20 August 2019

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Enforcement of a ceasefire is the only way for trust building and strengthening the process of political peace negotiations therefore it should focus on, in order to value the life and humanity.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes in the new political developments regarding to Afghan problem that mostly link to commencement of the six round of negotiation between American and Taliban, a number of state organs have asked both the Afghan government and Taliban to agree on enforcement of a ceasefire to improve the political situation and build trust among involved sections.
There is no doubt that every move for restoring peace seriously requires ceasefire. Such a move can facilitate the way for settling conflicts and causes a compromise that can save the lives of many innocent people.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for confidence building in the political process and preventing casualties considers ceasefire the only way for ensuring peace. For this reason Afghan government repeatedly has invited the armed oppositions to ceasefire but unfortunately the oppositions have never paid attention to this righteous and humane call but contrary  have followed a violent method that have no any consequences but killing the innocent Afghan people.
Although the stance of Afghan government regarding to the political solution of Afghan problem is clear and repeated proposed for ceasefire but regretfully certain organs and organizations without considering the humanistic desires of  Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, compare it with Taliban that is not fair and just.
Then why the Afghan government and Taliban have been calling for enforcement of ceasefire in the same time, while Afghan government has announced ceasefire earlier and expressed readiness for it.
President Ashraf Ghani in the last day of consultative grand council sessions declared that the state armed forces were ready to observe ceasefire from the first day of Ramadan holy month and continue it but the armed oppositions rapidly rejected this humane call.
Ceasefire is a matter to be discussed in any peace talks but it would be unfair to compare the government that considers restoring peace, stability and tranquility in the country as the priorities of its work with terrorist group that insists on violence and killing people.
The Afghan people expect in discussions on peace and ceasefire the stance and view of Afghan government should be explained truly and oppositions who persistently deny ceasefire and encourage fighting and killing people should be pursuit as a terrorist group.  And the foreigners for their own regional aims give a wrong identity to Taliban have changed their country in to a battle field to fulfill the interests of their masters.  

Thursday May 9, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Taliban are busy in negotiations with the special envoy of US foreign ministry in Doha but they create horror and fear by attacking state organs in Kabul.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes there is no doubt that Afghan people are severely tired from the imposed war continued for decades and want peace. But these suffering people know that discussing on peace and fighting issue is not easy task as much as invisible and visible hands are involved in Afghan conflict that much those hands are involve d in peace negotiations.
In any case, the US special envoy so far has carried out six rounds of negotiations with Taliban in Doha but not yet become clear that on what issues Taliban and the special envoy of America have agreed so far. After a day pause in talks between US envoy and Taliban in Doha, Dr. Khalilzad went to India and visited the foreign minister of that country.
According Hindustan times daily the two sides have talked about the role of other countries in ensuring peace in Afghanistan. Media quoting the Indian foreign minister reported that India in coming days would cooperate with its key allied on that regard.  
Visits, discussions and several rounds of talks with Taliban and the countries of the region clearly indicate that still the prospect of peace is not clear for Afghan people. Because Afghans are not aware from what have passing in Doha and what is underway in the region regarding peace in Afghanistan. The only thing they know is this that their sons used as a fuel in the fire of battle, explosion and suicide attacks. Even the enemies of Afghanistan have no mercy to the suffering people of the depressed nation.
The elites believe in continued and non- stopping war in Afghanistan, the suffering people have reached the conclusion that war in Afghanistan is a complicated and intelligent battle that only carrying out to ensure the interests of others.
If it is not so, all Afghans want peace and ending the war, then why the relevant powers do not hear their righteous voice?  The answer is short and brief, this is the enemies of the country have further complicated the dimension of this bloody war. To overcome this complicated situation, the Afghan people should know themselves and only think about their homeland and its poor and suffering people.

Wednesday May 8, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The holy month of Ramadan is a good opportunity for clearing morality, keeping away from doing evil things and restoring humanitarian Islamic ethic, therefore it should not be considered as source for gathering wealth and repeating evil action.
BNA religious affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes reaching the holy month of Ramadan the prices of  necessary materials rose in the country, and this is such horrible act that most of our compatriots have no the capability to purchase their foodstuff.
Fasting during Ramadan month is a prayer that strongly forbidden doing evil doings and is an opportunity for serving the people, but unfortunately a certain number of our compatriots forgetting all goodness  of this holy month, disturbing Muslims by selling their necessary good with high prices. As the prices of necessary materials has went as high in the cities that most of our compatriots are not capable to buy the goods they need for Ramadan.
A number of citizens rightly claim that some merchants and purchaser of foodstuffs offers the goods especial the foodstuffs in to the markets in a limited form in order to provide the ground for selling with high prices. Today the prices of foodstuffs such as meat, potato, vegetables, oil and rice have gone surprisingly that is the result of selling the goods by a number of merchants and shopkeepers in high prices. In existence of such evil work can we claim of beings Muslims and having Islamic Ethic?
Fasting provides the ground for changing personality and behavior, the fasting person feels that he or she has avoided evil actions and is the servant of man and humanity.
While certain merchants and shopkeepers lose the quality of morality and humanity and the qualities and morals of their own.
Unfortunately the profiteers also are fast during the holy month of Ramadan and pray according to Islamic instructions while fasting is for clearing of mind and body, campaigning against evils, finally, the aim and purpose of a fasting man or woman is obtaining the content of God and serving people.
Therefore it would be better to avoid wrong justification for the high prices such as the problems of highway, rising the value foreign currencies and security issues and think and act according to humane and Islamic teachings, otherwise, should wait for pains and suffering sent by God. 

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Peace will be restored in the country only when Taliban avoid their ambitious demands.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the process of peace has interred a new chapter and it would be accompanied with certain developments.
In Doha the representative of Taliban and America are discussing political issues, in Kabul a new grand consolatory council recently ended its work and determined the guideline of peace for the authorities of the government.
Although the developments are following with great optimism but still there are matters that regrettable.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and foreign allies prefer enforcing a ceasefire in order to set around a table for settling the problems away from hearing the sound of bullets, rockets and suicides.
In existence of a ceasefire one can establish an atmosphere of trust and strengthen it.
Unfortunately Taliban rejecting the proposal that rescued Afghan people from this fatal and horrible situation and insisted on their inhumane stance. It is interesting that Taliban reject ceasefire with national and defense forces of the country but ask the American forces not attack on them.
It is important that Taliban have remained terrorists and adventurists, and want for themselves many things and privileges, but not ready to observe the rights of others.
It is a reality that Taliban are conducting talks with American side   but the group is seeking an identity for themselves.  While still have the incentives for carrying terrorist activities. Taliban are talking from power stance are seeking to impose their demands on others. 
While our people and government are talking about rule of law, establishing a democratic government, freedom of speech, gender equality, but Taliban reject all.
Taliban instead of talking and compromising with their own people prefer to talk with Americans, they deny ceasefire with state forces that are the sons of this country and ask American militaries not to attack on them.
Taliban have ambitious goals, they are talking of peace but deny the matter that lead to peace.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its international allies at the first step want to silence the sound of weapons and away from explosions and firing hold talks with Taliban for these humanistic goals prepare design the design a map for future tranquility of Afghan suffering people. We hope Taliban know the meaning and concept of ceasefire that save the people from killing and further strengthen the atmosphere of trust and confidence in the country.  

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