22 September 2018

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UN General Assembly And World Challenges: Commentary

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The UN General Assembly 72nd session will be hold today, with participation of the leaders and high ranking delegates of 193 countries of the world including President Ashraf Ghani, where the participant will discuss the current situation of the world, cooperation among countries and amendments in United Nations Organization structure.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the 72nd session of UN General Assembly will be hold today with participation of the leaders and high ranking delegates from 193  countries of the world.
The session holds exactly in time where the world suffering a critical situation and racial and religious extremism wide spread across the world and expanding its geographical domain. 
Extremism both in Islamic non – Islamic countries takes the lives of innocent people and leads to the growth of terrorism and racial and religious conflicts in the world.
Regretfully, there are countries that use terrorism and extremism as a means for achieving their illegal ambitious objectives. This situation is conceivable in Middle East, south and East Asian countries, Israel and European countries.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan aiming to attend the session has arrived New York. The sources close to the president have said that Afghan president will be among the leaders who speak in the session. In addition, Mr. Ghani will visit a number of world leaders among them US President Mr. Trump and the leaders of some neighboring countries including Shahid Khaqan Abasi Pakistan prime minister.
In meeting with President Trump will focus on implementation of US programs and the new strategy of that country on Afghanistan South Asian countries where the leaders of the two countries will discuss on equipping Afghan security forces, accelerating anti-terrorism operations, strengthening peace process in Afghanistan and in the region and increasing US pressures on patron countries of terrorism.
Likewise, the visit with Abasi prime minister of Pakistan will be a crucial, clear and constructive meeting.
This the first time Afghan president meets Mr. Abasi Pakistani prime minister after he assigned to the position. The meeting takes place while the tensest relation between the two countries prevailed and mistrust to Pakistan not only among Afghans but among other countries increasing.
The Afghan leader in this meeting will clearly express his view on constrictive peace talks with Pakistan and will once again ask that country to honestly proceed for improving relations between the neighboring countries and it would possible only when Pakistan end supporting terrorist groups that are not only a threat for Afghanistan but the countries of the region and the entire world.
President Ghan in his speech addressing the participants of UN General Assembly session will also point to acute regional and global issues.
It is expected, the participants of 72nd UN General Assembly session to take serious the world concerns regarding terrorism and extremism and stop using those notorious phenomenon as a means for achieving political and economic objectives.
It would be necessary, for the countries to conceive their responsibilities regarding ensuring world order and security and jointly and honestly fight terrorism and extremism to the end and recue the world from the evil of that notorious phenomenon. Otherwise, the world will not enjoy a happy life. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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