24 February 2020

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Saturday, October 05, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Islamic Republic of Afghanistan welcomes any efforts that restore peace and stability in to the country and the region but insist the efforts should be on national interests of Afghanistan.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes:  there are signs indicate the numbers of countries are trying to restart the standstill peace process in Afghanistan.
Peace negotiations between the representatives of America and Taliban lasted almost for one year and the two sides were ready to sign a consensus, dissolved just by a statement of Donald Trump US president.
The US president called the reason for cancelling the peace negotiations a suicide attack by Taliban that including eleven Afghans killed an American citizen.
US president says Taliban do not believe to peace and civic life and not ready to desist from violence.
Taliban who were talking from power position and were seeking to take advantage via launching violence, Trump’s decision was unimaginable.
With cancellation of negation between America and Taliban, the group was seeking to take there lost position, therefore the head of Taliban’s political delegation in Doha visited Russia, Iran and China currently visiting Pakistan. The aim of the visit was to show America and Afghan government that they enjoy the support of those countries in one hand and on another hand revive their position in peace process.
Taliban are trying for revival of negotiation with America and then starting intra – Afghan dialogues in a time, they consider violence as means for achieving their objectives. While the first move for political negotiation is desisting from violence and enforcing cease-fire for improving peace process to which Taliban not surrendered yet.

On the other hand, the efforts of Taliban for settling the problem of Afghanistan are mostly carrying out and supports by foreign countries.  But involvement of foreign countries in political process for solving the Afghan problem cannot last for a longtime, because the foreigners have their own interests and they want achieve them, certainly they are against Afghan interests.
Therefore, if Taliban are really Afghans should act according to Afghans’ interests and seek the solution Afghan problem inside the country.
Afghan government and people support any efforts that lead to restoring peace and stability in Afghanistan and in the region.
Peace in Afghanistan should be ensured in way the national values and achievements of Afghan people be protected and have Afghan nature.
The stance of president’s office in that regard is clear; this is Afghan government want a peace that its ownership is in the hands of Afghan people and government. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Independent election commission is in the only legal and credible source that has the authority to announce the results of the elections.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: election is a national program that it’s all process is carrying out in a process determined earlier, that should be performed patiently.
Although just a few days have been passed since the holding of presidential election and currently the independent election commission is busy in collecting the votes from elections centers, but certain people have started pre – estimations and introduced a candidate the winner and the other the loser, and with announcing artificial results of the election destroy the psychical security of people and also cause the emergence of problems in activities of independent elections commission.
Unfortunately, these illegal activities are carried and carrying out by those who have problem with a specific candidate and considering election as an opportunity for solving those problems and kept busy some media and social pages with their baseless statements and judgments.
Worse than that is the judgments and estimations are based on ethnical, locations and party or organizational incentives. The aim of which is adventure and creating tension in public’s minds.  
In such a situation, the country requires patient and unity.  The statements and activities of those people or organizations is nothing but destruction and harming the national process of the election.
The people who with keeping busy the media and social pages introduce a candidate winner and the other loser should consider the legal personality and Political and social status of the candidate of their favor.  They should not forget that their favorite candidate has chanted slogans of accepting the law, national unity and democracy while the activities of his supporters can damage the personality and status of the candidate. One of the principles of democracy is observing the law; therefore, observing the rights of election commission is observing the law.
Therefore the activities of independent election commission should be followed patiently and avoid interference in their work. 

Monday, September 30, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The Afghan people in spite of all extensive security threats successfully held presidential elections and Taliban did not succeeded to their evil aim that was creating security tension.
BNA reporter reporting on the issue writes: Afghan people holding presidential elections in the country once again confirmed democracy and Taliban who wanted to disrupt the process not succeeded to implement their evil goals.
Political elites and military experts say that the presence of people on voting centers was a clear response to Taliban who spare no any conspiracies to prevent people from voting did not succeeded. Finally the people were the winner and Taliban the looser.
America in nine rounds of negations with Taliban provided allots of opportunities for Taliban and made artificial hero from them and the group thought that they were in position to face this national process to the failure.
Fortunately the deep understanding of security and defense forces of Afghanistan and the extensive participation of Afghan people in the elections showed that Taliban have made a big mistake and discounted the Afghan people and their brave sons serving in security and defense forces of the country.
The authority of security and defense forces of the country say that Taliban spare no any efforts to disrupt the process of elections, but the elections conducted and the people voted to democracy.
Masoud Anderaby the acting minister of Interior ministry says that in Election Day Taliban carried out 68 criminal acts on voting centers across the country fortunately failed.  
According to Anderaby among 5372 voting centers 468 of them were closed due security reasons, non - presence of elections commission staffs and technical problems.
Asadullah Khalid the acting minister of nation defense ministry says no any concern able and big event have not occurred during the elections. The attacks of Taliban were much lesser than to previous elections and security forces succeeded to neutralize the plans and problems of the group.
The authorities of interior ministry say the most Taliban’s threats and motivation on Election Day were in Takhar, Logar, Kuner, Paktia, Paktika, Jouzjan, Faryab, Kuduz and Qandahar provinces. In a number of provinces among them Baghalan Badakhshan, Ghoor, Kapisa and Kabul have been reported about explosions and attacks of Taliban. 
As a result of terrorist attacks two police lost their lives and three military personals and 37 civilians injured.
Fortunately the casualties among Taliban were much more than the casualties among state forces. Only 72 Taliban have been killed in air attacks of Afghan air forces in Logar, Ghazni and Maidan Wordak and they also sustained heavy casualties in Ghoor, Kunduz and in four districts of Ghooband.
Esmatullah Mal the assistant of Independent commission of elections says the process of transferring of the material to the centers of the provinces will probably take three days.
The security program of elections indicates that the security and defense forces of the country were capable to perform their duties successful without the cooperation and coordination of foreign forces previously which is a great and appraisable success.
It is due to the initial results of presidential election to be announced on October 19th.     

Sunday, September 29, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Elections is a national process that determines the fate of people therefore the people knowing their responsibility   should participate and determine their future and destiny.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes election is a principle of democracy and a move toward establishing and improving a democratic system.
September 28 once again in the modern history of Afghanistan provided the ground for Afghan people to go to the elections sites, electing the leader of the country, handle the fate of themselves and their country.
Electing the leader would be very difficult for the people. One can settle the problem via assessing a candidate background precisely. The candidates for presidency are mostly the well-known people of the country and mostly the well- known candidates and further introduce themselves to the people within two months of competitions.
Therefore it would be very necessary for voters to follow a precise plan and program avoiding all ethnical and location discriminations, know about the situation of the country and the region and can handle and manage the country in the political games of the region and be useful for rescuing the country from current crises that the people are suffering.
During the Election Day it would be the first responsibility of voters. If they act precisely according to the needs of the country the future head of the country would be a man with great sympathy for people and will handle and manage the country as required and would be useful for rescuing  the  people from the current security, political and economic problems they suffering.
These are the people who can increase the credibility of the elections. This is their votes that cause a positive change and rid the country from security and economic problems the country is suffering.
Besides observing the above issues, the voters should observe the transparency and justice of the elections because, voting is an obligation of people and this is their duty to support this national process and guarantee it.
The political life and forming a stable future for the country seriously depends on the votes of the people. The people considering the urgency and sensibility of the country’s situation should use their votes and demonstrating their will prove that support democracy and never return to back.     

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