24 February 2020

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Sunday, September 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Peace is the desire of all nations, but for the people of Afghanistan not only a desire but is a need.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: September 21 is named by UN as World Peace Day.  The aim of naming is dissemination of peace values.
The day can provide an opportunity that politicians, military people and in general all residents of the globe think that a world without violence, living in peace and love is better than everything else. While fighting destructs all opportunities and values.
World Peace Day can attract public attention toward peace importance and encourage people to celebrate and honor the day according to their own styles.
Today peace is mentioned as the desire of all nations but this is not enough, one cannot consider peace as only an idea and desire and for accessing it use high feelings. The people in war torn countries like Afghanistan, Yamane, Syria, Iraq, Somali etc. insist on establishing strategies that make access to peace possible for the peoples of those countries. 
For the peoples of those countries, the life has introduced as fighting and campaign, while the life has beautiful dimensions that encourage continuation of life.
A humanitarian life is contrary to violence and fighting and the meaning of life is much higher than a person who inflames fighting or a person who is seeking his own interests explains.
One of the countries that had the desire for reaching peace is Afghanistan, the country that burning in flames of conflicts imposed by others for more than four decades. In spite all endeavors made for reaching peace, the problem has not yet solved and the people are not confident on their future.
World Peace Day observed in Afghanistan, while the county is at focus of peace efforts in recent months. Unfortunately contrary to those humanitarian efforts the country has be scene of terrorist attacks and outside interventions. The attacks’ targets were hospital, public services organizations and public exhibitions.
In international scene for restoring peace in to Afghanistan also made many efforts. There have been held no so many sessions and conferences on Afghan problem than those held for other countries. Also, the United Nations Organization has assigned more representatives and diplomatic delegations for Afghanistan. Unfortunately had no any result, and still the problem remained unresolved and the fighting is going on as before.
The problem is this that Afghanistan is involved in competition and proxy fighting launched by big powers and other countries of the region. Those countries follow and watching the peace process in Afghanistan due to their self- interests they bar the way for restoring peace in the country.
Peace could be restore and fighting could be end in Afghanistan only when the countries that have launched proxy war end the proxy war and stop supporting terrorist and extremist groups in Afghanistan.
The conflict in Afghanistan has imposed on our people; just UN can end this bloody tragedy via punishing and boycotting the countries involves and support terrorism in the region.

Saturday, September 21, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The time for presidential is closing but   security challenges still exist and the people concern about it.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes for holding presidential election just a week remained. Also the authorities of independent commission for election say that preparation for holding elections is finalized but they have expressed their concern on security concerns.
It is not only the members of independent commission of elections have expressed their concerns about security concerns of the elections, the recent unpleasant events in Kabul, Parwan, Nangarhar and Zabul that claimed the lives of a number of our compatriots clearly indicate that the process of elections is facing serious challenges.
Taliban have threatened that they would disrupt the process of the elections. Organizing the recent terrorist attacks, they showed they are serious about their threats.
Taliban accelerating their violence have made the life for people very difficult. The strategy and method that Taliban follow are contrary to humanitarian values and the interests of Afghan people. 
The people believe the threat by Taliban frankly show that they care not to public life, while Afghan people are enjoying from the rights of the political and social freedoms. The constitution has given them the rights, therefore the rights should be observed. 
Therefore, the stance of Taliban against elections is violation of Islamic teachings and ignoring the will of Afghan people that would not be acceptable for our people.
The people expect the authorities of the government to protect the life of civilians and citizens of the country during the election process.
The defense and security authorities insisted that they would stand firm against barbaric programs of Taliban, carrying out clearance operations trying to extend the zone of their activities across the country and prevent any terrorist actions.
The authorities insist that election is a national process and determines the fate of people, therefor let not to be sabotaged.
It would be better for Taliban instead of creating horror and showing power, examine their fate on campaigning ground of elections that represents the will of people, in order to know how much enjoy the support of people.
Afghan government considers elections the legitimate right of people and insists on supporting votes of the people and the results of just elections and asks all political parties including Taliban to demonstrate their influence among people in national programs such as elections. While standing against national programs and threating to disrupt them is emanate from the people’s accounting, unfortunately Taliban are suffering from such a fear.

Saturday, September 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The neighboring and the countries of the region should build their relations with Afghanistan according to international norms and standards.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes:  after Donald Trump the president of America cancelled the agreement that close to signing and Taliban were near to victory, they seem more Vern arable
Taliban in order to find the lost opportunity tried their best to bring US in to negotiations once again. Sometimes, they are pleading, other times threatening and sometimes; trying to introduce their regional and international friends and cooperators to America and in this way bring US under pressure.
Recently a four member delegation of the group went to Russia and Iran.
Taliban delegation in Moscow with the second rate officials of that country’s foreign ministry discussed the issues related Afghan peace process and supporting of that country from Taliban. Earlier Taliban have asked Russia to sign at the end of peace agreement between America and Taliban as a guarantor. Russia warmly accepted the proposal.  
But in Iran, the Taliban delegation talked with the authorities of foreign ministry of that county in a high position. (Peace process, recent developments and safety of Iranian projects and the strategy of permanent peace were the issues between the two sides. 
On the other hand Abas Stanukzay  a senior official of Taliban in Doha an interview with senior official of Taliban in Doha in an interview with a western media has asked Trump to send an American delegation on to negotiation table and Taliban are ready make ceasefire with America.
If we precisely pay attention to the proposal it points out to ceasefire only with American military and pains and the problems Afghan people suffering not only ignored but insist on permanency of the deadly fighting.
The regional countries hosting the Taliban delegation in a time, the group during the last month committed the most heinous act against Afghan people.
For all above terrorist events, Taliban claimed the responsibility. Therefore, how do they place Taliban in their capitals and honor them with great names?
It would not be important for Afghan people, what have Taliban have done for their identity but expects the friendly and neighboring countries to act against the group as they deserved.
On the other hand Abas Stanukzai one of the senior officials’ of Taliban in Doha interviewing with a western media has asked president Trump to send an American delegation to negotiation table and Taliban are ready to make a ceasefire with America.
The countries of the region are hosting the Taliban delegation in a time; the group committed the most brutal acts against Afghan people, such as attack on wedding ceremony.
Taliban claimed the responsibility of all above terrorist incidents and honored for conduction such satanic incidents.
It would be important for Afghan people and government that what Taliban are doing for their identity, but expect the friendly and neighboring countries to build their relations with Afghanistan according to international norms and standards. 
Since Taliban is a serious threat for the security of the region and world, therefore hosting the group is against all principles and relation among the countries.


Wednesday – September 18 -2019
Kabul (BNA) While Taliban justifying their fighting in Afghanistan as struggle against foreign forces, but thousands of foreign forces who are accused  for violence I the country, calling them Jihadists and honorably called them Jihadists.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes,    Afghanistan since four decades has been the scene of various developments and developments. The current problem of Afghanistan started with a foreign interference and became longer and more severe. This is the foreign interferences not let Afghans to settle their problems and care their pains and present a suitable inscription for settling their current problems and remedy the pains.
Here we are focusing about Taliban activities who are the major group fighting against state forces in Afghanistan and foreign forces there. Taliban calling their fighting Jihad (holy war) against foreign forces consider it as a religious war.
The group is against the existence of foreign forces in Afghanistan, but honor from the existence of thousands of foreign forces fighting alongside themselves.  The militants fighting for foreign countries, most of them have been committed serious crimes and are under police pursue in their own countries for the crimes they already done.
Once an Afghan media quoting a foreign source claimed that one third of Taliban’s fighters are foreign fighters.
The media made it clear that the number of foreign nationals fighting alongside Taliban reached between three to four thousand people. Most of them have come from Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries.  But that figures are not realistic. The intelligence sources show the figure between 10 to 12 thousand people. Those militants teach Taliban the skills of making bombs, management and carrying terrorists’ activities and insure their relations with terrorist groups. 
Most of the foreign militants have done certain crimes in their own countries are under pursuit and cannot live in their own country; therefore they have to Afghanistan to present themselves as so called Mujahidin.
Many believe the foreign militants who are fighting alongside Taliban and other armed groups teach Taliban and their commanders’ show the ways of making bomb, carrying suicide attacks and other terrorist attacks.  They have and play a role of advisors to Taliban’s commanders and providing the opportunity for attracting the financial assistances from gulf and other countries and their presence beside Taliban, give Taliban religious legitimacy which is of value among the people.
If the existence of foreign forces are the reason for fighting of Taliban and other armed groups they have not requested by Afghan state. The American and its western allies have come to Afghanistan to fight against the threat of terrorism. Therefore if that threat removes the American and its western allies need not to stay in Afghanistan anymore.
So if Taliban really want the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, they should honestly provide the ground for their withdrawal.   Taliban should reject Pakistanis who for ensuring its interests in Afghanistan as Americans doing. 
Taliban should prefer their country’s interests to the interests of Pakistan and its allied forces. 

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