16 June 2019

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Can Abasi’s Visit To Kabul Change Pakistan Strategy?

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Sunday, April 08, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Pakistani prime minister who has arrived Kabul the other day says he has come to Kabul for peace.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes Shahid Khaqan Abase Pakistani prime minister accompanying by some other high ranking authorities of that country like foreign minister and national security adviser of that country visited Kabul the other day.
The visit has planned exactly in a time, the relation between the two nations going through a critical situation.
The problem is this that Afghanistan and international community consider Pakistan as a country of patron of terrorism, spreading of extremism and the host of Taliban’s leaders and funds and equips terrorist groups the claim Pakistan always rejects and contrary considers itself as a victim of terrorism.
However the Pakistanis claim has no any supporter and this country due to the reasons have said is in complete isolation and has lost its trust among the countries.
The west, US and even Pakistani friend among Arabic countries have no trust to Pakistan witch is ominous news for Pakistani economy and security.
Lately, Pakistan is trying hard to change the situation and rescue itself from international isolation. 
Warming the cold relation with Kabul is a part of those efforts. Afghan politicians believe the invitation of Mr. Ghani from Mr. Abasi provided a good opportunity for Pakistan if it succeeded tp change the diplomatic situation in the region to its own interest.
The visit of Mr. Abasi was accompanied by stating friendly statements. He frankly talking about peace, cooperation and regional convergence called stability in Afghanistan as a factor for stability in the region and Pakistan.
Afghan politicians say mutual understanding and conducting dialogues are a part of new politics among the world countries and they prefer to settle the problems via true judgment and reasoning.
These politicians have no much trust to Pakistan, because this is not the first time that a Pakistani prime minister comes to Kabul as during the last three months, we were seen the visits to Kabul by many Pakistani authorities but had no any tangible result.
Pakistan applying such programs is trying to win time and rescue itself from international pressures.
What would be Mr. Abasi’s response in this regard?
The politicians insist that we should not become so encourage by Pakistan authorities good a favorable words, because as experiences show, Pakistan makes commitments but never imply them in practice.
Therefore it would be better from now on the process of negotiations to be carried out in presence of an impartial and trustworthy mediator, otherwise, continuation of talks and visits settle no any problems as it not settled earlier. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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