22 October 2018

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The Blood of Martyrs Should be Revenged

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Saturday, November 04, 2017

Kabul (BNA) It has passed exactly 10 years from the terrorist incident in Baghalan province where a number of parliament members and the citizens of that province lost their lives but since then the dark angles of the incident not yet cleared.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes ten years ago, on October six in a terrorist incident in central Baghlan including some members of parliament, dozens of students and citizens of that province lost their dear lives.
The victims of this barbaric incident were of different ethnicities, because of this October sixth entitled Day of National Unity and remember as a national mourning day every year across of the country.
Remembering the martyrs, who have sacrificed their dear lives for the cause of the country, and heroically martyred is a good tradition that could be a good lesson for the sons of this county and to young generation and they will learn for safeguarding the national value how much blood has shed and how much sacrifices have been given for that sacred cause.
Remembering the martyrs and their devotions for the national cause can be an incentive for the people especially the youths to work toward realization and protecting those values.
The martyring of whom in Baghalan incident and other terrorist incident or individuals targeted by ruthless terrorists have done for the same purpose or aim, this is by taking the lives of elites, limiting the opportunities, the enemies of our country want to destroy to our national values.
Attack on elites of the country and physically eliminating the leaders and political experts is a conspiracy which has been employed against our nation from the past and still continuing. We can stand and thwart such conspiracies only when we honor and remember the martyrs as the national heroes and follow their sense of patriotism and devotions. 
In addition of the above issues, we have many obligations, this is what have we done for the families, widows and orphans of those heroically fought for independence, national identity and ensuring peace and justice in the country.
Holding national days like Martyrs’ Week or National Unity Day is an opportunity to review our social deeds once again.
However, only celebrating such days, will not any problem. As the speaker of parliament and executive chief have said that still there were many ambiguities on terrorist incident in Baghlan. Likewise, terrorist attacks on other parliament members who lost their lives on conspiracy and plots of the enemies are questionable. Although a delegation or an investigation team has been assigned to investigate the incident, unfortunately the results of the investigation have not yet publicized. Therefore it would better, the authorities of security and intelligence organs to report to people about the incidents in order to increase public confidence to state and the people recognize their enemies who responsible for all casualties and destruction in our country during the last four decades. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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