23 April 2019

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The Legislature Committee of presidency has prepared a new draft of mass media law, by approving that further facilities will provide for media in the country.
BNA media affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the legislature committee of the presidency that managed by second vice president has recently prepared the draft of a new mass media law.
Mass media law during the last few years has reviewed five times in order to provide more facilities for media.
Repeated reviewing this law by legislature committee of presidency indicates that media activities have special importance in Afghanistan and the state is committed to freedom of speech and its promotion. 
Freedom of speech and growth of media is one of basic political achievements of Afghanistan, the achievement not only Afghan people and government honor for it but armed oppositions also considered it useful.
Freedom of speech is an opportunity for promotion of democracy in the country which should be used in a proper way. We can change this opportunity in to big opportunity only when we have a national definition for freedom of speech and free activities of media.
Today, dozens of printed, pictorial and aural publications are operating in the country and state patiently pursue their operations and support them.
However, assessing national issues and preventing from disruption is the job of media, unfortunately there are media that have no clear definition from national interests which sometimes consciously or unconsciously cause political, ethnical and religious confrontations which are not concur with national spirit and public interests, while observing the law and honoring public interests is an integral part of democracy that should honestly regarded by media.
The mass media law is an opportunity for establishing a proper ground for more lawful activities of media that can promote the newly established democracy in the country and protects the national values.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Pakistan prime minister has announced that the representatives of US and Taliban in mediation of him would visit in Pakistan.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes Omran Khan prime minister of Pakistan has said that the visit takes place in US demand and mediation of him.
Although Omran Khan has given no more details and it is not clear what is level of Taliban envoy in negotiation with Khalizad but the move of Pakistan gives a message to America and its allies and also to Afghanistan that access to Taliban is only possible via Pakistan.
Khalilzad the special envoy of US for Afghanistan has so far met two times with Taliban delegation in Qatar. There was optimism about the visits. Both US envoy and Taliban delegation talked about progress of the negotiations. In addition, Taliban delegation attended in session held by Russian foreign ministry in Moscow, in this way rescued itself from international isolation and became more active in both political and battle fields.
Some sources have said that with new developments from the visit of US and Taliban delegations and attending of Taliban delegation in Moscow, Pakistan that is the main supporter of Taliban project has seen itself in the margin.
For this reason, Mullah Hebatullah the leader of Taliban who has close relation with Pakistan’s intelligence services on December third asked his political delegation from Qatar to Pakistan in order to give them some advices. While Pakistan under the cover of Mullah Hebatullah’s program organized the visit between US and Taliban delegation and in this way gave a message to America that any contact and negotiation with Taliban is impossible without the consent and agreement of Pakistan.
A number of Afghan politicians say that Pakistan hosting the session of US and Taliban’s delegations wants to say that they cooperate US, while in secret dealings, Pakistan want to show America that Taliban are in their control and influence and exploiting the situation wants to take certain privileges from America.
In addition, the Pakistanis successfully established relation between Moscow and Taliban in order to raise the US sensitivities if US and draw the attention of that country toward itself.( US and Pakistan are experiencing a tense relation during the last two , three  years )
According those politicians, Pakistan designing the program of negotiation between Taliban and US is trying to drive the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from the current political activities to the margin.
Pakistan some years ago prepared a program for negotiation between Afghanistan and Taliban, but when they learnt that they would reach consensus very soon. Using the death of Mullah Omer the leader of Taliban ceased the negotiation between Afghan government and Taliban forever. 
Political elites say that the negotiation of US envoy with Taliban in Pakistan would be more important than Qatar’s sessions, because Pakistan is the sanctuary and the residence home of Taliban’s leaders, while Taliban repeatedly deny the presence of Taliban’s in that country, but due to the situation considering their interests openly talks about the presence of Taliban leaders in their soil.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Kabul (BNA) A tripartite session of high level Afghan, Chinese and Pakistani diplomats holds in Kabul
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the tripartite session of Afghan, Chinese and Pakistani foreign ministers held in Kabul, security cooperation and border issues among the three countries were the main subjects discussed in the session.
Last year, the foreign ministers of the three countries holding a session in Beijing the capital of China discussed the same issues, started and ended with optimisms but the situation remained challenging.
The people believe that it would be better, the participants of three partite sessions in Kabul, instead discussing new issues, explain their achievements after the last year’s session.
If we look precisely at the process of developments of incidents during the last year, there is no any change in the tense situation of Afghanistan in the region. Afghanistan is still in the grip of Pakistan’s wrong policies. Pakistan instead trust building in relation between the two countries, mainly focused over its strategic interests which further spread distrust in the region.
While the situation of Afghanistan is complicated and the condition of the region is not favorable, Afghan people want to know People’s Republic of China as a powerful neighbor of Afghanistan and in the region and an influencing country on Pakistan what has done for decreasing the adventurous policies of Pakistan.
Today, the people are talking about the presence of IS in east and north of Afghanistan. Russian resources blatantly have said that Karachi and Peshawar in Pakistan were the main passing road of IS in to Afghanistan. Therefore when there is talking about security concerns, how much China and Pakistan has responded to Afghanistan concerns regarding to transmitting IS through Pakistan soil in to Afghanistan.
In last year’s session they were talking on trust building, while the people of Afghanistan still distrust Pakistan activities and ask how much Kabul session would be effective in removing the distrusts between Afghanistan and Pakistan relations?
Since a long time we have been witnessing numerous sessions on Afghanistan problem, but unfortunately had no any consequences.
The people insist that the importance of such sessions depends on actions of governments. Diplomatic sessions should not be launched using good words but the commitments and implementing the commitments in practice should be considered as the basic aim. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Kabul (BNA) In a country where for dozens of years’ war continuing talking about human rights would be difficult.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghanistan is for tens of years in flame of imposed war and its people are suffering from the pains and hardships have caused this imposed war.
However, it should not be forgotten that the Afghan community in close cooperation of international community is moving toward a democratic and new society. Considering this important point, has established independent commissions under the name of Human Rights Independent Commission in order to provide the ground for punishment of those violate human rights.
Unfortunately, so far such an opportunity has not provided, but the number of terrorists has increased, new terrorist groups created, using religion as means fight against religion, using the sacred terms of man and freedom fight against man and freedom.
The majority of Afghan people believe those who produce terrorist groups and use them for achieving their political and military objectives in the region and in the world, in reality are main violators of human rights in the world.
There is a general belief that no terrorist group can follow its anti – human rights objectives even for a month without the assistance of foreign countries intelligence services.
In any case, Afghanistan is passing through a difficult political and military phase; the people are talking seriously about war and peace all over the country.
Discussions on human rights issues and protecting the humane values were the pivotal of peace talks with armed oppositions during the last 17 years. The consequences of the talks should not ensure the immunity of war criminals and should not harm democracy and the rule of people. These are concerns that the people present. The people’s will and demands should be observed and look at human rights issues through the eyes of people  who have given sacrifices for years and tortured for years under various names.

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