16 June 2019

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Starting Registration of Voters’ Names Is A Good Beginning

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Starting registration the voters’ names is a good beginning for holding parliamentary elections in the country which can provide the ground for doing more important works located on the way of Elections Commission.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the independent commission of elections according to schedule set up earlier started registration of the voters’ names which continues until June 14. 
Registration the names of the voters is a step forward holding parliamentary elections and district councils.
Starting the process indicates that the state is committed for holding the elections and according to the plan implements its commitments in practice.
However, starting registration the names of the voter has its problems, challenges and questions.
The process started in time, while the problem of distributing the electronic identity card has not settled and the independent commission of elections compelled to refer to the old and classic method and as past use paper identity cards for registering the names of the voters. While the problem of electronic identity card has removed in the countries of the region and the identity cards heightened the credibility and validity of elections in those countries.
The independent commission of elections aiming to all citizens’ use their voting right has asked Census Department to distribute at least 10 m paper identity cards.
While, paper identity cards have their own specific problems, this is they can be print in private press inside or outside the country and forgery of such identity cards is very easy. So such a situation can bring the transparency of election under question.
In addition to the problem of paper identity cards, security, logistic and recruiting the relevant personnel etc. are the main factors can bring the acceptability of elections under question.
Certainly the members of election commission will say that signing agreements with security organs they have settled the problem of security, but such agreements cannot meet the concerns of people.
The other problem is the claims presented by the critics of the government. They accuse certain circles and figures inside the government that they are architecting holding the elections process according their will, even they accuse president Ghani visiting the provinces in reality he has already started his election campaign.
The aim of repeating such words is this that the authorities of independent commission of elections should not repeat the previous mistakes, illegalities and violations because they will be never acceptable to the people.
Elections in a democratic system makes the base of the system, we through holding a transparent and comprehensive election can win the trust and cooperation of people. Otherwise, the elections commissions should not expect to win the trust and confidence of people.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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