23 January 2019

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Unanswered Questions Behind Banayee Suicide Attack

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Sunday January 7, 2018

Kabul (BNA) More than 13 police personnel were martyred in a suicide attack took place in Banayee area, Kabul city on Thursday’s night (04 January 2018), the attack must be addressed to acquire the satisfaction of victims’ families and people.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, once again Kabul city was witnessed of a suicide attack on Thursday’s night, which martyred over 13 policemen and injured several others.
The incident was different from other terrorist attacks, the attack carried out when police personnel raided in the area to close shops were being sold narcotic drugs, alcoholic beverages, ammunitions and weapons. Previously local residents had expressed concerns from existence of ammunitions, weapons, narcotic drugs and alcoholic beverages in the mentioned shops.
For settling the problems policemen has launched an operation in the area, but shopkeepers stand up against police personnel and burnt a police vehicle and destroyed another vehicle, the shopkeepers instead to support police personnel contrary stand up against them.
On the other hand, why the shopkeepers didn’t support and cooperate with policemen? Non-cooperation of the shopkeepers show that there was a problem, which finally a suicide attacker come out from the shopkeepers and exploded himself among police personnel and took the lives of numerous policemen.
Repeatedly it is mentionable that the attack was different from earlier terrorist attacks.
The attack create more unanswered questions that need to be addressed; how the suicide attacker found among shopkeepers? How the suicide attacker had informed from the case? 
Banayee terrorist attack has various hidden reasons and seriously must be addressed to acquire the satisfaction of victims’ families and people.

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