24 April 2019

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Repeated Tour of The Then Leader of Taliban To Outside Pakistan!

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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Political experts say,” certain circles are seeking to make the late leader of Taliban a champion of peace.”
Recently Washington post releasing a report  uncovered the tours of the late Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansoor has claimed that the leader of the group in short period of time visited United Arabic Emirates thirteen times.
BNA reporter reporting on the issue writes Washington post in its recent edition has explained in details of the activities of Mullah Akhtar the then leader of Taliban.
Although the countries members of international coalition leading by US openly concentrating on the individual lives of Taliban leaders and allocated millions of dollars on their lives or their arrests, however, the tours of Taliban leader  to outside Pakistan raise many questions.
Mullah Akhtar while returning from Iran to Pakistan in spring 1395 targeted by an American drone and killed.
Assessing the Pakistan passport of Mullah Akhtar after his death showed that during a year he had traveled 13 times to United Arabic Emirates.
The people ask how a person introduced as the first number enemy of US and responsible for the most disastrous terrorist crime in Afghanistan  could travel to other countries with Pakistan passport  to purchase military weapons and  ammunitions and raise financial support for the group and inclusion  with other countries  further worsen the war situation in Afghanistan. 
Most of the countries Mullah Akhtar had visited were the close allies of US. The country that provided Mullah Akhtar with passport is also a close US friend.
It has been said that in addition to United Arabic Emirates, Mullah Akhtar has also visited Qatar and other Gulf countries.
A number of Afghan political experts say that without doubt the intelligence services of US and other involved country knew about the tours of Taliban leader from the start to the end but due to unknown reasons did not revealed.
Washington post continues to write Mullah Akhtar after residing for a couple days in 2016 in Dubai     visited Iran and then went to Pakistan.
Visiting Iran he was seeking to find new friends and trying to introduce Taliban as an independent movement, it was not in favor of US and Pakistan; therefore, he was killed in conspiracy led by US and Pakistan.
Washington post quoting an American writer writes after that Hamid Karzai became the leader of interim government of Afghanistan in 2001; released a license for conducting negation with the leadership of Taliban, but the then American defense minister called such negotiations unacceptable, even some Taliban leaders who wanted to surrender according to Washington post , sent  to Guantanamo prison.
  Mullah Brother, Mullah Abdul Razaq, Mullah Yaser and some others figures of Taliban were among the victims of the conspiracies conducted by Pakistan intelligence service.
Washington Post without mentioning the name, quoting and American authority involved in Afghan problem writes that Mullah Mansoor in February 2016 accepted to start peace negotiations, but all sides feared that if the negotiations publically disclosed, everybody would deny it.
According the newspaper, the American authorities had different views on Taliban, some of them believed that several years of fighting have made Taliban more serious and conscious and some others Taliban have become more temperate. Some of the authorities even have said that some Taliban authorities during the negotiations have confirmed that they have committed some mistakes during their rule among them banning girls from going to school.   
According to Washington Post American authorities knew about the tours of Mullah Mansoor and other senior leader of Taliban to Dubai.
A number of American authors convict the White House because according to them because they discussed about too excessively to whether he should captured or not and if captured how? But some American authorities said that the Emirates authorities did not want Mansoor to be arrested, the pretended they have lost the opportunity for arresting Mullah Mansoor.
The United Arabic authorities have never openly said that they knew about the presence of Mullah Mansoor in their country but in private talks with American authorities have acknowledged that Taliban leader has visited their country.
American authorities have said that after Mullah Mansoor left Dubai, they knew little about the presence of Mullah Akhtar in Iran, some suspected that Mullah Akhtar tried to find financial resources in order to lessen to dependency of Taliban to Pakistan especial to intelligence service of that country. 
According to Washington Post in May 20, 2o16 the white House authorities received intelligence information that Mullah Mansoor has left Iran for Pakistan to merry another wife. The decision on killing him or not depended to Barak Obama the then US president. 
The daily continues to write since Mulllah Mansoor agreed for holding secret negotiation; some American authorities were not interested in killing him. They argued that at least Mullah Mansoor accepting the danger instructed his representative in Qatar to hold negotiation with Afghan and American authorities, the matter which Mullah Omer never carried out.
A number of US states were doubted about Mullah Mansoor’s commitment to international peace negotiation with only participation of Taliban’s leaders.  In the meantime the Taliban under his command continued suicide attacks in Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan.
According to Washington Post above two reasons convinced General John Nicholson the commander of resolute forces in Afghanistan that Mullah Mansoor has no any interest to peace.
However, some American authorities were not in favor of killing Mullah Mansoor. They argued that he accepting the danger instructed his representative in Doha the capital of Qatar to negotiate with Afghan and American authorities, the matter that Mullah Omer never became ready.
In spite of differences of opinions among American authorities regarding to the killing of Mullah Mansoor, America drones targeted the vehicle carrying him on May 21, 2016 in Pakistan territory that killed the Mullah and his driver.
A number of political experts say that the assassinated leader of Taliban was an extremist man guiding weapon business and narcotic drugs trafficking, never talked on peace and even not accepted the advices of his close friends. He was a confident man for Pakistani intelligence service who kept secret the death of his predecessor in order to provide the ground for his position as leader of Taliban. 
Now, after his death, there are certain circles seeking to introduce him as a champion of peace, the term that he hatred to much.
The politicians say it was a fact that Mull Akhtar had close relations with ISI, Gulf countries and even with America. For this reason he could   freely travel outside Pakistan. Otherwise, how a fugitive man included in black list of US foreign ministry could travel to other countries without guiding and supporting of others.
However, the killing of him by an American drone indicate that Mullah Akhtar was going out from the control of both Pakistan and America.

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