18 August 2019

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says that the government tries hard the people of Afghanistan access to a real peace and they want a honorable and sustainable peace.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes President Ghani talking on a ceremony held for March 8 the women’s international day focused on peace process and political developments in the country. He made it clear that now peace process is the word of the entire world community, but the government tries its best the Afghan people access in to a real peace. Afghan community, the region and the world are all talking about peace. But it should not be forgotten that we have provide such a situation peace process to develop to this phase, we are responsible to consider the demand of people which is an honorable and persistent peace. 
The statements expressed in a time, for two weeks negotiation between the representatives of America and Taliban continuing in Doha the capital of Qatar. Earlier they have carried out four rounds of talks. What is important is that the Doha talks are very secret, until now no word leaked out. While the Afghan people, political activities and senior government officials want Doha Talks get out from this situation. The talks are continuing for fourteen days but political activities and the government high ranking officials have talked less about it. 
The US representatives only have said that they try to compel the other side of negotiations to enter negotiations with Afghan government. However Taliban side talks more clear, they say they want withdrawal foreign forces from Afghanistan.
The official news says that America in existence of Taliban in political field of Afghanistan, that country is no a thread to that country anymore, they cut their links with terrorist groups, while making commitment and guarantee is the job and responsibly of the state. Therefore such issues should be discussed with the government of Afghanistan not Taliban.
The people say that the current situation of negotiation in Doha indicate that political activities even high ranking government officials do not know about Doha negotiations. But finally the result of the negotiations will become obvious; does it not trap the Afghan People?
The people also want the Afghan government to inter with a more serious stance in to Doha developments and end to suspicions that says that the state is driven out to the margin of the talks. The state carrying its responsibility should inform the people from what is going on in Doha negotiations.
The other issue is that Taliban is not an ideological power, they are also a part of a big intelligence project that presently links the interests of many countries in to own self, the fact that the United Sates should not ignore.    

Monday, March 25, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The recent incidents in Helmand and Kabul indicate that Taliban are lack of human conception and inhabited with ignorance and counter cultural and humane dealings. 
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, in the first day of New Year Taliban targeted celebrators of the New Year in Karta- I – Sakhi, Kabul city and killed and wounded a number of people. Two days after this inhumane incident, Taliban committed another crime, attacking on participants of farmer festival in Helmand province martyred four and wounded a number.
In both horrible incidents, there were civilians who were targeted by Taliban.
This is not the first time that Taliban showing their anti-cultural and inhumane character take the lives of civilians. In the past they have also targeted civilians in cultural, social and religious gatherings killed many innocent people including women and children. The people have painful memories from Taliban who attacking burial ceremonies, support locations, schools and seminaries killed our people. Everybody knows that Taliban have never hidden their crimes but honored for such cruelties.  This barbaric group is been established for slaughtering people. They are fighting against our people, our culture and even our religion. They believe that they can only impose their selves via creating terror and violence and introduce as an effective and powerful party to the people.
Creating Violence and barbarity is a part of the obligation of group. They fear from conducting knowledgeable, cultural and ethical people, they are ignorant backward people who cannot afford the happiness of people.
Taliban have been established for creating division among ethnic groups, followers of religious sects and destruction of our country. For achieving this barbaric aim they target gymnasiums, mosques, cultural and social ceremonies the same, everywhere and everyone is their military targets.
Taliban do not believe a civic life, they use every opportunity to prevent the people’s attendance in civic, cultural and construction activities. Helmand and Kabul’s incidents are emaciated from such view and way of thinking.
Taliban have been made ignorant and cruel, to obtain privileges for their master (Pakistan) in current talks on Afghan problem and boast the status of that country in regional games.    

Saturday March 23, 2019

Kabul (BNA) 1397 ended with all its problems and the New Year stated with new hopes and great aspirations.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes 1398 ended and the Afghan people celebrating the New Year with great hopes.
The New Year has been started with new hopes and various programs of the state, one of the most vital of which is ensuring peace via carrying effective and constructive peace negotiations with armed oppositions.
Although the hard situation in 1397 has a dark message for the future and transferring the ominous heritage of continuation of war is the most horrible one but the people still hope the New Year would be the end of hostilities and war in the country and the start of a peaceful and happy life for our suffering people across the country.  They have introduced the New Year as opening a new chapter in political life of the country and strengthening the system.
Meanwhile, presidential elections would be held in New Year, which can improve the political trust and confidence in the country and further strengthen the role of people in ruling the country.  Beside these programs our international friends have made commitments to root out the factors of war in the country and curb the countries that support terrorism that we can already see some part of the commitments have put in practice.
Although the programs of the state and internal friends for restoring peace and stability in the country are various and extensive, the commitments of state authorities indicate that the horrible terroristic incidents won’t be repeated in Kabul and other cities by terrorist groups and they cannot impose themselves to our people  by force and creating horror and violence. The people hope the armed oppositions to start the New Year as the people expect and spare no any effort for settling via conducting political peace talks
Also the people expect the authorities of government besides focusing their attention for ensuring security situation, should try to fulfill commitments for improving the people’s lives.
1397 in addition of having serious security problems, poverty and other social violence seriously suffered our people.  The people hope the New Year be the end of all problem and violence that our people have experienced last year. 

Wednesday March 20, 2019

Kabul (BNA) 1397 Afghan solar calendar year with all its ups and downs passed and the Afghan people are looking forward with great hopes looks and welcoming the New Year.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes 1397 ended with having some problems and great achievements. Afghan people experiencing severe problems conducted parliamentary elections last year and provided the ground for establishing a new parliament. The policy and the viewpoints of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on forming a regional and beyond regional gathering on Afghan issue realized and the voice for ensuring security, political sessions in presence and non – presence of state representatives inside or outside of the country held and there is commitment for continuing the process. Without doubt the current opportunities are a part of state’s programs and comments for forming an opportunity for conducting a national and international gathering on Afghan issue.
Afghanistan during the last year succeeded to save itself from commercial monopolies and transit through only the soil of one country, air corridors increased and for assessing alternative transit roads fundamental works performed. There are also great achievements in education, higher education, economic and cultural areas. In spite of those achievements, 1297 was a challenging year from security point of view. During the year the conflicts became more serious, because armed groups tried hard via conducting military provocations find a proper place on political ground. But this conception and poor view point took the lives of a great number of Afghan youths from the both sides of the conflict and achieving peace and security remained as a hope for the New Year.   
Now, 1397 has passed. The people hope with coming the new Afghan solar calendar year their hopes for ensuring peace and security realized.
Fear from continuation of war depends mostly in to violent activities of armed groups. However, forming regional gatherings and the process of peace negotiations are improving which we strongly believe that would finally lead to ensuring peace and security in the country.
We start and celebrate the New Year with great hopes. During the coming year presidential elections would be held, the new parliament will start its work, without doubt the peace negotiation process will improve and it would be followed by Afghans as their own national issue.
On other areas of life also have made great activities, Afghan government has made new commitments for ensuring peace in the country. We hope armed opposition groups also make commitments for maintain peaceful coexistence and practically work with their people for ensuring peace and security in their country, because Just commitment and promise for ensuring peace is not enough, practical work is needed. Therefore, the ground should be provided for implementing the commitments and people’s demands in practice already made.