23 October 2020

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Saturday, September 07, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Taliban beside China and Japan have asked Russia to be a guarantor of agreement between America and Taliban but Russia has asked the text of the agreement.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes America and Taliban in 9th round of their negotiation in Doha finalized the draft of an agreement, but nobody knows about the details of it. Even in White House except president Trump and a small number of his colleagues have no access in to the text of the agreement.
It has been said that Zalmay  Khalilzad the US Foreign Ministry specially envoy for Afghanistan who has interred Kabul after the end of the ninth round of negation with Taliban has only informed the Afghan authorities from the details of the agreement and not given the text of it.
Although Afghan authorities have said nothing in that regard, but assessing and analyzing of the draft requires the existence of original text.
The Russian permanent envoy in United Nations has welcomed the agreement between America and Taliban it be in to the interests of Afghan people.
On the other hand, passing each day, disbelieve is increasing regarding to the agreement between America and Taliban.
At the most new development the US foreign minister, has expressed his disagreement to sign the agreement between America and Taliban.
Time Magazine quoting high ranking resources in US has written that the US secretary of state is against signing the agreement that Zalmay Khalilzad the US special envoy for peace in Afghanistan has offered to Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Afghanistan.
According to Time certain important issues such as non – guaranteeing the opportunities for American forces in anti – Al – Qaeda terrorist group operations, a prospect for safeguarding a pro American government in Kabul and also ceasing military measures are among the conditions American foreign minister insists on. For this reason US foreign minister avoid signing the agreement.
Time says, it would be possible Zalmay Khalilzad representing America sign this agreement with Taliban, while Taliban want the agreement to be signed by a high ranking member of US cabinet, particularly foreign minister, in order to legalize so called their Islamic Emirate.
This magazine also points to another possibility; this is issuing a joint declaration by US and Taliban that would be welcomed by a number of countries.
US Defense Minister has warned that with hurried withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan should not repeat the bitter experiences of Iraq.
Also, a former US ambassador to Afghanistan issuing a declaration has warned against ousting American forces from Afghanistan.

Thursday, September 05, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Afghan people want a peace agreement to be extensive and respond to all questions and concerns of the people.
BNA political and social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Zalmay Khalilzad the US special envoy for Afghanistan after ending the 9th round of negotiation with Taliban came to Kabul from Doha to share the details of agreement of America and Taliban with Afghan government.
The spokesman of Afghan president has confirmed that Afghan government has been informed from the details of the agreement between America and Taliban and after precisely assessing it will announce its position in that regard.
There are many words regarding to the agreement between America and Taliban which have caused concerns among the people.
According to the media America has only informed a number of its allies including Afghanistan from the details of the agreement and have not given them the main copy of the agreement, even a number of senior members of President Trump’s government like Mr. John Bolton the security advisor of US president have no access to the agreement.
In the draft of the agreement between America and Taliban as the media reported Taliban have interred negotiation from the position of Islamic Emirates and not pointed to security issues as deserved. Generally the draft focused on issues relevant to the interests and programs of America and Taliban. 
What have mostly caused the concerns of Afghan people are the ambiguities of the agreement between America and Taliban that still a few people know about the context of it.
Afghan people have the right to know what is going on regarding the future and political fate of their country.
The people expect their government to share the realities with them. The people have coordinated the government in protecting public interests and safeguarding the achievements of the last eighteen years.
When the facts are hidden or due to regards not announced, in such a situation suspicions increased that leads to mentally destruction of people that is very dangerous, should be avoided.
The Afghan people   giving sacrifices supported democracy participated in the election and established an elected state.
This is Afghan government that safeguards the national identity and will of Afghan people, therefore in existence of such a system, the people have the right to know what programs and dealings are going on in that country that affect the fate of people.
The people expect, the current issues should be made public to further increase the unity and consensus between the people and the state.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Violence is not the way of reaching peace, the idea that can obtain political privilege is self- deceit.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: the reports on conflicts in recent days in the country were painful and remorseful. With a short review on military and terrorist incidents, we find out that this is the civilians who are the main victims of military and terrorist incidents.
Taliban during the last days, carrying out barbaric attacks on Kunduz, Baghalan, Laghman, Farha and Kabul caused painful and regretful incidents.
Taliban who consider themselves as defenders of religion and Islamic law and claim that they are the true followers of Islam, in recent days have brutally carrying out assassination of people , against all Islamic principles.
In recent days, at the time, Taliban have finalized their agreement with America have conducted a wave of violence and adventures as they claim to obtain greater political privileges.
This ignorant and brutal group carrying attacking parts of Kunduz, again killed innocent people and destruct their properties and forced them to leave their residential areas.
The last days’ painful and inhuman incidents in battle fields showed that Taliban despite of expressing good words in Doha and Moscow sessions but still are ignorant and backward people.
The group firing a rocket on a residential house in Alishing district, Laghman province, killed a mother along with her four children. In Anar Dara district Farah province, exploding a mine, martyred eight members a family including women and children.  In Kabul carrying out a terrorist attack on a foreign guesthouse killed and injured a great number of the residents of the area. 
While Taliban and other terrorist groups have been responsible for casualties among civilians, encourage the people against the government in some parts of Northern provinces using their residential houses as a trench.
In Kuduz, Taliban made a child to carry a suicide attack against a number of policemen.
The leadership of Taliban believes that by carrying out terrorist attacks and violence they can obtain great political privileges at negotiation table.
Since fighting is   a heinous and unjustifiable phenomenon, some important and valid international organizations to prevent the killing of civilians and destruction of their properties have enforced certain laws and principles. If the two sides of the conflict observe those laws and principles certainly lead to the decrease of casualties among civilians.
While the evil actions of Taliban during the last days clearly showed that the group never honors those laws and principles and not believes in to humane and religious values and seeking to obtain political privileges via conducting violent activities.
The people openly and bravely say that Taliban never honor those laws and principle, they fight against the views and believes of people that further complicates the situation in Afghanistan.     

Tuesday, September 03, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan has a legal system of government elected by the people at framework of republican system.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes: recently in a number of Pakistani media and some news websites that have specific views published stories that indicate at Doha negotiation between America and Taliban changing the system of government even restoring Islamic Republic have been discussed.
Although the agenda of Doha talks is clear and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is aware about the progress of the negotiations, but certain circles inside and outside the country are trying to provide a ground for returning back Emerita system of Taliban.   
There would be no need for to discuss on negotiations between America and Taliban because discussions between hostile sections is always been a way for settling the problems, therefore, Doha session between America and Taliban cannot be an extreme development, the two sides of the conflict to provide the ground for settling the problem interred negotiations according to Khalilzad to decrease violence.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has great experiences on holding talks with political and armed oppositions and decreasing of violence. Therefore, welcomes Doha session aiming reduction of problems.
America can hold negation with Taliban considering the as political and military group, as Afghan government conducted talks with Islamic Party and finally satisfied the group to avoid violence and carry out political activities.
Agreement or deal with parties and involved groups in conflict organizes the activities of the groups and pave the way for their emergence in to community.
Agreement and dealing with such groups cannot lead in to changing the system or surrendering a state to such groups, because the states have their own legitimacy and identify, never ignored.
A democratic government has been formed in Afghanistan on people’s will. The constitution of the country organizes the political, social and economic activities.
Therefore changing the system of the country if there be a need should be done in framework of the constitution and other relevant laws.
It is a clear fact that Afghanistan of today is much different from the past and will   never return to its last dark periods.
The constitution and safeguarding the republican system of the country as the president of the country says should be observed and honored. Because they are a part of the major achievements of our people during the last 18 years, and our people are determine for safeguarding them.