13 December 2019

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Pollution of Environment Is Regrettable It Should Be Focus Immediately: Commentary

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Environment situation in Afghanistan is concerning, and presently we are witnessing the destruction and pollution of environment than any time before.
BNA ecological analyst commenting on the issue writes from fifth to 11th of June celebrates as a special week for protection of environment every year.
Observing the special week for cleansing environment gives an opportunity for people and the relevant authorities of government to carry out their obligations and duties regarding to the environment and settle the problems in that end.
Holding the special week of environment indicates that we should no spare any practical efforts for keeping clean the environment all the times, especially during the week determined as special environment week. However, unfortunately, the week marks just with holding ceremonial gathering , severely criticizing unknown people who involved in pollution of environment and finally  delivering emotional  rhetoric and promising words in that regard. Regretfully, after these ceremonial meetings and gatherings, emotional speeches and promising words, no one can see any improvement in environment and the situation remains as before.
If we carefully look at situation of environment in the country, green areas and natural resources are damaging mercilessly, and the people who should play their role in keeping the environment clean and settle the problems in that regard they themselves unintentionally  are the main factor for pollution of environment. Therefore, it would the duty of relevant organs and government as whole to inform the people about the harms caused by polluted environment with its catastrophic consequences. It is a fact that without active participation of people in straggle against removing pollution it would difficult to overcome this deadly problem.
Green areas are vanishing in Afghanistan, the major part of forests have damaged and natural resources plundered, the water resources are used in a wrong way and finally wide spaces of pastures  and agricultural areas due to increasing demand have change in to settlement areas. These main factors that influence pollution, the relevant authorities should deeply and find the ways for their removal in order to remove this grave problem.
Other factors that seriously affect and increase environmental pollution in the cities and the country as completely mentioned as follow: cutting forests, damaging agricultural areas, non- standard expansion of cities, unprecedented digging wells, mismanagement of water resources and importing used vehicles and disqualify fuels, should focus seriously.
Knowing the factors and informing the public about the danger of pollution and working practically for removal pollution are the great steps toward decreasing pollution that threats the life of people and for providing a safe environment for current generation and coming generation.

Abdul Khalil Minawi

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