21 October 2018

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Parliament Is The Identity Symbol of The Country; It Should Not Become The Scene of Personal Differences: Commentary

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Kabul (BNA) National Assembly or parliament is the symbol of sovereignty, honor and identity of the country, where the people exercise their will; therefore it should not become the scene of personal differences and tensions.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes unpleasant and painful stories leaks from inside parliament that state that inner difference among administrative delegation of the parliament has caused a tense and regretful situation there it would never be to the benefit of our people and nation.
The event inside the national assembly started after that, the first deputy speaker of parliament accused the speaker and head of secretariat of the house to corruption and contrary to that the above parliament official accusing the first deputy speaker to misusing, presented some documents to the assembly in that regard.
The problem is that the inner differences of the house has not only badly affected the activities and programs of parliament but also is a severe blow on activities of the government and the life of people. The crisis takes place in a time; the country is in fragile and sensitive situation and suffering economic, political and security problems. If tension continues in the parliament without doubt it would it would seriously harm the state as a whole.
Political elites believe there are certain circles inside the parliament who are trying to disrupt the working process of the state or sabotage it, while parliament is a symbol of sovereignty, honor, dignity and identity of the country, it should not be used for personal interests and demands.
Because of the critical tensions that the parliament suffering, the debates on many laws and bills that should be indorsed delayed. The process of introduction of nominated minsters and some other programs also disrupted.
It would be the urgent need that the members of parliament, considering their national responsibilities and obligations take out parliament from this shameful and painful situation and win the confidence of people; otherwise they will lose their credibility among people forever.
The advice of people, politicians and the activists of civil society to the president of the country is this: To assign an authoritative delegation to investigate the current accusations in the parliament, if it is needed the immunity of adventurous members of parliament cancelled and to find a proper way for the permanent solution for the problem which bitterly the national assembly suffering. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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