29 February 2020

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Saturday, April 22, 2017
Kabul (BNA)   Any foreign countries or domestic political circles, who consider Taliban a political movement, persecute to the blood of thousands of martyrs of this country who have lost their lives in defense of national values and barbaric attacks of ignorant Taliban.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes that recently a number of diplomats in Kabul and outside Afghanistan and some political figures of our country calling Taliban a political movement and fact expressed their cooperation and coordination with this mediaeval group.
Such interpretations from Taliban indicate that passing each day the number of countries and political circles increase who are seeking to use Taliban as a means to determine their place in the great games of the region and intelligence projects.
Considering grave military tensions and rivalry among the big powers of the region and the world, using Taliban as a means for achieving their objectives, have increased the ever before and try their best to use them as a means to achieve their evil goals. Discord between Taliban and the killing of their two leaders Mullah Mohammad Omer and Mullah Akhtar Mansoor originated from the games and rivalries of the big powers.
Although the heinous and violent deeds committed Taliban so far are against all humane values and culture, unfortunately, some people introduce this tyrannical group as a political movement, and certain circles inside the country consider them as a fact in the political situation of the country.
This kind of view and perception would be hazardous for Afghan people.
The constitution of Afghanistan which is the national identity of the country and according to which the system of the government established. Some current political figures who had played a great role in preparing the document and defined political activities, freedom of speech and civic activities, not only cooperated in implementing the articles of the constitution but demonstrated great patient toward the activities of dozens of political partied within the framework of the constitution, and media. This is a clear example of tolerability of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan toward political parties and media that severely criticize its activities and mistakes.
While Taliban attack hospitals, put fire on schools, kill state employees, teachers and students, carry out suicide attacks on crowded places of the city, and kill our innocent people including our military officers who defend the honor of our beloved homeland and plunder public properties. Taliban ignoring Afghan constitution daily commit dozen unacceptable crimes in the country. How one can call and introduces them as a political movement while they commit such heinous crimes against all international laws and human rights.
Afghan people ask the countries that have recognized our government and have diplomatic relations with us to regulate their relations according to international laws and avoid supporting terrorist groups who are not only a threat to Afghanistan, to  the region but to entire world.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in fight against terrorist group such as Taliban and IS requires international support to end terrorism and rescue the world from the evil of it. Because, thinking to damage and topple Afghan government will have no any use but increase the problems.


Written by Abdul Khalil Minawi

Director of Bakhtar News Agency

Last modified on Monday, 29 May 2017 07:03

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