26 June 2019

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Saturday December 29, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The recent developments in security and defense organs of the country give the hopes that the current crisis of the country would be correctly managed.
BNA security affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently issuing a decree the president assigned new acting ministers for interior and defense miniseries. The recent changes in the leadership takes place after that the country was in partially serious situation in security point and armed oppositions and terrorist groups carrying terrorist operations extended insecurity to different parts of the country, increased the number of casualty among security and defense forces and faced the country in to certain problems and challenges that required changes in leadership of ministries of defense and interior. The changes give new hope that crisis of war in the country would be managed successfully from now on.
The persons who have been appointed as the heads of these high positions should meet the expectations of people and prepare effective and practical plans and programs for improvement of security situation and ending the crisis. Terrorist groups to achieve their objectives exerted to different ways.  As they increasing violence and terroristic activities imposed a sever pressure on our people across the country including the residents of Kabul the capital of the country. Terrorists increasing pressure on Kabul try to strike a heavy blow on Kabul. They follow this satanic program with certain goals. Conducting terrorist activities in Kabul and other big cities, showing their force provide the ground for propagation to get a proper place in the political process. Vulnerability of security sections has made different terrorist groups more fearless. For suppressing terrorist groups a deceive action and a correct war management needed, the two newly assigned figures are capable of doing so.
Many believe the new changes in military sectors is a message to the people and another message to terrorists this is the state is serious for ensuring security and suppressing the enemies of peace.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Pollution of the air has changed into a major concern of Kabul and other big cities of the country, the consequences of it will be dangerous for this country.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes destruction of environment and pollution of the air are the most serious problems that the Afghan people are suffering.
Pollution of air in Kabul is so serious that goes beyond   the accepted scientific   standards. In such a situation in other countries, emergency condition announced and preventive measures are adapted.
  While in Afghanistan just the authorities of related organs and certain social strata express concern but the majority of people are indifferent in that regard.
Unfortunately, the level of pollution in Kabul is very high, the preventive measures adapted for curbing the problem is not sufficient.
There are various factors that cause air pollution and destruction of environment such as: the increasing number of population, low quality fuel, old transportation means, and using charcoal in baths and finally low quality streets.
Unfortunately, this is the people who are involved in bringing about such a situation because in some circumstances the pollution of the air is resulted from their unawareness.
To overcome the fearful problems of air pollution and environment destruction, the factors that caused them should be removed. 
For meeting this great goal, the relevant authorities preparing scientific and practical plans and programs inform the people about the culture of citizenship and the harms caused by air pollution and destruction of environment. Chanting slogans is not the way of settling the problems.  

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The process of registering the names of the candidates for a presidential election that is due starts on April twentieth began yesterday.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes based on the schedule, registering the names of the candidates for presidential elections started yesterday.
The process will continue for twelve days, during which the people who want to candidate herself or himself for the purpose can register their names.
Starting the names of the candidates for presidential elections is another step forward for implementing another commitment of the state that insists it will hold presidential elections next spring practically on April twentieth.
Registering the names of candidates for presidential elections indicates that the process of election as a national process never comes under the influence of any political program and no any rumors prevent it from holding.
Although for holding presidential elections have earlier made preparations, but there are rumors that within new developments, a temporary authority would be established and due to continuous negation between Taliban and America, presidential elections would be delayed. While the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that demonstrates the will of people has obligated to keep national values and knows better that such activities promote democracy, establishes public based government , freedom of speech and lead to the continuation of civil activities and safe guarding national values and welcomes the registration of the names of candidates and strongly believes that Afghans whose future  depends on establishing a public based government are determined to go on that way and there would be no reverse, they don’t let their country to return to previous dark periods the people suffering from hardship and cruelties of the relevant authorities. 
The people hope the candidates for presidential elections to serve people.

They should know that the people will not select to the highest ranking post of the country who does not know precisely about the situation of the country, such as complicate war and peace situation and knowing about political relations of the country have the capacity of their management and running them.
These require that wise and expertise people who have precise information from the region and entire world and can settle the problems of the people should be forward in the process. The candidates should know that ethnical, linguistic and religious trends cannot demonstrate the will of people. 
On the other hand the elections’ independent commission should consider many sensitivities, the commission should precisely inform the people that the process of the elections is an objective and an incentive for insuring national values not a field for propaganda and becoming famous in the community.  

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The political talks among Taliban and America, supervising by Pakistan, Saudi Aria and United Arabic Emirates have covered and uncovered sides that should be cleared for the Afghan people.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes a high ranking delegation of Taliban is talking with US representatives in Abu Dhabi United Arabic Emirates. In the negotiations the representatives of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and united Arabic Emirates are also attending. These three countries during the rule of Taliban had officially recognized the so called Islamic Emirates.
International media have say id that there has been some progress in Abu Dhabi talks. Taliban have asked US to delete the names of their leaders from the black list of United Nations, release their prisoners and make clear their attendance in upcoming Afghan government. In the same time they have proposed a truce.
Although the statements have not approved by any official or independent sources, but the issue has leaked through the media.
The words on progress of the talks come to being exactly in time that the talks are full of ambiguity for Afghan people in the talks in which the Afghan issue discussed; the Afghan government is not attending. Taliban deny any direct talks with Islamic Republic of Afghanistan while the group so dependent and captive that the process of their talks with America directly monitors by Pakistan that hurts any conscience.
Taliban are denying the role of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the talks but what would be their answer about attendance of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and United Arabic Emirates attendance in the negotiations? Pakistan is so much involve in depth of the talks that even not lets Taliban to inter talks with US only by their own.
Afghan people strongly believe that, peace negotiation is the ownership of Afghans and other counters just can play only role of facilitating the process.
Any negotiation without Afghan people and government participation would be in vain. This open fact at the first step should be understood by Taliban, Pakistan and other countries who are involved Afghan issue.
The presence of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and United Arabic Emirates in Abu Dhabi talks makes it clear that Taliban in their political dealings have no open hand. These countries were the only counties who had recognized Taliban’s regime.
It should not be forgotten that it was the regional rivalries imposed Afghanistan in to the crisis. Rivalries of the four countries attending in Abu Dhabi for ensuring their interests not ends the crisis but Taliban have provided the ground for other countries like Russia, India, China, Central Asian countries, Iran and turkey defend their so called interests in Afghanistan.
We can rid of from regional disputes and the outsiders rivalries, we know about our interests and avoid of using as a means by others. It is not clear how much Taliban know about this fact?
Now it is the time that Taliban should know that not be used as a means by others anymore and directly inter talks with their compatriots.