23 September 2019

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Kabul (BNA) While Eid is a good opportunity for reconciliation and forgetting the hostilities, Mullah Hibatullah the leader of Taliban in a message on occasion of Eid- ul – Fitr insists on continuation of war and once again spread hatred.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes while efforts for ending war in Afghanistan in national and international level increased and the contacts of Afghan politicians and a number of world countries with Taliban have increased that brought  hopes for solving this long crisis. But regretfully, the message of Taliban leader published on occasion of Eid – ul – Fitr   indicates that the group don not believe to peace and peaceful life.
Mullah Hibatullah   the leader of Taliban has said that the group would continue fighting until he achieve his objectives. Also, the Taliban leader in his message calls for ending the war but showed no any intention for establishing ceasefire.
Although, Mullah Hibatullah says that he was in favor of ending war but ignores ceasefire that is the main point for ending any conflict.
Insisting on continuation of war tries to talk from a high position in negotiations with Americans, while people around the world specially Muslims never call carrying suicide and explosions in Kabul and other places, killing the students and employees of an organ jihad and  honor for such criminal deeds.
Peace is the major demand of Afghan people, the happy and warm presence of Taliban in towns and cities during the last year’s Eid – ul – Fitr clearly showed that the ordinary men of the group how much interested to peace and much hatred again fighting and conflict.
The happiness ordinary Taliban in last Eid weakened the moral of the group and made the leadership of the group to not accept holding ceasefire during the coming Eid.
While the stance and view of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is completely humanistic and Afghani as the spokesman of presidency says that the Afghan government is ready for ceasefire and inter Afghans dialogues.
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan using every opportunity wants to save the lives of the citizens that is be ceasefire during Eid or other religious or historical occasions, just wan improve the atmosphere of trust among Afghan suffering nation.
The stance of Mullah Hibatullah that insists on continuation of war and the stance of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that use any opportunity to save the lives of people clearly show that who is in favor peace and who prevent and create obstacles on the way of peace, destroy the country and kill innocent people.   

Thursday, May 30, 2019
Kabul (BNA)  Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan calling per suiting and arresting terror, abduction and criminal networks as priority of security organs insisted on curbing them as soon as possible.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently the session of securities authorities to assess the situation in Kabul city and province was held in presidential office. 
In the session the security authorities explaining the security situation in Kabul city, expressed their views and programs in that regard.
The president instructed the security authorities to arrest illegal armed groups and terrorists as soon as possible and assure of complete peace and security to Kabul citizens on the eve of  Eid- ul – fitr .
The session has been held in time, Kabul is experiencing a fragile security and its citizens are seeing one or several terrorist or criminal incidents.
The terrorists and criminals both are harassing the residents of Kabul and spare no any evil act against the residents of the capital.
Kabul during Ramadan experienced the worst security situation, such as attacks on security posts in Doughabad seventh precinct and in Pul –I – Charkhi area ninth precinct,  laying bomb in a mosque in ninth precinct,  using explosive device in a vehicle transporting the employees of Haj and Donation Ministry and the shocking mass killing of seven members of a family in Karta- i- Sakhi , assassinating two young people in Panjsad Family area and tenths of other criminal incidents were the most horrible incidents that shocked  Kabul which has the six million residents but no security.
Kabul citizens say, their city has been changed in to a ghost,  the relevant security authorities are talking a lot about security and eradicating the factors of violence, unfortunately they did little in practice.

The people say that insecurity in neighboring provinces of Kabul and presence of armed groups affiliated to Taliban in Qarabagh, Mosahi and khak – i- Jabar  districts   have provided the ground for terrorist activities inside the Kabul city, beside that the presence of illegal armed people, the presence of illegal weapons in the hands of a number of residents of the capital and supporting certain high ranking authorities from them have failed security forces to overcome the criminals and terrorists.
The president precisely and timely knowing the situation says that he is serious for ensuring security in Kabul city and in removing the concerns of its inhabitants.
What have the president committed for people the security, executive and justice and judicial organs are obliged for implementing them in practice.   

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The disastrous killing seven members of a family in third precinct Kabul city was a shocking crime that badly affected the spirit of people and clearly showed that there are severe shortages in protecting the life of the citizens.
BNA criminal affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes on the night of Ramadan 27, seven members of a family including women and children were killed in Karta – I – Sakhy and the killers succeeded to flee.
In less than five days, this the third killing incident in Kabul city, earlier a lawyer in Karta- I – Now area and another citizen assassinated close to Attorney General’s office.
The incidents indicate that the security of the capital severely fragile and concerning while the relevant authorities talk about insuring security in Kabul city.  As the acting spokesman of interior ministry says that the number criminal incidents have decreased 20 %, but how one can accept these statements in occurrence of the recent days’ incidents.
The people say that there are various reasons for dissemination of crimes in Kabul and other cities. First of all the relevant authorities have failed to implement their commitments and programs in practice already made.
Bedside this, the people consider the works of justice and judicial organs weak and insist that these organs should deal with such crimes seriously and categorically.
The prisons of the country are full of criminal, thieves, law breakers, robbers and… but their cases have not been completed on time and many of them released or acquitted because of unknown reasons and return to the community.
In some cases, works of justice and judicial organs have disappointed the people. For example the criminals who abducted Mahsa a six year old girl about two months ago from Khairkhana area instead of execution, sentenced to prison.  This is how these criminals have been introduces underage is a question that the family of assassinated child and thousands other people are waiting to hear the answer.
Some years ago, we were witness of a similar incident in Panjsad Family area Kabul city in which ten members of a family gun downed. After a period of time, police arrested culprits who were three persons, but the people not informed about the fate of them. They were deserved to be hanged publically.
The people are not satisfied with the practice of justice and judicial organs and accuse police for less working. May be these claims not be correct in some cases but it would be necessary for all relevant authorities to think deeply and standardize their deeds according to the realities and meet the people’s expectations.      

Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Acting national defense minister says the so called spring operation of Taliban has failed and the group had no any development in that regard.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Asadullah  Khalid the acting defense minister in his latest statement has said that Taliban had no any achievement in their Spring Operations and even could not succeeded to get a piece of land.
Khalid says that Taliban in close cooperation of foreign terrorists tried to make their so called Al- Fatah (conquer) operation full of success and achievements, fortunately had no any achievement and failed to achieve their heinous goals. In this way the defense and security forces showed their priority and firm stance against Taliban.
The statements expressed in a time, Taliban in the first days of the current Afghan year in the mid of political developments, while the US and Taliban representative were carrying out their negotiations and several sessions were planned. 
Taliban declaring Al- Fatah Operation in mid of such political developments tried to talk from a more powerful stance in order to achieve more concessions.
Taliban alongside political objectives announcing Al- Fatah operations tried to increase their mental and propaganda war against Afghan people to prevail the atmosphere of horror and fear in the country, fortunately they did not succeeded to achieve this evil aim.
Taliban started their Al- Fatah operations with support of certain countries who wanted to give a new identity and stance to the group.
Taliban have increase their attacks on security bases in a number of districts and intended to conquer some administrative organs but all the attacks were ended with giving high casualties. Their defeat in Bala Murghab district Badghis province and in Bulcharagh district Faryab province were disastrous for Taliban and proved that they are nothing but a small and a weak military unity supported and encouraged by their foreign masters and this is state forces who have the initiative in their hands.
The defeat of Taliban in battle fields made the group to carry out terrorist attacks on civilian targets. To achieve this satanic aim they chose big cities as the targets for their attacks in order to show their capability in political and military grounds in one hand and on the other hand creating awe and horror among people mentally disturb them.
Attack on a civilian organ in Kabul, bomb attack on Jalalabad city, sending four suicide attackers to Ghazni province, carrying out an explosion inside a mosque and other such rimes were the tyrannical and barbaric deeds Taliban committed in their so called Al – Fatah operation against longtime war suffering Afghan people.
Taliban’s aim for launching so called Al- fatah operation was propagations as Zabihullah Mujahid the so called the spokesman of the group has acknowledged that for reporting about Al- fatah operation have doubled the number of their reporters in order to feed the internet site of the group with military stories.
Fortunately Taliban did not hit their target and Al- fatah operation seriously defeated and caused the hatred of people and international organizations.
As UNAMA condemning the attacks on mosques and civilians called the attacks inhumane and barbaric blamed Taliban for committing the crimes.

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