23 April 2019

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The Commitments of Pakistan Prime Minister Should Be Followed Through A Diplomatic Course

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Monday, April 09, 2018

Kabul (BNA) For basic solution of problem with Pakistan it is necessary for Afghan authorities to follow the commitments of Pakistani authorities via an impartial mediator.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes three days ago Kabul was the host of Shahid Khaqan Abasi Prime minister of Pakistan.
The tour of the most high ranking official to Kabul took place exactly in time when Pakistan due to it adventurous and ambitious policies, has problem not only with Afghanistan but with other countries including US which led to the isolation of Pakistan in international arena.
Pakistan that has under severe pressure and criticism of the world due to supporting terrorism and dissemination of extremism trying to rid itself from this horrible situation and for reaching this goal uses any options. Normalizing its relations with Kabul is one of the options.
Pakistanis believe that Afghan issue has caused the differences between the west including America and Pakistan, it they succeed to change the outlook of Kabul to themselves, satisfying the international allies of Afghanistan would not be so difficult. 
Afghan political elites say invitation of President Ghani from Pakistan prime minister was a good opportunity for that country to show its readiness for normalization of its relation with Kabul.
Khaqani during his stay in Kabul expressing friendly words frankly said that he has come to Kabul for peace.  Expanding political relations between Kabul and Islamabad, playing an active role in the process of negotiation between Afghan government and its armed oppositions, and improving economic and commercial relations were among the issues discussed by the authorities of the two countries. During the negotiations Pakistan once again renewed its commitments and promises.
However khaqan’s visit to Kabul and renewing commitments and promises cannot settle the problem and serve normalizing relation between the two countries. It would be an urgent need for Afghan authorities to force Pakistani side to put their commitments and promises already made in practice, because as previous experiences have showed during the last 17 years just making commitment and promise in not adequate. Now it would be better, the Afghan relevant authorities what Mr. Khaqani have committed as a formal document send through diplomatic channels to United Nation Organization, Islamic Countries Conference and to countries involved in Afghan issue.
In addition it would be necessary for Afghan diplomatic organ to find an honest and impartial mediator and follow the Pakistani commitments through him.
It should be mentioned that Pakistan currently is under sever pressures of international community. If Pakistan shows a green light for strengthening and promoting peace negotiation process and bringing Taliban to negotiation table is because of the pressures, while they are active for achieving their evil objectives and strategic programs as before.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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