20 November 2018

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Unilateral ceasefire announced by Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the recent reaction of Taliban to it indicate that there are peace and national reconciliation incentives among groups involved in Afghan conflict that should be welcomed.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes President Ghani recently announced that he had instructed Afghan security forces to observe a unilateral ceasefire from Ramadan 27th until the 5th  day of Eid – Fiter
The international forces that in support of Afghan state forces occasionally go to the battle fields have also announced that they observe the ceasefire.
Unilateral announcement of ceasefire by President Ghani is a respond to the demand of religious scholars who issuing a fatwa called the current conflict and suicide attacks completely illegal and against Islamic law.
Afghan political elites believe Islamic Republic of Afghanistan announcing the unilateral ceasefire proved its consistent commitment to peace and raised its moral credibility in community.
This came in a time, while the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a military situation but insists that the Afghan problem has no military solution but can be settle via political means. The developments made the Taliban showing a green light to the state to announce ceasefire which welcomed both nationally and internationally.
Announcement of ceasefire by Taliban proofs that fact that there are people among Taliban who want peace and ending bloodshed in the country.
Recently a diplomat from United Nations and a prominent White House official have announced that a number of Taliban leaders in their military commission have insisted that Afghan conflict has no military solution. According to those diplomats there are certain circles in Afghan government and among Taliban who due to their personal benefit create barrier on the way peace among involved groups in this bloody and destructive war.
Political elites advise the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to clean the state apparatus from the presence of people who prefer their advantages in continuation of war than to public interests and ask the peace loving Taliban leaders to separate their way from adventurous figures in the group.
Western experts claim that foreign players in Afghan war including Pakistan don not want Taliban and Afghan government to reach peace and end the bloody war in the country.
The Afghan people hope the announcement of ceasefire by Afghan government and Taliban be the first move toward mutual understanding, confidence building and national reconciliation which certainly further strengthen the process of peace and ensuring security and stability in the country. 
Abdul Khlail Minawi
BNA Director General

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Recently the religious scholars of the country in an applaud able move called the current conflict in the country illegal and suicide attacks and organizing explosions against all Islamic values and principles.
BNA analyst of religious affairs commenting on the issue writes recently more than 2500 religious scholars in an unprecedented gathering in Kabul city, expressing their hatred against the ongoing war in the country, called suicide attacks and deliberately explosions against all Islamic values and principles and warned that the perpetrators of such crimes would be punished by Almighty God.
The decrees exactly comes in time that Taliban considering the current conflict in Afghanistan Jihad and continue their inhumane attacks as legal, while the victims of such attacks are Afghan Muslim and innocent people.
The religious scholars of the country with a courageous move have sent a message to Taliban that they cannot use religion as a means for achieving the objectives of which mostly the intelligence services of the region get benefit.
This great move demonstrates the coordination and sympathy of the scholars to our suffering people who sustain heavy losses and casualties from conflicts that follows by chanting Islamic slogans.
The religious scholars issue the decree insisted that Afghanistan in not a place of war and suicide attacks and deliberate explosions are fully illegal and against Islamic teachings.
Earlier to this, the religious scholars from Islamic world in their gatherings in Turkey, Jordan, India and Iran and also, renowned Islamic figures and organizations such as Saudi Arabia’s religious chief, Al-Ahzer Society in Egypt calling the war in Afghanistan illegal and contrary to Islamic values.
The Gathering of Ulema in Kabul aimed to bring peace in to the country but what the reaction of Taliban and other terrorist groups toward this Islamic goal?
They carrying a suicide attack against the participants of the gathering once again proved that the decree of religious scholars the heirs of the prophets has no meaning to them and ignoring God’s verdicts do what they want.
However, suicide attack on religious scholars comes in a time, that sometimes ago a stronghold of Taliban in Dasht- I – Archi district, Kunduz province became the target of an air attack where a number of students of the seminary, used by Taliban as human shield lost their lives. The incident caused hue and cries that blamed state forces targeted the students of the seminary. But some days later, Taliban carrying a suicide attack on students of a seminary in Kandahar that caused the martyrdom of some innocent students of the seminary. And recently, against all Islamic laws, they targeted the gathering of religious scholars and committed daily merciless crimes against the citizens of the country, unfortunately justifies as Jihad.
The religious scholars in Kabul, with a courageous move clearly explained what is legal and what is illegal but now it depends to state and the people how to implement that extensive decree in practice and how to work for dissemination of the will and the viewpoints of religious scholars in the society and to provide the ground for the people to distinguish good and bad in the light of the decree of Ulema.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General 

Saturday, June 02, 2018
Kabul (BNA) The number of registers for participation in the elections reaches almost five millions this indicates that the elections as a democratic value getting its validity among the people.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the process of registering the name of voters is over four and half million people and the figure increasing by passing each day.
This demonstrates that the people consider elections as the only way out of the problems and can lead the country in to the right direction.
In spite of that the elections as a national and democratic process enjoys the support of people, politicians and authorities of state, however, there are certain concerns about security situation, different viewpoints among politicians even the authorities of the state, political and ethnical tensions, the changing demands of political parties and organizations over the mechanism used in the process of elections and the gap of technical and administrative inside the electoral commissions are the matters the severely affect the process of elections in the country.
The constructive overcoming the problems depends to effective work of members of electoral commissions, this is how to response to the critics of state, establishing an effective mechanism that can attract the trust of people and to encourage public participation in this national process.  
There is no doubt that the electoral commissions have their own specific problems but what is of significant importance is public commitment for holding such a national program.
The hope and expect of people from the members of electoral commissions, political parties and the critics of the state is this that for establishing an efficient and coordinated mechanism they should not forget negotiation and consultations. Just criticism or evading criticisms cannot settle the problems.
The two sides should accept that the elections as a national process affect the destiny of people therefore it should be pursued as a national goal, and if emerges problems should be settled through holding negotiations and consultations.
The electoral commissions know about the importance and sensitivities of the elections and naturally, listen to useful advices and suggestions and the critics and political parties also comprehend the current problem and sensitivities and as good and helpful colleagues for the state and electoral commissions take effective part in solving the problems.
In the countries involved in disputes like Afghanistan, holding elections and going to the polls is of great importance.
Improving security, insuring stability and generalizing democratic values depend on holding a transparent, free and fair election. Certainly the members of the electoral commissions and the critics of the commissions both acknowledge to that fact.
Therefore, for overcoming the relevant problems there would be an urgent need for coordination of all relevant organs otherwise the consequences of the elections will not meet the public interests and indulge the country in political crisis once again. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Any decision by Pakistan on changing the legal situation of tribal areas will not be acceptable of the residents of the two sides of Durand Line, but it wound not be acceptable for Afghan people either.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Pakistan parliament in a hurried and selfish attempt decided the tribal areas administration be delivered to Pashtun- Khaw state.
The areas under the name of free tribal areas since a long time were governed by Pakistan federal government.
The recent Pakistani government decision is against the deal of 1921 which was signed by the then Afghan government and British India.
The areas that governed by Pakistan is a part of Afghan territory which during the reign of A. Rahman Khan the then king of Afghanistan according to shameful Durand deal delivered to British India.
Afghanistan after acquiring its independence in 1919 until now has   never officially recognized Durand Line and will never recognize it.
Durand is a constant territorial problem between Afghanistan and Pakistan that can be settled only through referring to historical facts.
Therefore, the Pakistani parliament decision for integrating the areas in to Khyber Pushton-Khaw   state considered as a unilateral move would never be acceptable for Afghan people and the residents of the two sides of Durand Line.
Pakistani government takes such a hurried   move exactly in time; military rule prevailed in tribal areas and terrorists from various nationalities use the area as their stronghold and practically faced to horror and suffocation. Pakistani military and militia in cooperation of intelligence services circles have detained the most committed and active figures of tribal areas and nobody knows about whereabouts of many of them up to now.
Pakistan government creating a terror and horror atmosphere in tribal areas wants to give a new legal identity to the area.
While bringing any changes in the area is depend on will and intention of the residents of the two sides of Durand Line who have close racial, ethnical and family relations, in addition the decision has made without and consultation of Afghan government that has problem with Pakistan due to Durand Line.
The Afghan people and state stance on tribal areas since the establishment of Pakistan up to now is clear that is it defends the rights of the people of the area who are deprived from all their primitive rights
This is only the residents of the two sides of Durand Line who can decide about their destiny and any unilateral decision cannot conceal the historical facts over the Durand Line.