22 October 2019

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019
Kabul (BNA) National flag is the symbol of national unity and demonstrates the pride and power of our nation that safeguarding of it, in reality is protecting the national values.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, July 29 is national Flag Day in Afghanistan. Celebrating the national day is renewing our commitments for protecting the national values.
In Afghanistan where more than 40 years of war have made everything fragile, discussing national unity is a basic issue. Living and delivering efforts under national flag is of great importance that leads us to national unity and further organizes us.   
National flag is the symbol of coexistence and national unity that should be strictly observed.
The philosophy of existing a flag in a country indicates that there is no ethnical and linguistic differences in that country and its people enjoy of sharing the same destiny.  It is in the existence of national flag that we consider ourselves of having the same identity and the same political geography that causes self-confidence and leads to our national pride and consider ourselves responsible for building the country.
For Afghan people, their three color flag is the symbol of unity and prosperity. The three colors of Afghan flag represent an honor and explain the events that tell us about the bravery and fighting of ancestors made for the cause of freedom and independence and make the present generations to do their best for the prosperity of their homeland and welfare of their people under the flag.
Because of this our people have honestly carried out their obligations for freedom and independence of the country and welfare and prosperity of people deserved, under their three color flag.  

Monday July 29, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Although negotiation between the representatives of America and Taliban is following with great optimism, but the UN deputy secretary says that the process of peace process is not extensive and the pains and sufferings of Afghan people during the last 40 years are not at the focus of negotiation.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently the UN deputy secretary visited Kabul and carried out a series of Talks with the senior authorities of Afghan government and his return to New York presented a report to UN Security Council about the situation of Afghanistan.
This UN diplomat in his report has pointed to issues that should be focused on:
He has said that the peace process in Afghanistan was not extensive and the pains and sufferings of Afghan people were not at pivotal of negotiation. The women the victims of war and other Afghan citizens have no any role in peace negotiation and paid no any attention in to deadly pains.
He has made clear that world community including UN support the process of peace be extensive and considers focusing Afghan citizen a part of main condition of peace process in Afghanistan. This UN diplomat insists on keeping Afghan citizens at the pivotal of negotiation peace process in time that the US and Taliban have carried out several rounds of talks in absence of Afghan government representative. Likewise, Taliban had several sessions with Afghan politicians in Moscow and Doha in which they discussed the issue and exchanged views on that regard.
While, the Afghan government the real and legal representative of Afghan people has been informed about the talks via other sources. Taliban who have been considered by our people as a dependent group who act according the outsiders intelligence so far have not become ready to inter in to direct talks with Afghan government.
UN deputy secretary in his report pointing to the horrible situation of women in Afghanistan has said that one of the concerns of UN is this that the women are not the pivotal of peace negotiation and a small number of women had attended at Moscow and Doha sessions. UN expressed concern about the situation of women in the areas under the control of Taliban where all sorts of crimes and violations against women are carrying out.
This indicates that the UN is closely assessing the activities of Taliban and reached in to conclusion that the group has not changes so much due to the new political developments.
Afghan government is in favor of peace process and support it but insists that the process should be carried out according to Afghan people interests and should be honored and respected at all levels.
Therefore, the peace process just becomes legal when Afghan government as a legal representative of Afghan people is one side of the negotiation and the achievements of the last 18 years should be honored.

Wednesday July 24, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The recent political developments and the statements of a number of foreign countries involved in Afghan crisis once again demonstrated that every foreign country is seeking its own interests and this is the Afghans who have become the victim of interests and the proxy war launched by foreign countries.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the Afghan problem stated from a foreign invasion and because rivalries of foreigners the conflict continued and became very serious and problematic.
If we seriously pay attention on incidents from 1997 in Afghanistan, when the then Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, changed the country in to safe place for international terrorism and then coming of international coalition force s to fight against terrorism were all outsiders plans and programs imposed on poor and suffering Afghan people.
In forming these improper developments and changes the Afghans view and intention have never been involved. Therefore one can never blame the people of this country.  But a problem returns to the Afghans, this is the existence of discriminations among them. The foreigners used this evil habit for achieving their illegal objectives and used our country and people for getting their aims and implementing their strategies in the level of the region. 
Now the issue of war and peace returns to Afghans and the Afghans should think properly and target their political and economic goals.
In Afghan conflict, the other countries frankly pursuing their own interests, the in such atmosphere why do Afghan people forget their own interests?
If Afghans honestly say no to all kinds of discrimination and coordinately work for achieving their national interests, no any country would have the capability to look for its interests in Afghanistan.
The several years incidents in Afghanistan clearly showed that the foreign countries have used divisions and discriminations among Afghans as a means for looking and achieving their illegal interests in our country.
The current situation and the foreign countries leaders involved in Afghan problem statements ask the Afghans not beat the others drum and think about the future of their homeland and suffering people.
In the current Afghan war, both sides of the conflict are Afghans who lose their lives. This is a bitter fact that nobody can deny it.
The Afghans are fighting, but the involved countries pursuing their interests sometime come close to each other and sometime take distance, but their strategic interests bring them together. 
Therefore we should accept this bitter fact that the two sides of the conflict are Afghans who are the victims of others interests. 
The Afghans should do their best to end the casualties, otherwise the history will judge severely against them.

Monday, July 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says that police and army severely needed sever attention and the defense and interior ministries should take urgent actions in that regard.
BNA commentator commenting on the issue writes, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan during his visit to Kandahar and visiting the personals of the army there insisted that sever attention should be made for removing the problems of security and defense forces and their needs would be settled urgently.
The president insists on settling the problems exactly in a time that the personnel of 295 Attal divisions shared their views over the increase of the salaries of the nation army personnel, timely removing their military needs, transforming the wounded soldiers to the hospital vial air, provide the ground for higher studies of military and security personnel with the president.
The president pointing to the problems and proposals of military personnel said that police and army need serious attention and the ministries of national defense and interior should take urgent and effective measures in that regard.
The president also said that promotion is the right of every military and security personnel should be taken seriously and the personnel who are in battle fields, the time should be considered in promotions and instructed the list of the soldiers who have been for more than three years In army prepared in order to take effective measures for their promotions.
He added, peace is our aim, but never deals over the security and defense forces of the country.  After peace agreement, there would be no reduction in your quantity, because your presence across the country is needed until complete ensuring security across the country.
The president insisting on impartiality of security and defense force in elections asked them to spare any efforts for ensuring   security of this national process.
The president insist on removing the problems of security and defense organs that there many roamers about the problems those organs are suffering.
Shortage of military on battle fields, not efficient food and resting facilities, not timely receiving the salaries and not timely transforming of wounded personnel to the hospitals are the problems the personnel of security and defense forces mostly suffering.
This is Afghan brave soldiers and youths in the level of the region that fights against terrorism and defense the entire world. 
These organs are a part of national achievements and are so great that the enemies cannot endure. If it is not so, why senior members of Taliban are thinking about the revival of so called Islamic Caliphate and claim that when they succeed over military and security forces, at first stage they would dismantle these forces and cancel the constitution.
Therefore these organs are a part of national achievements and are so great that the enemies consider them as a thorn in their eyes and claim that if they reach power, they would dismantle these forces and the constitution of the country.
The president’s words, from settling the problems of defense and security forces to neutralizing the dreams for dismantling these forces are good words that revive hope in our hearts.

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