09 December 2019

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“Journalists In Spite Of Sustaining Heavy Casualties And Problems Not Left Their Trenches”; Dr. Abdullah

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Monday April 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The national session of media under the name of professional rights, security and professionalism held in Media Center yesterday.
According BNA report Dr. Abdulla Abdullah the executive chief of the unity government calling the national session of media an initiative of media staff said,” I am very pleased that during the current year there have been positive changes in activities of joint committees of media, investigation of cases of anti-journalists violence, and amendment of media laws and procedures.”
Dr. Abdulla after hearing the figures related to violence said, “last year we were witness of more casualties among media staffs pay tribute to clean soul of martyrs.”
Dr. Abdullah calling the casualties the work of terrorist groups said that in spite of problems and heavy casualties, journalists did not leave their trenches continued their activities.
He said that there were huge problems on the way of journalists asked the journalists federation and other relevant organs carry their joint effort for improvement of the situation.
Fazil Sancharaki the publications deputy minister of information and culture ministry talking about the programs of ministry of information and culture for media and journalist express gratitude from Dr. Abdulla as a patron and supporter of media.
Sancharaki added after 17 or 18 years the laws and procedures of media assessed and necessary amendments made according the needs of time.
The deputy publications minister claimed that media organs and activists have persistently assessed their status and activities critically in order to take effective steps toward professionalism.
Sancharaki relating capacity building of media said this work should be done through implementing various programs.
He added the organs and authorities of media have great responsibility to work on capacity building of journalists.
He regarding the works performed for media said that all measures that has been taken for solving the problems of media not taken by a person but in consultations of relevant organs and experts of the profession.
At the national session of media the authorities of organs of NAI, journalists’ union and journalists’ federation talked on working together, violence against journalists investigating the cases of violence, the figures of violence and casualties of journalist in 1396.
These organs expressing gratitude for activities of joint committees regarding the investigation of the cases of violence against journalists said that for the first time, the government with the help of media organs has investigated 48 cases among 164 cases. The investigations of 13 cases have been completed 29 cases solved through compromises of the sides, the work on 29 cases is underway, and 116 cases have not investigated yet.
Najib Khilwatgar a member of investigation committee and head of supporting freelance journalists organ calling the figure of violence against journalists in 1396 164 cases, among them 29 cases of murder, 4 cases of injuries, 16 case of arrest added that Haqani’s  network, IS and Taliban were responsible for  most of the violations.
Qadir Shaheen the head of journalists union of western zone talking on behalf of the journalists of that zone sais said that the situation of  journalists from economic and security point of view is worse than previous year. He complaint that for seven months the staffs of median have not received their monthly salaries.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA General Director

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