25 September 2018

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Hague International Court Investigates War Crimes In Afghanistan

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Monday, November 06, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Hague International Court has expressed its readiness to investigate war crimes in Afghanistan.
BNA Judicial affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the prosecutor of international court for investigating war crime has declared that he has asked the judge of the court to issue a license for investigation of war crime in Afghanistan.
He says that currently the situation for such cases in Afghanistan has provided. The country has sustained horrible incidents where extensive crimes have taken place. According Hague prosecutor the crimes taken place after early 2003 since today would be investigated.
According to The Hague the appeal of the attorney general of the court can pave the way for investigation of war crime cases.
Afghanistan is one of the sixty members of Hague Court. The attorney general has said that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has made its best to observe and honor the major principles and provisions of the court and implement them in practice.
Talking about the investigation of war crime in Afghanistan starts exactly in a time, the country during the last years has been the scene of horrible and shocking incidents like suicide attacks, targeting sacred places, public installations and indiscriminately shooting on people which are all war crimes.
If we focus on Taliban and other terrorist groups like IS and Haqani’s terrorist group deeds, they have committed horrible crimes that The Hague International Court considers them as war crimes.
The heart shocking incidents like attack on Shaheen military headquarters, attack on Paktia security forces base, attack on military hospital in Kabul, attack on diplomatic area in the capital, and purposeful and systematic attacks on mosques and shrines and targeting the residents of rural areas in some parts of the country for creating ethnical and religious discriminations among people are parts of crimes that terrorist groups have committed which show clearly their violation from human rights.
Time and again UN has called the horrible terrorist incidents in Afghanistan war crimes. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, human rights organizations in the country, civil society activists have also called war crimes and asked the criminals should be tried in Hague Court. In addition, international organs like International Amnesty have considered the crimes committed by terrorist groups as war crimes.
The above facts indicate that the international community knowing about the nature of terrorist groups and calling their deeds war crimes want the criminals to tried in Hague International Court and punish according to law.
It should be noted that Taliban in designing and planning their inhuman programs is not alone; criminals in Pakistani army and intelligence service, certain circles in Gulf region countries are supporting them. We hope the criminals to be bring in to Hague Court and honor the blood of Afghans who have lost their lives in terrorist attacks which in consensus called war crimes by humanity and relevant organs.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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