25 February 2020

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Sunday, October 13, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Independent Election Commission should inform the people clearly about the process of election.
Effort for hacking in central server of Independent Election Commission is not just an electoral violation but it a big crime that its culprit should be severely punished.
However, there are disappointing stories that the system or central server of Independent Election has been hacked and the head of IT deportment of that agency has introduced to the office of Attorney General.
The problem is somewhat complicated and concerning because the problem made the independent election commission to invite two German Engineers to Kabul to solve the problem, those two German experts called the problem considerable even concerning.
The German company .those two engineers working for have the main role in activating the biometric system of election commission.
Those two engineers have said that a country or counties of the region have great role in hacking in central server of election commission. Although they have not named any specific country but earlier this the independent election commission had employed a group of engineers from a country in the region, now those engineers are at focus of attention.
A number of electoral staff claims that a specific group had great role in employment of foreign engineers to provide the ground for fabrication in to their own interests.
Now, it depends to independent election commission what program and strategy have for removing the newly created problems?
Especially, there is division among the authorities of this credible agency. One is talking about hacking In central server and information bank of the commission and the other claims that the attack of the hackers have removed, but the people want a clear answers .
The concerns of people are correct and justifiable while the technical means of the commission are not safe, how to believe in to transparency of the elections?
If they are talking about the presence of observers inside election commission, they know nothing about technical operations.
Therefore, it would be necessary the authorities of electoral commissions to focus more on the process of elections especially on internal affairs of the independent election commission.
The country or countries that were involved in hacking in to central server of the commission should be dealt via diplomatic sources and electoral group who have role in this corruptive program should be introduced via media and bring to the court.
The public confidence to the independent election commission comes when the commission responds clearly and frankly about the new developments to the people.

Saturday, October 12, 2019
With destruction of an electric pillar on Salang, darkness prevailed over Kabul and some other province once again.  The darkness was the result of the work of dark minded people who do not believe to life, initiative and humanitarian values.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: on Tuesday night October 7 dark minded terrorists and destructors destroyed an electricity transitional pillar on Salang area and once again darkness prevailed over Kabul and some other provinces.
Darkening Kabul and destruction of electricity pillars is and old technic which has been since a long time to bring the citizens of Kabul and the government under pressure. The aim of terrorists and armed oppositions of the government from damaging the electricity pillars is exhibiting their satanic power to the people and give a message that they are capable of doing everything, while they have no the capacity to fight against Afghan brave military forces on battle fields. Terrorists are capable of to perform terrorists and suicide attacks and it is a fact that one cannot be the winner in battle fields via carrying such barbaric and inhumane acts.
Also terrorist groups destructing the electricity pillars are seeking to sustain pain and suffering to the citizens, strike economic activities and disrupt the ordinary public life in Kabul and other cities.
Electricity pillars are very important for the state and people, terrorist known this open fact destroying the pillars are seeking to receive ransom from the government.
But destruction of electricity pillars makes a matter clear that Taliban have no any commitment for protecting public utility projects and just create harass and fear among people, can call such activities and programs jihad and according to  religious instructions?
Fighting and jihad in Islam have their own principles. There are certain instructions and guidance in holy Quran verses, but Taliban destroying public utility projects and killing innocent people ignore Islamic laws and principles.
In reality Taliban performing such evil deeds, are following and implementing the mission received from ISI for destruction of Afghanistan.
Taliban during their five year reign in Afghanistan had no any program for reconstruction and development, if they had what was it?
It is a clear fact that Taliban had nothing to do in Afghanistan but implementing Pakistani programs for destruction of our country.
The response of people and government should be clear that is, suppressing and driving away this barbaric and cruel group from the electricity pillars can solve the problem regarding to electricity.

Thursday October 10, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The death of the regional leader of Al-Qaeda in Helmand indicates that Taliban have persistent and close relation with this terrorist organization and the efforts on international community have not succeeded to end those relations.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: National Security Agency recently confirmed that Asim Omer a Pakistani citizen and Al-Qaeda leader in Indian subcontinent was killed in Helmand.
Asim Omer, some members that terrorist organization and their colleagues Taliban were killed almost two weeks ago in air attack.
The killing Asim Omer beside Taliban showed that there is a persistent relation between them and supports each other.
In long term negotiation between America and Taliban which was on eve signing, isolation of Taliban from Al-Qaeda, condemning of terrorism by Taliban was one of the articles of the agreement due to be signed by the two sides.
But, Musa Qala showed that Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorist organization still have close ties and international pressures have not reduced their friendship. This clear fact once again makes it clear that Taliban are not independent, lead and support by foreign intelligence services.
On the other hand the even showed that the ties between Pakistan and Al-Qaeda are great. Asim Omer was a Pakistani citizen and many Al-Qaeda members are Pakistani citizens in one hand and on other hand Osama-bin-Laden the leader of Al-Qaeda who was kill Pakistan territory in an attack of American forces in 2001 is a hero before many Pakistanis and the intelligent services of that country with dissemination of the idea that Osama considered Pakistan as his stronghold and credited Pakistan a lot. Also Al-Qaeda encouraged world terrorists to organize their activities under the instructions of Pakistani intelligence services.
The western intelligent services and media persistently have said that Amin Zawahiri the current leader of Al-Qaeda is in regions close to Durand line and Pakistani intelligence services provide the ground for his safety.
In fact, Pakistan is trying to rescue Al-Qaeda leader from escaping the region and deep him and his followers in the region.
Pakistani diplomats and military experts have acknowledged that Al-Qaeda was thinking to revive its influence among Taliban and presently there are more than 300 members of the group in Kunner, Kandahar, Nangarhar, Badakhshan, Zabel, Paktika and other locations in Afghanistan are fighting a long side Taliban. The problem is this that would be difficult to recognize them and separate from Taliban.
Afghan people are concern than any other countries from cooperation of Al-Qaeda and Taliban because the relation is very sensitive and the Afghans will pay the cost of it.
Therefore, American troops who are in Afghanistan to fight Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups should prepare a practical strategy to eliminate terrorism forever and rescue Afghanistan and entire region from the evil of terrorism.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The current situation of the country is concerning, passing from this sensitive condition is only possible via the unity of views and practice of the authorities.
BNS social and political affairs commenting on the issue writes: since some days ago different views and stance have been seen among certain authorities of the country which are not in to the interests of this war- torn country. If we pay deeply attention to root of the differences they are due to competitions for presidential elections.
Election in system that chants slogans for democracy is one of the main principles.
There are usually differences of views in democratic systems, but even the differences depend to people with specific politic and political parties should never negate the common objectives that are building the system and protecting the national values.
But unfortunately in Afghanistan the different views among politicians and members of certain parties have caused severe problems that prevent us from reaching the common goals this good governance and management of the country and encourage the armed oppositions and foreign enemies to accelerate their activities for reaching their evil goals in Afghanistan.
In democratic systems, the existence of differences mostly has amendment nature and provides the opportunity for the authorities to deeply think in preparing offering their programs and procedure.
One of the principles in democratic system is tolerance and convergence it would be better for our politicians despite of having deferent views and political dependencies considering the national interests honestly work for solving the problems the people suffering a lot.
For solving the current problems which are concerning leading the country toward a crisis, the unity of views and action among the relevant authorities is a must, without that provide the ground for those who are following their evil goals in our country. 
The people say, while our politicians are ready to inter in to negotiation with armed oppositions in spite all differences then why they not negotiate for settling the problems exist among themselves.
Recently we were witness the convention of presidential elections where 18 candidates competed for the post despite of having different views under the same flag, this indicates just national unity can lead us toward prosperity and development of the country so it requires to leave all differences and discriminations aside and with complete unity fight for settling the current problems and provide the ground for building a prosperous community lack of all discriminations.  

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