01 October 2020

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says, “We should deal Taliban as a group not a legal state.” 
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in meeting with Chinese special envoy for Afghanistan has said that Taliban should be dealt as a group not a power equivalent to a state.
The statements were expressed exactly in time that a number of countries in consultation with certain intelligence services of the region, in a designed program to identify Taliban have tried to identify Taliban as a parallel power to the state while a year ago recognized them as terrorist group. The nature and the capabilities of the group are clear to everybody and cannot using special words give a wrong and artificial identity to this terrorist group.
During the last years, due to lack of precise anti – terrorism programs, the political games of the intelligence services of the region were active in Afghanistan. The intelligence service of Pakistan in support of certain circles in the west and the countries of Persian Gulf succeeded to revive the identity of Taliban once more and introduce the group as a motive force in political and military scene of Afghanistan. 
Now, there are rumors about ousting foreign forces from Afghanistan and a number of regional and beyond regional countries have planned based on their interests and rivalries to contact and reach an understanding with Taliban and forgotten once called the group as a terrorist group.  
World community is strengthening its relations with Afghanistan as a state. Afghanistan has a democratic state which has come to power via election and supported by international community and Kabul the capital of the country has been hosting the ambassadors many countries across the world.
But Taliban a group that have no legality and popularity among world countries for a long time now enter in to talks, discuss Afghan problem.
The stance of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in that regard id clear. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in his visit with Chinese special envoy for Afghanistan has said, “We should deal Taliban as a group and not see the group as legal state because it would be against all international Chinese principles.”
Afghanistan enjoys of having a democratic system, has a progressive constitution and honors all international agreements.
Therefore it would be a serious error to compare it with a terrorist group that caused great casualties among our innocent people and destruction of our homeland just to please foreign intelligence services especially  ISI. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The recent terrorist incidents and provocations of armed opposition groups make it clear that peace with Taliban is fragile and have no the required strength.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes sometimes ago, Kabul was the scene of a bloody terrorist incident. The terrorist targeted a wedding party guest at six precinct of Kabul city which killed 63 people and injured more than 180.
A day after that deadly incident explosion of a street planted mine in Dowlatabad district Balkh province claimed the lives of 12 civilians and injured more than 180 people including women and children.
In Balkh the security forces destroyed an explosive loaded vehicle and they prevented several other terrorist incidents in Kabul and other cities of the country.
The problem is not ended here. Taliban the major group of armed opposition groups fighting against Islamic Republic of Afghanistan forces are suffering from their inner differences,  as Hafiz Ahamadullah brother of Mullah Hibatullah the leader of Taliban was killed in an explosion of a mine in a mosques in north of Kwita city. This indicates that the leader of Taliban has his own enemies. An armed group links to Mullah Rasool’s section have claimed the responsibility of the incident.
Along these incidents, there are credible news that after progress of negation between Taliban and America, the presence of Al- Qaida has increased in battle fields in Afghanistan, and the group has been called a terrorist organization by America and other western countries.
Taliban in negotiation table with US and in talking with media represent only one group while there are several groups of them who have fight for their own interests and have structural formation and supports by certain countries.
There is unofficial news that Russia train Talib for its own, Iran for its own, Arabs for their own and America for its own.
This clearly proves the existence of difference among Taliban and foreign countries use them as a means for ensuring their interests in Afghanistan and in the region.
Here a question emerges that if a peace deal take place with Taliban what should be done with other terrorist groups such as Al- Qaida and IS?
Afghan security sources say that at least 20 armed and terrorist groups are fighting against Afghan state and people. Can peace with Taliban decrease provocations of other terrorist groups like Al-Qaida and IS?
One cannot call Afghan conflict a war between deferent tribes or a religious fighting it is an imposed and regional conflict that the Afghans are mostly the victims of it.
Peace in Afghanistan is impossible only reaching a compromise with one group. It requires the help and cooperation of all involved groups.

Saturday, August 27, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The activities and efforts of defense and security forces for ensuring security during Eid days are appraisable and once again proved that they are strongly committed to defend national and Islamic values.
BNA political and social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes national and religious times always been faced with security challenges. Terrorists have always tried to challenge the national and religious days with conducting the most brutal actions to reduce the trust of people to the state and provide the ground for their propagation again the government.
Although Mullah Hebatullah the leader of Taliban in his message on occasion of Eid considered as unofficial ceasefire advised his followers to serious care in to security and pleasure of people during Eid days and carry out everything possible for their safety and living in peace. Neutralizing more than terrorists’ conspiracies by security forces frankly showed that Taliban have no any commitment for the life of people and in every moment seeking opportunity to obtain concession by creating a new adventure.
In existence of adventures it would be impossible to take serious the statements of Taliban’s chief but can say with confidence that the calm and peace during Eid days was the result of endeavors of security forces that neutralized the conspiracies of Taliban for disrupting the people’s lives.
Sources in Interior Ministry say, the enemies persistently tried to carry out terrorist attacks against Afghan people and Afghan security but fortunately they did not success.
During Eid days Taliban tried to carry out 14 terrorist attacks against Afghan people in Kabul in provinces but all of them failed as a result of awareness and bravery Afghan security forces. 
These prove that the statement of Taliban leader was just a propagation move, they aimed as before to attack people and their interests but they could not reach their evil aims because of the bravery of Afghan security forces.
Taliban and IS are the main disrupters of security in the country and addition to them 29 other terrorist groups are fighting against Afghan people and Afghan security forces want to challenge the state and provide the ground for their propagation and conducting psychological war in the country.
But our security and defense forces with great military capabilities and close relation with people firmly stood against terrorists prevented them to achieve their satanic goals.
The people have played a great role in defeating Taliban and victory of Afghan security and defense forces. Therefore it is require, the security forces should keep their ties with people as before which guarantees their victories in the future.
Our security and defense forces have proved that they are national and public forces and fight to ensure public interests and never been compared with armed opposition groups. The Afghan security forces belong to Afghan people and fight for people’s interests while armed opposition groups are involved in proxy war to ensure the interests of the foreigners. There is a great difference between them.
Afghan security and defense forces are the greatest achievement of Afghan people, they should be supported honestly as they deserved.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says the future of Afghanistan is determined inside the country by Afghans; there is a consensus among the people in this regard.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the eighth round of negotiation between the representatives of US and Taliban ended in Doha.  This round of negotiation started on August third and lasted for nine days.
Taliban have said that the two sides have reached some agreements and for upcoming measures will consult with their leaders.
Although the two sides are enthusiastic about the agreements but it is not clear when Taliban and US sign at the end of the agreement. In finalizing the agreement Pakistan, The US allies and gulf countries have essential role.
Khalilzad the US special envoy has gone to Washington and Taliban will consult with their leaders in Pakistan to determine the fate of peace in Afghanistan.
Although Afghan people and government consider peace a need for their country and protecting the lives of their people but strongly insist that any peace process should take place and lead by Afghans.  While the new peace developments mostly have taken place outside the country and Afghan people do not know about the results of them yet.
If we precisely look and think about the pains and agonies of our people during the last 40 years specially the last 18 years a time the foreign forces attending the country, Afghan are the main victims of the disputes and competition of foreign countries.
Afghan people had never invited Red Army’s forces and never consulted with them for forming international coalition to fight against terrorism.  This proves that the Afghans have been just the victims of foreign games and programs.
Although during the previous years, many efforts have been carried out for restoring peace and stability in to the country but had no any result, the reason is this that the foreigners were only looking on their benefits, and did not observed the Afghans’ interests.
At the current efforts in Doha the first condition of foreigners is guaranteeing that Afghanistan will never be a threat for other countries, while there is nothing about the future politics of Afghanistan. 
Afghans sustained the heavy casualties and ruins during the previous years, because of presence of foreign troops.
It is clear that in current efforts mostly have been thought about foreign countries interests not the interests of Afghan suffering people.
Therefore, peace and security only restore in Afghanistan and in the region with great involvement of Afghans in peace process and the political system of the country determine by its own citizens and the will of them should be highly respected. Without doubt this will rescue the region and even the entire world from the evil of terrorism.