18 April 2019

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Dasht-e- Barchi Incident, An Achievement For Taliban Propagations

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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The incident in Dash-e-Barchi district Kunduz province should be assessed deeply from various points and should not let Taliban to use it as means of their propagations.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes some people claim that as a result of air attack of state forces on a seminary in Dasht- e- Barchi district a number of civilians have lost their lives, while according to state forces, they have targeted a gathering of Taliban which has killed some outstanding members of Taliban.
The pictures released by media show that as a result of the attack a number of civilians including Taliban have lost their lives and a number injured.
Whatever the happening of the incident of Dasht- e- Barchi be, it was a tragic incident that urgently asks the state forces to act more precisely to prevent civilian losses. Because, they are in defense of people, national sovereignty and independence of our homeland, therefore it would be their obligation to avoid any action that harms people whom they fight for.
The Afghan people strongly believe that their national army and security forces never intentional target people and their interests. This is Taliban who caused the deadly incident of Dasht – e- Barchi.  They use public places, the house of people and civilians as a shield in war against Afghan hero army and security forces.
There are irrefutable documents and proofs that indicate that the seminary in Dasht – e – Barchi targeted by Afghan air forces was the site where an important meeting of Taliban was underway.
The meeting was planned for further destruction and killing of Kunduz innocent people as they did many times earlier.
Based on information received, Mullah Barialay member Quetta council, Mullah Shahidullah the head of military commission of Taliban in Kunduz province, Qari Emad  a senior Taliban commander, Abdul Malik Mukhlis the general commander of Taliban in Baghlan province, some other important Taliban commanders were among the participants of the gathering in the seminary.
Whatever happened in Dasht- e- Barchi was a tragic and concerning incident, but it should be cleared that how evilly Taliban use the civilians as a shield and how brutally cause the killing of people.
It should be pointed out that the killing civilians in Dasht –e- Barchi is a tragic incident and it should be deeply investigated, but Taliban using it as a means of propagation trying to win popularity among the people.
Taliban who carried  out a series of terrorist attacks in Kabul two months ago, are the focus of hatred of people, trying using the incident as a propagation means find a better situation among people but they will never succeed because of  unforgettable crimes already committed against people.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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