23 October 2020

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Thursday, August 29, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Although America and Taliban have been closing to a peace agreement but there are concerns that after hurried withdrawal of foreign force from Afghanistan the ground for extension of terrorist groups activities provides in the country.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes with closing of America and Taliban reaching a consensus over peace, concerns have been accelerate that with hurried ousting of foreign forces from Afghanistan, the activities of terrorist groups increase and the country once again would be changed in to a safe place for terrorists and create a dangerous situation not only for the countries but the powerful countries such as America and Russia have expressed concern in that regard.
Although Russian ambassador to Kabul is happy from the progress of peace negotiation between America and Taliban, but not hideouts his concerns about continuation of war after a consensus between the two sides.
He says, he has reports that some members of the group are not satisfied from consensus between America and Taliban. They will continue the fighting alongside Al- Qaida and IS that are serious threats.
Zalmay Khalilzad the special envoy of US in Afghanistan who is also leading American negotiating team in negotiation with Taliban has said that consensus with Taliban not means ending of war in Afghanistan.
In view of Russian, Americans and other countries, Al –Qaeda a terrorist group, America pursuing is trying using the new political development attract Taliban descanted with peace process. On the other hand, Al- Qaeda and Taliban are maintaining their relations as before. Another dangerous group is, IS   that is seeking to recruit Taliban’s militants who are not happy from the agreement.
A number of Taliban’s commanders also threatened that consensus with America has no any meaning to them. In meantime, Afghan government and a number of international agencies have talked about the existence of more than 20 terrorist groups in Afghanistan.
While the danger of continuation of terrorist groups exists and Russia and America acknowledge to it, but still there is no a unity of view between them and also still the countries of the region and beyond the region have no the same view in campaign against this evil phenomenon.
Terrorism has a complicate structure. Every country supports terrorism for its own objectives, one calls Taliban a political movement the other call IS an intelligence project while the other considers IS a terrorist group but says fighting against it, is not its duty.
Therefore, in such a situation and strategy how one can claim that counter terrorism straggle can reach a consequence in favor of peace and people.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Kabul (BNA)For removing the current problems of the country there is an urgent need for settling inner differences and act in complete unity against the challenges.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes in spite of all deterrence and problems, the American and Taliban representatives continue their negotiations and trying to reach a consensus as soon as possible.
The American and Taliban representatives are closing to sign a peace agreement that guarantees the ousting foreign forces from Afghanistan and also Taliban guarantee that they won’t use the territory of Afghanistan against other countries.
The other issues of the agreement or deal are observing a permanent ceasefire and starting intra- Afghans negotiations. Norway has become ready to host such a session.
There are many words about that America and Taliban are hurrying for signing a peace agreement. Although President Trump in his recent statements in France has said that he has no hurry on withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan but it seems that President Trump to use Afghan issue in his presidential election campaigns due be held  next Spring, and Pakistan for drawing Taliban to negotiation table and impelling the group to make peace with America is seeking to receive the American and western countries aids again in order to improve its poor economy and rid itself from international isolation. The process clearly indicates that Doha negotiation is moving at pivotal of the interests of aliens and foreigners.
In spite of all problems America and Taliban reach a consensus and intra – Afghan talks will be held, therefore it requires the Afghan government to inter the process from a proper and a credible position. 
Afghan government for participation in Norway negotiation should prepare a 15 person list. The politicians and critics of the state have been talking a lot about delaying the announcement of the list, but many people believe that for the leadership of the unity government should be given time to prepare a credible and inclusive list from every strata of the community to represent the Afghan people and government as they are deserved.
Unfortunately, in earlier sessions in Moscow and Doha, the Afghan politicians did not played their role as required, the conclusion of the sessions were all in to the interests of Taliban.
Now the people insist that this bitter experience should not be repeated in Norway.  It requires the politicians and human rights activists honestly assist the government in preparing a list to meet the interests of Afghan people and government in negotiation with Taliban.
There are certain circles, organizations and figures inside and outside the country who by presenting ethnical and regional issues are deepening the Afghan problem and want to keep the situation in the country dangerous as before.
In such a situation, it requires, our people to be mobilized against the enemies in a strong and unshakable national unity avoiding all discriminations fight to ensure their interests and neutralize the conspiracies of foreign countries special Pakistan in our country.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Election is a national process; the people find an opportunity to renew their commitment to democracy and establishing a democratic system, the opportunity should be valued and improved.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes according to election schedule, presidential elections would be held on September 28 of the current year.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan considering holding election and peacefully transmission of power as a main principle for improving democracy and a need for extension of the rule of law, believe that holding election, strengthens the process of peace negotiations in existence of an elected government.  
But since negotiations between America and Taliban have started under the title of peace negotiation, contradictory words have been heard about presidential elections in Afghanistan. 
A number of people give priority to peace while some others insisting on election consider it necessary for boasting a democratic government.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan believes that election is important because according to the law election is a necessary process.  He says, either he be the next president or somebody else should have commitment for peace, because, this process needs severe decisions to be made in order the people be satisfied and just Afghan government has the authority to decide regarding to peace with Taliban.
He has said that he wanted to reach consensus with Taliban in two phases, first, primitive consensus earlier to presidential election and the second phase after the election would be an overall agreement   
The president expressing the above wants to say that an elected government can decide about peace and political future of Afghanistan not a government that would remain just for less than a month.
But a number of countries and foreign diplomats in Kabul prefer peace to election. Among them the Russian ambassador to Kabul in a private TV interview has said that Russia gave priority to peace than election
The US ambassador to Kabul, while visiting Balkh province also expressed a view similar to Russian ambassador.
Talking about peace and election take place in a time, America is involved in negotiation with Taliban who not believe in to election and civic life.  In any peace negotiation, the issues related to freedom and democracy should also be discussed.
In peace negotiation where democracy and rule of law be ignored, such a peace would not be sustainable and respectable.
Afghan people and state while consider peace as a need, but prefer peace with honor where democracy and values achieved so far be protected.
Altimetry, peace runs through the state’s canal and this elected government can decide about political future of the country.

Monday, August 26, 2019
Kabul (BNA) National security advisor says that IS, is a threat for Afghanistan but cannot be a strategic threat for this country.
BNA military and security affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, Hamdullah Muhib the national security advisor of the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan an interview with a foreign radio has said that IS, is a threat for Afghanistan but considering the relationship of the group with Afghan people cannot be a strategic threat, because the group cannot get the support of people. Currently the group carries out suicide and destructive attacks which can be called technical threat.
The national security advisor estimates the number of IS personnel in Afghanistan between 700 and 1200 people, most of them are Pakistanis and militants from other countries.
The statements have been expressed exactly in a time, a number of countries like Russia, Pakistan, and America have expressed concern over the extension of IS activities in Afghanistan. They claim that the members of IS who have sustained serious defeat in in Iraq and Syria are coming in to Afghanistan’
The concerns over coming of IS members from Iraq and Syria in to Afghanistan expressed while Afghanistan has no joint borders with the two countries. Unfortunately nobody says how did they come in to Afghanistan?
Some believe that certain countries using IS as a means for their propagations are seeking to return in to the territories once they controlled or justifying it for their presence in the region. 
If we pay attention on statements of big and small countries on that regard, IS, is a new project that a number of countries are trying to bring IS in to Afghanistan to provide an opportunity the ground for a proxy war among certain countries in Afghanistan and fighting continue as before.
In such a situation there is a need the countries involve in Afghan problem, particularly international union against terrorism and other countries truly seeking security and stability in Afghanistan precisely assess the situation and wisely make a decision.
At the end we draw the attention of the authorities of the country that there are certain countries with magnifying IS trying to achieve their own objectives and carry out their own plans and programs.
Therefore, for preventing and neutralizing these conspiracies and programs, we should have our own plans and programs and in our political assessments not consider the enemy weak.