19 October 2020

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Tuesday, October 08, 2019
Kabul (BNA) October 7 is the anniversary of international forces coalition headed by America anti- terrorism operation in Afghanistan.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: anti – terrorism world coalition, 18 years ago on October 7, 2001 started its attacks against Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for revenging September 11 attacks for the regime giving sheltered terrorist groups.
Counter terrorism world coalition forces headed by America, succeeded to collapse Taliban regime in 55 days, but failed to eliminate the members of it completely. They organized and started their terrorist activities named jihad or holy war against occupation in 2004.
America and its western allies attacked Afghanistan due to clear reasons, this is designer of September 11 attacks was in Afghanistan, supporting Al- Qaeda and its leader, not surrendering of Asama bin Laden to America were the main reasons that America and its western allies justify their military intervention in Afghanistan.
The international coalition forces carried out in a time, thousands of foreign terrorists including Arabs, Punjabis, Al- Ghors , Chechens, Kashmiris and the citizens of central Asia countries were in Afghanistan supported by Taliban. ISI the intelligence service of Pakistan also trained and sheltered Taliban to meet its dreams and objectives in Afghanistan, region and beyond the region.
The presence of world terrorists in Afghanistan are organized and managed by intelligence service of Pakistan. In such a situation the Afghan people were suffering a lot because disorder and ignorance were prevailed in the country.
In such a situation, the international coalition decided to eliminate terrorism and topple the barbaric regime of Taliban. Therefore, to achieve this humanitarian goal attack Afghanistan on October 7 and toppled Islamic Emirate after 55 days of fighting.
Afghan people and international community had thought the problem has solved, unfortunately it was not right. Once again they emerged in 2004 and started their terrorist activities that continue until now and so far have taken the lives of many innocent Afghans.
October 7 is a great development in history of Afghanistan which has created great hopes in hearts and minds of Afghan people and provide the ground for a civic life but unfortunately not lasted for a long time, because terrorists supporting by the intelligence services of certain countries specially Pakistani intelligence service revived and continue killing Afghan people damaging their homeland.
Terrorism is not a threat to Afghanistan but to the entire world. So it would be better for the world community fight honestly against terrorism and end it and save the world for ever from the evil of this heinous phenomenon.

Monday, October 07, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The special envoy of Russian president has said that if America elects war, Taliban will also fight with them.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes: Zamir Kabuloof the Russian president’s special envoy for Afghanistan this time replacing the Taliban’s spokesman has threatened from the address of that group. (If America fights Taliban will also fight.)
The statements stated in a time Donald Trump US president because of killing a soldier of that country in Afghanistan change to nothing  one year efforts of Zalmay Khalilzad the special envoy of that country and cancelled the negotiation between America and Taliban considered fruitful.
In an attacked on Shash Darak , Kabul a month ago an American soldier killed and 11 Afghan civilian lost their lives. Previous to the above incident, with in a year America and Taliban carried out 9 rounds of negotiations, Taliban repeatedly carried out terrorist attack that claimed the lives many innocent Afghans but neither the White House nor Kremlin and others were silent and not complained from brutality of Taliban but the death of an American soldier destroyed everything.
Taliban who in nine rounds of negotiations with America thought have received a lot of concessions, with decision of Trump found themselves in political isolation and especially due to the escalation of decisive forces attacks in recent days the group seriously weakened than any other time.
Taliban in first days Trump decided to cut off negotiation with them beat the door of Kremlin Castel and went to Beijing and Mullah Ghani Brother the political deputy who was recently released from Panjabians’ prison appeared in Tehran and finally he reached Islamabad to honor the men who once imprisoned and insulted him too much.
Presently, Taliban are seeking to build their identity once again, but they are no more than a means in current affairs in Afghanistan and in the region. 
The recent developments in political arena showed that every country has its own interests in Afghanistan and what they not consider is the interests of Afghanistan.
Omran Khan the prime minister of Pakistan in his recent visit with Trump asked for reviving the negotiation between America and Taliban and now Kabuloof says that America and Taliban are seeking the revival of negotiations because Taliban have asked Russia to cooperate on that regard.
Kabuloof made it clear that while the two sides want to negotiate with each other Russia is ready to cooperate in best way.
In this way he supported the position of Taliban and this clearly indicates that war and peace are not in hand of Taliban bur they are a political means used by foreign countries to achieve their interests.
Afghanistan is the only loser in these bloody games
But Taliban should know that the bad fate of Afghanistan started forty years ago with invading of the troops of former Soviet Union, present Russia and led to competitions among many countries and change Afghanistan in to a battle field which contuse until today. Russia considering this bloody background should perform its moral responsibility and act honestly in peace negotiations.     

Sunday, October 06, 2019
Kabul (BNAer 5 is world day for teacher, but the teachers in Afghanistan say that they are suffering from professional and economic problems unfortunately less attention have been paid for the state of their life.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: October 5 is the word day of teacher that provides the opportunity to know more about teacher’s life in specific and in general about the situation of education and  assess our  social share and  role regarding to respecting the teacher and observing the rights of teacher.
Although the growth and extension of education is one of the priorities of the state but less attention have been paid for their professional situation. Most of the teachers believe that the authorities have paid less attention to their conditions of life.
Teaching for an hour requires energy and power, but in Afghanistan work for six hours in a day and due to less income, poor economy, lack of security and psychic safety how one can expect a standard education and teaching in our country? 
A teacher for better teaching requires mental comfortably but due to lack of security, economic poverty, social disorder and tenths of other problems that can harm the mental security of a teacher, how can a teacher use a standard teacher and how can expect to have a standard education in our country?
The future of the homeland determines from teaching classes. The scholars, great thinkers and designers, genus and statesmen of Today were students. There were teachers and schools that offered such great personalities to the community.
Therefore, the teacher and the school lay the foundation stone of a society and are the true architecture of the community.
It should be mentioned that the problems of the teachers in our country on various arena are great.  Professional, living condition, social and cultural poverty are among the problems that harm the mind of every teacher and ever sensitive individual in our country.
Beside economic poverty and insecurity annoying the teacher and education, a wrong dealing of a number of impolite students undermines the status and the rights of teachers in the society. Disappointing news have been heard from inside some schools that the teachers are suffering from injustice of the authorities of the school in preparing the teaching schedule and other related affairs, even they give bribe to the high ranking officials of the school.
The heads of administrations have been chanting useful slogans for years to solve the problems of teachers but in practice not done anything expected.
The people strongly believe the prosperity and progress of the country depends to good teachers and school, so if the relevant authorities of the country really want the prosperity of the country should support the teachers and schools across the country. 
To achieve that noble aim a constructive and practical strategy should be prepared, because just celebrating the Teacher Day would not solve any problem in the country. 

Saturday, October 05, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Islamic Republic of Afghanistan welcomes any efforts that restore peace and stability in to the country and the region but insist the efforts should be on national interests of Afghanistan.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes:  there are signs indicate the numbers of countries are trying to restart the standstill peace process in Afghanistan.
Peace negotiations between the representatives of America and Taliban lasted almost for one year and the two sides were ready to sign a consensus, dissolved just by a statement of Donald Trump US president.
The US president called the reason for cancelling the peace negotiations a suicide attack by Taliban that including eleven Afghans killed an American citizen.
US president says Taliban do not believe to peace and civic life and not ready to desist from violence.
Taliban who were talking from power position and were seeking to take advantage via launching violence, Trump’s decision was unimaginable.
With cancellation of negation between America and Taliban, the group was seeking to take there lost position, therefore the head of Taliban’s political delegation in Doha visited Russia, Iran and China currently visiting Pakistan. The aim of the visit was to show America and Afghan government that they enjoy the support of those countries in one hand and on another hand revive their position in peace process.
Taliban are trying for revival of negotiation with America and then starting intra – Afghan dialogues in a time, they consider violence as means for achieving their objectives. While the first move for political negotiation is desisting from violence and enforcing cease-fire for improving peace process to which Taliban not surrendered yet.

On the other hand, the efforts of Taliban for settling the problem of Afghanistan are mostly carrying out and supports by foreign countries.  But involvement of foreign countries in political process for solving the Afghan problem cannot last for a longtime, because the foreigners have their own interests and they want achieve them, certainly they are against Afghan interests.
Therefore, if Taliban are really Afghans should act according to Afghans’ interests and seek the solution Afghan problem inside the country.
Afghan government and people support any efforts that lead to restoring peace and stability in Afghanistan and in the region.
Peace in Afghanistan should be ensured in way the national values and achievements of Afghan people be protected and have Afghan nature.
The stance of president’s office in that regard is clear; this is Afghan government want a peace that its ownership is in the hands of Afghan people and government. 

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