30 September 2020

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Thursday March 5, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Taliban by restarting their attacks on public and military installations, once again prove that they didn’t believe on political solution in the country.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, a day after signing US-Taliban peace agreement, once again the country was witness of violence, in which several civilians and Afghan security forces lost their lives.
Ministry of interior has announced Taliban fighters have launched 33 attacks on public and military installations within the last 24 hours, as a result several Afghan national defense and security forces and six civilians were killed. Before signing of US-Taliban peace agreement “Seven-day violence reduction have executed across the country” and expectations among people revive that there were no sound of bullets, anymore woman doesn’t lost her husband, any child doesn’t lost his/her father and a mother doesn’t lost her beloved one furthermore, but these expectations remained in aspire, so after signing peace deal Taliban has announced that they didn’t target foreign troops in Afghanistan, but continue killing of Afghanistan Muslim people as Jihad.
Such stance of Taliban clearly explicit that the group did not believe on solving Afghanistan political challenges, the fighters  are trying to reach their goals and determined programs. Taliban group, such as Pakistan is playing double game in peace agreement, the aim of the group from signing peace agreement with US and announcement preparedness for ending war in Afghanistan was a tactic movement.
Taliban by signing peace agreement with US tried to cut off presence of foreign troops from battlefields in Afghanistan and also decrease pressure on their fighters in battlegrounds.
Practically, Taliban start double game, first they signed peace agreement with US and now they are fighting with Afghan security forces and killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan.
While thought for solution of political challenges need confidence, but Taliban failed in this regard.
The group must have exact calculation from the current situation of the country, totalitarian in battlefield is self-deception.
The group should know that continuation of violence reduction is a part of US deal with them. If Taliban fighters do not know about the text of the signed agreement, they need to refer UNAMA, EU and Russia diplomats.
Recently, Ronald Kobia special representative of European Union for Afghanistan explicitly has said, “This is not the time for posturing, but the phase to build trust & move forward in a constructive manner.”
Also General Scott Miller commander of NATO and Resolute Support in Afghanistan said, “US will defend Afghan forces, situation is "fragile," reduction of violence is the objective, if Taliban don't live up to obligations US will respond.”
Also, senior security and defense officials of Afghanistan ordered to related organs to give decisive response to Taliban attacks.
These remarks represent that Taliban have entered with incorrect calculation. Today region and the world want to solve challenges in Afghanistan, they didn’t want an Afghanistan as seventy solar years.
National interests of Afghans should be the top priority in this regard, Taliban should have exact calculation in peace process and be ready to accept facts in Afghanistan and the region.


March 4, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says that for intra-Afghan negotiation a delegation should be appointed that represent from values of Islamic Republic and constitution of Afghanistan.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, by signing US-Taliban peace agreement, intra-Afghan negotiation will be started within the next few days, but until now the combination and members of the delegation didn’t specified by government of Afghanistan.
Delaying in determination of delegation for intra-Afghan dialogue by Afghanistan government brought lots of debates among political circles, civil activists and residents of the country.
Some people believes that internal disputes among politicians has taken opportunities from people and government of Afghanistan, on the other hand, made stronger and more prominent the opposite side and now the main side of war in the country and the region has changed to main side of peace.
Delaying in announcement of intra-Afghan delegation and complexity in number and combination of the process has increase concern among people and the people fear from continuation of disputes and different views among politicians, will opened external intervention in the process and finally initiative will be taken from the people of Afghanistan.
Existence of disputes and different views among politicians in every country is common, but different views can’t harms national interests and commitments against people.
Currently, people of Afghanistan are facing in a multifaceted and sensitive political period, while this period didn’t manage correctly the collective identity is questioned and the future of Afghanistan people will be uncertain.
President Ghani in a press conference while talking about US-Taliban peace agreement said, we are trying to establish a delegation for intra-Afghan dialogue and emphasized that the delegation must represent the Islamic Republic values and Afghanistan constitution.
According to President Ghani remarks “Afghans should establish a delegation that involved professional and specialist figures and discuss legal, political and military issues as required, but all parts include to a comprehensive delegation that board of the delegation should be stationed in Kabul and will represent from all parts and strata and also principle participation should be observed.
People of Afghanistan are not satisfied from several round of negotiations held between Afghans and Taliban representatives in Masco and Doha. In those negotiations participants from Kabul have talked and discussed about their personal and group interests, because of that the opposite side get more points and raised more.
But, in this round people of Afghanistan emphasized that the number and combination of delegation for intra-Afghan dialogue should be compact and comprehensive. The delegation must be represent from values and 18 years achievements of the country and defend from aims and requests of Afghans. This is possible when members of the delegation have a unit viewpoint and coordination.

Saturday March 01, 2020
Kabul (BNA) 9th Hoot (28 February) is the National Day for support of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, the forces that protect national interests and human values.
BNA military analyst commenting on the issue writes, 9th Hoot was nominated as national day for support of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, supporting the heroes that protect our national values in worst condition with less facilities.
Today, Afghanistan is the battlefield for proxy war of numerous countries in the region and world, the war imposed by extremist groups and international terrorist organizations on people of Afghanistan, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces until now successfully defeat the enemies of the country and fight against extremist groups and international terrorist organizations bravely, thus, the sacrifices and heroism of the forces must be appreciated.
Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are the main and spiritual owners of the country, they provide opportunities for good governance, living in peaceful environment, education and ensuring peace and stability in the country.
Security and defense organs have/has significant role in stability system in the country.
Nodaway, sacrifices and heroisms of Afghan national defense and security forces is celebrating across the country, but only celebrating is not enough, we must pay attention on challenges and shortages of security and defense organs and taking steps toward solving the problems.
Repeatedly, media broadcast challenges and problems of Afghan national defense and security forces in battlefields, inside security units, society and families.
Frequently, media have release reports about deficiencies of Afghan national defense and security forces’ facilities in battlefields, broadcast about lack of foods, reported from non-transfer of martyrs and injuries from battlegrounds to their families and hospitals on time and lack of attention to martyrs’ families for receiving salaries.
People hope that the government must pay keen attention on Afghan national defense and security forces, pay their salaries on time and defense and security officials be honest on their pledges.

Wednesday February 5, 2020
Kabul (BNA) People cooperation with government and security organs is the only way for solving current problems in capital Kabul city.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, Kabul is the location of government sovereignty and an example of political will for people and government of Afghanistan, but since a while capital Kabul witnesses of some troubles that has damaged the identity of the city and if do not prevent these dilemmas the identity and dignity of government will be questioned.
Insecurity, increasing armed robberies, increasing narcotic drug addicts, selling and buying narcotic drugs, harassment of women on the roads, increasing irresponsible armed men, continuing usurpation of lands and etc… has increased concerns among residents of Kabul city.
Conducting criminal cases cannot be accidental, but Kabul city as capital of Afghanistan is in focus of activities of different groups, the city is the witnesses of activities of terrorist groups, mafia bands and criminal gangs, the bands and groups has increased insecurity and criminal cases in capital Kabul and also trying to reach to their evil goals by carrying different illegal programs in various parts of the city.
What has done the government against criminal gangs and dangerous bands?  
The main sources of criminal gangs and terrorists and destructive groups are not hidden from the government’s viewpoint, but fighting against the gangs and groups is the top priority of the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
People cooperation regarding identifying the members of the bands and groups help government and security organs to detain and demolish them.
Since ago, government have launches a program under the title of “National Dialogue” with tribal elders and residents of Kabul to settle the current problems.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the continuation of this program “National Dialogue” met with a number of elders and representatives of Kalakan, MirbachaKot and QaraBagh districts of Kabul province on Monday, after hearing their complaints, problems and suggestions, said the main aim of the meeting was to hear their problems and seek ways of solution.
The current situation of Kabul is unacceptable to President, he emphasize that serious measures should be taken to change the situation and given six months to officials of Kabul to change the situation and solve people’s problems.
President Ghani has launched discussions with people under the title of “National Dialogue Program” to hear people problems, suggestions and complaints and find way for settling their problems, so the program also would be increased confidence between people and government.

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