21 April 2019

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Taliban A Group Who Are Unable To Define National Interests

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Destruction of public utility projects by merciless Taliban aiming to show that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is unable in implementing and security of big economic projects and can do nothing.
BNA economical analyst commenting on the issue writes Taliban sometimes ago, destructing three pillars transmitting importing electricity in Kaylagai area Baghlan province caused certain problems to the residents of neighboring provinces.
Within the two last months, Taliban several times destroyed pillars transmitting electricity in Baghlan province. Taliban called the reason for their criminal act, not supplying power in to the areas under their control in Kunduz and Baghlan provinces. The claim that is not acceptable because the state has committed to extend electricity lines to all areas of the country without any exception. The leadership of the government strongly believe that the control of Taliban over some areas would be temporary and soon would be liberated from Taliban control but relations between government and people will be sustainable and forever. 
This indicate that Taliban destroying the electricity pillars following certain objectives the goals that are a part of some intelligence services of the countries of the region .
Within recent months Islamic Republic of Afghanistan successfully signed agreements to implement big economic projects such as TAPI in practice.
The commencement of TAPI work that carry Turkmenistan gas through Afghan soil to the south, establishing air corridors  to India and Kazakhstan, extending transit relations with central Asian countries, the Afghan commitments for safeguarding big economic projects such as KASA 1000 are all the examples of Afghanistan’s success which are not in favor of certain countries of the region.
TAPI project which in which Pakistan a great share and benefits, due regional rivalries has no much interest in implementing the project but instead in behest of other countries probably Russia and China encourage to share in Iran gas transmission pipeline named Peace Pipeline aiming to fail the investments of World Bank, Asian Bank and some Arabic countries who are in favor of implementing TAPI project.
Failing the great economic projects go through Afghanistan is one of the objectives of certain countries of the region that want to fail the projects in pretext of insecurity of Afghanistan or at least change the course of them.
Therefore for achieving their evil goals, they used Taliban as a means and encouraged them to destroy the electricity lines in Baghlan province. Taliban had no way but to use not supplying the areas under their control with electricity as pretext for their evil act of destruction of power lines.
Taliban as the time proved, are the servants of the foreigners and work for implementing their objectives, sometime they bow America and Saudi Arabia and other time with instruction of Pakistan go to Moscow and know nothing about patriotism and Islam. 

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