28 October 2020

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Kabul (BNA) BNA social and political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: After Trump US president rejected negotiation between that county and Taliban after the killing of an American soldier, the Taliban representatives have started their efforts for revival of the negotiations.
The unofficial members of the of group’s office in Qatar have been traveled so far to Russia, Iran and China. They have asked the governments of Russia and China to cooperate in revival of negotiation between the Taliban and American representatives and encourage Trump to return to negotiation table.
Also, Omran Khan the prime minister of Pakistan in his recent visit with Trump raised the issue of restarting the negotiations.
But the efforts of Taliban for revival of negotiation so far have no any results and Trump who is popular for severity is standing firm on his stance and not provide the ground for returning to negotiations.
But inside Afghanistan the bosom of the people and state is open for peace and solidarity. The Afghan government from the beginning till the end has insisted in holding a national gathering and has asked Taliban to say yes to Afghan state proposal and positively answer to starting Inter- Afghans negotiations.
Today most of the world’s problems, such as the tense relation between America and North Korea seem to be settled on negotiation table. Unfortunately the Afghans are no capable to settle their own problem.
National understanding, endurance and convergence today have replaced military campaigns and evil and hidden conflicts and the wisdom is the key for settling most of the problems.
Taliban should know that the foreigners are seeking their own interests and to achieve their interests use all opportunities and possibilities. When they not achieve their objectives the dead of a soldier can bring everything to nothing.
Taliban should know that peace is not accessible only via efforts and appealing, because the outsiders are thinking about their own interests not the Afghans’. They use the Afghans as a means for meeting their own objectives and expecting the foreigners anything else will be a big mistake.
Ensuring peace in Afghanistan is possible by Afghans, if we have a correct definition from interests and untidily and practically work for achieving our interests.
Afghan people all involve factions holding a national gathering in Kabul the common house of all Afghans find a way settling the current problems and avoid going to capitals of other countries because this will deeper the strategies of those countries  in Afghanistan will have no any other consequence.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The authorities of electoral commissions have committed and insisted that they would not surrender to any inter and foreign pressures during the elections.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: for conducting the presidential elections just four days remained, but the process has its concerns and challenges.
Beside security concerns, exerting influence and architecture of elections are beyond the challenges that have kept busy the minds of people and voters.
Particularly, fraud and violations during the previous elections from which the people have bitter experiences has added to the concerns. 
The Afghan people who have sustained sever pains, beside insecurity and economic problems suffering from many hardships hope a real democratic government come to power to reduce the problems. It would be only possible by a transparent people’s elected government.
However, the electoral commissions have responded to the concerns and said that they would never surrender to any inter and foreign pressures.
The two commissions signing a memorandum of cooperation have committed to respect the law and not interfere in relevant issues to each other. The two commissions try to impartially provide the ground for holding a just, transparent national wide and timely election.
Also, the two commissions while carrying out their relevant tasks and duties are obliged to consider the national interests and place it at priority of their activities.
Also, the electoral commissions carry out their duties and legal responsibilities independently and not come under effect of any inter and foreign pressure and demands.
This is that the two elections commissions have insisted on impartial work according the national interests is a good and warming word, but only issuing declaration or signing at the end of agreements cannot settle a problem. 
The authorities should prevent any gap and disorders and inform the media from illegally imposed activities and try to attract the cooperation of people.
Election is the ownership of people should be held without any political dealings.
The heinous fate of the former electoral commissions authorities would be a good lesson, the current election commissions should learn from.
Beside above statements, the stance of the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on non- interference and exerting pressure by state authorities is clear.
The president warning about the interferences of military and civilian authorities in the process of the elections has said that if they do so, will be pursuit according to the law.
The authorities of electoral commissions should inform the interferer circles that election is a national process that express the people’s will and has no alternative. Anybody who want to find his/ hers political future should observe and respect the will of the people.
The circles who disrupt and interfere should know that the people of Afghanistan want to hold their political fate in their hands and election means that. Therefore, in the existence of such a view, no one let to interfere in elections affairs.    

Monday, September 23, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The strategy for ensuring peace across the country and ceasefire with extremist groups just seeking war, does not need to be reviewed?
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: most of the experts believe extremist groups believe to idea and believes made and knitted in aliens’ intelligence services would be never ready to acquiesce to the logic of peace and convergence, because  they have no the capability to know the importance of peace and observe the national interests.
The extremist and terrorist groups have been established by certain countries to meet their regional and beyond regional goals and objectives. They use the terrorist and extremist groups as a means those goals and objectives, if it was not so, why did the religious scholars of Afghanistan, the region and beyond the region frankly announced that continuation of war in Afghanistan is illegal and against Islamic teachings.
While the honorable religious scholars as the true followers of the prophets announce the continuation of war, bloodshed and destructions in Afghanistan illegal and against Islamic principles, unfortunately in spite of that  the extremist groups continue to the violence, killing women, children and civilians in Afghanistan.
As the activities and behaviors of anti- Afghan government groups explained above one can say that there is no the issue of Islam and jihad in Afghanistan at all, but groups have been established for certain regional and beyond regional objectives.
The objectives that change its color according to the time and need not to be cleared, therefore, for clarifying the dark sides of the objectives should be asked, can satisfy the groups that not value human rights, social justice and individual freedom in negotiation table to stop committing crimes against humanity?  Or deal with who have committed serious crimes such as killing and destructions? The many round of negotiation between America and Taliban concluded without any result is a clear response to the above question.
In any case, the condition of ceasefire for conducting peace negotiations is a general demand of people. Afghan people want permanent peace and ceasefire. This noble goal just meets when intra- Afghans direct talks carried out for the solution of the problem, Afghans are suffering for decades.

Sunday, September 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Peace is the desire of all nations, but for the people of Afghanistan not only a desire but is a need.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: September 21 is named by UN as World Peace Day.  The aim of naming is dissemination of peace values.
The day can provide an opportunity that politicians, military people and in general all residents of the globe think that a world without violence, living in peace and love is better than everything else. While fighting destructs all opportunities and values.
World Peace Day can attract public attention toward peace importance and encourage people to celebrate and honor the day according to their own styles.
Today peace is mentioned as the desire of all nations but this is not enough, one cannot consider peace as only an idea and desire and for accessing it use high feelings. The people in war torn countries like Afghanistan, Yamane, Syria, Iraq, Somali etc. insist on establishing strategies that make access to peace possible for the peoples of those countries. 
For the peoples of those countries, the life has introduced as fighting and campaign, while the life has beautiful dimensions that encourage continuation of life.
A humanitarian life is contrary to violence and fighting and the meaning of life is much higher than a person who inflames fighting or a person who is seeking his own interests explains.
One of the countries that had the desire for reaching peace is Afghanistan, the country that burning in flames of conflicts imposed by others for more than four decades. In spite all endeavors made for reaching peace, the problem has not yet solved and the people are not confident on their future.
World Peace Day observed in Afghanistan, while the county is at focus of peace efforts in recent months. Unfortunately contrary to those humanitarian efforts the country has be scene of terrorist attacks and outside interventions. The attacks’ targets were hospital, public services organizations and public exhibitions.
In international scene for restoring peace in to Afghanistan also made many efforts. There have been held no so many sessions and conferences on Afghan problem than those held for other countries. Also, the United Nations Organization has assigned more representatives and diplomatic delegations for Afghanistan. Unfortunately had no any result, and still the problem remained unresolved and the fighting is going on as before.
The problem is this that Afghanistan is involved in competition and proxy fighting launched by big powers and other countries of the region. Those countries follow and watching the peace process in Afghanistan due to their self- interests they bar the way for restoring peace in the country.
Peace could be restore and fighting could be end in Afghanistan only when the countries that have launched proxy war end the proxy war and stop supporting terrorist and extremist groups in Afghanistan.
The conflict in Afghanistan has imposed on our people; just UN can end this bloody tragedy via punishing and boycotting the countries involves and support terrorism in the region.