22 October 2019

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Monday June 17, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The continuous tension among the members of the lower house of parliament over the election of new speaker of the parliament has faced parts of the activities depend on members of the house to certain problems. BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes passing almost two months from the commence of the work of 17 round of work of parliament, the members of the lower house have not reached consensus over the election of the new speaker of the parliaments. This caused the activities of the parliament become standstill while many legislative documents have been sent to the house not yet approved. In addition to that the parliament should make a decision over the determination of 9 candidate ministers.
More acute than all, insecurity is spreading unprecedentedly to all over the country especially to north and north east regions of the country that should be dealt carefully and cautiously. The members of the lower house of parliament believe that until an acting head not elected to lead the sessions, the deputies cannot make any decision. Differences among the members of the house not only faced the election of the new speaker to problem but also caused non –s electing of acting head, at least manage the sessions of the parliament. The efforts of a number of impartial members of parliament who want settle the problem of two rival groups who are trying to implement their own interests so far not reached any result.
The problem of electing the new speaker of parliament depends on voting, although the bill of inner duties of the house and beyond that judicial organ can settle the problem, but these two sources have been ignored. Selecting the new speaker has its own problems. Some members of the parliament complain from the interference of outsiders in the process of their activities and claim that certain circles are seeking to impose their will and views on parliament and disrupting the process of election of the new speaker. The claims and statements of some members of the parliament may be a fact but cannot satisfy the people. The members of parliament have been committed to serve the people and swore in that regard. They can fulfill their commitment via ignoring all discriminations and working honestly observing public interests.
If they today faced in to such crisis over selecting the new speaker, how they can settle more acute problems? It should not be forgotten that what have been passing in the lower house of parliament are all against the expectations of people. The people hope the lower house which named itself the house of nation to truly represent national unity and be a source for solving people’s problems not adding to their problems. Our honor depends to the house of nation and this returns to the people’s deputies how to protect the honor of their people in the house of nation.

Sunday, June 16, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for achieving peace insists on forming an international gathering and cooperation of all Afghan allies.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes president Ghani recently delivering a speech on 19th session of the leaders of Shanghai member countries at Bishkek the capital of Kirghizstan insisted that for securing peace in Afghanistan there is a need for holding an international gathering and coordination of Afghan partners.
He considered a peaceful Afghanistan in to the benefit of the region, Shanghai Organization member countries and the world as a whole. The Afghan president has said that forming a regional and international union for cooperation with Afghan government to establish a framework for peace negotiations could be effective.
The Afghan president insisted on forming an international gathering and regional coordination for settlement of Afghan problem in which the outsider dimensions are very important, passing each day it becomes clearer that the problem mostly rooted outside the country. If it is not so, why the diplomats In Washington, Moscow, Begin, Jada, Doha, Islamabad, Oslo and Berlin have become active for settling Afghan problem.
The reality is this that the current Afghan problem deeply depends to the benefits of a number of countries and this caused a protracted proxy war among those countries.
The peace processes in Afghanistan during the last 18 years have been joined with certain optimism and pessimism and experienced rise and downs. The problem is this that the peace process mostly faced foreign rivalries and not focused on its inner dimension as it required.
Passing almost two decades from the existence of law rule government in Afghanistan, supported by international community, unfortunately still suffering from certain challenges imposed by certain countries.
The sensitive geopolitical location of Afghanistan has caused the crisis, fighting and violence become endless because the foreign countries have no similar definition from terrorism but dealt to problem according their own interests.
Afghan people need peace, while ensuring peace in Afghanistan can lead to solution of many regional problems.
Therefore, it would be necessary for regional and beyond regional countries to recognize all factors that caused tension and differences In Afghanistan and in region and remove them. This is only possible when the foreign countries don not consider the problem from a rivalry viewpoint but to have a coordination and cooperation view point on that regard.
Afghanistan due its location provides a good ground for regional trade, economic growth and cultural exchanges while the protracted war in the country destroys all opportunities.
The recent developments at level of the region and world indicate that efforts are underway for holding an international gathering on Afghanistan and many countries are seriously working for that. We hope the gathering meet its objective this is restoring peace in Afghanistan, which without doubt will lead to peace in entire region.

Saturday, June 15, 2019
Kabul (BNA) June 14 is the mother day, the mother who lays the base of the family and exercises of having high spiritual value.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes June 14 as a mother day is a good opportunity for valuing the services of a creature full of patience, compassionate and kindness.
Determining a day in a year to honor the mother does not reflect correctly the rights and services of this heavenly creature deserves.
Although a day in a year has named after mother for honoring the status of mother but cannot explain truly the devotions and the services the mothers carry out for training and bring up their sons and children.
In Afghan community, the mothers are facing numerous problems not justifiable among them is continuing war that daily takes the lives of dozens of the citizens and makes   a number of mothers mournful and deadly sad.
There is no bitter incident than this that the Afghan mothers daily receives the coffins of their children who lose their lives in defense of homeland or martyred in terrorist attacks in the city or in the offices. 
The reality is this that the mothers, sisters and couples in Afghanistan are carrying the heavy weight of problems and are the main victim of fighting and other problems of Afghan community and just naming a day after mother cannot reduce the pains and agonies the mothers daily sustained.
Official sources say that presently there are about two million women and girls without Gardiners and six thousands widows in Afghanistan.  Have we really helped these people in the framework of Mather Day as they deserved? 
In addition of war, terror and explosions which have made the mothers in Afghanistan mournful, they are also suffering from other social problems such as violence, poverty and social injustice. The mothers and women in the country are the most oppressed strata in our community that is not just.
There are many mothers and women in Afghan community, suffering from social and family problems and the main victims of social injustice.
We should seek proper ways according to Afghan traditions and Islamic law for pleasing the mothers, because just saying them congratulation for the occasion of mother day is not enough. The day cannot reduce the persistent pains and agonies that are insecurity, daily slaughtering children, poverty and social and economic problems. We can overcome the above problems only when we remove the mother day from its symbolic way and change it in to a means for knowing the realities of women’s life in the country. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Afghan people and government believe that the solution of the current problem in the region is only possible via regional cooperation.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghanistan and Pakistan have a tense political relation for many year and the reasons for this tense relations are very clear.
Our people believe that due to Pakistan’s regional adventurous policies Afghanistan severely harmed.  Unfortunately, Pakistan sees everything through political and military view, while Afghan people consider their homeland as connection point of the regional and behind regional countries and insists that the countries of the region including Pakistan instead of competition and  fighting should follow the way of economic cooperation.
Afghan people and government consider the solution way of the current problems possible only through regional cooperation and for reaching this humane goal have taken practical steps.
Afghanistan through establishing economic and commercial ties has established good relations with the countries of the region and developed its commercial ties via establish air corridors and commercial ways such as Silk Road and Lajward (Lapis lazily) road and using Chah Bahar border. 
Also Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has persistently endeavored to change the view point of Pakistan in the regional issues from a competition view in to cooperation view and for that purpose has put in practice many strategies and programs.
One of those programs is the establishment of operational program (Operational Plan of Afghanistan and Pakistan for Peace and Consolidation the last session of which held in Islamabad at level of deputy foreign misters of the two countries. The participants, in five working group discussed the issues such as political and diplomatic relations, military coordination, information cooperation, economic relation and the migrants issue.
The above matters done in a time, Pakistan always expresses its commitment for cooperation to Afghanistan, but does little in practice.
Although recently the senior diplo mats of the two countries discussed over action program in Islamabad but no news released that indicates that the Pakistani airspace is closed to Afghan passenger planes to India for another fifteen days.
India in reaction to a terrorist attack on late March targeted a base of terrorist group inside Pakistan, since then the Pakistan airspace closed for foreign flights aiming India.
With this Pakistan action, Afghanistan endured the most losses and with reduction of Indian flights caused 30% reduction in export of Afghan goods to India.
The other problem is this that Pakistan always links commercial and transit issues to political issues and ignores Afghan transit rights.
Currently,  the political relation between Afghanistan and Pakistan is improving after the visit of the leaders of the two countries in Mecca city, it would be better for Pakistan to review its commercial and transit matters and not create problem for Afghanistan any more, otherwise Afghanistan will forced to take reactionary measures.
Afghanistan as a connection point of the countries of the region, uses this opportunity for its economic and commercial growth and the other countries of the region including Pakistan should do the same as the Afghans do.