25 June 2019

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Ministry of Economy says” out of 15 million work eligible people in the country about 9 million of them are unemployed.” 
BNA financial affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the authorities of ministry of economy have said that only 6. 8 million work eligible people in the country are employed and about other nine million are utterly unemployed or partially busy.
The statements expressed in a time, while the most crucial problem in Afghanistan is unemployment caused the other most complicated problems in the country.
If today the youths of the country are forced to migrate or leave the country it has economic incentives. If armed oppositions successfully recruiting among the community, they use this incentive this is unemployment. Also the big reason for the increasing crimes in the country is also unemployment.
Also, other problems such as mental and some social problems closely linked in to unemployment or collapse economy of the families.
Relevant state organs are chanting slogans for years for creating job opportunities but not succeeded yet. State organs have so far succeeded to recruit some people in administrative, operative and military sections, while the activities of state organs in productive, industry and commercial areas are in low level and cannot meet the expectation and the need of the community.
Likewise, state run organs have not fulfilled their commitments on revival projects which were a good source for employment in the past, like textile factories, agricultural projects and bakeries. If the relevant authorities really want to create jobs, they should hurry for reconstruction of those factories and industries.

During the period, some plans and programs prepared for the growth of private sector but the process not managed properly so this sector against all expectations not succeeded to decrease unemployment.

Today the number of higher education institute is outstanding in the country and annually add four hundred educated people in to work force. Unfortunately these educated workforces with university certificate not settle the problem but add to the problems.  In short, we worked little to create employment opportunities but chanted a lot.
In the meantime, we always accused fighting as a preventive factor for slow grow economy and justified our weak economy. While other countries like Iran suffering world severe sanctions and War –hit Vietnam never forgot their economic growth.
We had and have good opportunities for creating jobs but not used it as required. Therefore, for achieving this great aim and curbing unemployment practical and precise planning and proper management is needed.
If we look carefully at unemployment problem, it is more sensible at rural areas.   The problem has caused the rural people rush in to the cities or joins the ranks and files of armed oppositions. To prevent this need for agriculture growth in rural areas would be an urgent task of the government particularly the ministry of agriculture. Agricultural products should be increased and cultivating of Zofran and other medical bush should encourage replacing poppy and other drugs. This will provide the ground for employment.
Investment in agriculture and animal – husbandry sections needed not huge sums of money. With just precise management one can do a lot of work. Supporting rural productions as an agricultural, animal products, handicrafts we can provide work opportunities. On the other hand sending the working eligible youth abroad to work there is a good way for finding employment opportunities; however the ministry of public work concluding several agreements with other countries has not taken a practical step at that end so far.
What mentioned above indicates that improving the rural economy this is agriculture and animal – husbandry is the most important sections that provide employments and lead to eradication of poverty in the country.  


Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Peace High Council will not repeat the bitter experience of Abu Dhabi in Jeddah
Taliban have said that they would not attend Jeddah session but continue their political affairs through their office in Qatar.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes a senior member of Taliban has said to an Arabic news agency that the representatives of the group has plan to continue peace contacts via their office in Qatar.
This Taliban member has said that they were under pressure to visit Afghan state representatives in Jeddah, but they are not ready to meet the representatives of Afghan government.
Zabihullah Mujhid   the spokesperson of Taliban has been said to be in Karachi also confirmed that Saudi Arabia session has been cancelled but gave no details about upcoming sessions.
The representatives of Taliban so far have visited Zalmay Khalilzad the US special envoy on Afghanistan three times, but denied holding direct talks with Afghan government.
It was due to the representatives of Taliban and US in January first days in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Jeddah session is the continuation of Abu Dhabi session which was held a month ago and Taliban representatives were not ready to meet the representatives of Afghan government.
The Afghan government a twelve member delegation headed by the head of presidency affairs office to Abu Dhabi.
Although denying of Taliban to meet and talk with the Afghan government delegation had severe reactions among the countries of the region even among the patrons of the group, Afghan government criticized why it sent a delegation to Abu Dhabi under such a vague program.
A number of political elites and civil society activists calling the attendance of state representatives scornful while the stance of Afghan government is stronger both in political and fighting fields than Taliban who have been accused for terrorist activities.
These political elites warned that in Jeddah session, the bitter experience of Doha or other sessions should not be repeated.
The peace high council also confirmed that so far it is not set up a precise time for holding Jeddah session.
The deputy spokesperson of high council confirmed that the session hosting by Saudi Arabia and so far that country has not consulted with the participants of the session.
The deputy spokesperson added, Jeddah session is the continuation of Abu Dhabi holding by countries like American and United Arabic Emirates and these countries continuing these sessions end inter Afghan negotiations.
He insisted on carrying out direct peace talks with Taliban in any time.
In the meantime, political elites say that avoiding of Taliban to hold talks with the representatives of Afghan government clearly indicate that the group has no any interest for restoring peace and stability in to Afghanistan.
According the elites the differences among Taliban, have caused different views among the group.
Sometimes ago Mullah A. Hanan Nayazi a separated leader of Taliban severely criticized why did not the group meet the government representatives in Abu Dhabi. Also Sayed Akber Agha once an important member of Taliban reacted against the action of Taliban’s leadership stationed in Pakistan.
Also, a number of Kuita council and some commanders of the group inside Afghanistan insist on holding talks between Taliban and the representatives of Afghan government.  They say Taliban will finally meet the representatives of Afghan government.  Therefore it would be better for preventing further bloodshed, the process should become shorter.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The constitution is the base of justice and protection of joint values that is final aim is legalizing the entire community.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes we are celebrating the week of constitution. The constitution is a document that makes the states to meet the expectation of people.  Constitution is the peculiarities of democratic governments that define the services of state to the people and the community.
The Afghan constitution has found its status and the situation is ready for its implementation.
In the past, the political affairs were settled mostly via confrontation, but now they prefer to settle their difference according to the content of constitution that has been considered a major progress.
Although Afghan constitution has answered to many questions and formulated the social life in the country, secured human rights, civic activities, women’s rights, freedom of speech and other political activities have guaranteed, but still some problems exist that disturb public minds regarding to the implementation of the constitution.
Some people believe that constitution in Afghanistan only uses against poor people but the riches and powerful people escape from it. This indicates that the constitution still has its problems and violated in certain levels. Violation of the law in the country is not an uncovered matter but commitments for its implementation is expiring hope and the role of Supervising Commission for Implementing Constitution considered to be discussed.
From this commission that can be considered as the court for the constitution, expectation of people is very high.
Assessing the complaints of people against local government, political parties, senior authorities of the courts and finally assessing human rights violation are part of the responsibilities of the commission. However the commission has not succeeded to remove violations from the constitution yet.
The Supervision Commission for implementing the constitution in addition to work for building its capacity, it requires the support of state relevant authorities to be attracted.
It should be acknowledged that it is the constitution provides us with opportunities to fight against all political, social, economic and security challenges and achieving this great aim is possible only through using all constitution’s articles truly and honestly.   

Sunday, January 06, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Pakistan is called as a corridor for passing IS to Afghanistan but the foreign minister of that country has warned about the activities of IS in Afghanistan.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes concerns on IS activities in Afghanistan are increasing by passing each day while the Afghan authorities don not deny the presence of IS in the country but insist that some circles exaggerate about IS activities in Afghanistan.
Many believe that some use the name of IS as a means of propagation in Afghanistan and there are certain countries trying to use the name IS for establishing opportunity for achieving their strategic objectives in the region, America and Russia are among them and Pakistan tries to ride beside them.
In Afghanistan IS and Taliban are the same. Most of the people who operate with the name of IS are affiliated to Taliban for specific purposes have changed the white banner to black and became IS in a moment.
Informed sources and a number of military experts as Haqain terrorist group who are famous for their brutality and violence, now they are carrying out their merciless attacks in cover of IS.
Once a ISI officer detained in Afghanistan openly acknowledged that their organization has decided, IS claim the bloody attacks Haqani group carries out.  Most of the commanders of IS who have been killed or detained earlier were affiliated to Haqani group.  In the same time Pakistan with some other countries among them certain circle from Persian Gulf are trying to make IS an alternative of Taliban. Based on this program IS found a place in Afghanistan.
This program was started with leadership of Pakistan and continued. So far four IS leaders have been killed in Afghanistan. Only one of them was Afghan the rests were all Pakistani nationals. These undeniable facts indicate that Pakistan intelligence service run and control so called IS project in Afghanistan.
However, Pakistani authorities always made their efforts to conceal this open and clear fact. Recently a high ranking Pakistani official has said that Afghan authorities should not look the presence of IS in their country at low level.
A Pakistani newspaper reported that Fawad Chawdari the information minister of that country has asked Afghan authorities to take IS threats serious. 
Political elites say that this Pakistani official once again going on the wrong way and put behind falls words, while Pakistan has been known as a source of extremism in the region organizer of IS in Afghanistan.
Russian authorities sometimes ago released a report that shows that certain circles are seeking to deliver the defeated IS in Iraq and Syria in to Afghanistan. These authorities have mentioned some borders in United Arabic Emirates, Oman and Karachi as corridors from where IS transported in to Afghanistan. IS first brought to Peshawar then transported from there in to Afghanistan. This is impossible without ISI supervision. Therefore the Afghans have the right to blame Pakistan for all their pains and agonies sustained because of the imposed war.