23 August 2019

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Beheading A 13 Year Old Boy By IS

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Saturday April 21, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Summary trial and killing civilians without and legal justification is hostility against humanity and religion, the culprits of which win nothing but the hatred of God and people.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes IS once again committed heinous crimes in the country, the crimes which are against all Islamic values and forbidden by all human laws.
A couple of days ago armed people affiliated group to IS beheaded a 13 year old child in Darzaab district, Jawzjan province.
IS accused the child to spying to a member of local police who was his brother in law.
Away from Jawzjan armed men affiliated to Taliban fired on passengers of a vehicle divining from Ghor to Daykundi in suburb of Firoozkoh city. In this summary trial Taliban martyred three people, injured two and abducted three others.
What had happened in Darzaab district, Jawzjan province or in Bara khana area Firoozkoh city Ghor capital is not the first crime that terrorist groups committed in Afghanistan and would not be their last crime?
One of the methods of terrorist groups in Afghanistan concentrate on is creating a horrible and awful situation among rural residents whose residence areas are under Taliban’s rule or affected by activities of terrorist groups.
Taliban and IS by summary trial and killing the people accusing them as spies or so called insuring justice among the residents in reality trying to silence and any protest voice and prevent any upraise against their tyrannical rule.
The aim of this venous act is not nothing but creating hatred among various religious followers and various ethnic groups.
Afghan people make no any distinction between Taliban and IS because they both assigned to killing Afghan innocent people and put fire on their properties. These two notorious groups to carry out terrorist attacks even beyond Afghan borders, the leadership of the groups and their foreign patrons believe only through terror and creating horror can bring the people under control.
The groups to keep the people in darkness, follow sabotaging the process of development as their strategy, put the schools on fire, destroy power lines, killing teachers, engineers, doctors, damaging dams and channels want to provide the ground for foreign countries intelligence services to implement their programs in the region.
However when they face a menace wearing female custom flee from the scene of the battle. As the head of vice and promotion of virtue department of Taliban wearing a female custom arrested in Haska Mina district, Nangarhar province.
Therefore, how the people who do not have courage to face Afghan security forces, wear female custom can talk about implementing Sharia law.
These merciless groups don not believe Islam, friendship, brotherhood and justice, behead a 11 year old boy and firing on passengers is a clear proof of our claimed above.  The recent crimes committed by terrorist groups indicate that the safety of compatriots is under serious threat, but unfortunately the authorities of the state just condemn and assign investigation teams to investigate the incident or chant taking revenge slogans, forget the incident very soon.
The people expect the authorities of security and defense organs not forget the martyrdom of 11 year old Rahim Dad and other martyrs because just condemnation is not enough, they should punish such murderers according to the law as they are deserved.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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