22 April 2019

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ISIS And Al-Qaeda Trying To Establish A Coalition

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Saturday March 17, 2018

Kabul (BNA) There are evidences that demonstrate that big terrorist groups in geography of Islamic countries are seeking to establish a great coalition.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes IS and Al-Qaeda are among the terrorist groups that are trying for establishing such a coalition.
Although, the world community knows those two groups as extremist groups and have bad memories from their criminal and inhuman deeds, but they are thinking about their survival and seeking to settle their inner problems.
The words have been stated in time, while with emergence of IS, Al-Qaeda had a competitive stance against the group. But now, they are seeking to remove the differences and act in coordination. This is clearly echoed in a report released by United Nations Security Council.
UN Security Council in its report insisted that Al-Qaeda has repeatedly asked for the unity of these terrorist groups, while IS has remained as an extremist group aiming to establish an Islamic caliphate. Al- Qaeda increasing its activities moving toward capturing power and in some areas its threats felt more than IS. 

According to UN Security Council some members of IS and Al-Qaeda are interested to support each other in organizing terrorist attacks.
Therefore, the coalition between these two groups can be considered a new threat in some areas.
Amin Zawahiri the leader of Al-Qaeda addressing his supporters insisted that unity, solidarity and cooperation with each other were the main factors for victory and freedom.
The prospect for forming a single terrorist group, after the collapse of IS has gotten momentum. IS using its critical situation will conduct terrorist attacks across the world, but  their common goals and interests are driving them toward solidarity under the cover of so called Global Jihad.
According to political experts the UN Security Council should not ignorance the efforts of IS and Al-Qaeda for establishing a coalition because it would have a grave consequences. Therefore it would be better for UN Security Council to find a practical way to prevent, the groups to implement their ominous plan.
Abdul Khalil Minawi    

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