in various fields mainly education, telecommunication, information technology, banking, heath services, economy, investment, establishment of dozens of private universities and higher education institutions, renovation and reconstruction of basic infrastructures, mining, freedom of press, expansion of audiovisual and print media outlets and rest of the social fields.
Despite the upper attainments Afghanistan still copes with some challenges including poverty, unemployment, economic recessions, insecurity and shelter.
In-fact, holding of emergency Loya Jirga considered an important event in the political history of Afghanistan as it paved the way to the country to move towards democracy and the and the same Jirga supported the people of Afghanistan to nominate their leader with their votes.

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