15 August 2020

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Terrorists Using Language And Ethnicity Harass Our People

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Violence and terror acts and sowing the seed of discord among the religious followers cannot deist our people from their humane commitment that is goodwill, fraternity, and ensuring national unity.
BNA military issues analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Al- Zahra Mosque in 13 precinct of Kabul city was the target of a terror attack. Ferocious and dark hearted terrorists affiliated to IS terrorist group, attacking the prayers in a mosque once again openly showing their hostility to Islam, proved that they do not believe to any humanity and Islamic principles.
Terror attack on Al- Zahra Mosque took place after a series of terrorist attacks that its main target was the mosque and worshipers in the mosque.
If last night terrorists attacked the worshipers in Al- Zahra mosque, two weeks ago, they targeted the funeral ceremony of a compatriot in Badam Bagh area that martyred and injured a number of people while who were fast.
Since, terrorists have never observed and believed Islamic creeds, therefore, they have accelerated their inhumane and ferocious attacks in sacred month of Ramadan. Launching a series of terrorist attacks in Khost, Kandahar, Zabul and Nangarhar mercilessly killed a number of our innocent people while they were fast.
Either Taliban or IS have accepted the responsibility of these ferocious attacks who claim they fight Islam, but in fact they act as the enemies of Islam and achieving their foreign masters evil objectives in the region. In an earlier designed program, the terrorists with instruction of their foreign masters kill our people; damage the infrastructure of the country and trying to sow the seed of religious and ethnic prejudices among our people. We are certain they will never reach this evil aim because Afghan people and the security forces of the country knowing the true nature of terrorist groups resolutely and heroically fighting them to the end and not only rescue  their country but the region and entire world  from the evil of terrorism forever.    
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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