13 November 2018

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Taliban in recent days prohibiting the students going to schools have established a panic and fearful situation in some parts of the country.
BNA educational affairs commenting on the issue writes recently Taliban have set on fire two schools in suburb of Pul- I – Alam the capital of Logar province and closed 75 schools and deprived thousands of children attending schools in that province.  Only in Mohammad Agha district fifteen thousand students cannot attend school from the fear of this ignorant and barbaric group.
It is not only Logar that badly affected by the evil and criminal dealing of Taliban, the problem of Helmandi students are not better than Logari students. In Ghazni, Zabul, Kunduz, Herat and Bakghis due to regressive dealing of Taliban are experiencing horrible problems. The educational and knowledge enemies have closed tens of schools in various parts of the country to the students and prevented thousands of students going to schools. In addition this backward group has used schools located in their control areas as military base and even prison.
Using schools as a military base or prison has done as an incentive that state forces for safeguarding public facilities among them schools do not attack such places, so Taliban consider themselves safe in public institutions.
Taliban have called the closure of schools as the revenge of the killing of one of their commanders who lost his life in an air attack.
Taliban have frankly said that they would close the schools if state forces continue their cleansing operations.
Taliban using schools as a means for achieving their evil goals, the authorities of Education Ministry have repeatedly said that education is a public utility project, free from any political dependency should be supported and developed.
The ministry of education has also asked the parties involved in war not harm education system but as a public unitarily organization support it.
The closure of hundreds of schools in various parts of the country has psychologically affected the students and damaged the process of acquiring knowledge in the country.
Unfortunately, Taliban claim that they started their so called up rising from seminaries, but so are spare no any hostility against education and still continue to think as medieval ages  people
The authorities of ministry of education say they are trying to settle the problem of the closure of schools with support of dignitaries, Imams of the mosques and people with good reputation.
However, the last experience show that so far Taliban have not listened to the logic and words presented by elders and dignitaries in that end.  

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Kabul (BNA) NATO member countries leaders’ session presenting specific commitments for Afghan people ended.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the NATO member countries and their allied countries and organizations in Afghanistan recently ended their session in Headquarter of NATO committing specific commitments for Afghan people.
The Afghan people are experiencing the military presence of NATO and US for 18 years in their country. The fighting has been the long lasting war and the most expensive mission for NATO and US.
Although NATO and US during the last 18 years have carried out their military mission in the framework of international alliance in Afghanistan against terrorism, but still Afghanistan is seeing the most horrible and destructive activities of terrorism and feels the threat of this notorious phenomenon dissemination to other countries.
Afghanistan in anti-terrorism struggle seriously needs international assistances and still it is facing challenging problems in war against terrorism.  Overcoming the challenges and problems acquire international aids.
Now a question rises whither NATO can help successfully Afghanistan in settling the challenges and problems in war against terrorism?
Commitment of NATO member countries for increasing the number of Afghan army Special Forces, proper management of those forces and boasting Afghan air forces were the focus of the session.
In financial section, NATO leaders committed to provide six billion dollars for Afghan security and defense forces until 2024.
In political section, NATO once again insisted on Afghan problem solution via peace negotiations.
The recent NATO session drew a good prospect for Afghanistan and the content of the statement released at the end of the session clearly indicates that they deeply know and are aware about the current situation of Afghanistan.
However, the Afghan people do not consider just commitment and expressing sympathy the way of solution of the problem.
Afghan people believe that against their will, their country has been changed in to a battle field against terrorism and addition to this, Afghanistan is witnessing a proxy war among a number of countries. These are the problems that have made Afghan problem more complicated. The powers that really want to end this bloody war in Afghanistan should focus on the ways of settling the problems.
NATO and US have repeatedly have introduce Pakistan as the patron of terrorism and warned that they would punish it but so far they done nothing practically at that end.
Therefore, the Afghan people who have sustained the heavy casualties and destructions ask NATO and international community as a whole to honestly and practically fight terrorism that threats the world otherwise, it will have unpredictable consequences.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The religious scholars of Islamic world holding a session in Saudi Arabia in discussing the causes of war in Afghanistan called it illegal and insisted on its immediate ending.
BNA religious affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes , religious scholars from 40 countries across Islamic world, yesterday gathered in Saudi Arabia to denounce terrorism, extremism and all types of violence which link to the ongoing war in Afghanistan and to find the ways for restore peace and stability in to the country  and urgent ending this bloody conflict.
At the session 105 religious scholars including 34 religious scholars from Afghanistan are participated. The Pakistani religious scholars and the representatives of Taliban also invited to participate at the session. The presence of Pakistani scholar could be very effecting at the gathering because they have deep influence of Taliban and so far they have act according to their Fatwa or verdict.
Taliban who are the main side of the conflict could be also effective in defining the war and knowing the prospect of this bloody war.
The presence of religious scholars from 40 countries in Saudi Arabia session demonstrate that Islamic world considers the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan a part of Islamic societies, because the continuation of war which has a religious nature will flourish extremism  in some communities, disseminate violence and causes much agonies and severe concerns in Islamic societies.
Today, many religious organizations such as Al- Qaeda in Asia, Boko - Haram in Arica and other extremist groups in India, Philippine and Indonesia  who link and cooperate Taliban and other armed groups in Afghanistan, had caused anti – Islamic tendencies in many countries.
This indicates that Afghan problem has not remained   limited in to a political geography but has been changed in to a problem of Islamic world.
Continuation of such a situation not only harms Afghan society but also harms the other countries as well. Therefore, it would be the obligation of religious scholars apart from their religious, ethnical and linguistic affiliations jointly fight this notorious phenomenon, otherwise it would harmful for all Muslims 
Afghan people hope, the religious scholars in their session in Saudi Arabia making practical decisions prevent defaming Islamic values and identity
Unfortunately, Taliban against the expectations of peace loving Muslims have warned that if Saudi session announces Afghan war illegal, would consider it as an American project. This indicates that they are seeking to reject all reasonable demands.  They think nothing but implementing the objectives of foreign intelligence services.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Civic movements identify democracy and demonstrate the will of people for ensuring their legal rights supports by the state.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes during the recent days some sections of the north of the country were the scene of demonstrations in support of a commander of National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan.
Nizamudding Qaisari one of the commanders of the movement accusing of using force illegally and violating the law was arrested by security forces last week. The detention of this local commander caused the reaction of people by conducting demonstrations accompanied with violence in support of the commander which damaged some public utility properties and institutions.
The arrest of this local commander alongside several other notorious commanders accused of misusing in the country is a good commence in struggle against irresponsible armed people should not provide the situation for other evil people to use the process for their own advantage.
Whether the demonstrations have been planned or not is a separate matter, but what is of great importance is the accusations against Qaisari which led to his detention. The state should present proper reasons for the people who demonstrate against the detention of Qaisary and try to calm and satisfy them. The relevant authorities should clearly explain that they are serious in struggle against anyone who misuses force and power.  
In addition, there is much talking about the detention of Qaisari among civic and political circles; they insist that it is not only Faryab people who have been harassed by irresponsible armed people.  This problem even exists in Kabul the capital of Afghanistan. We have seen time and again that armed men affiliated to certain people have beaten police, passersby, journalists and shopkeepers and did not care in to instructions of security forces.
This problem is tangible in Herat, Kandahar, Parwan, Kapisa, Badakhshan, Takhar, Bamya, Paktia, Nangarhar etc.  It would be better what have happened in Faryab should be practiced in Kabul and other places against irresponsible armed people and force them to observe the law and be accountable.
The Afghan people never forget the statement of President Ghani which says,:” no Afghan has superiority to other Afghan”.
Any move that leads to good governance and democracy supported by the people but they insist that the state has obligation to respond to any movement or program.
The political experts warned that the state should pursue the new developments in north of the country with high consciousness, otherwise, the opportunists misusing the situation work for achieving their own evil objectives.

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