23 October 2020

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Public utility projects are a   national capital and a part of public ownership, damaging these projects is hostility to people and national capital.
BNA economic affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, some days ago the lines of importing electricity from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have been cut off  by  damaging five pillars of electricity on high ways of Baghlan- Kunduz and Baghlan – Samangan. In this way including Kabul 9 southern and south eastern provinces are suffering from shortage of electricity or have no any electricity.
The destruction of electricity pillars has taken place in a time; US president has dispelled peace negotiation with Taliban and the Afghan government due increasing violence has suspended its elections programs and its peace endeavors.
Pursuing these measures, Taliban have increased violence and once again using old technics that are destruction of public utility projects and destruction of electric pillars on north high way is a part of those measures and efforts.
Many believe, if Taliban have cut off the electric lines for the residents of Kabul and nine other provinces in revenge of US president’s stance, Afghan people have never been engaged in negotiations between Taliban and Americans.  In those negotiations America was generally talking about the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan and its interests in general. In such a situation who do Taliban revenge from the Afghans?
Violence has been imposed on Afghan people on various fields. Taliban have not only increased terrorist attacks and invasions, they some days ago took 8 journalists hostage and also, insisted on cutting off communication lines in Balkh and some other provinces, the media that preached against violence and killing of people were the targets of their military operations and finally banned Polio vaccinations in Urozgan, Kandahar, Helmand.
The assassination of Hashmatullah Bahaderi  an employment of ministry of state, cutting the throat of Abdul Samad the head of human rights regional office in Ghor province are the examples of terrorist activities of Taliban groups.
The people warn Taliban if they carry out such brutal and barbaric actions against suffering Afghan people and destruction of their homeland, one day will be punished severely.

Monday, September 16, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Continuing battle in the country, increased casualties among Taliban, the responsibility is on those who are against peace negotiation between Afghans and not acquiesce to ceasefire. 
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes during the last week the number of Taliban and other armed groups lost their lives in battles with Afghan security forces have reached in to its highest level.
Increasing the number of casualties among Taliban and other armed groups cannot be a good news, because all who have been killing in the battle, regardless to which group they belong, they are Afghans who have sustain the heavy losses caused by the brutal conflict.
Anti – Afghan government armed oppositions are also a part of Afghan community, the increasing number among them causes decrease in our humanitarian forces , adds to the number of orphans and widows and causes other problems in the country.
Taliban have been sustaining heavy casualties in battle fronts while their leaders are enjoying a happy life in Doha, Karachi, Islamabad and Quetta, all possibilities have been provided for their children. But at the battle fields a rural youth whose family lives in severe poverty is becoming the victim of the interests of Mullah Hibatullah, Abas Stamlzai and other heads and leaders of the group.
Among tenths of Taliban who have  carried out suicide attack and lost their lives, are not the son, brother or a member the family of Taliban leaders.
For those who are living inside the country and sustain the heavy weight of the battle, ceasefire and security means much more than to those who live in Doha and Karachi.
The report on killing 100th of Taliban in recent days would not be appreciable news.  The leaders of Taliban and their managers in Pakistani intelligence service are responsible for all casualties among Taliban and destruction in their country Afghanistan.
Taliban leaders did not accept ceasefire, rejected peace negotiation with Afghan government and so far opposed to intra – Afghan negotiations.
If Taliban leaders listened to voice of Afghan people, crying of orphans and widows, accepted ceasefire and found a practical way for the solution of Afghan problem and withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, the lives of many Afghans regardless of their being Taliban members or government forces, were saved.
Unfortunately, the leadership of Taliban is seeking their interest and popularity in fighting stand against peaceful programs of Afghan government and it mentioned earlier, the result of which is the increase of casualties among Taliban on battle fields.
Therefore, it would be better for the second and the third rate of Taliban who have been carrying the heavy weight of the battle should separate their way from their leaders, following peace process prevent the casualties because as experiences showed continuation of war is the main reason for the increase of casualties among Afghans and destruction of their homeland.

Sunday September 15, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Pakistan supporting terrorist and extremist groups is pursuing a precise strategic program in Afghanistan. The aim of this program would be weak Afghanistan that it would be easy for Pakistan to access and rule.
BNB military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes General National Security Department recently reported about the release of 29 dangerous members of IS terrorist group who were practically involved in 29 bloody terrorist incidents.
Also, the security forces authorities have reported about the assassination of Hasan Panjabi the head of IS press in Khogyani district Nangarhar province.
In operation of security forces on IS center in 17 precinct of Kabul city two Pakistani citizens were killed and a Pakistani woman with her four children were injured now they are under treatment in a hospital
The terrorist group that collapse recently in Kabul was in involved in 29 terrorist incidents.  Such as attack on members of Light Movement, attack on an army base in Qamber Square, transferring suicide attackers to Shash Darak Kabul, attack on students’ vehicle in Mahmood Khan Bridge,  carrying suicide attack on students of military academy of Marshal Faheem , attack on the vehicle carrying the employees of Haj and Awqaf ministry, attack on the tent of candidatures, attack on diplomats of foreign ministry, attack on Emam Zaman Mosque in 11  precinct  of Kabul city, attack on demonstration conducted by legislators close to election commission and finally transferring the people who were committed to carry suicide attack on mourners of Ashura in Kart-e-Sakhi and attack on Iraq embassy in Kabul were the devastative works of this barbaric network.
What is more concerning for Afghans is the share and role of Pakistani citizen in such inhumane and barbaric incidents.    
The role of Pakistani citizens in terrorist incidents in Afghanistan is not ended in management and conducting terrorist operation which carried out recently that collapsed by security forces.
Currently General Ershad Husain known Shaikh Matihullah the Pakistani general who have obtain the tittle of Taliban’s thinking mind is currently  in Faryab and Jozejan province and leads the war of Taliban in entire north of the country.
Among four IS leaders so far have been killed in Afghanistan, three of them were Pakistani nationals.
The residents of eastern provinces have been witnessing that regularly crossing Durand Line and Shinwaries repeatedly have said that Pakistan regularly assists and equips IS and other terrorist groups.
Russians intelligent sources have published this issue via media that IS migrating from Iraq and Syria via Pakistan territory in to Afghanistan.
Just two or three years ago nobody knew IS in Afghanistan but with conducting peace program with Taliban the group emerged. This indicates that Is, is an intelligence project in Afghanistan that would have many missions in Afghanistan after peace with Taliban in our war ravaged country.
As undeniable events show and some of them mentioned above, IS, and is a great danger for the region. Therefore, it would be the obligation of all countries including Pakistan to fight against this horrendous phenomenon honesty and end it forever; otherwise remorse will have no any benefit.

Saturday, September 14, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan considers free transit in to the interest of the countries of the region and asked the countries not use transit roads as political means.
BNA financial affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Mohammad Ashraf
Ghani president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recently in an occasion of celebrating the first sending exporting commercial goods of Afghanistan in to China and asked the neighboring countries to dare like Afghanistan and open transit roads.
Afghan president considers free transit in to the interest of the countries of the region and asks those countries not to change transit roads as a political means.
Although, Afghan president has not determined the countries of the region that have used transit roads as a political means but earlier Pakistan an extensive and systematic style and Iran in limited style have violated the transit rights of  Afghanistan which is a land- locked  country. Beside transit and trade even they have used, emigrants issue as a political means for obtaining their illegal interests.
Pakistan always and some other countries occasionally have used transit as a means of pressure against the Afghan government and we have been witness of closure of transit roads if there emerged tension between Afghanistan and those countries or political demands of them caused the closure of transit roads and stopping the commercial goods of Afghanistan.
Afghanistan during the last year has tried its best using the current opportunities to draw the attention of those countries to cooperate in commercial field that is in to the benefit of the region, unfortunately, Pakistan has not responded positively, but contrary to that has tried to impose its illegal demands on Afghanistan which is suffering from fighting terrorism and extremism.
Pakistan has not only created problems on exporting and importing goods of Afghanistan via Karachi and Guader ports, but openly tried to prevent from the developing trade between India and Afghanistan.
Although Pakistan signing several cooperation, commercial and transit agreements with Afghanistan has officially recognized the transit right of Afghanistan but never been committed in to its commitments.
Beside that Afghanistan and Pakistan are the members of SAARC and ECO which have been established for long term regional convergent and economic cooperation and removing the challenges of transit are their major objectives unfortunate Pakistan ignoring these humanitarian goals and objectives persistently violates them.
The Pakistan moves and behavior are a heinous message for trade and economic growth of the region in short and long- terms. Many believe Pakistan following such policy will sustain heavy losses as previous experiences show.
Afghanistan is trying to use the current opportunities for the interests of regional trade development and this noble aim achieves only when the other countries particularly Pakistan not use trade and transit roads as a political means for achieving its satanic objectives.