20 August 2018

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The Mental Security of Families of Martyrs Should Be Focused Seriously: Commentary

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Kabul (BNA) A number of state offices are suffering various kinds of chronic diseases of corruption. For removal of this grave challenge, wide spread reform and good management needed.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently SIGAR releasing a report on reconstruction of Afghanistan talks about misuses that the families and heirs of martyrs are suffering in state run offices.
The report faced to the reaction of political, official and social circles in the country. The spokesman of the president in a press session accepted the existence of some horrible problems in the country but calling them the heritage of previous government claimed that they working to bring serious reforms for settling the problems. 
SIGAR report on misuse, violation of law and vexing the families of military martyrs, during receiving their pension rights is following  earlier reports that  released  on misusing the martyrs rights, selling the weapons and ammunitions, but the recent report was shocking and horrible. If existence of such crimes and violations proved it would be a fatal blow on humane values.
In the country where ethical, religious and social values are a guideline for pursuing a humane and Islamic life, regretfully, there are certain greedy people who are seeking to use the others rights in to their own benefit.
This would be not deserved for us calling ourselves Afghan and Muslim to be witness the looting and plundering the rights of people who have lost their dearest ones in defend of the country.  
If the words that SIGAR has said be true, it would be a bitter blow on mental security and safety of the families of martyrs.
To restore this security and safety to the deserved and righteous people there would be urgent need for relevant organs such as justice and judicial and government organs, pursue and identify the perpetrators of such incredible crimes, bring in the court and punish them according to the law, because, just condemning is not enough. The government as an executive power should response and effectively deals with heinous crimes and introduces its strategy for pursuing the law violators. The state should prove its influence on all organs especially on state run offices and organizations.
The matter that should be focus on is, although recruiting people to positions takes a long time to find the most merit and qualified people for the positions, but due to lack of good management still we have not succeeded to overcome the evil problem. Therefore, for settling the problem, establishing a practical strategy and making a resolute decision are seriously needed. 

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