22 April 2019

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Not Be Indifferent Against The Fate of Defenders of The Homeland: Commentary

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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Attention and providing the needs of police and other the homeland serving people who are defending the homeland and national values is a national, morale and religious obligation and any procrastination in that regard could be considered as a national treason.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the painful condition of police personnel in Ghor and Kunduz provinces talks about irresponsible even hostile dealing with police personnel who are bravely defending the national values and with least possibilities fighting against terrorism and foreign agents.
Lack of food stuff, weapons and ammunitions in battle field in Ghor and Kunduz provinces has prompted police personnel who are fighting in frontlines of the battle for removing hunger and starvation eat spoiled food or go to the houses of people and beg for a piece of bread or starve, while the relevant authorities enjoy a luxurious life both at home and office.
What have been said about painful state of police forces in Ghor and Kunuz provinces are a small part of problems that our security forces patiently endure.
Without doubt, our heroes this is our troops in other provinces are suffering the same problems.
It is a clear fact that the current critical situation which police personnel sustain in Ghor and Kunduz originates from the existence of corruption in procurement section of ministry of interior that the ministry itself acknowledge to it.
Sources in ministry have said that in relation with lack of food stuff and ammunition in Ghor and Kunduz provinces two officials of procurement department are under pursuit. The two officials have imposed a situation on police personnel that is worse than the attacks and conspiracies launched by our enemies. Therefore the case of the two officials should investigate as a case of national treason.
The existence of corruption in defense and security organs is not a new thing. We have heard repeatedly about selling weapons and ammunition to armed opposition and terrorist group, as once president Ghani called the ministry of interior is the center of corruption. However, the way of fighting against corruption in these organs is not yet known or if the relevant organs have done something for eradication of corruption the people have not informed.
The people expect the state under the leadership of president Ghani who himself have said that he implements justice in the country to settle the problems of the brave sons of the country who fight against the enemies at cost of their lives.
Also, the people wish the relevant authorities to do their best for attracting the confidence of people to government otherwise in existence of a such a situation they will lose their trust to the government and will not send their beloved sons to joined Afghan armed forces. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi

BNA Director General

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