25 June 2019

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Kabul (BNA) While the fourth round of negotiation between the representatives of America and Taliban continued in Doha city with some agreements, affiliated sources to high peace council say, formulating the matters in Doha  is not mean the final peace agreement.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the fourth round of negotiation between the Taliban and Americans’ representatives recently started in Doha the capital of Qatar is continuing.
Sources affiliated to Taliban and diplomatic sources to host country have said that negotiations accompanied with some agreements.
Washington has become ready to declare the withdrawal schedule of its forces from Afghanistan and Taliban pledged Kabul would be no a threat for other countries, they oust Al –Qaeda and IS from Afghanistan.
According to the sources, Taliban insisted for six month schedule for withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, but Americans emphasize on 18 month schedule on that regard.
In spite of this some members of Taliban office in Qatar have not considered enforcement a cease-fire the authority of that office; it is the authority of their leaders hidden in Pakistan.
Official American sources in Qatar and also close sources to Taliban’s leaders have not said anything yet but related sources to Qatar government have said that it has expected the two side of negotiation to release a statement late.
Although Taliban, Qataris and some American sources seem happy from agreements reached in Qatar, but peace high council says final agreement would be the job of Afghan government and Taliban, the recent agreements achieved is not mean the final peace agreements.
Peace high council insists that any resolution or agreement takes place in such meeting does not mean peace agreement because peace agreement takes place between the two main sides this is Afghan government and Taliban.
Many believe agreement between American and Taliban cannot settle any problem in Afghanistan. 
There are many new and old players involved in Afghan problem, each of them seeking its interest via using Taliban as a means, therefore for settling the crisis, problematic for other countries holding a regional and beyond regional gathering required.
Today Taliban not only depended to Quetta council leading by Mullah Hebatullah, Russia, Iran, China and others also have exercise influence over Taliban and it would not be the way of settling the problem that Taliban say,” Kabul is not a threat for American”
It should be said that hurrying in negotiation of Taliban with Americans again is a result of Pakistan pressures because the country using the situation of Taliban seeking to take privilege from America.   
Recently an influential American senator earlier a severe critic of Pakistan and the initiative of reducing American assistances to that country visited Islamabad.  He wants to make a deal with Pakistan. He has said to Pakistani authorities if they cooperate in settling Afghan problem, America would improve its commercial conditions for Pakistan, the country would be accepted to FTI again and US increase its import from America.  This American senator also promised to provide the ground for talks between President Trump and Oran khan the prime minister of Pakistan.
On the other hand Saudi army chief of staff also visited Pakistan and talked with relevant officials of that country on regional issues and assistance of his country to Pakistan.
These all indicate that there are certain games are underway and Taliban have been used as a means in the games.  It should be said that there are at least 29 terrorist or armed groups operating in Afghanistan, each of them its own dependency. Therefore it America makes peace one of the groups it would not be the way of solution of the problem,  unless the facts and situation assessed precisely  and think deeply about finding the solution way of the problem.
It would be better and logical; Afghans settle other problems and    avoid all kinds of interferences in the process.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Kabul (BNA) One of the principals of democracy is demonstrating the will of people and accepting the law  and democracy should be supported by whom who have been known for chanting pro people and patriotic slogans.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes we well remember the time when 2605 candidates started competitions for parliament seats, all talked about serving people and the country, fight against all illegalities, corruption, insure social justice and attracted the issue to the attentions and promised the people to establishment of a legal and democratic parliament.
But now, the primary results and partially the final results of parliamentary elections have been declared, the candidates who have lost the competitions not only rise their voice but also warn and threaten.
The voice of the failed candidates heard everywhere and nobody accept the results already declared. They ask for recounting the results and even a number of them ask that the parliamentary elections should be held again. Some of the protesters threaten for closing the offices of elections commissions, a number of them for closing the highways and some others warn for delaying public projects.  Continuing such a situation will lead to the most critical political, economic and social condition in the country already underway.
The question is this how the failed candidates who protest, define democracy, is it for achieving personal interests?
Democracy prefers the people believes for establishing a democratic community lack of warlords and corruption.
What a certain numbers of the failed candidates done as protestors and threatened for doing illegal activities in fact they have forgotten the promise for serving people and establishing a democratic government already made.
Unfortunately, we have practiced democracy in last eighteen years and obtained rich experience, but not succeeded to put in it in practice as required. The people who want to ignore parliamentary results in fact they are seeking to change the results by force and threat, democracy has no any value before them.
In democratic communities where law accepted, there are many ways for settling such a problem.
Going to law sources are the effective and credible way for assessing and settling the problem.
There would be faller and winner in every election. In really democratic countries, the results never threaten by force or threats, the failures congratulate the winners and seek another way to really serve people.
Therefore, the elections should not be used as a means for misusing people for his or her own interests and feelings but the issue should be investigated vial judicial organs.
The country is facing a dangerous crisis that should be settled consciously, because this is the only that the way that show us the correct way of the crisis.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

KABUL (BNA0) According to the election schedule, the last day for registration the names of candidates for presidency yesterday past. 
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes registration the names of candidates for the next presidential election which was started earlier ended yesterday.
During almost a month, the process continued, 17 persons among the most well-known figures including president Ghani and Dr. Abdullah registered their names to compete in presidential elections
Although a long time has remained for presidential elections, but unfortunately some of the candidates already started criticizing each other and some media constantly doing these activities ignoring political culture and elections standards.
Therefore, the time remained for presidential elections campaign use against all standards in your benefit and shows a wide gap for the others.
An election is a competition process, it is a fact, but it should be done according the national values and standards.
The people believe that the candidates for presidential elections should assess practical strategies and seek the use them in practice.
They should come to the scene with such strategies to meet the requirements of people, demonstrate a real democracy and put in practice the commitments already made for the people for establishing a democratic government. The process should begin with steps avoid of all illegalities and wrong doings. To fulfill this great task one should observe all political culture, patience, national culture and think only about national interests and carry out the cultural spirit of cooperation. 

Monday, January 21, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Pakistani authorities have committed to US foreign ministry envoy that they will cooperate peace process in Afghanistan and strengthen this process.
BNA commenting in the process writes Zulmay Khalilzad US special envoy for Afghanistan has started the new phase of his tour in to the countries of the region. He after talking with Afghan authorities on Thursday in Kabul arrive
d Islamabad the capital of Pakistan and held talks with Omeran Khan the prime minister and Shah Mahmood Quraishi the foreign minister of that country.
Quraishi ensured Khalilzad once again ensured that Pakistan will closely cooperate, US in settling Afghan problem and strengthening peace talks.
Khalilzad’s visit to the region is accompanied with new political developments. Earlier to him Omer Daweedzai the special envoy of the country’s had a visit to Pakistan to attend a regional gathering. In his return he pointed out that there have been great changes in politicians and spirituals leaders of Pakistan. They are ready for cooperation with Afghan government in strengthening peace process with Afghan government.  As Maulana Fazlul Rahman the serious supporter of Taliban in Pakistan, changing his position said that Afghan war was not jihad and Mullah Abdul Manan Nayazy  a leader of breakaway section of Taliban supported holding direct talks with Afghan government.
All these facts indicate that peace process in Afghanistan is accompanied with positive developments but should not too encourage for the process.
There is no doubt that the main player in Afghan dispute is Pakistan and this country can help and cooperate in process of peace in Afghanistan. Although, Pakistan has expressed its support for ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan, but not cooperated honestly so far, to achieved US and Afghanistan satisfaction in that regard.
While Afghanistan has still remained a security challenged for the region but the continuation of this problem is not only a problem for Afghanistan but is a problem and more expensive for other countries of the region and unfortunately passing each day, a new player enters Afghan problem.
Among them, Pakistan is seeking to take more privileges from America.
Pakistan using Afghan problem as a means, wants to receive assistance and in regional issues such as Kashmir issue and not be an isolated country anymore.
If Pakistan achieves its regional objective in the region, it supports peace process in Afghanistan. While Afghan people insist that Afghan people insist that Afghan problem should not be used as a means for dealing.
The foreigners including America, Pakistan, Russia or Iran should accelerate peace process in Afghanistan, the other issues are depending to Afghans to settle according to their own interests and will.
However the countries of the region and international countries are strongly believer that military victory in Afghanistan is impossible, just can achieve peace in the country through political agreement that integrate Taliban to political system of the country.  But all parts believe that the process of peace should be continued under the leadership of Afghans, because Afghans directly take benefit from peace in Afghanistan, other countries should work as facilitators of the process.
It would be better the foreigners to hold for settling Afghan people and avoid all political games and competition in the issue.