20 February 2020

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Wednesday January 22, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Killing four members of a same family in seven PD Kabul city the other day indicate that security situation become more critical by passing every day in the city and increase concerns among people.
BNA security analyst commenting on the issue writes, four members of a family including a woman and her three children brutally have been killed by unknown men in Jangalak region, 7thPD Kabul city the other day.
Happening such criminal cases explicitly indicates that security situation become more hazardous by passing each day in Kabul city, the criminals do whatever they want and police accessibility is limited or impossible to them.
This is not only an incident took place in Kabul city, but residents of the city are witnesses of such brutal and inhuman acts every night and day.
Three days ago, a man was assassinated by armed gunmen in Dasht Barchi region, Kabul city and another youth was killed by armed thieves in the same area as well.
Two weeks ago, ministry of interior after shooting Ali Sina a student of American University of Afghanistan in Dasht Barchi region, Kabul, has prepared and implementing two security plans (One month & three months) in Kabul.
Since two weeks the measures and activities of Afghan national police personnel has been more serious than the past, besides that leadership of the ministry of interior has brought reforms in security precincts and district of Kabul, but recent incidents indicate that the reforms and measures didn’t improve security situation the city.
There are need that security officials act as principally and regularly regarding improving security situation in Kabul, only changes in security structure not enough.
The causes and factors of criminal cases should be investigated, beside police forces other security and judicial organs also have their problems, criminals are released without punishment, people emphasizing on standardize in administrative and professional orders in security and judicial organs.
Currently, murders, human traffickers and those have heavy crimes are living such as guests in prisons, while they must be executed. 
Improving security situation in the country, particular in Kabul city need serious activities and professional performances, slogan words never soothing the injuries of Ali Sina’s family and Abdul Star who lost his four family’s members, only decisiveness against crimes and criminals gives peace mind to the people, only determination and professional performances can improve security situation in Kabul.

Tuesday January 21, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan government for accelerating peace process and end of war emphasize on ceasefire, while Taliban accepted violence reduction.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes, Sarwar Danesh Second-Vice President in a ceremony held on ‘Unveiling Human Rights Advocates’ Protection Strategy’ the other day in Kabul said, “Plan to reduce violence and suchlike is an ambiguous plan and a kind of fleeing from peace process in Afghanistan.
He emphasized that no trust and no hope would remain between the two sides, unless a direct intra-Afghan dialogue and the start of a broad ceasefire are agreed on.
The remarks stating while US-Taliban representatives discussed about reduction violence in Doha and Taliban also accepted the issue, but rejected ceasefire.
Ending war and ensuring peace in a war-torn country begins from trust and ceasefire is the first step of peace negotiations.
Afghans welcomed any steps, plans and procedures that strengthen peace process in the country, but emphasizing on Afghan-led, Afghan-owned peace talks.
While peace negotiation between US-Taliban is full of challenges, but Second Vice-President says, so far, government and people of Afghanistan, including civil society activists, political parties and ethnic groups are excluded and drawn aside.
First the rumors and ambiguities in peace talks should be removed and the process should be managed that Afghans consider themselves involved in the process.
Means of negotiation in an agreement is that both sides and sides of conflicts be awareness about their national interests and end of war, while people and government of Afghanistan are not involved in Doha negotiation and without presence of government and people representatives we can’t talk about a comprehensive peace.
Afghanistan people completely and permanently want to end war and violence in the country and demanded from parties involved in conflicts that by considering national interests move toward a permanent and comprehensive peace.
Therefore, session be held in lack of Afghan government delegation, particular in Doha would not led to any effective result.
Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace talks is the only way for reaching a durable and dignity peace in Afghanistan.
Peace process will be strengthen, when Taliban act independently and expressed their views and decisions accordance to the will of Afghan people and declare preparedness to start negotiations with Afghanistan government.

Monday January 20, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Shah Mahmood Qurishi Foreign Minister of Pakistani said, his country has considerably fulfilled its responsibility regarding the Afghan peace process.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes, Pakistan’s foreign minister last week in a video message said that Taliban has shown willingness to reduce violence in war-torn Afghanistan after more than 18 years.
Remarks of Shah Mahmood Qurishi released, after media reported from progressing in US-Taliban peace negotiation in Doha, while Taliban officially didn’t accepted the agreement and US representatives also said nothing about the issue so far.
Shah Mahmood Qurishi in the video message spoke as Taliban leader or spokesperson, Qurishi remarks about Taliban is what Taliban should have said.
Shah Mahmood Qurishi said, “Today, positive progress has been made, the Taliban have shown their willingness to reduce the violence, which was a demand... it's a step towards the peace agreement.”
He added, “Pakistan has considerably fulfilled its responsibility regarding the Afghan peace process, we desire that the entire region moves towards peace, which benefits both Pakistan and Afghanistan.”
People of Afghanistan know that Pakistan is cause of all miseries and war in Afghanistan and war imposed on Afghans.
So, how can we believe on Qurishi’s remarks?
Pakistan by playing numerous intelligences games against Afghanistan, not only involved in long-lasting disputes in Afghanistan and the region, but also has gained privileges.
Bringing an independent group to peace negotiation and talking on behalf of the group that reduce violence in Afghanistan, can’t be the last world about Afghanistan peace process.
Pakistan spoke about agreed of US-Taliban peace deal that region has faced with different challenges and the country by its sensitive function increase crisis.
Negative role of Pakistan not only is clear for Afghans, but people across the world know about Pakistan hostile games; experts, politics, media, MPs, senators of western and U.S. blamed Pakistan about raising and maintaining terrorism in its soil.
Explicitly, we can be said that the remarks of Pakistan’s Foreign Minister about Afghanistan peace is a claim, while leaders of Taliban group are hidden in Pakistan, Pakistan’s nationals are involving in Afghanistan war and Pakistan’s intelligence manage the war, in such condition how can we said Pakistan has done honestly its responsibility regarding Afghanistan peace process.
Peace in Afghanistan taken hostage by specified and determined countries, peace will ensure in Afghanistan and the region, when region and the world countries direct and indirectly put an end point to support terrorism and extremism and proxy war.

Sunday January 19, 2020
Kabul (BNA) John Sopko the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction have accused U.S. officials for lying about Afghanistan war to the public. 
The special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction told U.S. congress that U.S. officials have routinely lied to the public during the 18-year war by exaggerating progress reports and inflating statistics to create a false appearance of success.
“There’s an odor of mendacity throughout the Afghanistan issue. . . mendacity and hubris,” John Sopko said in testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “The problem is there is a disincentive, really, to tell the truth. We have created an incentive to almost require people to lie.”
As an example, Sopko said U.S. officials have lied in the past about the number of Afghan children enrolled in schools — a key marker of progress touted by the Obama administration — even though they “knew the data was bad.” He also said U.S. officials falsely claimed major gains in Afghan life expectancy that were statistically impossible to achieve.
U.S. congress created the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, known as SIGAR, in 2008 to investigate contractual fraud and waste in the war zone.
Since 2001, the United States has spent more than $132 billion to modernize the country—more than it spent, adjusted for inflation, to rebuild Europe after World War II.
Meanwhile, people of Afghanistan while accusing U.S. aimless war in Afghanistan said, U.S. presence in a problematic war in Afghanistan, suppressing terrorists is the aim of the war, but until now U.S. fails in this struggle.
U.S. came to Afghanistan to fight against terrorism, but didn’t pay attention on terrorists’ hideouts outside the country, particular in Pakistan.
Beside that with the presence of U.S. in Afghanistan, administrative corruptions and narcotic drug smugglings has reached at the high level in the country.
Political and civil society activists said, until now west and U.S. didn’t perform useful infrastructure projects for reconstruction of Afghanistan.
According to them, U.S. never spent $135 billion in Afghanistan, but U.S. mostly spent the amount on its military troops in the country, salary of a U.S. troop several times is higher than an Afghan soldiers, beside that Afghan National Army and other organs are equipped preliminary, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are forcing with numerous problems in the battlefields.
In fact, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces with high moral and less equipment are fighting against terrorism and extremism across the country.
Political exports said, U.S. has not moved realistically, but consider interests and benefits of its friends and admirers in Afghanistan war.  
U.S. inattention on fighting against terrorists cause that presence of U.S. could be sensitive for some other countries, therefore, now Afghanistan change into battlefield of proxy war among the countries that have problems with U.S. or U.S. have problems with them.
U.S. needs to revise on its strategy against fighting on terrorism and extremism in Afghanistan. 

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