20 August 2018

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Cultivating The Seed of Discord And Pessimism Is Fueling The Motor of The Enemy

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan emphatically said that he won’t sustain and kind of discriminatory dealing in all sector of life, especially among state’s employees, and let not any organ or individuals to harm nation consensus in the country.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently the racism and ethnicity act of   a staff of Administrative Affairs Department unveiled by media that sparked a grave reaction among various strata of people.   
Particularly reaction of President Ghani was serious. He has said that he severely condemn any kind discriminatory behavior and act, in all aspects especially in state owned institutes and would not let any organ or individuals to harm national unity and consensus among Afghan people, the contain of a letter released by Administrative Affairs Department has seriously depressed him. The president has instructed general attorney office to investigate the matter precisely to determine the identities of this heinous act in the light of law and deal them accordingly. The president insists that the beauty of Afghanistan and its glory and power related to ethnical groups living here and he is pride for being president of this great nation.
The statements of the president are worthy enough to deeply focus on them. Unfortunately, since sometimes ago, certain satanic circles inside and outside the country are trying with promoting schism and discord aiming to harm nation unity in the country. While major objective of president and the other leaders of national unity government are establishing unity and brotherhood among all ethnical groups and all Afghan peoples. It should be acknowledge that certain people are violating this sacred goal and the evil and discriminatory thoughts are rooting in offices, political organizations and civil societies that openly violate the president’s way of thinking. If today an employee of administrative affairs department demonstrates fascism, there are people, misinterpreting the words of a leader or a friend   instead of strengthening national consensus that are ostensibly committed to it, cultivate the seed of mistrust and discrimination among people.  
Our people believe the individuals who in this critical and sensitive situation of the country that is suffering from tremendous problems and their solution deeply related in to national unity, become a means in the hand of the enemies and fuel their motor.
These individuals with such treacherous act and intention are against the Afghan president’s way of thinking and people should know that they responsible for evil acts before the law and in the future, the history will judge and convicts them as traitors.
The people who want to create discord and prejudice among a single nation who have lived brotherly and peacefully for centuries should be punished severely to be a lesson for others.  

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