24 April 2019

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Pakistan Should Prove That It Is A Good Neighbor For Afghanistan And A True Cooperator For World Community

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kabul (BNA) changing the disastrous and challenging situation, the region is facing needs the honest cooperation of Pakistan. Now it depends on Pakistani authorities how to deal with its obligation and provides the ground for restoring its lost trust.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the region is a critical and grave situation and dispute originate from adventurous dealing of Pakistan, if not managed well, can convert in a real crisis.
When we talk about terrorism, spreading extremism and other smear competitions, unintentionally the name of Pakistan come to our mind and that is because Pakistan is behind all these grave and evil acts.
Adopting such a stance by Pakistan has led to isolation of that country and increased the international community pressure on that country. 
Today Pakistan is under great pressure; the country is not only in political isolation but decreased its trade in the region and lost its credibility among the various countries.
Pakistani authorities are trying to rid their country from this grave situation, but because of their dual policy they have not succeeded to do so.
Recently Pakistani authorities have made a series of visits to a number of countries and made new commitments but unfortunately there is no any change so far in its policy regarding Taliban and other terrorist terrorist groups. Taliban leaders are still in Pakistan and continue recruiting, training and equipping Taliban as before.
Recent Kabul was the host of the security adviser of Pakistan and the prime minister of that country visited America to change the situation there in to the benefit of Pakistan but the response was not what Pakistan expected. The American vice president frankly said to Pakistani prime minister that Pakistan should step up its efforts for defeating Taliban and Haqi’s group and adopt practical measures for fighting against terrorism.
In Kabul the authorities in meeting the Pakistan security adviser insisted on constructive and honest cooperation of that country and suggested a visit of Pakistan prime minister to Kabul in near future.
This indicates that Kabul in spite all Pakistan sympathies with terrorist and extremist groups, continues negotiations with high ranking official of Pakistan to further strengthen the logic of peace and replace the idea of cooperation and reconciliation with evil rivalries and adventurism.
Therefore, Afghan people expect the prime minister of Pakistan before visiting Kabul prove his strong and honest intention in fighting against terrorism and extremism and being a good neighbor for Afghanistan and a real and honest cooperator for world community  

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