20 October 2018

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Constitution A National Document Should Be Precisely Implemented

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Monday, January 08, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The week of celebrating of constitution starts in a situation while implementing this most valid and original law of the country is facing serious challenges and problems.
BNA legislative affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes every year the week of celebrating constitution holds from January 4 to January 10 in the country.
The constitution of the country as a national convention of Afghan people is one of the major achievements of our people during the last 16 years.
With endorsement of constitution, Afghanistan took a firm step toward a reasonable democracy and demonstrating the will of people. Afghan constitution has its peculiarities and privileges among the constitutions of the countries of the region.
The constitution as it mentioned earlier as national covenant is supported and honored by our people. This law due its extensive contents has proved to be effective in management and leading the society toward democratic system but the people still hope the opportunities and grounds further should be provide for its implement in practice.
Although there is a positive view regarding the constitution among the people and vigorously support it, but unfortunately in certain cases, some circles, individuals and figures breaching the law prevent implementation of the constitution in practice. As the second vice president has acknowledged that the constitution has breached by certain people including government authorities, state’s organs, some figures and individuals.
Today our people are suffering certain problems like insecurity, poverty, social discriminations and supremacy which have faced the constitution in to severe challenges.
Afghanistan is passing through a critical and difficult situation. Passing successfully through this hard and critical situation is only possible via observing the constitution; therefore there is an urgent need to fight against all who violate the articles of the constitution.
We reach our aims this is public tranquility and ending insecurity in the country, only when we fight honestly against all sorts of social and economic discriminations and support and implement the contents of the constitution in practice.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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