27 June 2019

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Saturday February 16, 2019

Kabul (BNA) In every community where is talking about civic and social life and democratic system, the role of people in forming such a system is not covered.  In light of this idea and aspiration the Afghan people insist that their role in political future of their country should be vague and dark.
BNA political affairs commenting on the issue writes the process of peace negotiations for settling Afghan crisis has accelerated and many regional and beyond regional countries have increase their efforts in this regard but the efforts are carrying out mostly  based on rivalries.
Against all these perceptions, the Afghan people follow the process with great optimism that the foreigners finally ending their facilitating role and provide the ground for direct negotiation among Afghans themselves.  Recently NATO secretary general has said that Afghan government should have a role in peace talks and UN deputy secretary general has said that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan should be involved in the process of peace negotiations.
The statements stated by these two UN high ranking diplomats clearly indicate that they want a basic role for Afghan government in peace talks. But for Afghan people playing just a role is not enough, they insist that their government should play a central role in negotiations and without presence of Afghan state and observing its view and decision and one cannot talk about progress of talks or agree with it. The complication of Afghan problem is this that certain countries and circles in their political intelligence games are trying to decrease the role Afghanistan in a level of an observer and gratifying Taliban and preaching for them, provide the ground for ensuring their own interests.
In the current situation, Afghan people passing through a hard condition, certain circles are trying to draw Afghan government from the center of the current development to the margin; the game uses Taliban as a means. May be in the current situation be useful for the group but it would be very harmful for the future of Afghanistan. In the situation where the Afghan government pays attention to national issues such as presidential elections, the foreign countries instead of offering their aids to Afghan people are seeking to achieve their strategic objectives in Afghanistan and in the region.
There are a number of counties are seeking to reach an agreement with Taliban but they hurry too much in that regard.  The current situation clearly shows that this program which is hurrying up in its implementation won’t lead to any achievement for them, because of Taliban’s divisions and their affiliation to several countries. Therefore one cannot be hopeful for a persistent peace with the group. It would better, the foreigners to desist from their interests in Afghan war and forget Taliban forever and help honestly in holing a regional gathering among Afghans, as the leadership of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan believe a proper political, economic and security system establish in the country, it would be  also in to the benefit of foreigners. It would be possible to via acknowledging the vital role of Afghan government in the process of negotiations, protecting national values among them observing the constitution of the country. 

Sunday February 10, 2019

Kabul (BNA) United Nations is the biggest and the most powerful international organization that has its own peculiarities and authorities and all member countries are required to observe its charter and decisions.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghan government has complained Russia in United Nations, because that has permitted the members of Taliban representatives to travel to Moscow whose names are included in black list of UN and not yet removed from the black list.
Moscow recently hosted a session with participation of 10 members of Taliban under the leadership of Shir Mohammad Abas Stankzay and some Afghan politicians.
Afghan authorities say including Abas Stankzay four members of Taliban delegation were under UN sanctions that had not the right to travel to foreign countries.
Unfortunately, a number of countries including Russia ignoring the UN sanctions permitted members of the group to travel in to their countries which are a clear violation of UN instructions and decisions.
Based on UN charter the Security Council’s decisions are required to be executed by member countries, but Russia by repeated invitation from Taliban leadership and issuing visa for them has violated Security Council’s decisions as a member of UN.
Although Russia has called ensuring relation with Taliban finding a way for political settlement of Afghan problem, but it did not succeeded to restore peace and stability in to Afghanistan so far, but further equipped and encouraged Taliban in carrying their terrorist activities and killing innocent people.
Using Taliban as a means in foreign rivalries helped the group to promote their situation in world political deals.
While after 2001 a world gathering against terrorism formed. Russia, US, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan followed the same idea in defeating Taliban, passing the time and accelerating regional rivalries’ Taliban used as a means in the competitions by different countries to achieve their illegal objectives in the region.
Today Taliban have established their office in Doha use as their address, once they have been seen in Abo- Dhabi in another time they appear in Moscow. While UN has imposed sanctions against their tour to foreign countries in order to prevent terrorist groups to ensure relation with world organizations and countries.  
Although there are severe criticism against terrorist programs and viewpoints of terrorists among Muslim communities and advanced nations but the group still continues its barbaric and inhumane activities and say no to all humane demands.
The people who enjoy killing, terror, explosions and committing suicide attacks in Afghanistan and are not ready to desist from any destruction, receiving visa go to Moscow, Tehran and Islamabad having Pakistani pass port. It is really ridiculous.
Afghan people sustaining 40 year imposed war, cordially ask the world countries to act against terrorism legally and honestly and not allow terrorist to play with the destiny of Afghan innocent people any more, 

Saturday February 9, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Maintaining national values and the achievements of the last 18 years for Afghan people as the most holy things never compromise on them.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Shir Mohammad Stanikzai who has gone to Moscow to meet Afghan politicians once again evading Afghan national values again raised the cancellation of constitution of the country. Stanikzai due his own interpretation has said that the current constitution of Afghanistan has no legality for the group, it is a barrier on the way of peace and this law has copied from peace and imposed on Afghan people.
Some days ago, Stanikzai invading Afghan national army and other security organs of the country had said that if their dreams and aspirations realized and rule the country the will cancel  army and other security organs.
What have Mullah Stanikzai raised are not his own words and thought, they are the initiatives, dreams and programs of Pakistan intelligence service that is trying to impose a puppet or a weak government on its northern neighbor, this is only possible when there is no law and order in Afghanistan while based of constitution Afghan army has enforced law and order in the country. The alien intelligence service over years has tried to destroy values in Afghanistan and ruin the achievement of Afghan people. Unfortunately, Taliban consider theirs elves Afghans, fight alongside Pakistan in this anti Afghan and anti- humane battle. Taliban are ready to deal with America, go along Russian interests, and work for ensuring Pakistanis and Arabs interests, bur when there is talking about ending Afghan killings, even not agree in short period ceasefire and desist from eruption and suicide attacks.
Taliban raise the issue of dismantling Afghan army in presence of whom who helped in establishing Afghan government after toppling Taliban tyrannical and meddle age regime and pave the way for building a new life for Afghan people. Bur now in presence of the same figures say that the law is imposed on Afghan people while they were under occupation, but discuss the way of settling the current problem with the same figures.
Taliban should not ignore the realities, if today certain circles are building their identity and the agenda of peace prepared according their will, they belong to the new games of foreigners who use Taliban as a means for achieving their own ambitious goals.
Taliban know that the process of peace goes through the government route and ultimately, what the group want from Washington and Moscow via Pakistani generals, will finally rise in negotiation table with Afghan current government. Therefore, it would be better for the group not to be a factor for bloodshed and killing in the country anymore. Taliban should understand that the constitution, national army, freedom of speech, achievements of women section is the main achievements of Afghan people they will maintain forever as national values and never dealt on them. If the aim is discussion on amendment of the constitution, this is predicted in the same law, therefore it should be followed and assessed via legal means.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Rehabilitation of national army is the major achievement of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan during the last 18 years, Taliban should know that from this great achievement protects as a national value.
BNA political and military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Shir Mohammad Abas  Stankzay one of unofficial members of Taliban’s office in Qatar who had attended in four rounds of negotiation with Americans representatives said,” if American forces withdraw from Afghanistan, the army the country will also dismantle.” According to Mr. Stankzay the member of Taliban as if US are built Afghan army and now he suggests dismantling of Afghan army, the honor and pride of Afghans.
This is, what would be the view of Mr. Abas Stankzay regarding to national army and other military agencies in the country and he asks for dismantling the national army would not be a surprising issue and cannot expect him expressing a patriotic word.
The statements of Mr. Stankzay are following Mr. Nawz Sharif’s statement in early seventies when he the prime minister of Pakistan. Due corruption in his government when he was questioning in parliament of that country jus expressing these two sentence rid him from punishment,” this is ok that my two ministers committed wrong doings, I have served Pakistan greatly, I dissolved  Afghan army which was a great threat for Pakistan.”
Dissolving Afghan army was the major achievement of Pakistan army and intelligence service. As today, reconstruction of Afghan army is the main achievement of Afghan people, which is a sharp thorn in the eyes of our enemies.
The statements of Mr. Stankzay are not stated by an Afghan, but stated by people who done much work for weakening Afghanistan and established Taliban to use a means to achieve their satanic goals.
If Mr. Stankzay is talking about foreign aids to Afghan army, the international assistances for Afghan government in various sections among them army, security agencies as legitimate aids with clear aims receive by relevant Afghan authorities. While Taliban use the money receive as so called aid, in killing Afghan innocent people, destruction of the country  or committing crimes or other illegal ways.
There is a big difference between Afghan army and Taliban. Afghan army fights for protecting national values, against foreign invaders while Taliban looting national values and serve foreigners as their servants.
Taliban should not encourage just by rewarding by America or Russia, they should know that the process of peace negotiations that leads to peace and security only through inter Afghan dialogue. In the process negotiation the Afghans never treat on their national values and the last decades achievements among them national army.