IS Terrorist Group Fails To Meet Its Goals In Tora Bora

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Kabul (BNA) IS terrorist group that was seeking its dominance over strategic areas of Nangarhar province and making that province in to the center of its terrorist activities once again severely defeated and drove out of Tora Bora.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes early this week, media released the unpleasant and concerning news about the collapse of Tora Bora the most important strategic area in Pachargam district, Nangarhar province;
Although, the security and defense forces of the county ended the new I.S adventures very soon in Tora Bora and failed that notorious group’s dreams for dominance on that military strategic point, but the question arises why did we become short in protecting such military strategic areas.
Tora Bora once where was the strongest trench of Afghan Mujahidin in war against the then Soviet forces, after the victory of Mujahidin, different armed forces using this strategic point as their hideouts, as Asama bin Laden the leader of Al – Qaeda was safe there for a long time. However, after the developments that led to the collapse of Taliban and establishment a new regime, made the authorities of the new government to think, to build Tora Bora as a military stronghold to be under the rule and control of defense forces of the country.
Nevertheless, why did the relevant authorities have not successes to meet that goal during the last fifteen years is questionable. While the terrorist networks have, great interest in that strategic area and have tried their best to have the area under their control. As, late last week, IS drove out Taliban from the area and brought the area under their control.
Afghan Political and military experts say that the people want to find the reality that why IS sometimes disappeared from the area and suddenly emerge and creates barbaric incidents that widely reflect in media.
The experts say that there is an ambiguity in Afghan war, the factors of that should recognized and deal correctly with them. Even members of parliament talking about the recent advances of IS, also presented concerning claims and accusations that should precisely assessed.
Although, IS severely defeated in eastern part of Afghanistan, it should not  considered as the end of the group, because this is a part the project of great game of foreign countries intelligence services they do their best to prevent the complete collapse of this notorious terrorist group. 
There are certain countries that look at IS as a means for achieving their illegal objectives. They should know about the open fact that terrorism is like a sneak; it also stings its trainer.
The current situation asks the countries of the region jointly and in complete unity campaign for settling the current problems of the region that not only threat the region but the entire world. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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