21 February 2020

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Current Differences Should Not Interpreted Separation And Division

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The current critical and sensitive condition of the country requires tolerance, working toward national interests and wisely moving for removing the current difference.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the existence of different views, programs, and action is a characteristic of democratic system of governments. Therefore, the existence of problems should not interpreted separation and division but should be consider as way for achieving high political and economic goals and objectives, a working team is committed for achieving them.
Afghanistan, which is experiencing an infant democracy, the existence of difference in views and practice is natural, should not considered as a gap or barrier before the government.
Regretfully, there are certain circles inside and outside the country who are trying to use the differences as a means for achieving their evil and illegal objectives and sow the seed distrust and suspicion among Afghan politicians and people. The open and secret interferences of these circles have further complicated the situation of the country. The continuation of such evil things without doubt will have severe consequences. According to political expert information of such a situation poor will and intention has creative role.
There are certain circles and persons who for achieving their personal, ethnical, and sectarian objectives, using freedom of speech further increase tension and crisis in the country. Regretfully, some medias consciously and non- consciously ignoring their obligation and responsibilities before the community, rise the ugly voice of those heinous figures and circles.
If today, they are talking about observing and implementing the law and ensuring justice  or monopolizing power or poor discipline in administrations, they are a part of propaganda originated from abroad, the purpose of which as mentioned above are dissemination of mistrust and non- confidence among people.
The most critical and acute problems in human long history have settled via exercising tolerance and conducting talks and negotiations. Afghan authorities should use these invaluable and historic experiences for settling the problems threaten the Afghan community before further sinking in mire misery wretchedness.
It should not forget that holding talks and consultation have proved to be the most fruitful and constructive way of settling the problem, while continuation differences harms the country and further encourage the enemies of the country for increasing their interference in domestic affairs of our war stricken country.
Abdul Khalil Minawi   

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