17 February 2019

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Tashkent Conference A Hope For Boosting International Gathering For Settling Regional Problems

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Monday, March 26, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Tashkent Conference to be held in Uzbekistan capital today indicates an international consensus on solving Afghan problem. BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes today an international conference under the title of peace and development in Afghanistan to be held today in Tashkent Uzbekistan capital. Although political elites are not optimistic about Tashkent conference due the failure of such conferences and sessions in past, however this conference is different from the previous ones because in Tashkent conference the countries involved in proxy war in Afghanistan will also attend in the conference. In spite of all various arguments on Tashkent conference, some politicians believe that holding such conferences supports Afghan stance and promotes international consensus on Afghanistan. The conference is exactly planned in a time that Afghan war is following with different views and out looks by the countries of the region and the world. The plans and the goals of foreign countries have becoming more obvious which were concealed by various means earlier. Afghan people persistently have said that the war in their country is not a civil war but deeply rooted in regional situation and plans of extremism and intelligence games. Poverty, insecurity, poor economy and about four decades of war have turned the country to the field of political games of other countries. Now, Afghanistan not only facing inner problems but suffering from serious problems originated from foreign invasion and interferences which threats not only Afghanistan but many other countries. Therefore we can claim that persistent peace, tranquility and stability in Afghanistan would be to benefit of the region and world as a whole. Tashkent conference and such other sessions can create an atmosphere of trust, bringing the countries of the region together answer many questions. We hope the participants of Tashkent conference reach a consensus and accept that a peaceful and stable Afghanistan is to the interest of the region and the world. Abdul Khalil Minawi BNA Director General

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