23 July 2019

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Taliban barbaric action

Written by  Manager2
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Saturday, September 27, 2014
Kabul (BNA) September 27th   was the day the notorious and barbaric Taliban over run Kabul the capital of the country and imposed their tyrannical rule on our people, for five years, which makes the darkest part of our history.
BNA political analyst remembering those harsh days writes, the Taliban group was established, organized, trained and equipped in a blatant political intrigue by the enemies of our country to fulfill their ambitious goals in the region.  This mercenary group partially succeeded to meet the objectives of their bosses by toppling the then Afghan government and establishing the so-called Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
The time tested foreign enemy of Afghanistan misusing the situation of our country where factional disputes were underway in the country and the people were suffering the situation, created the notorious and barbaric group of Taliban to realize their long dreams this is supremacy of the region.
As I mentioned earlier, the foreign enemies of Afghanistan in order to achieve their ambitious goals in the region, recruited, organized, trained and equipped this ignorant and inhumane group and sent in to our country to launch a proxy war in Afghanistan. The partially succeeded in achieving their objectives, because their mercenaries toppled the then Afghan government and created so called  Islamic Emirate indirectly run by Pakistani generals and ISI authorities . The new leadership who for the first time introduced terrorism and extremism in the region, later used those two inhumane phenomenon in a way that not only the region but also the entire world.
The Afghan people who knew the satanic nature of the group resisted and bravely fought against them.  This ignorant group closed the doors of schools particularly for girls and practiced such cruelties in the community that the history not remembers.
As state above the resistance of Afghan people continued against a notorious group who grave cruelty ruled and international community knew about the challenges imposed by extremism, and terrorism supported the resistance forces to collapse the so called Islamic Emirate and to rid the humanity from the threat of terrorism and extremism.
Unfortunately, once again the foreign enemies of Afghanistan on the other side of Durand Line reorganized the group and still conducting a proxy war against the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its people.
We believe terrorism and extremism not only threaten Afghanistan, the world but in the end their host country. Therefore, it is the responsibility of international community including Pakistan to join hand and do their best to eliminate extremism and terrorism forever.


Written by Abdul Khalil Minawi

Director of Bakhtar News Agency  

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