Establishing of An Aerial Corridor Between Afghanistan And India

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Sunday, June 18, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Aerial corridor between Afghanistan and India for delivering commercial good will inaugurate very soon.
BNA economic affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes it is due to an aerial corridor between Afghanistan and India inaugurate , in this way the process of exchanging commercial goods between the accelerates.
Afghanistan India have close commercial and political ties during the last 15 years.  India is one of five major countries that have made huge assistance in reconstruction of Afghanistan. However, exchanging commercial goods between the two countries exercised certain problems. Transportation of commercial goods earlier carried out via transit roads of Pakistan. Due to tense relation between New Delhi and Islamabad in one hand and other hand, the challenging relation between Kabul and Islamabad badly affected the process of trade between Afghanistan and India.
Continuation of such harassments by Pakistan in transport ting commercial goods of Afghanistan and India through its transit roads, made the two countries to find a way for this problem. The best option was establishing an aerial corridor, the two sides agreed. Now, the project is ready for inauguration and will inaugurate very soon.
The most important thing is that and reflected in statements delivered by the Indian and Afghan authorities is establishing an aerial corridor for transporting commercial goods has never been a political move for deriving the third county to margin from free trade. Establishing this corridor is another example of regional cooperation, an idea Kabul and New Delhi considering it the major principle for the economic growth of the region and insists on its expansion.
From the early times up to now, Afghan authorities have said and insisted that only regional cooperation can vanish poverty from our countries and Afghanistan with its geopolitical location can put this great idea in to practice and will spare no any efforts in that regard . Likewise, Afghanistan instead of extorting to negative and illegal rivalries tries its best to join the nations for providing an atmosphere for regional economic growth. Therefore, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has provided the ground for realizing big economic projects in the region. As Afghanistan has played a great role in launching the big following projects: TAPI project that carries Turkmenistan’s gas through Afghanistan’s territory to Pakistan and India, CASA 100 project that transfers electricity from central Asian to south Asia, rehabilitation of Silk Road and   construction of Lopes lazuli Road.
Unfortunately, some countries, since Afghanistan is a land – locked country use it as political weapon for achieving it illegal objectives and ignore its transit right. Especially, Pakistan uses trade as a political means and creates problems for Afghan merchants.
Such a grave situation, compelled Afghanistan and trade partner to think finding an alternative transit road and chosen Iran Chah- Bahar border for the purpose and now establishing aerial corridor can meet the demands of Afghan business people and the people of the entire region.
Accessing of Afghanistan to better transit roads once again proves that politicizing trade and economy is a serious mistake. Today Pakistani traders and investors are concern about decreasing trade with Afghanistan, because, by passing each day lose their huge advantages and resources in Afghanistan.
Establishing aerial corridor between Afghanistan and India can effectively affect the economic growth of Afghanistan and its commercial ties with other countries.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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